Thursday, July 17, 2014



 July 17, 2014 We told you Trillions in TRN's moved last FRIDAY in conjunction with Back Up Bonds and even gave you the exact TIME Lew signed a document on Saturday

Mark > EXOGEN July 17, 2014 Exo shared yesterday that China requested a hold on the RV/GCR until their new bank was live….which I believe is sometime next week?   So, with the website live, TRN's moved and signed off, Iraq government "stabilizing" (not there yet), Goods offloaded and ready to sell, Qi cards/Visa Cards distributed, Kurds holding high level government position(s), OIl exports increasing, Maliki retiring, meetings occurring as we speak as I see it..all that is needed is Article VIII approval and HCL.  Did I miss anything?  

Matt > Mark July 17, 2014 Isn't brics bank live? ... I thought their "argument" was on the location of the headquarters which was settled i believe in Shanghai ... I thought t was a stall until a certain announcement happened ...several came out at that time ... of i remember correctly

Mark > Matt rohde July 17, 2014 I know the agreement is done on the formation…but  not sure it is "open" for business as each country needs to put in their $10B to fund the bank and to my knowledge that has not been done yet…officially.   But I could be wrong.

Matt :  July 17, 2014Exo it sounds like they are preparing their final drop ... announce pm, New website, and of course the rv ... any clues as to which time zone or country it will start in ... like in Shanghai with the brics bank ... our will it go everywhere simultaneously?

omegaman July 17, 2014 -   7    20      14       

Mark > omegaman July 17, 2014 you have mentioned this date a myriad of times…..sounds like you are pretty confident!   Based on your contacts and understanding….I can live with that! :)

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