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UU9922 – Another postponement

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a very brief update on the progress of rebuilding this new Iraq government  and how it all relates to our revaluation process of the IQD.

Today’s News

There is  much news coming out of Iraq but much of it today is not so good news since the building of the government seems to have been stalled again. This is what has happened in the recent days.

As you may know the hold up in getting the first session of parliament scheduled has been getting the list of candidates for prime minister to submit to parliament for a vote.

What is the problem?
The State of Law Coalition is still insisting they are entitled to back Nuri Al-Maliki  as their party did obtain the majority votes in the preliminary election results. They keep using this reasoning but remember that only after the ratified results are announced do they get the final results. The State of Law did not officially win the elections since they did not receive the majority seats in parliament. So why do they keep harping on this issue?

They keep harping on and trying to press this issue of theirs since they have no other means to legitimize their demands to get Maliki on the list of candidates.  He is backed in a corner. I want you to know also that after they investigated the fraudulent votes the State of Law infact only got 60+ votes not the claimed 92.

Over this past weekend the National Alliance (the real winners of the election) held a backdoor meeting to put  together the list of candidates for prime minister. What they wanted to do is go into the first session today, July 1st , and quickly vote on all three president positions. This was their intent. They know they need to seat this new government in record time.

They agreed on a list of candidates over the weekend but when they got into parliament once again those anti-Maliki group walked out of the session when they saw Maliki was in fact on the  list of candidates. This is funny because just last week 2 articles came out explaining how the State of Law was no longer going to submit Maliki as their candidate. Seems they want to tek him off thier list but Maliki will not let them reject him. He is like that old, spitted out chewed gum on the sidewalk on a hot summer day. Once you walk on it you just can’t shake it off your shoe. Will he ever go away? He has been the problem all along over the last 4 years in stalling the legislation of the Iraq and now once again we are seeing his influence doing the same old same old.

Any progress in this first session?

So the new parliament adjourned its session for one week to reach agreement on nominating the three Presidencies. Informed parliamentary source stated to Iraqi News “The Chairman of the session, Mahdi al-Hafidh, adjourned the session for one week to reach an accord among the blocs over the candidates who will assume the posts of President, Speaker and Prime Ministers.” However they did manage to swear in the new parliament members and they took the constitutional oath. So parliament is officially seated. They need a new speaker to complete parliament. I was hoping for at least this in the first session but we didn't get it.

I believe they did not accomplish the vote on the speaker because they want all the three president positions to be aligned and to vote on them in one session – speaker, president and prime minister.

Will it actually take a week prior to the next session?

My belief is that the USA and/or Britain will step in and work with them to push for a sooner session since the militants are at the backdoor of Baghdad. It is my sincere belief that if they can get Maliki out of the picture this next session will go smooth and their objectives will be met.

There is some good news however. The USA advisors are now in Iraq and they are working with the Iraq army to fight back the militants in the critical areas. They are winning. I believe though they will reserve the final victory for only when Maliki is out since they want to reserve the militants for the possible forceful fight against Maliki should it come to that. They are leaving this option open as a “just in case”. It is a brilliant scheme and I can not go into details at this moment since it is sensitive information. Everyone just has to watch how it all plays out. It will amaze you how quickly it all settles down once the government is fully seated and Maliki is finally gone.


So today we stand on a new timeline once again. Postponement seems to be the name of the game once again. Should I instead call it “stalling”? Stalling on the part of Maliki and his goons the State of Law coalition to buy yet more time to find a way to get Maliki in for a 3rd term.

At least the house made some progress and actually seated the new members in this first session.

Could this new government be fully seated  within the next session?  Yes- they could in theory sit all 3 president positions in one session. This is not impractical and is totally doable. They could then also seat and swear in the new ministers for the council of ministers since they already have a very good idea who they will be.

I know I sound like a broken record in my news letters but I still whole heartedly expect Maliki to attempt to find yet another way to sabotage the process. Until it is over its not over.  He has been very successful up to now. This process could drag on for months it they do not find a way to get him out of the process for good.

We saw the stalling of  the announcement of the ratified results from the judiciary. Do you realize it took them almost 45 days to ratify the final results? Now we are witnessing yet another stalling tactic. Every piece of the process is like a major effort to move forward with this country.

Will they still hold the next session a week from now or will Maliki find a way to sidetrack it again? Something to be watchful for. He already got them to postpone the 6/24 session to 6/27 then to 7/1 and now for another week. He is a master as disruption and chaos.

I still firmly believe that we will not see any revaluation of the IQD unless Iraq has a stable and functional government and thus has a political environment that it can advance in and thrive in.
This is the definition of “stable” and “functional” that we are looking for.

This will bring us the final completion of the project to restructure the currency. This is what the CBI also wants and this is what will get us to the banks to exchange our dinar.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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