Sunday, July 27, 2014


7-27-2014 Millionday: Report quote:  "new Iraqi Parliamentary Speaker Jabouri, speaking at a press conference following Masoum’s election, called on the new president to “use his constitutional powers to choose a candidate from the largest political bloc."   SO THE PRESIDENT HAS THE CONSTITUTIONAL POWER TO PLACE THE PM FROM THE LARGEST BLOCK AND SEEMS TO BE REFERRING TO THAT TASK WITHIN TWO WEEKS.  [Do you think they will stretch this out 2 more weeks?]  I WOULD SAY NO BY THE CONSTITUTIONAL STATEMENTS BUT WE CAN ONLY WAIT – I DO SEE A SPEED THAT WE HAVE NOT WITNESSED BEFORE WITH ALL THAT ARE IN PLAY -- LAWS -- ELECTIONS -- AND SO MUCH MORE -- IT IS AMAZING TO SEE AFTER ALL THESE YEARS.  Quote:  “There are a handful of very capable leaders who may emerge as the next prime minister of Iraq.  We’re going to have to see this unfold very rapidly over the coming days.”

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