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Just a Few Thoughts......  Posted by Mark on July 14, 2014 at 11:55am

Let's recap the details over the last few weeks:

1. Maliki heading out, or seems to be, but......politics working its way thru the system whether logically or illogically it seems to be working itself out.

2. Large container ships loaded with goods were in port and off-loaded for in-country distribution. The clock is ticking for those products to be purchased as the dollars paid for that equipment is coming out of somebodies pocket. Whoever purchased those products would NOT have done that unless they knew change was coming.

3. The war stories are decreasing in volume, and, as to what is real or not real per the news will be determined as time goes on.

4. Banking and e-commerce strategy is up and running for international trade

5. Qi cards/Visa Cards are distributed. VISA CARDS really? Who does that without a well thought out plan? Do Iraqi's have credit bureaus now? And, how do they track those purchases/credit? They obviously have everything they need to launch a complete intricate banking system!! I believe the CBI does know what they are doing and they are ready!!

6. Kurdistan/Barzani.....the oils sales, the money and power attributed to this resource is huge for Iraq. And I agree, with all their reserves and resources in total are able to cover the value (whatever it comes out at) of their currency. I wonder if Barzani has a "Black" Visa Card? 

Folks, this is just my humble opinion but this positioning and strategy is absolutely phenomenal and well thought out. In looking at where they have come the last few weeks and months is phenomenal.

My point....I believe our time is soon as the steps taken to prevent failure in every system and in every process has been conceived and executed by very intelligent people. I have no source other than the news to compile this opinion but just looking at the facts and determining the logic and strategy as presented.

 I have no contacts, no "insider" information, just news "quoted and confirmed" via news articles from outside and inside country. 

I am not a guru, just an outsider taking in the facts, wishing it would happen today...but know that with all the great logic and strategy surrounding this event will unfold itself in God's perfect timing....God is never early or ever late.......because if you think about it.....He invented time!

Just my opinion of course……To Christmas in July!!......Dr. Mark

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