Thursday, July 3, 2014


Iraqi Dinar 123 News:- After the attack on Mosul, Tikrit and some other major cities of Iraq, many of the investors of dinar were confused whether their investment is safe of not. 

Some experts also believed that the situation will remain in the country for a longer period of time and it will destroy the peace and economy of Iraq. Finally central bank of Iraq broke the silence and encouraged local and international companies for their future in Iraq.

The governor of central bank of Iraq said that the central bank and finance ministry of Iraq will keep working without any political pressure as usual and the foreign investors will not lose their investment as central bank of Iraq is the trustee for these investments. Furthermore the value of Iraqi Dinar will remain stable in the country and international market. 

That’s why Poppy says that their investment is safe and will be rewarded in next couple days. Poppy says that central bank of Iraq is looking for the formation of new government as other international financial institutions like World Bank and IMF are waiting for new government of Iraq for the final discussion. 
The rates are finalized for revaluation of Iraqi dinar and required just another meeting between IMF, World Bank, Central bank of Iraq and Government of Iraq.

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