Thursday, July 17, 2014


7-17-2014 DC :   The important part is that things are much more along than portrayed in most news areas.  Security in Iraq is better...CBI is ready to rock;  most of the ministers are slated for their positions.   Banks have been given notice to get their act together in Iraq.  In the USA, the UN is prepped and ready to go.  They are content and ‘happy’ with the progress Iraq has made yesterday and today. The administration and affiliates have said “Okay, we give our blessings on this”.  The banks are ready or getting ready...I have heard from many different people that everyone is to be ready, and the game is serious. It is my strong contention that the PM [Prime Minister] and the RV will happen at the same time.  Bottom line, folks, is that things look exceptionally good. 

7-17-2014 Tony
 :  This thing is almost over.  I can’t tell you the moment, but it’s almost over.  We’ve been close so many times, maybe not as close as now, but until the actual announcement is made, anything can happen.    Everything we are hearing is good, things are falling into place, people are happy, so we just need to see if we can pull that trigger before anything changes.   I do think we are in a good week.

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