Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Condor:Iraq announced on news that they have a new PM but would not devulge his name because they are waiting on US to give them the OK . The RV and PM will be announced at same time. Iraq gets to make the announcement but the US controls the timeline. It's still up to the US to pull the trigger. This could happen at any moment so be ready!

CONDOR: Mountain Goat has called this before. Go back in history and look at some of the Goats posts. Not even close! What a joke. Tony and DC have given you the absolute best intel and you choose to follow the goat. Knock yourself out. Lol

WILBUR GRODAN: The volume of market evidence indicative of a big shift has been increasing geometrically for the last few days. Capital movement is exactly as expected immediately before an unexpected upheaval. These conditions are similar to what we saw just before the 1987 panic. It will be interesting to say the least

CONDOR: Thsnks Wilbur ! You have solid info based on the market . I'm following you

WILBUR GRODAN: This is the culmination of over three years of 'any minute now' head faking and false starts. This is typical of any wearing out process. The commodity/currency complex is poised to rapidly generate a big bubble as the world credit market sells the dollar off ("the hard way"). This is all very orchestrated and well planned.

Nothing to do with guru intel. Tonight looks very promising for activation of a GCR process. Live tradable rates tomorrow or FRIDAY appear to be possible based on massive internal market evidence.

CARDEN: I agree with you WG. Reading this post has me shaking my head and wondering who is feeding this "intel" to Mtn. Goat. For she/he certainly is carrying on with much ado about nothing.  This is the only statement I agree with: "THINGS CAN MOVE QUICKLY NOW AND WILL.

CONDOR: Thsnks for an intelligent comment Carden ! Appreciate your input .

CARDEN: Thanks Wilbur . I'll take your intel !

CONDOR: Trust what Tony and DC told you. They have been chosen to help with this and will be the first notified.


DONA SKINNER: That about sums it up!  Everyone is out of step but the goat.  lol

CONDOR: The goat has called this before and been wrong . Go ahead and follow the goat to greener pastures . The blind leading the blind. Lol

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