Friday, July 11, 2014


Anonymous Wrote: The end has begun for many, hopefully we are next. 

Baring any major slips of tongue derailing events you are approaching the final moments on the ride. 

Wise people are free and clear of legal entanglements of the scammers whilst the stupid will soon meet their fate at their hands. 

There are timings of hours and minutes but perhaps days are more likely so keep your council in these final moments.

Wise people have their plan in place and know that the highest rates and protection is offered by the clearance bank – WF. 

Make sure you are getting the best deal possible,  finally the truth and validity of reputable providers of information will be seen.
You should always insist on no onerous NDA which removes statutory rights, a safe branded bank exchange location, with a de la rue machine to validate notes at time of exchange and the ability to see a genuine rate feed.

Do not let that money out of sight, not for one second.  Ask to see VNN; IQN rates on the screens, before you sign anything, open separate Non Interest Bearing Accounts ( you will sweep later) check all paperwork, if you don't agree to a section

Negotiate – there should be no extra fees beyond the banks official spread, don't accept that, they are making plenty from your transaction.

WF plans to have a easy exchange for those who are wise to maximize.  It will be done at branded locations, with all the machinery to validate your currency on site.

The rates will be high without a debilitating NDA other than one which is there for both you and the banks protection which should read in basic terms – don't speak about the exchange and the rate received. 
It should be a quick and pleasant experience.

I wish you all the very best.

You may repost if you wish to.

By Anonymous

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