Sunday, July 27, 2014


7-27-2014 Adam Montana:  We are nearing the end Ramadan, and I have feeling things are going to be heating up again real soon!  Iraq in general is notorious for not accomplishing  much during Ramadan, but this year was a bit of a refreshing change. Here's to good news soon...GO RV!!!

7-27-2014 Tlar
 :...the definition of what constitutes the largest block was at issue. It was important to make sure to the coalition that they define that as something other than the SOL.  Jubouri yesterday defined the largest block as the National Alliance effectively removing the power the SOL was trying to obtain through the courts by having them rule the SOL was the biggest block.  The National Alliance (Shia Party) consists primarily of two opposing groups, the coalition 83 MP'S and the SOL 95 MP'S. (State of Law).  The coalition wants Chalabi or Mahdi which are both acceptable to all Iraqi's and are non sectarian. The SOL leadership wants Maliki and has shown no interest in negotiating.  Things are moving very fast and things are not going Maliki's way. He is still fighting but becoming more irrelevant every day.  Side prediction - Maliki and the leadership of the SOL will be on an airplane heading to parts unknown within an hour of the announcement from the NA of their new nominee.

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