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Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Monday, June 9th, 2014, it’s Monday, and all is well in dinarland.  It’s a great day to have dinar in your pocket.  There were a lot of controversial things in dinarlan dover the weekend.  I have been doing this for four years, giving you info as I get it, the best info we can get, and giving it to you straight from the people who put this together, what they feel you need to know before you go the bank, etc.  My thoughts on certain programs and certain people, I have shared my thoughts, if there is something I feel is terribly wrong for you guys.  I said this this morning, because I’m at this point. I’ve explained several things that I don’t agree with or that I don’t think are true. So whatever is going on right now between certain people and groups, those have nothing to do with me.  I’m clearing that up  I’ve given out the best advice, and everyone needs to  stand on their own two feet.  I’m not making any comments unless they name me directly.  So that’s enough fo the phone calls that want to draw me in.  It’s enough.

As dinarians, you should be super-fantastic because I am super-fantastic, and I was on Friday, too.  I am super-fantastic right now.  We delayed the call on Friday because DC has something to tell you, and I’m turning it over to him now.

DC:  Things look really phenomenal, and Friday ditto, in terms of everyone being prepared, happy, and on lockdown. Life is good everywhere. We were told again to keep it light, answer questions about the process, but keep it light. Was the process paused?  Maybe, but now we are back on green, good to go. That’s as much as you’re going to get out of me!

Tony:  I know you guys don’t think this is funny, but we have to laugh.  This is a lot of pressure, to know what we do know and not be able to share it with you.  We are right back to where we were, looking and excited. If I were listening, that’s all I would need to know. The fact that we were being told not to give any details… I would still be happy. It’s where dreams begin.

Let’s talk to a few people before we go:  let’s start with Texas.  Been up here a long time 832?

409 caller:  DC, while you are on the call today, did anyone look into the German screens with the VNN vs.  the US dollar?

DC: Those kinds of anomalies have shown up quite a bit;  Pam told me but I haven’t seen it myself.

Caller:  What is the next date we are looking for?

DC: I am looking for this TODAY.  I know people like back windows, but they don’t exist at this point. It’s day to day, almost hour by hour now, getting as many cows penned to say “good enough, let’s go!”

Caller:  These people are talking about private groups for exchanges… what do you feel about that?

DC: Tony talked about that in the first part of this call, and frankly, I think he gave really good advice.

Tony:  I don’t think there need to be any more questions, now that DC said that!  We have been the group thing a couple of things.  I’m not going to say anything about particular groups, but I think people will regret not doing things on your own.  People need to be big kids and know what they can accept and live with after the fact.  I don’t know what question you could ask that DC hasn’t answered!

281 caller:  Wow, finally!  I’ve been on this call for a while, hoping to get in, and it has been a challenge.

Tony:  No, you’ve been her for 365 minutes…

Caller: I just left my phone on, and my kids wanted to use the phone and I said they had to use their cell phones!  When I have waited for that extended amount of time on Friday, you didn’t take any calls!  Then another time I waited and waited, and you didn’t take any calls then, either!

Tony: They didn’t want me to take any calls today, other!  We can’t just say nothing, we have to take some calls today!  Just to let you know, we are excited about what we’re hearing, even if I can’t share it all.

Caller: You can’t share it all, but DC can share it!  <laughter>  Thank you so much for what you have done. I  have been a contributor to the forum, financially. I’m also a professional network marketer, and I know that if I want to learn, I have to spend my time and money to gain their knowhow and information. That’s just what you have provided for us.  You’ve been stellar and a phenomenal ride, and I feel empowered in a whole new way regarding the currency, international markets, and all the rest.

Tony: We have been working this 3-4 years, growing with you, sorting out facts from different opinions and beliefs, and still bring the real picture here.  We have had to put info together with a nucleus of intel people, and going with the first ones to those here today. If you look at the whole journey, we all benefited in our lives, investments, opportunities, how we choose our business partners, and we did it, hoping it would be over every day, giving back, and then going on with our lives.  I thought I was pretty knowledgeable, and I said was 90% informed, then DC said we barely know 66%!  It’s what successful people do:  they surround themselves with people more successful or knowledgeable than you are. DC had information from the beginning, middle and end, and he said we didn’t have a clue! That is why we are constantly excited… then we’re not… then we’re excited again.   It’s been a learning experience for all of us.  There are a lot of people who want to take advantage of you people, so lets thank DC for coming along and sharing his knowledge, even it’s because we are less full of shoot than the others!

Caller:  I’m from Houston…

Tony:  Our first three callers are from Texas…

Caller:  Because we’re smarter than everyone else!  <laughter>  [More appreciation]  Sometimes it seems like we are repeating the calls from one week to the next, but DC added a lot of credibility to what Tony was saying.  A cord of three is much stronger than one.  That stressed what you were doing, Tony, and DC added a lot to that.

Tony, here’s the thing.  I’d like to know … I keep up with the other boards, and you can find out who is credible and discount the rest.  I understand the currency will be trading on the ISX market?  And also on the Forex?  Is that going to show up before the RV, or will the RV show up first?

Tony:  Trading on the Forex is what makes it international.  It wills how up on the ISX on 1. July, and that is public information.

Caller:  Is there another backstop or date that we can look forward to that says “by this date we know it has to happen”?

DC:  I would love to tell you that it’s tomorrow, but it truly is a day-to-day agreement/disagreement between many different parties.  Some have intentionally sabotaged a group, or for their own personal game.  It truly is a day-to-day mix.  I’ve been in this a long time, and those dates don’t mean much.  When someone says “If it doesn’t happen by X date, all hell will break loose”, it may be their view. If you are the PM of whatever country, you naturally react and say “they’re not going to box me in that way.”  This is so far behind by anyone’s standards now, and it’s the 51st time someone has tried to block this, so they are trying NOT to give anyone running room to do that anymore.  On Friday, they gave someone a little too much room, shot themselves in the foot, then it took a while to get it lined up again.

Caller: They should take that gun away from those who are shooting themselves in the foot again.  It’s getting ridiculous. You’d think they would recognize they had run into this problem before.  There are nuances here and there, but it really seems to be the same old problem. If you shoot me three times, I am a fool.

Tony:  From our perspective, we have said several times that if you give them 20 hours, that is too long, and someone will come up with something.  Why not do it while you all agree? This is something that has never been done before, they are doing this by the seat of their pants, how and when they want. They set dates or times, and when someone is upset, they change again.  The only joy or progress we could look at is that it was months before, then days, and now it is hours in between attempts.  That is how we have to look at it, otherwise we would be idiots, too.  It is literally hour by hour now and could happen at any time. Every hour gives them the change to figure out something!

DC:  A lot of really smart people are trying to get this done, senior people who are very capable.  We are beyond doubt now:  it’s going to happen, and happen really soon.  It’s a matter of timing, but we are at that point.  On a Sunday, which is our least busy day… I’m a family guy and I cut out at weekend because my kids are going to be choosing my nursing home, so I have to be nice to them while they are young. So I’m not calling my folks but I do get some texts.  In a span of two hours, we got “this has blown and we will not get it until January!” to “we are an hour away”, and another person said, “We’re 10-15 days out, don’t worry”, then finally from one of my best folks, “They’ve cleared the issues and they are doing the announcements now.” And some announcements were made.  This is constantly up and down and this is on a Sunday. The one who said it was blown to hell was a very credible source!  So you have to measure if they fully understand what is going on.  It’s all different perspectives and very difficult to  put I tall together.  Nobody has the whole picture, even Mr. Glue, because there are so many players that nobody is really in charge. Some smart people are getting it done, and some have other agendas.  It seems never-ending and horrible, but they are dealing with non-specific, nobody-has-control or power over anything, and they are trying to push through this major financial change.  So we are greatly appreciative that they are doing it.

Tony:  Another thing is that we have basic info on this should work, but we are also requesting that we get the package now so that we are not delaying the process once the numbers comes out. We could be doing that NOW, not once we are in the window.  Pam was trying to figure out who is actually running this show.  We are at this critical juncture; do we give them this info at the last moment and just hope they don’t go crazy?  I don’t know if they are not thinking  or what.

DC:  We would love to get the information ahead of time to assist everyone, but here we go.

410 caller:  Sounds like we’re having good news in the last few calls from you and DC… I am doing super-fantastic as well.  Everything sounds really positive and we will hear the good news we want to hear.  My question is really for Tony:  when this all happens, with the new websites, do you have ideas on what you plan on covering with future investments?  How involved will you be with that?

Tony:  I’ll tell you what I envision doing, and DC will tell you what I can do.  When I set it up, I thought it would be a place where newly rich people could talk and discuss things back and forth. They want me to shut down this Twitter account, but I’ll set up another one and set up calls where I can tell you what I’m looking at and we can discuss that kind of thing.  I don’t know if I’ll be able to discuss future currencies; DC say sI can’t even talk bad about politicians!  I won’t know until we sign the NDA.  Until that, the sites are there, we will post the bank information. I think there will be 7-14 days when I can still communicate with you all and give you information.  Pam and I also came up with Plan B, but I’m not going to say what that this because they might put it in my NDA!

Caller:  In the past few months, I’ve heard a lot about rates.  IS there still a China rate?

Tony:  There are still contract rates, nothing to do with China per se.  The contract rates are still there, though.  DC?

DC: Everything is the same as what we’ve been describing.

Tony:  I’m just ready for this thing to be over with. I just want to tell everything!

Caller:  I totally understand that. It’s been a long path for all of us to walk. We all have extra grey hairs…

Tony:  I have an extra couple of hundred!  If there were anything we could tell you, it would be that the RV happened five minutes ago.  The news can’t get much better than what we have heard.

Caller: It’s been an education, and I’m a student right in front of the room with you, with a shiny apple ready to go.  I looked from the outside before getting involved, but I had no clue this was going on!

Tony:  There are going to be a lot of people with a lot of money who have no idea.  DC and I have both given you books to read. This is the real world, and many people don’t want to know about the real world.

Caller:  Patience is a virtue. We’re all ready and anxious for this;  we all need it, at different levels. I  truly feel blessed to be part of this, when so many don’t know anything about this.  No matter what your situation, at least we have this to look forward to.

Tony:  Those others have nothing to look forward to!

DC:  I really have to go; I’m already ten minutes late.  Everything looks amazing, and we are fully expecting it at any time across the entire world.  That’s what I’ve got;  anything else, Tony?

Tony:  We’ll just go to the hour…  Pam?  She muted herself.

352 caller:  I’m super-fantastic as well. If you could just reiterate that the dong is VNN and the dinar is IQN;  what would the Zim and rupiah be?

Tony: I don’t know.  I think the Zim is ZWN, but they’ll know what you are talking about.  We’ll put it out on the call.

836?  Lots of background noise.  252?  425 caller:  Tell me something different!

Tony: I’m great, I’m excited, I’m ready, and I’m saving enough energy if at all possible!

Caller:  Did you hear about the Fed and people putting their money in foreign banks, and now they owe 80% in taxes?  They might want to check into that.  This guy had 1.5 million in the bank, and between back taxes and being fined, they said he owed 2.5 in taxes!

Tony:  That won’t be happening after July, I can tell you.

Caller:  I’m hearing we need to know that the ministers should be seated before this will happen. I sense you are not in  agreement with that.

Tony:  You should have asked while DC was on.  You are right, but it’s not something I’m worried about.

Caller:  I understand but we are still looking for that second call, and it might not happen until then.

Tony:  I’m going back to DC’s answer – it could be hour to hour.  It could happen in any hour of any day at this point.  If there is full agreement, they give people too much time between agreement and execution and something always happens.   We are waiting AND it could happen any moment, boom!

617 caller:  Have any of the countries done this already?

Tony:  have they done the RV and are people lining up to get their money?  I’m going to pass a story on to you all from someone who gives me a lot of information.  “I have a family member in Mexico and he said there were a bunch of people lined up outside the bank, and he asked what they were doing.  They said they had Iraqi money.“ That was Saturday.

Caller:  Is there anything we are waiting for before this goes through?

Tony:  Yes, there is a public announcement that has to be made about the composition of the government of Iraq, and that will be made over there.

404 caller:  I find this hour-to-hour thing very exciting, and it would be very nice if they could do this today because my husband has his birthday today.  If you don’t like football, being on the ½” line, remember that we are on the offensive, not the defensive.

Tony:  Unless we just called a time-out, however you want to look at it. We are just waiting for that thing to happen over there, and then things will go quick, fast, and in a hurry.  Be ready to go at any time.

Caller:  So please do it within the next six and half hours, okay?

Tony:  They actually wanted me to repeat Friday’s call, not to say too much about what happened over the weekend, who screwed it up and who fixed it.  We were expecting it on Friday and that the weekend would be the best of your lives.  Everyone has agreed again, but up to the time they set, we are waiting.  Several times it has paused within the last hours.  Let’s hope this time it’s here.  The only thing better than being super-fantastic is telling you the RV was announced five minutes ago.  That’s the only thing that would be better than what we know now.  We are still here.  ISX is supposed to go up on the 1. July, so look for that, but I don’t think it will take anything like as long as that.

Pam:  Thank you to the Tony, DC, and the intel team, all the mods and transcribers. Be kind to one another.

Ray:  We are just waiting day to day.

Tony:  I have no problem having another call later tonight or tomorrow. I’ll send it to you as soon as I get it.  Hopefully we will be doing a call tomorrow – hopefully!

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