Sunday, June 1, 2014


The Ghost Writer Wrote:

Seems the disinformation and smoke blowers are out in force trying to manipulate and swindle our Dinarian family down in Puerto Rico.  Seems there is no end to the greed of a few.

Lets set the record straight so there is no confusion for while Puerto Rico is the target today their sights will turn on to another tomorrow.  You must be prepared here at the end, prepared for all kinds of nonsense, disinformation and straight out lies, delivered with conviction and baldly stated as fact.

First off – there is no IRS special taxes on any currency,- let me say it again, - No 50%, No 30% for the folks in Puerto Rico or any US Territory at this time.  There has been no official or unofficial announcement from any agency of government detailing any change or changes to the law.

At present it is against the law to tax or target a specific currency for unwarranted taxes, meaning there is no law allowing the theft (sanctioned or unsanctioned) of any moneys' from Dinarians period.

There is no way that those who have so massively profited and by that we point directly to those privileged members of government and those of connection to the elite who have exchanged already their huge double dipped stashes, no way will they be allowed to implement any law to the contrary now or retrospectively.  To be quite clear it has not and will not happen, no extra ordinary taxes on currency will be levied.

These double dipping power mongers having gorged at the trough at our expense, tried unsuccessfully to bring in a substantially lower rate for you and I and were stopped.

They were stopped and any attempt to subvert the exchange at an equitable rate with be stopped again, their time has come and gone as a new dawn breaks for the world.

They are now silent, watched over and held in check but those elements of justice which can exert the kind of pressure and influence that only they bow to.  

There is huge change coming and it has started already, soon there will be many publicized resignations, changes in command and arrests.  Courts will be filled with orange suited villains, some of their identities will astonish you for truly the world is not and has not been what it seems to be.  President Obama's legacy shall be an astounding one, but one that will certainly be the announcement of a new beginning.  

Economies will pick up as change sweeps the lands and true financial freedom and justice becomes the order of the day.

Be ready now.

Feel free to repost if you so wish to.

By the Ghost Writer

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