Monday, May 12, 2014


Part 2
818 caller:  could part of the problem be that the people have already been taken care of have moved their money to Europe and they are making money off that?
Tony:  If they already got their money, they moved their money and they are getting interest on it, why would they be blocking the RV?  They are not getting interest on dollars because they converted it to euros.  Now they get to move it to other places with higher rates, because they are restricted until this RV happens. There are more people leaving the House and the Senate than ever before so that they can have access to this money.  They have been exposed, they know we know who they are, so there is no point doing that.  There are too many other countries agreeing with Iraq, ever our own allies saying ‘enough is enough’, and that is why we are saying to those in DC that if they need our help, we are more than willing to do this. We are ready, willing and able to support them as they supported us.
Caller:  I know what you are going through because I’m going through a bit of it with the people I am supporting.  Thank you.
DC: Some of the folks in opposition for their own set of reasons or personal gain, they would like to have Tony or others cause a giant security concern, if people start making threats and such, so that they can then say “we have a huge security issue” and close this down.  That’s what they are looking for, as an excuse.
Tony:  One person on Twitter is saying “Tony, 10-20% of the people on your team have no dinar, and we want you to help us, too”.  I don’t know how to help. We affected the first basket by giving you the rates to the dong, and the rupiah, and the zim;  people went and bought more, and they had to do new calculations, and then they have another excuse to start over.  Other than that, I’m not sure what question you need help with. Those are what we are looking at:  the dinar, dong, zim and rupiah in the first basket.  The formulae have changed several times because the reactions on the call to those currencies.  We are willing to talk about the US economy;  we cannot talk about other currencies in depth.  We have talked about investment, but not about specific things in the second basket and what those rates will be, not until afterwards.
817 caller:  Did Kuwait have to go through all this when their currency revalued?  Like it being prolonged?  I mean the people in the government.
Tony:  Did the people themselves have to go through these changes?  They weren’t concerned with us until we made ourselves visible.  They thought they would just give us dribbles of knowledge because they thought we wouldn’t know any better, and we weren’t part of their plan anyway.  This was just supposed to be their rich buddies.  We are blessed to be here, and now we are here, we make a difference. They don’t care about our survival.  Are they concerned about what we know and can expose and what we can tell the general public and the situation that could cause?  Absolutely!
DC:  In the Kuwait RV, there really weren’t that many ordinary folks that were affected.  Only politically well-connected people made a lot of money, and soldiers who had money in their pockets and passing through.  I had friends who have money in their pockets and forgot to exchange, and they made a couple thousand dollars.  
Whereas in this situation, they are doing this as another piece of the action, and not for what affect it has on us.  Some are doing these delays for reasons they think are good, even if I don’t agree with those reasons.  For others…
Caller:  How long can this go on, how much longer can they keep the CBI from showing the RI, and the agreements that have been signed.
DC: This is uncharted territory.  They have used parsing of sentences to delay it this long (by two weeks).  We have already passed the stated deadlines. This is way beyond my understanding.  I really don’t know;  I just don’t have a straight answer.
602 caller:  If you don’t have a receipt, but you do have the original envelope with your name on it, can that be used.
DC:  I think any paperwork is good.  If you bought it directly from a dealer, you should be okay. If you bought it with a friend, that is a bit more iffy.  It would be helpful to show the name and dates when it was shipped.
Caller:  I have those, but the original computer crashed and don’t have the people or numbers any more, but I do have the original envelope it came in.
Tony:  That should be okay.
DC:  Pam just text me a tweet that I’m going to read out, and we could find some better wording : “You continue to kiss up to the powers that be, how stupid are you?”
Tony:  This is from Barbara Pait?  “Now tweeting will release a global event;  you continue to kiss up to the powers that be, how stupid are you?”
DC: This IS a global event.  How stupid are you?  You can ask my wife.  When you live in the real world and talk to people in the know… this is much more complex than you think.  I get frustrated and angry, and so does Tony.  I understand that.  However, this is more complex than anyone knows, and it is not black and white, either.  There is no one person who can declare that it is release NOW, no matter what.  The more people come into play, the more complicated it gets.  If you think it’s black and white, you are smoking some seriously good dope.  One person asks for a delay for this reason, then they call their buddy to ask to question the meaning of a single word.  There are very bad people trying to interrupt this process for their own gain.  Tony and I are trying to bring insight into how this is going on, and if you cannot handle that… I get it, this is brutal, and sometimes you have to take a break. You can trust that we are trying to help, or you can find your own intel.  There are good people trying to get this sorted out.  There are some people who are out only for themselves, and they don’t care.  It’s really hard to delay something at this point:  Iraq has declared their RI, they’re a sovereign country, and these others arenickel-and-diming them to hold it up.  There are good people trying to do good things here.
Tony:  Bottom line:  this is not about us.  In January it was about us, and directly affectws us.  When you have power or authority, you want to use it to your advantage, not when they are actively looking for an excuse to hold this up.  They have run out of other excuses and they want us to provide one!  You only burn it down on good, sound advice, when you feel you have been deceived or whatever.  You do that at the end of the rope, not just when you woke up in a bad news and want to burn the house down.  We can only use that when we are relevant.  When they thought they could bring the dollar down overnight, we were not relevant.  You can believe what we say or not;  there are plenty of other sites.
407 caller:  I’m following you and listening… where we are right now, we can still continue to look for this any day, any hour?  IMF contacts UST, UST calls the banks, and the banks call in security… is that what we are waiting to see?
Tony:  Part of that has changed, and I don’t know how much to tell you…
DC:  With the RI and positive moves by the, we believe that there is not much left to do.
Tony:  So, DC, the ultimate authority is where right now?  That’s the question, I think.
DC:  The ultimate authority is in question. [Tony:  code for “shut up, Tony!”]
Caller:  Various things have been said about groups;  will the Admiral’s group still be first and then the rest will follow, or has that changed as well?
DC:  I believe that the public RV and the groups will come at the same time.  The RI really canceled or created some changes in the strategy and process.
206 caller:  Someone said that if they RI in-country, and they don’t have to RI outside the country?  Is this so?
Tony:  they could leave it just the way it is right now, as long as they don’t want to do the GCR or build Iraq back up.  But the whole world has been negotiating the GCR for the last ten years!  This cannot go on forever, and in fact they did agree to this.  There are some things Iraq can do to force the issue.
DC:  They cannot interrupt the entire country and leave out the rest of the world.  They can do this bizarre thing about having all these different rates in different parts of the country.  You can imagine that feels like on a daily basis.  So they are opening up the banks for a little bit and letting some of the new rate.  Sooner or later, the rest of the world will have to accept the new rate.  We understand that Iraq is trying to force of the system to go through because their citizens are in a rough place because of us.  They cannot have this huge variance, and their time is running out, so they are now on overtime.
540 caller:  We’ve shifted paradigms from the RV to the RI;  if they don’t come out at the same time, will we continue to monitor the RV?
Tony:  We’ll have to see what the NDA says. Either way, the contract rates will still be there, and that’s what most of you care about anyway. 
Caller:  Those of us with multiple currencies should be concerns about knowing when it RVs for the other currencies.
Tony:  Let me tell you something:  I know what the other currencies are, and have a good idea of what the currencies are beyond those currencies.  I will probably tell you what those are, because I think you should make more money.  It will affect the global economy, but that is not my job.  They don’t care about us! This is your absolute opportunity to be on the global billionaire’s list between now and this December. Do they want me to tell five million dinarians?  No.  I don’t see why they have drawn this out so long.  If the dinar came out at a dollar, I could convert that into fifty dollars, and that would affect the global economy.  Let’s get this done and go to our other site and talk about how to make money with our money.  I know that our NDAs are going to be different from yours, and I don’t know what I’ll be able to talk about.  I’m just being honest and will do my best to let you know what’s going on.
Caller:  We know that if we just do the dinar RI, and the rest don’t RV, then there is the possibility to buy large amounts of people buying those other currencies.
Tony:  They know this and they are adjusting for the new situation, with new laws about who can buy currency, with a ten million dollar qualification to buy currencies apart from traveling.  There is a way around this, and people can think it out for themselves.  Also, there are other strategies you can use to meet that qualifier.  I’m not going to say what they are on this call because I don’t want to give them excuses of what to change.
Caller:  There are people who will take advantage of that situation, that’s all.
Tony:  Of course!  If you see an opportunity or create one, and it’s not against the law, why not?  That’s what this country is based on . That’s what millionaires and billionaires do all the time!  They find the loopholes and utilize them until the loopholes are closed.  And I will help people with that as long as I can or until they put me under an NDA.
214 caller: Did DC talk really fast before he left Texas, or develop that after he got to DC?
DC:  I really do talk fast… it’s all that RedBull.  <laughter>
951 caller:  I have had dinar and dong for a while, and been listening a lot for the last six months.  I’m a public figure, and I’m frustrated, too… and I think people are stepping from frustrated to being mad.  You are the spokesman, and being in the public eye, I get that.  Every week, every Monday, it’s a different problem, and I hope for your sake that it comes to past very soon, because otherwise you are painting a target on your backs.  The same people who are praising you now will crucify you if this doesn’t come to past.  If feels like we are going into battle with this Twitter.  You are all good people making the decision to do this, and if it doesn’t come through, you will be blasted.  I’ve said things in the past, and they didn’t work out, and I got blasted by the papers, people, the whole nine yards.
Tony:  I do know who you are.  Everything you said is true, and… for three of the last four years, that target has been on my back. Those who loved me on Monday hated me on Friday because they do not understand the process, and didn’t understand that we were just passing along the info. Because they cannot pick up the phone or find the information on Google, they say we are lying or whatever. I’ve got death threats, my family has been contacted, it’s been all over the internet, people have been knocking on my door, I’ve been through all of it, and all in the name of helping someone.
NOBODY is paying me.  I was asked to do this, regretted it immediately, and I’m still here because I feel a sense of responsibility.
Caller:  I’ve done this for 43 years, and people have praised me, vilified me, and I’m only saying this to let you know that if this doesn’t come to pass you WILL have problems. It’s unfortunate thing because you are trying to do the right thing.  I’ve done it for 43 years, and I’ve had all kinds of crap.  I got into this not because I need it but because it’s interesting and I’ve got a lot of people into this.
One question:  do you believe with all your heart that this will work out?  Or will you have to do a call saying, “I’m sorry, but this isn’t happening”?
Tony: It’s a country.  All kinds of banks and companies are opening up in Iraq.  I’ve seen the rates on the screens, and I’ve already seen a contract.  We just don’t know WHEN it’s going to happen!  So, DC, in your heart of hearts…
DC:  So, DC, in your heart of hearts do I believe this will happen?  Yes.  It could longer than we expect, I have no idea.  They are dealing with tight timelines that are hard to ignore.  They did the RI, and that is verifiable in so many ways. The guys who investigate conspiracies are very good at it, and we are not. They cannot make up that all the Iraqi politicians and the people at CBI can somehow match up with a teller in front of a bank in California… they are not good enough to make up that story and create all the evidence it would require.  We have several different sources for every piece of information, and there is not way in God’s green earth that an Iraqi banker is calling a bank manager in the US;  they don’t know each other exists and they don’t care!  That kind of verification is going on fifty different directions a day.  I’m a wild-ass optimist, yes, but I’m not an idiot.  We have seen documentation that this has been going on for years.  I have no interest in being in public, but outrageous things were happening that had to be sorted out.  I am only interested in being private, and will cheerfully sign an NDA as soon as possible!
Caller:  I’ve had a number of people involved, and all I say now is “you know about the Rapture?  Jesus is coming, we just don’t know when.”  You’ve got my number if you ever want to talk!  I’ll help you!
Tony:  You know what I want help with already… so just do it, okay?
435 caller:  I have eight children, 18 grandchildren and 20+ great-grandchildren, so we will have a lot more people tweeting!
Tony:  Sign ‘em up and get tweeting, because we need the support.  There is something in the forum to tell people how to sign up for Twitter and connect them to us. 
Caller:  We love you and will support you in any way.  We can’t get into the forum…
Tony:  Pam is here and she can tell you…
Pam:  There is a video on youtube, do a search for Twitter and TNT team.
Caller:  My kids are coming in to town and they are teaching me how to use my phone properly.  Thank you very much!
Tony:  Our time is up, although we started a little bit late. DC, where are we?
DC:  We are back on the 1” yard line, and looking for everything going through.  That’s what we are expecting and hoping for.
Tony:  I’m ready!
Pam:  Go to www.youtube.com and do a search for “Twitter, TNT Tony”.  IN the forum, there is a sticky for how to do it.  This is a simple tweet to show numbers and readiness.
Tony:  That is right:  not threats, just ready to change our Twitter numbers. We are here to offer help to those who supported us, that’s all.
Ray:  Get ready, get ready, get ready to be blessed.
Tony:  there were challenges but they have been overcome. We are looking for it any day.  We are preparing for if we need to take action ourselves.  If they ask for our help, we will bombard Twitter, Facebook and Instagram IF that’s what we need to do to help them accomplish their goal.  I’m hoping to do a call later on, or will try to keep you up as to what is going on. 

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