Friday, May 30, 2014


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Tony:  Good evening, TNT!  Today is Friday, May 30, 2014.  DC just got home from a long day at work, and we will let him spend some times with the kids and his wife.  Sorry, ladies, he is married!

This will be a short call. It was a very hectic day. We started last night – yesterday we were excited and Wednesday, thinking we would have the 800 numbers and everyone would be at the banks this morning… which did not happen.  I didn’t do the call this morning because we were upset that it didn’t happen, and the reason we were hearing it didn’t happen.  So we needed to figure out what going on, what we were being told, how much was true and how much a misunderstanding or misdirection. It took us a lot of calls to do that, and we were still getting 2-3 sides of the story and the changes that were supposedly being made (and I didn’t agree with any of them).  I wanted to do this earlier in the day, but I wanted to make sure we had the right information.  We had to go to some unusual sources at high levels.  Everyone was confused in the US and elsewhere, and people were very pissed off. But everything came back.

We were hoping up ‘til this moment to hear some things that will give us more positive feelings and actions, things being accomplished. I really didn’t want to upset the apple cart and come back to find out things were being resolved, and that is what we came back to, just that.  We came back to receiving an explanation, to hearing some things were misinterpreted (not full scope or information) and that’s what got us upset.

This is what we did:  we tried to contact a unique source/person, and so we are relying on that.  We had come up some contacts today, some things I didn’t want to do, still do not want to do, and in order to do that, I had to make some commitments I didn’t want to make. I’ve done some things I am not going to talk about today, I might tomorrow, let’s see how it goes.  I had to put some things in motion to protect YOU, to help and benefit you, not me or the team.  I want you to understand that, because if I have to do it and you find it out, it’s not about us – we will survive anyway.  Regardless of what you hear, which you will hear tonight probably, when it starts leaking, I haven’t quite figured out how to do it as far as protecting all the people who listen to the call.  I have the people in the forum taken care of it;  I want to get everyone on the calls taken care of as well.  I’m trying not to go into detail. If you hear some negative stuff, some of it might be true, but supposedly things are worked out to our betterment.  If not, I have spent the best part of today trying to create a security blanket for you, if we can. They are working on it, but it may be for a limited number of people.

That’s how bad my day has been.  Contract rates are still there, international rate is still there.  It’s a bit scary and confusing, but the rates are still there.  Things could still pop up tonight.  They are trying to stretch it out to the first… it went last night up to a point, and once again it was stopped by the same people.  We are all frustrated, all tired of it.  There is nothing wrong with saying “We won’t do it until this date”, but they say they are going with the program, and then they stop it again and delay it again.  It’s a confusing issue.  Our good guys are still good guys, and we want to have faith in our good people in DC.  I know they are trying to do their best, but every time we come down to the same point where the bad guys win, and they win again. I call them bad guys because they won’t let this go through. They promise the world one thing and do something else, and that is frustrating!

Right now, we are waiting for a response.  We are waiting for confirmation that the good things are happening and everything is where it should be.  We should see it no later than Monday. I wanted it no later than today because that’s what they said.  The majority of the intel team was ready to burn down the house this morning – submit the papers, etc. – and we waited to hear it was not as bad as we thought, or that there was misinformation.  So we decided to wait and let the information get back today. DC, Pam, the whole team let it be known today that we are here for you guys. That’s what we want to see done, what has been agreed upon. We should have been doing this call five months, they reassured us that it will be alright, and it’s really important to me that it comes out like that, because I’ve been the one telling you it would alright.  I am here to help you all make as much money as you can, at whatever rate.  I’m still doing that, unless they do things the right way, and then I will sing my NDA and go on my way.

I’m sorry if it sounds scary or confusing, but that’s the kind of day it’s been. You should be at the banks right now instead of listening to me.  I don’t want to do a call over the weekend, but we’ll do what we have to do.  Be happy!  Whatever it is, hasn’t taken place, and things change within 24 hours.  The bottom line is this:  we have everything we need to effect change before, during or after. That definitely effect change if we have to use it.  We don’t want to use it, but if we have to…

Pam:  With you all the way, Tony!

Ray:  Okay.

Tony:  This will be a short call, so ask short questions.

513:  We will stand by you, we have your back.  I’m not in the forum, so what does it mean?  Will we be left out of the contract rates?

Tony:  We’ve heard some changes in how they want to do this.  My main thing is that you get treated fairly.  Iraq has to RV, so the only thing is the parameters around us exchanging. We have discussed those many times, how long they would be available, requirements for higher vs lower rates.  Every night you don’t see the RV, you know someone is stopping it who doesn’t want you to have whatever. As long as it is something about the global reset or the US economy, those things we have to let them handle. When it comes down to you and me, and how we should have it, that’s the time for us to speak up.  You can’t change the rules in the middle of the darned fight.  Anything else isn’t our business, but that is not going to do that.  Somebody will be fighting to get it stopped even after it happens!

Caller:  Will you be able to have a phone call after it happens to help those who aren’t on the forum?

Tony:  Yes, absolutely!  That is the purpose of the call!  I know they will give the information to five intel gurus; they will give the packages to me, DC and three others.  We are going to have calls anywhere from 7-14 days, going through the package, with bankers on the call. But some others will get the information as well.  Watch Twitter and the new sites, and we will keep you up to speed.  That’s not the part I don’t want to do.  I don’t’ really want to do that either, but I agreed to do it to get you guys the right information.

Caller:  How many aces do those guys have in that deck?

Tony:  I don’t know!  Those guys say they agree, and then they think at another way to stop it. They give them too much time to find issues or delays.  When it comes down to us, that is something different.

Caller:  You’re doing a great job;  we are here for you, for us, and we appreciate you.

352 caller:  In the last ten days, you’ve mentioned that anyone wanting to stop this, they had to do it in writing… how came that hasn’t worked on these guys?

Tony:  You will hear about this later.  You’ll hear that the RV was released last night internationally, and countries/programs were given a lot of money, that promises were made, and that satisfied everyone. The door was opened, money was shovelled out, and distractions put in place, asking for a couple more days to do that.  We keep getting different versions, and being told there were misinterpretations. Well, we’ll know today or this weekend.  I just wanted you to know the kind of day we’ve had.  Even though it’s been put out there, we need to do something to protect the 20K on TNT, and those donating money to the site, and I have to protect those people.  I can’t protect five million, but I can protect those people.  It might not even be needed, but that’s the kind of day it’s been.

Caller:  Do you understand  yourself why they are trying to stop this?

Tony:  I do.  I don’t agree with it, but it was made even clearer this morning.  We don’t have a dictator, we have two main parties, and it has to be more than one person thinking this way or it wouldn’t be happening.  I think we should vote them all out!  We have an information to do that…

Caller:  Is the main objection that we are getting anything, or too much?

Tony:  Their main objection is that they think it’s too much for most people to handle.

Second 352 caller:  Did they give you the 800 numbers today?

Tony: They could have, but they didn’t.

Caller:  Will we have a level playing field this time or are we behind those people again.

Tony:  I don’t know; it depends on who I talk to.  Everyone says what they did last night was so dirty… we should have been at the bank this morning. What they did and the way they did it was so dirty, they stopped the RV, even though everyone was on lockdown in the banks and State Department, when they knew they were going to pull this at the last minute.  People in government, doing what they think is the right thing and finding out it wasn’t, that is what’s really upsetting people.  They didn’t cash anyone out last night, though.

540 caller:  How much longer will these shenanigans continue?

Tony:  They are trying to stretch this out to the 1. June, and then to 1. July.  Iraq’s timeline is the 1. June, for Maliki to get what he wants.  That part I’m reluctant to talk about, because it’s our country and their country, and we shouldn’t get involved in that.  In far as us, changing the rates and procedures, when they get into that part, we want our voice to be heard.  I sent out a request for specific information so that we don’t mess anything up, and that contact said, “We were going to do this today” but we didn’t.  We asked for an understanding, and after that, we can only do what we think it right.

Skype caller:  We are all behind you.  Going back to November and where we are today, we keep saying that if they go longer… they can’t get away with it… at what point do you decide we go to the next level and make sure that We the People do get cashed out, at whatever rate?

Tony:  A whole lot of people said today IS the day for that.  Pam didn’t agree.  We decided to get more information and then see what happens tonight.  We were really close today.  We know Maliki is supposed to have this by the 1st. We were given specific dates, and I’m waiting for a response and some details, and for someone to come back with the package and firm information.  Any other way, it will be painfully evident when it is time to do that.

Caller:  You said some of this would come out, and in Mtn Goat’s post we can read between the lines.  Can you confirm that what we read last night, that the GCR did go?

Tony:  The GCR hasn’t gone, but the RV did go through and it was blocked in the US.  We heard from all levels that it did go through and it was blocked here by dirty tricks. But if so, why didn’t we get calls from all the other countries?  They said that tonight we will see it.  So they blocked it here, and other countries also agreed to block it from their people so we didn’t see it.

Caller:  I did something on CNBC that the GCR was coming at 4pm Pacific.  So it will be interesting to see if it goes within the next 24-48 hours, and if not what our response will be.

Tony:  I’m trying to be perfectly honest with everyone so that you can know where we are.  There are many people listening to this call.  We are not threatening anyone;  we are trying to survive and be treated fairly.  I am being honest, and I could say a whole lot more than I’m saying now. There was a situation today, and hopefully it was all worked out, but… we keep having them, again and again.  We kepe bringing in bank and exchange people and telling people that it’s tonight, and those people are frustrated.  They are calling and giving us the information!  When it is just down to us, I don’t understand why this is going on. This should be a no-brainer by this time.  We went through it today.

My last word is, just stand by, it will all work out.  We know the good guys are trying to do the right thing, and they keep getting stopped at the last minute.  I don’t know how they overcome it.  We can only do what we need to do, and I don’t know if that helps or hurts, or they want to do it themselves.  I said today “Help me help you;  help us understand why we keep going through this over and over again when we know the RV has been released.”   The 800 numbers are out there and can be activate, but people keep restricting it or trying to stop it. Where is that line?  People are trying to push me over the line, not just from TNT listeners but from our intel sources.  We are trying to be conservative and make sure the wrong people aren’t asking us to do that.  I know they are listening to this call, and they need to know what is happening here.  You guys are still calm;  I know you waited a long time for this call, but it was a frustrating day today.

903 caller:  I’d like to ask Pam a question;  can she put me on the forum?  Then I wouldn’t have to wait 8 hours on the phone.  I’ve been on the line since 10.30am!

Tony:  I don’t know.  You’re one of the people I’m explaining to about our day and trying to get intel.  Sorry you had to wait so long!  I’ll give Pam your number and see if she calls you up.

301 caller:  Will the US have any penalties to pay for failing to do the RV?

Tony:  It doesn’t matter to them, because it’s been going back and forth;  we’ve gone through that so many times that we haven’t told you about. There is an international rates and contract rates, and fees, etc., but it doesn’t matter.

Caller:  Have our rates gone down?

Tony:  I don’t think so.

Caller:  Does Maliki’s third term play a role in the RV date?

Tony:  They have given him a date of June 1st.  It’s the 30th there now.  That is the date they are still looking at for their new government to be announced.  In the mosques this morning, they were told the new government would be announced in the next 2-5 days.  So we’ll have to wait it out and see, and hope that everything is still there.   I don’t know if I’ll be doing a call tomorrow or after the weekend.  I have a safety net for you guys, and if it’s done, I’ll do a call tomorrow.

Caller:  I hope that when we get to Vegas, if DC is not there, you will at least have a cutout of Adonis…

505 caller:  We are in the process now, it seems, of still being able to call and make an appointment and get into the banks in a short amount of time.  Is that still on, or is it changing?

Tony:  Hold on.  Do we still go in in that time frame?  I don’t think it’s being changed.  They said they want the first people in within two hours.  But we have to get the package, go through the procedures, etc.  They could give us the package now, sign the NDA, etc., and do the call immediately after the release of the 800 number OR they can release the 800 numbers, then give us the package and then we can go over it and then have the call.

I’m not sure the Bilderburg Group is affecting what we are doing.  I don’t think so but I don’t know what they are doing.

Caller:  Understanding something makes patience work better…

Tony:  I agreed with you.  Let me think about it:  do you eat hot dogs?  They taste good, don’t they?  I promise you, if you walk through a hot dog factory and see what they are made of, you may never eat them again.  It’s the same thing with information;  you think you want to know, but you really don’t.   You know some of the things that occur in our government, country, banks, and then you can’t un-know it. To look at life as it was before and be able to enjoy it… people say I want to do this with my money or that… and you wish you could live in that world again where everything Is just great and fine.  Info is not all it’s made out to be.

I do believe that they will give us the exact information you will need to go in and get paid.  They are still figuring some things out.  It’s based on the reactions of people, and that’s why we will have calls for 7-14 days, because it’s a fluid situation and changes based on people’s responses.

Pam has told me several times to finish the call. Everything is still on track.  A lot of good people were frustrated today who were celebrating the day before because they were led to believe it was done, and then they had the rug pulled out from under them.  Those were the calls I got this morning. Things did settle down, and we’ll see what happens this weekend.  We’ll hope for the best.  Today I got started with some changes to protect as many people as I can.  Enjoy your Friday night and if something significant happens I will tweet it or have a call if something super-fantastic happens. They are telling us to be calm and it will work out.   Thanks, Pam and Ray.  Enjoy the rest of your day!

Post CC Tweet: I said that the RV was stopped by the U.S. and that Maliki has until 1 Jun 14 to get it done. Please listen carefully.

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