Saturday, May 10, 2014


5-10-14 Millionday: ...we are waiting on the rates to be set and released for trade --- they have stated that they are in the middle of it so I would think now that the international citizens should be receiving their cards and form of payment and also am looking for the finishing of regulations coming out to the public eye on all issues -- I see nothing that is holding things up so -- the steps we were told about process is what I would say is going on -- so watching for announcements on each of those steps as they occur.
5-10-14 MarkZ: (...are we about to see the RV?) IMO, heck yes we are about to see it. I refuse to give you a timeline but I expect it this month...   (Tony (Intel Guru TNT Tony) said this will be the best weekend- of our journey!)  He will very likely be right. 

5-10-14 American Contractor: The Iraq federal budget for 2014 will continue to be delayed as they wait for the next government to be seated. It is possible that the next seated government will have to work on both the 2014 and 2015 budgets. The next government will have to work harder than they ever have to accomplish this task. Projects in Iraq are suspended or stopped altogether because of the Iraqi Parliament Speaker and the Parliament members failing to pass a federal budget. More delays, not a shocker. 

5-10-14 Millionday:
(On Monday was there not a report that the IMF came out and told the cbi to set a rate?) Yes they ordered it to be set by the report we had -- the exchange rate to the USD... in ink.

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