Thursday, May 1, 2014


So here is some encouraging news, from a small town, & Bank, in Canada. 
My husband said to me, upon his return from walking the dogs yesterday.....I have the most exciting news to tell you....you're never going to believe it. 

He then proceeded to tell me.....he was joined on his walk yesterday ( Apr.30th) by the Head Teller of our small town branch of the C.I.B.C. Which is one of the main Banks in Canada. We have dealt at this Branch a little more than 5 years now, and as I said; it is a Bank in a small town, where everyone comes to know each other well....on a first name basis.

As they were strolling side by side, talking of this and that, my husband asked if she had heard of the Global Currency Reset. She said no, she hadn't heard of that. So my husband said it's all about some countries in the world revaluating their currencies. At that, she said.....oh, yes, in fact, we did receive a memo from Head Office,a few days ago, stating that the President of Iraq, jumped the gun and Reinstated their countries currency and now the countries of the world are trying to catch up to his announcement. 

Then she went on to say, this memo also asked them to be on the lookout for Canadians holding Dinar. My husband says, he was so shocked but excited and all the hairs on his arms stood up. Still he had the presence of mind to ask if this included the Dong. She said no, she knew nothing about the Dong. She asked if he had much Dinar. He said only...oh, a good amount. She then said you will be a rich man then....so.. when this happens, please get in touch with us, we will be happy to be of service to you and take care of all your needs.

No, Dinar friends....I am not making this up....this truly, truly happened. My husband came home so very, very excited, he could hardly wait to tell me.  I was stunned, he was stunned.....both of us were saying to each other "how incredible it sounded to us ".....just what she specifically said " that this memo of a few days ago, stated, that the President of Iraq, jumped the gun and announced the reinstatement of his countries currency, and the rest of the world were playing catch-up." So it seems, that memos regards this event of last weekend were reaching Canadian Banks, by Monday or Tuesday. ( 28th-29th) 

Both of us were so thrilled to hear this, news, because we have been loosing heart, as this journey has been so long. We were afraid to post this....for fear of many who will put this down, as made up. In spite of you nay sayers though....we are sharing our personal Bank story.....because it seems so exciting to us, to personally know for true, that even in Po-dunk Canada, our Banks have heard that Maliki jumped the gun last Saturday and reinstated his countrys currency!! Yahooo....it's can't be long for us now!!! and we felt many of you would like to hear this good news too! That what is recently happening with the IQD or IQN....IS becoming known throughout the rest of the world.

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