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[sananddan24] MarkZ are we still expecting a big difference in the group rate and street rate?

[MarkZ] sananddan24 After the tax issue is addressed not really. I believe once you weight the pro's con's taxes restrictions etc that the contract and street rate will be about the same. I hope that makes sense...

[Digs] MarkZ agreed... seeing signs of that now....

[Jetskye] MarkZ any chance we are waiting on announcements tonight? Its almost prayer time in Iraq

[MarkZ] Jetskye I am not looking for it tonight.

[Digs] Jetskye remember this will be a NON-EVENT

[BackStreets] MarkZ Would the "wealth factor" not be the very same group that has raped this country for decades?
[MarkZ] BackStreets No, The 'wealth factor' will be all of us. the newly wealthy.

[lilypad] MarkZ, have the public release procedures changed? Are will still going to be making appt. thru the 800?

[MarkZ] lilypad There will be multiple options for you exchanges. We should not worry about them until the release.

[stthomas cowboy] Will the contract groups ie Admiral be exchanged first?

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy only if the skr'd if not they will start in with everyone else.

[sandytob] MarkZ But do you think he meant Gen64 group rate?....and not the contract rate that is bandied about?

[MarkZ] sandytob G64 is just one of the groups. I signed up with that group and do believe they have our best interest at heart. There will be many other options though.

[possum] MarkZ Hi Have u had a moment to chat/confirm with G64 re alignment of International (Aussie) banks for the group exchange? Ty

[MarkZ] possum no

 [catz] Markz will there be any major arrests prior to reset or after?

[MarkZ] catz before and after. Some arrests have already started. They will be kept VERY quiet.

[Digs] MarkZ not to put you on the spot, but do you agree with Okie's statements made these past two days.

[MarkZ] Digs I haven't read them. Give me some background so I can comment without sounding like an idiot. :) I rarely read the boards. ost of it is junk that they should have vetted first or at least waited to see what would be debunked first. More people need to think like you and question the intel.

 [lovely] MarkZ are u planning of having a live cc soon?

[MarkZ] lovely yes

[jtrain7] Markz u gonna have your own forum postrv?

[MarkZ] jtrain7 yes

[BackStreets] MarkZ I would be curious to see what options will be available, in a pros vs cons format...... if that's possible

[MarkZ] BackStreets same here so I will not be the first in the bank.

[coorslite21] MarkZ ....any thing new on the web page you are in the process of creating? I went to the capture page and entered an e-mail address but haven't heard anything back yet.

MarkZ] coorslite21 We hope to launch on time late tomorrow night. It will be a 'mainstream' site with a lot of news out of the middle east and on Iraq. A site you could send your doubting mother in law. It will still have folks like me that drank the conspiracy kool aid as well though.

[nikki23] Markz do you think we will be banking this weekend or the beginning of next week if the announcement was made Friday?

[MarkZ] nikki23 I think begining of the week

[lilypad] So MarkZ, if ,for example. rates do go live on Forex Friday Afternoon, will Monday be the first possible day to do the exchange in the bank?

[MarkZ] lilypad most likely yes

[BackStreets] MarkZ would it be possible for you to reveal what, if any, options you are looking towards, even if just for comparison?

[MarkZ] BackStreets Post event I say we have just that conversation. If they do not shut all the boards down right away. They will try to keep us quiet. Keep an eye on my twitter and FB. We will find a way to keep the intel flow going.

[bryan1972] MarkZ It's been quiet about the RI.... What happend to it?

[MarkZ] bryan1972 it forced the RV/RESET conversation that it was intended to fire up. I honestly believe it was the straw that broke the camels back.

 [Digs] MarkZ thoughts on this post from Okie last night, (moreso just your thoughts), "RIGHT NOW THE INTERNATIONAL RATE IS 3.78----THAT IS ALREADY ABOVE WHAT WE INITIALLY EXPECTED." --- i have my own thoughts, but would like to hear what you think,..

[MarkZ] Digs I think he shouldn't have posted that. :) Posting a rate scares me.

 [sandytob] MarkZ I know I speak for many when I say that it is such a pleasure to have you here. You answer questions in a forthright manner, without ego or a superior attitude. You are just such a down to earth person.....with a lot of knowledge.

[MarkZ] sandytob thank you

[stthomas cowboy] MarkZ. Tony had 2 times scheduled today and did not do a call, he was asked/told to stand down. Is this an indication that things are about to happen?

[K Boom] MarkZ- last week you were prepared to blow the lid off things. A) is that no longer necessary? And if so, why the drastic shift? Thanks

[MarkZ] K Boom I do not believe it is necessary. After the event we will all need to know what happened though.

K Boom] MarkZ- then I take that as a major positive. It now seems Tony is in a similar mode- how would you advise him to proceed if asked?

[MarkZ] K Boom To be tenative and to avoid naming names directly involved with the rollout for safety reasons. He seems to be showing the right amount of reserve right now. I bet he is like me in this, if naming names will speed it up then that is the game, if naming names could delay it them mum is the word. All the intel people just want this done and for you all to be blessed.

[tomzom] MarkZ Do you think that in spite of any current placements outside the extreme probability of promise anticipated within an immediate play of both response and equitability, we could sub-calculate more accurate estimates & variables in each equivalent partial factored within their opposite proposal?

[MarkZ] tomzom oh my.... I am still trying to digest that....

[K Boom] MarkZ- AGREED- thank you. Tony has shown great restraint, but we all have our limits. I'm confident he will continue on the right path

Digs] MarkZ moreso that he posted it's being traded "internationally behind closed doors" kind

 [MarkZ] Digs I do not believe it is being traded internationally yet. I believe they are bouncing it on the screens in preperation of the international release.

[MarkZ] Digs most see the screens and jump to the conclusion they want and miss the steps in between. Like looking some flour and already dividing the cake without taking tome to bake it. :)

[moneydr] Mark when do you anticipate the international release?

[MarkZ] moneydr possibly over the weekend or first of the week. It will require a lot of final things getting done though. This is just what I am thinking though.

 [harleycharley] MarkZ- Are other countries are using the RI-dinar rate? or are they waiting for it to go live still?

 [MarkZ] harleycharley waiting for it to go live

 [Muruga] Markz are you affiliate with currency liquidator?

[MarkZ] Muruga no but I have friends that are dealers. I met them through this journey. I wish I could time travel, I would travel back a few years and become a currency dealer!

 [K Boom] MarkZ- you stated you believe nobody has been delaying this for the past week or so, but rather it's now just the process running its course. Is most of what is left to be completed related to the US taking certain steps for this to be fully ready?

[MarkZ] K Boom yes. You sumed up where I think we are.

[Digs] MarkZ a currency dealer -- yup --- you could have made a killing

[MarkZ] Digs I wouldn't need a rv then! I am afraid I am in the same boat with you all here. I want this DONE. asap

[K Boom] MarkZ- and you are very confident the spirit is cooperative vs. combative now?

[MarkZ] K Boom yes

[stthomas cowboy] MarkZ what steps left for the USA to do?

[MarkZ] stthomas cowboy to stay out of the way for just a short bit longer.

[K Boom] MarkZ- heart of hearts :-) you feeling this weekend. Heart of hearts- knowing all that's been done- and what remains- and assuming status quo on all attitudes etc. what's your opinion of a backwall timing based on current state?

[MarkZ] K Boom I am feeling this weekend. A lot has been done. If I had to give a back wall based on the progress I have seen, I would say still in the month of May. Keep in mind even the most plugged in person still will not know the exact time. I am giving you my best guess.

[ischmahsman] MarkZ thanks for the info. Gods blessings and comfort to you

[MarkZ] ok it is a school night.... Time for my Chocolate milk and pop tarts before bed... :)
chucker7] MarkZ ty for visiting the castle tonight

 [MarkZ] chucker7 It is always a pleasure.

 [..SweetQueen] "recapatiization of the banks going into basel III" at 1:11    It is on

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