Thursday, May 1, 2014


Stage3Alpha :  WELL, WHO HAVE GUESSED IT, but the UST and the USA, stalled once again. Iraq is ready, been ready. The first two stages are now complete, and we wait for the third and final stage to be implemented, which is the announcement and the rollout.

Since the UST passed the deadline they were given, it is now ON with PLAN B, and the IMF and the Chineese will roll it out public without the USA, which will not fair well for the USD.The CABAL has run out of times to stall this whole deal. We are in a 72 hour window that the IMF will take the wheel from the USA.

This weekend CL and JL will meet in RENO, make an announcement, and the PP groups will be facilitated in Reno…..we will then be in the banks as soon as next week.Iraqi banks will be closed on the 29,30, and the 1…so we will hopefully be able to exchange on Friday May 2……..that’s my take on the situation anyways….

Meanwhile…The US continues to provoke Russia, to get a conflict started prior to this rollout, so they can save face, and not be blamed for the ignorant fiscal policy and sharades they have played the past 40 years…….

They have their heads in the sand….and starting to turn on one another as the survival of the fittest….Good day Ya’ll

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