Monday, May 26, 2014


First I want to point out the statement RI/RV. RI represents a Reinstatement of the IQD, which means Iraq would reinstate the Dinar back to per-Saddam value of $3.22 USD to $1.00 IQD.

 An RV represents a Revalue of the Dinar meaning that they will give their currency a higher value than it once had before the IMF gave them a program rate in the beginning of the Saddam take over, with minimum $1 rate to eliminate dollarization problem in the country. 

Along with that only 8% of the global population is invested in IQD. By design, the entire global population cannot know about this and take part because Iraq could not cover that many people being involved. 

Nor do they have enough IQD for everyone to own some. Just as any country, Iraq knows exactly how much currency they have printed.

 So to curve speculators Iraq and other governments around the globe have put out false information and propaganda to steer the attention away from what is happening. However, for this to work for the global economy, Iraq and the IMF needed a certain amount of speculators, you and me to accomplish two things.

First Iraq needed us to hold the rate of the IQD stable once they got rid of the Saddam currency and put their original IQD back out there.

 We made it stable by purchasing it through currency exchanges. The daily auction Iraq has been having is to establish a rate and then show the IMF they can hold it stable. The IMF needs a certain amount of speculators; you and me, to boost the economies around the globe, by spending our new found wealth once all is done and Iraq adjust their currency. 

Just imagine the impact it is going to have on the US economy when over 3 million new millionaire’s start spending their new found wealth on housing, cars, and goods. 

That is not to mention the relief the US Government will realize from the estimated 7 trillion IQD they hold in the US Foreign Currency Reserves, as well as all of the taxes they will be collection from you and me and this is going to happen in every country on the globe. 

You start to understand the magnitude and the full breath of the PLAN…

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