Thursday, April 3, 2014


(Notes by Adept1):
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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Thursday, April 3, 2014.  This is a very unexpected call.  This is NOT the RV call;  we are not calling the RV at this moment…not that it couldn’t happen at this moment, but it hasn’t.  I do want to give you some information about the RV, and then you have the option to hang up if you don’t want to hear the rest.

The status hasn’t changed much since yesterday.  We looked for it last and again this morning.  Everything is in progress, and NOBODY has told us of any issues.  So it’s good, and you should be excited!  You know it’s going to come.  It’s not going to go the whole month, but I’m not giving you are window to look at.  Just look at every moment, any day.  It could pop at any time. Only three or four know when it is scheduled to go;  everyone else is told to stay ready.

[missed a bit] They don’t trade commodities or currencies and they are just trying to make trouble, maybe because I said that I like Sterling.  They had no need to be licensed with them, so that is the email I got.

We are trying not to interfere with the process.  If we are doing that, that’s a good thing.  If we don’t narrow it down to a window, you should take that as a good thing.  That’s all about the dinar.  The rest is about you, your future and things you could be involved in.  While we are here… we have new people, but some of you who have been here for a while have heard this before.  A lot of you will know better, this is for those affected by it.

Each call, I hope it is our last call, so I’m giving you the last bits of information I can before I sign an NDA myself.  I’m trying to give you what I might not be able to tell you later.

A long time ago, when we first started all this, we had such great connections:  People overseas in different governments, and we still do.  Parliament came out, Maliki shook someone’s hand, and we reported it, and everyone was excited.  Next thing we knew, three of our intel guys got their doors kicked in and computers where confiscated.  That happened twice before we learned to protect our sources better. People said that we were making it up, because our info was so detailed.  Then it grew, with people in Iraq, the US and other countries, and we were giving you guys inside information.  We thought “one more thing to do and it ‘s over”, and that shows you the years of fluid transition.  We were in the moment, and things would change five times in one day.

We’re still like that today.  We protect our sources, but the information is still that detailed.  Info came in 15 minutes ago, and I can’t give it out because only five people know it and it’ll come right back to me.  Over the years, with different teams and Mods, the aim is always the same:  to tell you the truth as we know it, and as part of the big pictures. We’ve always done that, and although other gurus say it’s can’t be true, sometimes we brought intel that was days, weeks and months ahead of the public.  The world doesn’t operate the way they say on the news or newspapers;  now you are outside the box looking in, or seeing how things are really put together by governments, banks, people of influence and their circle.  We talk about what goes on three or four times a year when people get together and make global decisions, like the Carlisle Group.  Look it up, and understand what happens when they have a meeting.   There are many things going on in the world that we are never aware of, and you need to pay attention now because it will affect you because a LOT of you will be moving into that 1% group that will look at the world differently.  I know everyone wants to remain the same person that they are, but people will bring you into the fold, tell you how things work, you’ll have more opportunities, and you will have a larger impact on your communities depending on what you decide to do with this new-found fortune.

Throughout the years, look at what the other sites have been saying as opposed to what we are saying.  I’ve always told you to listen to other sites, because you need to hear different opinions to put your own picture together, make your own decisions and come to your own conclusions.  Don’t follow anyone blindly, even me!  Create your big picture. I’ve never been against that.

We’ve taken this opportunity to show you the exchange process, how to protect yourself and look to your own future.  In doing that, a lot of people around the world took notice of what we were doing, why, and the type of info we were giving out, without asking for anything in return. Not one person has sent me money for an investment or business opportunity.  That has not happened, not through me.  Nobody has flown to my house to meet me and write me checks fo $10,000 and then got nothing out of it.  I’ve never asked you to participate in any kind of group. I’ve never asked you for your dinars, your money or your ID.

It’s about helping the people, so that everyone could be treated fairly, get the most knowledge and the best benefit.  While we are doing all that, there is a group in Washington that started contacting us.  I was talking to guys in three-letter agencies back on the last site.  They have all run background checks several times on me, and I’ve never been concerned because I’m an open book and I know what I’ve done in business and in life.  I’m never going to run from it, because I don’t need to.  If I had anything to be ashamed of, I would never be on this call to start with.  Also, none of those agencies would be part of this if they thought otherwise.

I’ve been telling people for 3-4 years, since I started getting these contacts, that I have been talking to people in Washington. If I were just saying all this, making it up, do you think they would let me do it for these four years?  If this was a big con job, do you really think they would let be do this, with the largest calls in the country?  Why would they do that, if it wasn’t real? Why would they let us have contact with these other countries if this weren’t true?  Why would all those people in DC support us if we weren’t helping you, the real people, get through this as calmly as you can, and with as much information as possible on the way?

I do have a point.  I wish DC were here;  when I asked “Why us?” he said, “Because you are less full of shoot than anyone else!”  We may not know everything, but at least we are trying to help people figure this out based on the information we were getting.  We were trying to figure out how a global event with 200 countries comes together.  This is not a town meeting;  we’re talking about 200 heads of states, treasuries, etc., all wanting to be treated fairly.  It just wasn’t as quick or transparent as we hoped.  It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to understand why they didn’t want the whole world to know in advance.  If even NY knew, that would change the picture, much less every other marketplace in the world.  That is why most financial institutions and banks think this is not going to happen – they don’t know what you know.  They  have not been engaged in this as closely as you have.  I hope you will take this info forward into the future, because you will have a use for it.

Some people say I say too much, or give too much information, but that’s what this is about.  It’s better to try to figure out what kind of lies have been told.  Like it, don’t like it, that’s the reality and we have to live with it. I am just telling you the truth;  if every day this is where we’re at, that’s what I’ll tell you until it changes.

People complain on twitter and the chat that they are hearing the same things day after day.  You don't want to hear it?  Hang up, go to another call or another site… it doesn’t bother me at all.  You’re not paying for this call!  We have always done the best we can to help the people get through this.  Some things have happened we didn't think would happen. For instance, prosperity tax didn’t make sense to me. We know what happened 50 or 100 years ago, when the money was moved and it was supposed to come back. There was a process to do that, and people started creating their own processes and packages, saying people should pay them $500 to have access to millions in prosperity packages.  Those PPs are out there, and many people will get paid, but those who bought into those groups will not be paid.  They changed the names, created new programs, and have been taking people’s money for years.

It’s happening here, with the dinar.  They came out with so many groups, offering BS;  there are some legitimate groups out there, because I got the contract, I know who the government contact is, etc.  I would never have thought it possible, because there was so much BS out there that you couldn’t believe what they were saying, and therefore some missed out on an opportunity to belong to them.

I have been against groups for the longest time because I found out how was running the groups.  Everybody has a background;  the difference is when someone is taking something from you, or abusing what they are given.  We know that many groups have been done away with in the last two months.  They ran more background checks, found they were lying about the groups, operating on fear, saying they would have to wait for two years to be paid, etc.  A lot of this had to do with WeAreThePeople twitter campaign.

The groups are going to be investigated and restructured.  We will hear more about that after the RV, different scams and such. They have a time set for that.

Why am I talking about this today?  Last night, Fisherman1, SPGuru and Dave Schmidt did a call last night.  Here’s the background, so that you can make your own decisions.  You don’t have to do it because I say so;  I just want you to know what’s really going on.

They did a call last night about the new group they are putting together.  This is why I’m not getting involved and I suggest that you not get involved either.  A couple of days ago, SPGuru called me like ten times.  We’re busy with what we do, and we know his background.  He contacted us in the past saying how he could get us into a great group, send his plane for us, and all that, and it never happened.  He gave us his name and background;  our guy checked it out, and he seemed to be okay.  He kept calling and wanting to be part of our calls, but we have our people already.  The appointment never came through.

Then he hooked up with someone else, and they traveled around telling people they would get paid at different appointments. People were flying all of the country, all excited, they turned over their dinar and ID, and nothing happened except that a lot of dinar went missing. Typically they call you in, tell you hand over your dinar right now because in 3-4 it will be done and we’ll be exchanging.  It hasn’t happened yet!  Some people have exchanged for SKRs, but they don't have cash in their pockets or accounts.

We went through that and some other bigger groups, and that’s okay.  I’m done. Last Friday or Saturday, SPGuru started calling again.  He is doing this group… and it’s been approved by UST… and it’s for $8, with 80 cents to over here, and 20 cents for my humanitarian purposes.  If you, Tony, will come on board to make it legitimate… I lost some dinar over there, and I want to make it up.  Well, I’m not going to be part of it.

Then he calls back and sends me texts, and I will post them on the site so you can know what he has been saying.  He sent me a copy of the NDA with the UST with redactions and asked if I wanted to talk.  We texted back and forth… he putting on the pressure for me to join this group, wanting to explain, supportive, etc.  He keeps saying he wants a change to help US.  He’s going on about the gift tax limit and all the rest of it.

Next time I gave the information on groups and left out his name on purpose.  Decide for yourself, but don’t involve TNT.  People brought that onto the site, which I asked you all not to do.  He then texted me again in the middle of the call… and he is on all the calls, so he knows when I am doing a call.  He then said on his own call that I was not talking about him, which seems like I’m giving him credibility.

RayRen said I was talking about him, and so SPGuru ask me to ‘clear that up’.  He says he is not asking for endorsement, but he is actually, and besides he is misleading the people in the groups.  I told him not to use my name, so nobody will think I’m endorsing it – cause I’m not!  Then he did a call and bashed me, Pam, the rest of the team… Then on Monday, he said the whole deal is over in 40 minutes if they want to get in.  Now he is saying our Mods want to get in with him… then that Okie is in!  He keeps pleading with me to come in with him and give the name of his UST contact:  Leigh James Carrick.  This is the agent who authorized him to do all this.  This is the NEW UST agent, for the NEW treasury that will authorize him to do this.  Has there been a coup in the US and they forgot to tell the rest of us?  They created a new UST to authorize him to do this, and when the RV happens, they can send everyone off to lunch.

Then… SPGuru says he has a recorded message from the UST guy;  we cannot even find this guy in the US Treasury.   I know there are UST people listening, and maybe they can find the guy and call me.  SPGuru wants to share feedback from UST;  I did call them, and didn’t find it was real.  So I’m not interested.

Then last night he did a call trying to intimidate you, blaming me and our team, that I work for the government, that we ‘re not going to be able to exchange.  They have removed the call from the internet so that it can’t be used against them, but I have a transcript.

If we are on some blacklist or whatever, so what?  What does that have to do with him asking you for a W-9 form, with your SS number and ID?  He says he’s going to give you 7-8 dollars, which is almost certainly not going to happen, and he wants you to send all this information so that you can be locked into his deal. That was Monday, now it’s Thursday, and nothing has happened.

Oh, Okie was supposed to be on the call.  I called Okie (like I do most days), and he had never heard about the call.  So when Okie didn’t show up, they said that I had threatened Okies’ life.  Come on!

If SPGuru really has the goods, he can have his UST guy on his own call, or on his own website.   But no, it’s got to be about Tony – he’s got to make me wrong so he can be right. And this is the kind of thing you’ll come across when you have this money.  Either it’s a good opportunity or its not.  Either they can prove it’s a great deal, or they can’t.  As soon as they start using the fear factor, you want to walk away.

When the RV is made public, everyone can go and get their dinars exchanged for the full rate.  If you accept $7 and the market rate runs up to $15, or the contract rate is $32, then you are going to pissed off.

Oh, and they want you to sign a power of attorney, which means they can do whatever they want in your name.

If they didn’t do the call they did last night, I would not have had this call. Be careful who you do business with!  I clearly said “Don’t put my name in it”, but he obviously felt that he needed my endorsement to make it legitimate.  Why wasn’t it legitimate to start with?

I have a special guest on the phone today, and he is really pissed off.  I know you listened to all the noise last night.

Wehtrin:  Our TNT team will remain strong and do everything to look out for people on our site. We will stand up against bullies.  We knew it would be crazy towards the end, with the wolves coming out of the woodwork. So this is a good sign in fact.  We look out for you, we pray for you;  we’ll get to the finish line together, and it will be glorious!

Just now, SPGuru sent a text saying that this is a TNT pity party, and very unprofessional, that it’s not about Tony.  He’s right, this has nothing to do with Tony, but every time I see someone taking advantage of people because they are hurt or in a situation, then yes, I will stand up for them.  If you don’t want to be on this call, that’s fine.  We will continue to speak the truth.  If the government was overthrown, or if the Obama family was being held hostage, we would know it by now.  If there were a new UST, every stock market would be reacting. People with common sense know that none of that makes sense.

If he weren’t tying to use Tony to promote his group, Tony wouldn’t be here.  There are legitimate groups, although I don’t like that they made the difference in the rates.  I politely told him that I don’t want to be a part of this, and it was his decision to keep my name in his deal.  I just wanted to clear that up!

The RV is doing superfantastic!

412 caller:  You know about the gifting limit of 14K;  if I send money to friends in Romania, will that cause a problem?

Tony:  I don’t know if there is a problem sending this currency overseas.   Ask the bank and your tax guy.  I don’t know about restrictions on sending money overseas.

585 caller:  Thanks for what you do, and for your honest.  Hopefully we’ll get another call tonight!

Tony:  We are in a great position.  I can’t talk about it, but I have no complaints;  everything is good, good, good.  Yesterday I said I couldn't tell you about the exchange process and after the call they said that I could.  We just don’t want to affect the process at this point. But we are in a great position!

314 caller:  Everything is great and has been for weeks, with just 3-4 people holding this up.  Are we past that point?  Does CL truly have the control to bring us this blessing?

Tony:  It is still in her control.  It’s down to nitpicking, just to make sure it’s that perfect.  It’s the finishing touches, and we are in a great, great place now.  Yes,  can make a fist now.  That’s where we’re at.

302 caller:  On DinarRecaps someone mentioned that 13303 is going to expire on 22. May.  Do you think it will drag on until then?

Tony:  No, I do not.  I don’t think that will be a concern of ours at all.

954 caller:  I listened to the call last night, and the heartfelt people who have been here maybe even longer than you.  It’s important to stick with the plan and the people.  With all that’s been done, it’s important what you have been telling us. It’s so important for people to understand all the details and the privacy they will require.  Stay on your track, Tony;  I appreciate everything you do, and many who cannot get on the call appreciate you, too.

Tony:  They are telling people that only Wells Fargo can do this and that, and everyone else will have to wait 20 days (or two years).  Who does that make sense to?  The procedure is that you call the 800 number, they get your zip code, and they will ASK you which bank you want to go to!  But people have to lie, threaten, use fear and BS, when there is truly a way to do it if you don’t want to wait or gamble or whatever.  If the UST themselves called me to say iut is the real deal, I’m still not going to give some guy on the internet my passport and fingerprints!  You have to be crazy to give out that much of your personal information to someone you don’t know and you also don’t know who they are giving that information to.  After all the groups that have been disbanded because they are not honest, do you really want to give our your personal information to someone on the internet who is intimidating and operating by fear?  That doesn’t make sense from a practical standpoint, it just doesn’t.

918 caller:   My girlfriend bought me dinar using my credit card;  do I still need a gift letter?

Tony:  I don’t know.  Some of these groups were instructed that they needed gift letters.  I don’t know that the banks need gift letters or even receipts.

Caller:  Is there somewhere we can watch the currency fluctuations?

Tony:  Yes, you’ll see it on the site, the banks, and you can download an app to watch on your phone or computer.

301 caller:  You said that we should not get out of the month of April; is that correct?  You know if that doesn’t happen, I’m going to crazy, right?  If you have currency and reserves, and a relative has currency and reserves, can we pay for each others and thereby get past the block?

Tony:  That’s my understanding, that we won’t get past April.  For the layaways, I don't’ think that will work.  Ask your exchanger if you can pay it off with a sale order before you go to the bank, or, with thousands in the bank, you can ask for a signature loan and pay it off.

732 caller:  People need to remember that FEAR is ‘false evidence appearing real’, and you want to walk away from those tactics.  I am setting up an animal sanctuary that I support from my heart, so I appreciate what you are doing.  I have all my gift letters ready, but I’m a little confused whether I take the gift letter to the bank and send it with currency, or if they have to take the dinar to the bank themselves.

Tony:  You want to give them the dinar PRIOR to the exchange, otherwise it will be worth more than $14,000.  Send them the dinar with the signed, dated, notarized letter BEFORE the RV.

Caller:  I was hanging on to it because we don't’ know the rate and I’m trying to figure out how much to send to each person, and that’s why I was hanging onto it.

Tony:  You might want to throw in a copy of the receipt, too, so there is a paper trail.

303 caller:  Thanks for clearing up the other call last night.  I came in the middle and it freaked me out about the whole thing.  Do we have anything to worry about is Order 13303 expires?  Would we lose everything?

Tony: That was to protect Iraqi citizens, and they can now protect themselves, so it doesn’t matter if it expires, as I think it will.  Look at past history:  it has expired every year for the last ten years, and every year it gets renewed.

Caller:  If CL has this in her control, what is the holdup?

Tony:  Over the last five weeks there have been several issues, and some have even benefited you, like last Friday, but those are over and done with.  They are waiting for the time to be right, that’s all.  I don’t know what is required for that, and I’m not supposed to talk about that either.  Ray, I have to take five minutes.

Pam:  I have something to say.  I wish the mods had been on this call, because they are thanking Tony for today’s call, because they were saying mean things about the Mods last night.  All the mods are very knowledgeable about all this.  Ask the Mods if you have a question and they will answer as best they can.  I want to thank the Mods and they want to thank Tony.

Tony:  I appreciate that.  I’ve been doing this for four years, and it were just about me, I’d laugh it off.  When it comes down to comments about Pam, RayRen and the Mods, that is not funny.  The fact that I didn’t endorse anything for him is the only reason we are having this call today.  It’s not about Tony, it’s about you members.  I will give you all the information I can, and then you can make your own decisions. You’ll never be able to say I didn’t tell you, because I did!

561 caller:  I love your calls, because you don’t let people get away with BS.  Whatever you need, just ask.  That goes for Pam, RayRen, the Mods… we’ve got your back.

Tony:  Okay, we’ll meet you in Atlanta.

Pam:  Tony can take care of himself;  I’m the one who needs protection!

435 caller:  I have some rupiah;  when I exchange, can I use that to pay off dong reserves?

Tony:  It depends.  If you have already signed the NDA, it says you will not use these funds to buy any other currency.

Caller:  You talked about a rate in the 30s, with a $15 rate for others.  What determines you being in the $15 category?

Tony: They asked me not to talk about the rates and dates, and I don't’ want to be the guy to mess it up.  If I dint’ think we were close to this happening, we would be talking about.  But they have asked me not to talk about dates and rates, and I don’t want to mess it up so close…

337 caller:  I was in Florida when this group thing went down, and it all went the way you said.  Then they ripped off some church groups, then they went to Dallas, and two days ago I got an email in Utah saying YOU were in this group.  I know that’s not true!

Tony:  My brother showed me this email with my picture, from SPGuru, PIF, and now Mark M;  I got in touch with him and said, “I asked you not to do this!” and he acted like his people did it without his knowledge and permission.  Really?!  Come on!

Caller:  The power of attorney thing you mentioned is true as well. I live in Louisiana, and flew to Dallas, etc.  My real question is that I have over a certain number of dinar, and…

Tony:  I can’t answer that question.  I know what you want to hear, and I want to tell you, but right at the moment I have to leave it alone.  That’s when I got all the calls asking me not to tell you about dates and rates.

Caller I went to Dallas but I didn’t get burned, I’m smarter than that.  You are the only one I trust.

Tony:  I stood in Reno and watched it for myself:  just sign these documents, leave your dinar, and we’ll get back to you. That was their plan from the start:  to get you there, get you to leave your dinar, because half the people will do it!  With the call they made last night, though, they are above the radar.  They drew so much attention to themselves that they will now be investigated with the rest.  On this call I have gotten texts from the UST, right now.

707 caller:  First time on the call… Thank you. My questions have all been answered.  You have the most integrity of anyone in my life, and we are blessed to have you and your team looking after us.

Tony:  it's a privilege for us to do this and know that we're affecting lives in a positive way, doing things for people, it's not just me, a whole team of intel ppl, a whole team at tnt... we're not paying them, but they're still letting us know we're in the right place, intel team, wethrin, ray.  Nobody’s getting paid;  they are doing it because it’s the right thing to do.  That’s the only reason we’re here;  we’re not collecting dinars or anything else, we’re just doing our part as part of society.

Tony:  404?  You’d better talk to me, or I’ll talk about you!  I know that area code!  <laughter.

404 caller:  Thanks, etc., to RayRen for making my birthday so special.  The meet-and-greet was on my birthday and I met him there.   We need to listen to you because you are telling us the truth – this thing is about to pop!  Have you got any news from Iraq yesterday?

Tony:  Yes.  Just about every bank in Iraq has started releasing the lower denominations.  Hopefully that will help push this thing through.   Yesterday it was all out letting it go.

Caller:  How long do you think … [missed a bit here]

Tony:  The rate is 3.71 on the cars.  The lower denominations are being let out in phases.  Depending on what part of the country, they are using the lower denominations at various rates.  Sometimes things don't make sense to us because we don’t get how they do things and they cannot tell us clearly.  They are happy over there.  There was an emergency session in Parliament to complete some things, and we will hear about them shortly.  Today would be an awesome day for this… I was hoping they would send the message during this call!

334 caller:  I have multiple currencies.  Once I exchange, can I transfer that money into other accounts at my brokerage.

Tony:  Money is taxed as your money;  I don’t see any reason for you to be taxed again just because you moved it into a brokerage account.  You have to ask your tax person.

Caller:  My brokerage offers insurance on my accounts. Thank you.

772 caller:  We’ve had discussion recently about proof of purpose and/or clearance letters;  when are those needed?

Tony:  You may need proof of purchase for the exchange;  some of the groups have required that.  The Clean and Clear Certificates (CCC) you will need after the RV.  You’ll go to a brokerage firm to fund an account, and the NDA means you cannot tell them, so you will need a CCC for them to go ahead.

252 caller:  You sent a link out the other day, and I saw something I didn’t understand so I sent it to my son.  [can’t hear the question]  they wanted my name and state…

Tony:  I didn’t send anything out to you.  Mike Diston signed up for Twitter in my name, TonyRenfro, then he sends tweets telling people the RV has arrived, giving numbers.  The final number is my cell phone, and getting people to call me. We are getting him removed from Twitter because he’s getting people all hyped up and then disappointed.  He lost his own twitter account because so many people complained.  Do that with this new twitter account, and we’ll get him shut down.  Now he’s’ collected people’s names and information to scam people in my name, or maybe he wants it for himself for some reason.

Fortunately or unfortunately, we are out of time. I am looking for the RV at any time, minutes, hours or days away.  I don't’ know what time they set, but at this moment I Know everyone is happy.  There is nothing to argue about, no problems;  they just don’t want the world to know when this is happening.  They’ll sneak up on us at some point, but everyone is happy.

Pam:  Thanks for being who you are;  I'm proud to be associated with you and TNT.

Tony:  You know I’m still not sending you flowers…

Ray:  Have a great day;  looking forward to some good news.

Tony:  We are in striking distance;  enjoy your day!

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