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T6475W: FYI: Chinese contacts from the bond market say Obama is the one holding this up That's straight from bond dealers today, through a friend who works in that market...the Chinese have been trying to push it through this week and the can is getting kicked by our administration which includes some people that will be losing their (old) power grip as you can imagine

About Zim Article today: 

Zlynn:   ...Zim dollar notes were printed in October and November 2013, a senior official at Fidelity Printers and Refineries said. They were all high-denomination notes, with the biggest being $10-million."
The Zim currency advised to purchase here and other sites was the 100 trillion dollar banknote printed in 2008. This currency series was made obsolete in 2008. Based on this article, since I have the 100 trillion banknotes, I have the wrong currency to exchange.

Cookndrive:  Maybe not the wrong currency. Remember they might put out hints and misinformation prior to RV.

Mountain Mole:  The only way that they would use the old notes would be if the current gov. officials have plenty of them. If or when this currency RVS and it will based on this country having great undeveloped natural resources they would not use the old notes. They would turn on the press and introduce new notes. China would help them due to them in the country now assisting them with development.

Franklin 54:  It has ALWAYS been my position that they could NOT let the Zim slip 6 months, as WE would kill it.  Better to first quell demand by saying 'not now, later', then sneaking it out the back door at the same time as the big two (among the 200).

  AND with the largest bill being 10 Mil, looks to me like the 6 zero lop (not the 9) is on the table.  Didn't do the math - but seems about right.  Lock n load!!!

K Boom:  I will read this as a potential public news disclosure of the CYA variety that Tony spoke of on yesterday's call; i.e. "It was all out there in public. We didn't hide the news from anyone." (if you knew what to look for...if you knew who to listen to..if you happened to be watching cable news at 2:35 AM on a Monday....etc) 

For our purpose- Public Implementation- this is a good thing. Thanks for the article! I hope this is that FINAL piece needed to release the completed RV to the public.

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