Thursday, April 3, 2014


Shelby: What else needs to be done? 

Over the last few calls Tony has come out and said nothing else needs to be done.  This gets me excited every time he says it.  However, if there really was nothing else that needs to be done then the RV would be public wouldn't it? 

Does it make sense that CL is ready to push the button but has just decided against it for her own personal reason?  This doesn't make sense to me.

What does make sense to me is that there are things that still need to be done or agreed on even though Tony has told us repeatedly that nothing else needs to be done.

I mean no disrespect to Tony.  To me, the evidence suggests that there remains things to be done or agreed upon even though Tony has said everything was done.

What am I missing?
Fam illy: Nothing needs to be done, just need to push the button when little or nobody knows when. THAT IS THE A TASK THAT SEEMS TO BE MOST DIFFICULT SINCE A GCR HAS NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We just wait. Thanks for your post

Shaman:  Just because nothing else "needs to be done," It doesn't mean that someone doesn't have self interest that prevents them from allowing it to be done.

David1448: What is not done is the removal of the us dollar as the worlds currency.   IMO this is the hold up..

I think the big picture is the death/removal of the US fiat currency as the only currency.  
All of the pieces are coming together.  First you have to have nations of strength willing 
to stand up and say no more US dollars---  we are seeing that among many countries (BRIC's and others).

You have to have a "Peg" to establish a value of all currencies-- we are seeing basil III standards 
and movements by the top countries making preparations by stock piling resources.

Iraq is a big part due to the Dinar and how much of their currency is held OUTSIDE their borders-- so 
Iraq must be stable to some level---CBI participation and elections and other things that 
have been completed such as the HCL (tied to basil III) and the ability to attract world 
suppliers (Bonds) currently based on a predetermined rate (not published) ---- and to establish their "rate"  again tied to basil III guidelines with some flexibility as an emerging market. 

And in my opinion, HERE IS THE CHESS MOVE Leading to CHECK MATE (RV):  since the US will not agree to the 2010 reforms, the IMF will coordinate all countries dumping the US dollar to force the establishment of a NEW basket of currencies which will include the Dinar and PEG the US debt into the SDR format.   I think that is where we are. 

The US Congress and many of the Administration do not want to do what is best for the world but more so keep the banksters and Corporations in control of the world and US citizens via the fiat currency. 

 I believe we will see major movement after the meeting with the IMF in a few weeks.  The elections will be over and I am not sure it is a go/no go proposition. (no disrespect to Iraq) and we will be moving into another debt ceiling with no outside source for (fiat financing) money.  Thus we print money and absorb the inflation at home.

Our congress will blame the IMF and other nations for lack of support, then we will see the US DEBT, from the fiat currency, be moved to the SDR program, the RV/GCR and off to the banks we go. At the same time, the US congress will cash in the dinars and magically congress  will save us by  reducing our debt, appearing some what solvent and life will go on with millions of dinarians  providing OUR prosperity package to AMERICA.

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