Monday, April 14, 2014


 Rico Suave: If the old Zim currency is being brought back and the current largest denomination is 100 trillion, it looks very promising if the largest note being printed is 10 Million.  That means they are lopping off 7 zeros from the notes. Whatever value is given to each Zimbabwe dollar after the lop gives you the final value of each note. This is wonderful indeed if they are bringing the 2008 AA notes back.  That is my interpretation anyway.

I said that a few days ago ... Inside IMF source said lopping of 7 zero's, and then $.37 rate on the USD. I recall being scalded ... saying the zero removal had to be done in three's ... lol ... well ... look who may be right after all.

It will not be made public or reinstatement until the soonest of June 2014, after the next IMF review is scheduled. They are working on foreign investment, to purchase some Bonds, in an order to fund the government, reduce some debt to investors, and support bringing back their currency again.

If they get their ducks in a row...they could make it happen, and all us Zim speculators, will have hit the mother load...10 times that of the dinar.

1 Zim is $.37USD come June 2014.

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