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4-30-14 Dave Schmidt: April 30th Update, The Logistics of the RV are Done!
Based on Reports from Multiple Sources the Logistical Work of the RV is Done, All is in Place and Waiting for the Final Decision Makers to Release the Process.

In this video update I describe how the logistics of the RV process is done.  http://dinaresgurus.blogspot.com/2014/04/dave-schmidt-update-april-30th-update.html

We are now waiting for top level authorities to make the final decision of when to release the RV process.


Found At One World of Nations 

The following is an initiative brought to us from those that have the steam to make it happen. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. This is just in the exploratory phase right now and is not a guaranteed project or offer. Follow the directions carefully and let’s see if we can get some help to those who need it. 
Thank you.
Special Dinar Group Policy Test Initiative

We are dealing with the daily realities of the true difficulties of an Iraqi currency release and RV.
There will probably need to be tiered phases between the big guns of Reno with the need to fast track tiers one and two if a partial new RV is the route chosen. Those are pre-funded and pre-set. However, having been watching and reading the desperate needs of so many people between the OWoN and WHA sites, it becomes ever more clear that major Infrastructure Projects apart, there is a parallel reality of real need between so many people for whom participating in a partial Dinar exit may be their last chance to get clear of historical issues, and who, if empowered, can assist delivering the social project needs beyond just the big battalions. We need to think outside the box here.
Society has vast needs – so do economies. Why not combine the evidenced wish of so many speculating investors now emerging, seeking a chance to participate in putting something back, by conceiving a strategy to test whether it will be possible to create a collective Dinar / Dong pool initiative to phase perhaps a block of up to c$1T, or whatever may be allowed, to enable and re empower so many lives from the two sites, to be allowed to enrich the lives of so many communities and make our world a better place?
Battling alone as c$1M to $50M holders, Dinarians may find it hard to compete. If we can test out response from the sites to ascertain how many would like to come in as part of a focused group, we can assess if it’s viable and then, if so, we can seek possible support from Reno to create a special Patriotic Initiative for inclusive help to many. This is an exploratory gesture of goodwill to the two sites, not for commercial opportunism by us. We already have several vast positions as Trustees and need no one. This is only a helping hand for many.
But, let us be very clear here.
There is no way the Regulators or our groups are going to ask for any special dispensations for an open end grab and spend release of up to $1T. It has to be a structured approach or nothing. The IMF will not throw $1T on the street. It needs a case to sell it.
Only a few percent of each holding will probably be allowed out as free cash subject to Regulatory guidelines. The rest may have to be allocated as Project Credits you can draw down as stage releases with real projects, which then help the nations and humanity. You can own the projects and be involved with development and installation delivery – at least if following normal MTN and BG trading platform rules. Responsible use. There will be no $1T cash free for all. Get Real! It’s NOT YOUR money, its Global funds with rules.
This concept may gain support. Handled right, it can get millions back to work and generate many regional projects which otherwise would be missed. It will also stabilize and recover many lives.
The current strategy in Reno is that for block funds traded the group deducts 10% of margins for Military charity aid. Helping the wounded plus caring thoughts for others. We would seek to apply the same. You put something back for our help. A better world.
This is too big an initiative to open up globally and needs to be explored for just the two sites initially as a goodwill gesture to all. If the response is adequate we will then need to create administration support teams between the sites, as a collective effort and to bring in Audit and Professional regulatory support. There will be a primary right of discretionary screening approval to participate. Basic diligence.
The only way this can succeed is for the OWoN team, working in conjunction with WHA, to reach out to Reno and beyond, if the volume of demand is there, and Lobby hard to assist you all as a gesture of goodwill to help accelerate regional aid and recovery. We seek no commercial benefit. It is only an initial exploratory move to assess demand and to help regional recovery. If interested please email either site with a brief overview of your Dinar and Dong holdings ONLY at this stage to enable us to ascertain if viable volume interest is there first for us to approach Reno for you. No, No, No, we are not getting into other esoteric holdings. Just the TWO currencies only.
Be under no illusion here, Reno has no need for any of this, or even current interest, and the only chance you have is for the group to go out and Lobby hard on YOUR behalf to try to get support for you. A minimum 10% goes to Help the Heroes, NO FREE RIDES. We all put something back! This is to try to help a lot of good causes if the demand justifies it. OWoN is putting a vast amount back worldwide. The markets may move fast now after the Iraqi Election. Who wants to be included?
Email in please, your approximate holdings. At this time there is NO requirement of any further information. We are NOT asking for your currency. Just register interest and your approximate holdings. This is ONLY a fast track exploratory assessment to ascertain the volume of interest if viable. If so, it may all move very quickly. ONLY the TWO sites will be considered. Then, if the demand is there we will try to sell a case to include you. You may get lucky, they may give you all cash, who knows until its tried out?
Please email your dinar/dong amount to: Whitehatauxiliaries@frontier.com. NO OTHER INFORMATION IS NEEDED.
Once you email your amounts here, you do NOT have to copy OWoN on it. You can email WHA OR OWoN with your holdings. NOT BOTH!! We will forward the information to them. Remember, this is just an exploratory project right now. If they proceed, the sign up procedures will be given at that time.
Thank you.


4-30-2014 Intel Guru DC (via adept1)  the CBI are working very hard to get this out…We understand many Middle Eastern governments have put their weight behind getting this done, and the EU, UN, IMF and BIS are doing a great job keeping this in line, in the light of day, and the correct process…Also, a lot of the international banks understand that these shenanigans are not the right things to do, affecting international trading and banking, and they know which side to line up with.  The IT and banking folks understand they have to do this properly and legally…everybody in this entire process is looking forward to Iraq coming into its own and the RI of their currency. [Post 2 of 2]

4-30-2014 Intel Guru DC (via adept1) …Bottom line, things look really phenomenal right now, everyone in the right place doing the right things
, apart from people messing with this over the last 36 hours... I think we will be in RV mode by tomorrow… But if it’s necessary, we will let the world know what those people are doing…All the Iraqi politicians are in the middle of democratic elections, and the independent observers are happy because that is going well…Everyone has accepted the RI;  [post 1 of 2 Stay tuned]

4-30-2014 Intel Guru TonyTNT 
(via adept1)…The RV has not taken place;  M did it as an RI because he had the power and authority to do so…That’s where we’re at this moment.  I had a call earlier, and they were 100% sure today is our day.  If so, great.  We’re just telling the truth…I’ve got calls saying “don’t worry” but we have heard that before. We do know that a few people are trying to derail this for their own reasons, but the world as a whole is saying “enough is enough”.   [Post 2 of 2]

4-30-2014 Intel Guru TonyTNT 
(via adept1) …we know without a shadow of a doubt, and the rest of the world knows that the RI was initiated by Iraq 7pm my time last Saturday.  It was done, but it has been hidden all week because some people are hell bent on making sure the people don’t know…It’s a complicated situation.  We want to be measured and careful in what we are saying. There is no reason NOT to see the RI today.


4-30-14 Ghost-writer: In the US the leaders of the country gather together to pass laws – supposedly for the benefit of the citizens of the country – these lawmakers are a foxy bunch – at present doing their best to push through a law which will devalue the currency of the country hidden within another law, so the nation will not notice!

Nice isn’t it; that these same people have exchanged and sorted out their own house, got it all in perfect order and placement and well protected; having diversified their currencies and hedged their bets. Now they wish to turn the screw on the nation unsuspecting. This shenanigans has been noticed - it will not succeed!

Dinarland is filled with so much speculation about the RI which Maliki has supposedly announced. There are many looking for this, especially in the M.E., after close analysis with contacts in Iraq, Jordan and Dubai the answer to that is there hasn’t been one, and we haven’t seen it as of yet!

If it was announced, Iraq would have wanted the info out and about, to put pressure on everyone, so it is logical that ME neighbours should know and beat the drum for they too gain from the GCR, and an Iraqi RI, so they would be informing us of this info. As of this moment nothing has popped into public domain other than the dinar guru info.

The west must be careful of some informants whose analogies and information are not of a realistic nature, they give out information based on someone else agenda. There is a plan already in place, and that there are no changes whatsoever.

The UST has given a official date to all US and world banks, a certain individual from a Island in the Caribbean who has never mislead any Dinarian has said the specific date to all on his site. That date comes directly from the UST, by the efforts imposed by the BIS and the IMF; All banks have gotten the email or memo and are on notice, exactly two weeks ago today.

So expect a very high RV announcement promptly, expect a new PM for Iraq and if you stick to the original plan you shall be received with the upmost respect, you shall be treated with the best of all professionalism and you shall receive the highest of all rates available according to the original plan.

What is expected to be received has already happened and we now await the lawmakers of the USA to. Their sly and underhand and frankly wicked agenda has been uncovered. Their gold backed currency has already a sly little cowardly implanted law which devalues it, but they shall not succeed.

Time to be, time to live, time to prosper.





TNT Special Call 30-Apr-2014 Notes

The call started two hours BEFORE our usual time because Tony tweeted that there was to be a quick update call.  A further tweet said that his is not the RV announcement but more about the truth as we see it today – bottom line info.

Tony:  Good morning, TNT! This is a special call at 8am.  I was surprised to find that there were 65 people already on the line!  It’s April 30th.  I want everyone around the world to hear me that this call is NOT your excuse to NOT do the RV today.  I don’t want anyone calling me to say that they are NOT doing the RV because of this call.
The rest of the intel team has nothing to do with this – this is a conversation between DC and me.  It is as it is.  I’ve got to give praise and respect to where it should go. Someone sent me Mtn Goat’s post yesterday, and although I don’t ever want to go against my government and country, Mtn Goat did give you information more directly that I only gave hints about.  Mtn Goat can tell you things I am not authorized to say. I cannot say certain things that are controversial, but I’m glad someone put it out there.
One thing for sure – we know without a shadow of a doubt, and the rest of the world knows that the RI was initiated by Iraq 7pm my time last Saturday.  It was done, but it has been hidden all week because some people are hell bent on making sure the people don’t know.  We know it’s there, it got out, and we didn’t mind saying it because many people know it’s out there.
DC;  We had eleven confirmations before we announced it.  If WE know it, as lowly citizens, then it’s been announced and done in the right fashion. 
Tony:  We wanted to let everyone know that this has been done, and we could have seen it any minute up to now, if those who didn’t want to release it weren’t so frightened.  We told you about the chess board;  sometimes people get so upset that overturn the whole board, get up and walk away.  They changed the rules of the game.  It’s like the NBA: a  bunch of the underdogs are actually winning!  We Americans tend to like the underdog, the little guy who is being abused, and sometimes unfortunately we are the abuser.
It’s a complicated situation.  We want to be measured and careful in what we are saying. There is no reason NOT to see the RI today.  The RV has not taken place;  M did it as an RI because he had the power and authority to do so.
DC:  That was the most conservative play M could make, and the rest of the world is obligated to accept those rates.  After ten years… let’s give an overview first.  Bottom line, things look really phenomenal right now, everyone in the right place doing the right things, apart from people messing with this over the last 36 hours.  The rest of the world is on the side of right, they are watching those people, and if the shenanigans continue, Tony and I intend to shine some light on those shenanigans, and raise the independently verified facts from two disconnected folks, and we will bring up the shenanigans that have been going on for the last ten days.  Some people don’t want to have those out in public and we don’t want to do it.  I think we will be in RV mode by tomorrow and hopefully won’t have to make that call.  But if it’s necessary, we will let the world know what those people are doing.  There comes a point where you have to decide what’s right and what’s wrong and I’ve made my decision on that.
Bottom line:  things are looking phenomenally good.  Starting from East to West…
It’s a busy day in the intel world today, folks.  For those who have not listened before, we normally start in Iraq and then look at the rest of the world.  It is Iraq’s currency.  All the Iraqi politicians are in the middle of democratic elections, and the independent observers are happy because that is going well.  We congratulate all the politicians from all the parties who have made tremendous strides.  Everyone has accepted the RI;  the CBI are working very hard to get this out despite those shenanigans we mentioned. We thank the CBI and government workers and contractors over there – we support them, and so do all the organizations they are dealing with.  Most of their staff and folks getting the work done appreciate what they are doing.  We understand many Middle Eastern governments have put their weight behind getting this done, and the EU, UN, IMF and BIS are doing a great job keeping this in line, in the light of day, and the correct process.  Laws cannot be contradicted because someone has moved or wants a personal grievance aired.  This has to follow the rule of law, as agreed, and also follow agreements made.  Also, a lot of the international banks understand that these shenanigans are not the right things to do, affecting international trading and banking, and they know which side to line up with.  The IT and banking folks understand they have to do this properly and legally.
History will be an accurate judge of what is going on, and there is too much information to hide the shenanigans going on.  There are too many with information and investigations that are already underway.  Specifically when agencies talk to each other, and organizations talk to each other, we only get the top communications; everybody in this entire process is looking forward to Iraq coming into its own and the RI of their currency. 
Many in our Senate and House and the UST and intelligence/law enforcement are very supportive of this, following the agreements we have made.  If those are not followed, there are legal and historical consequences.  China and a few other countries are keeping everyone in line.  The Federal Reserve has been helpful in getting this done, too.  Those are all the people we talk to multiple times per day.  All of those folks are expecting this to be executed NOW.  Everyone has taken a step back and realized that actions taken by folks not aligned with everyone else, and now everyone is going forward.
Once this goes forward in the next little bit, much dirty laundry will be viewed as water under the bridge, and we can get over that as soon as the RV has been accepted by the entire world, as well as taking advantage of this amazing opportunity.  Everyone sees what this can do for our personal pocketbooks and general society as a whole. Thank you for being a part of that.  Almost everyone is 100% behind this, apart from a few people who don’t have a moral high ground to object to this.
Tony:   We are not threatening anyone.  We are passing along a message, telling the truth as we know it, because we know what tomorrow will be if this doesn’t happen today.  Tomorrow may be entirely different. Today we are saying we are part of the team, this is what is really going on, this is what we are looking for, and tomorrow we can kiss and make up.
DC:  This is absolutely fantastic.  There are a handful of ruffled feathers, but now almost everyone is pulling together to get this done, and we are very grateful.
Tony:  Our friends are still our friends, and our enemies will be our friends tomorrow.  That’s where we’re at this moment.  I had a call earlier, and they were 100% sure today is our day.  If so, great.  We’re just telling the truth.
DC:  Everyone we mentioned has had a role in an historical process, and we’re grateful.
Tony:  Don’t anyone say that this call is an excuse to NOT do this, either.  We are only telling a tenth of what we know!  Everyone stay calm;  hopefully, we will do another call this evening. This call was just to let you know our status.  There should be a call later.  If it doesn’t happen today, then tomorrow is bad news.  There are so many things that could happen.
DC:  Let’s hope everyone does their job today as agreed to, and then we won’t have to bring any of this up tomorrow.
Tony:  I’m sending you a text, and you can choose to answer it or not.
DC:  To our Iraqi questioner, we have been very straightforward in the past about our intentions and what we will reveal if we most.  It’s our intent to shine the light of truth on this event.  This is why we wanted more international presence on this;  some of the people working against this process are in a position that is hard to maneouver around it. Most of our contacts are friends are talking to us because they are trying to bring the truth out and make it as a public as possible. If the shenanigans continue, we will bring out those details tomorrow.  We hope that this will not be the case, but if so we will be as honest as possible.
Tony:  We are not doing this on our own!
DC:  Indeed.  Again, we just found out more international folks are thanking us for what we are doing, and that all organizations:  banking, government, and citizens, all believe this is immensely close, and that all agreements should be honored.  We need to accept the rates and agreements in public, and that history will judge this.  Those derailing certain aspects of this will be viewed from that perspective, and we and our friends will be seen as acting positively.   The UST and others are supporting us in this endeavor.
Tony:  That’s why we are here, what the possibilities are.  We are at a line in the sand, and if that is crossed, there is no good for us that can come out of it.  It will hurt a whole lot of people.  However, today has been planned to be super-fantastic, and I’ve got calls saying “don’t worry” but we have heard that before.  We do know that a few people are trying to derail this for their own reasons, but the world as a whole is saying “enough is enough”.  We’re trying to help them.
Hold on, more questions from overseas.  We are getting stuff live.  We are here for a reason, to make sure that what we’ve gone through as ‘we are the people’, that we continue to receive inside information, proof and all the rest.  We want to help the process now, like they helped us during our time.  It’s a group effort, all of us together. I want the people in those agencies to know we’ve got their back like they have ours, and we will do what we need to do.
This needs to be a short call this morning.  We’re going to let people do what they do to get this out, and have a call this evening.  If this doesn’t happen today, it’s not all over.  We have a time frame, but it’s ridiculous.  We are the people;  we’re not threatening anyone, but we WILL tell the truth if we must.
DC:  Everyone in those institution are supporting this. Morally, legally and historically, they are acknowledging the RI has occurred and they are supporting that.  All the Iraqi parties, sects and banks have made the agreements;  the IMF, Feds, UST, China, our administration and Senate/House are all supporting this.  If this does go sideways, then we will have to go public about that.  I don’t expect that it will, but if it does, we will be bringing the truth to light.  The level of support looks phenomenally good from where we are sitting. 
Pam:  I am thrilled that we are making a difference again.  We did it once with Twitter, we’re doing it again today, behind the scenes.  I am so proud of this team.  I know we probably won’t need it, but we are ready.  I’m so proud of you!  You guys rock!
Tony:  We didn’t just wake up and decide to do this call.  There were a lot of agencies that wanted us to do this call today;  they wanted you to know the truth today, they feel you deserve the truth. .  I’m glad we could be a part of this event.  Let’s not plan on singing like canaries tomorrow;  let’s plan on coming back this evening and getting on with the rest of our lives.
DC:  Let’s be positive.  Our plan is to make friends and get over what we’re doing.
Pam:  I’m going to get Tony and DC bullet-proof vests!
Tony:  Even our “frenemies” know that we’re friends.  We are here to support everyone.  We hope to do a call with some questions later.


4-30-2014   Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Election Day!! Very exciting. There are polling stations for Iraqi Nationals in numerous different countries. Talabani voted in Germany.  [if his Block wins what is to say they would allow Maliki to still be the PM?]  they have said "No" publically...not guaranteed - just yet. Still alot of electoral bluster going on.

4-30-2014   Intel Guru Jester
   International banking regulations state that bank notes will retain their face value. The three zeros on the notes cannot be ignoredThe removal of the three zeros refers to the $.00086. Notes can be withdrawn from circulation but only after a certain time limit, usually around two years.   WHAT CANNOT BE IGNORED IS THE IRAQI INTENTION TO REMOVE THE 3 ZEROS...IT IS IN PRINT...

4-30-2014   Intel Guru Delta


whitehatauxiliaries says:               Okay people……….. calm down.

I had so many of you copying and pasting this information that I had to spend my morning removing and editing it so we didn’t have multiple posts of the same thing.

I am going to present this recent information by just allowing this post through since it has most of the information from OWoN that you are all wanting to let me know about. Please understand that at this time things are moving along and we are possibly going to see a flurry of information going back and forth as you all bombard the blogs with questions and clarifications.

Maintain order. I will bring information over in an orderly fashion, as needed. I will not bring every word of it over here since we are not a re-blogging site, and I do not have the time.
  The overall news from all fronts is good. All we can do is await the final outcome which is not something we can control, no matter how good or bad the current information may seem. Things can, and are, turning on a dime. I cannot possibly post every bit of information and call our WH contact to clarify every bit of information from OWoN. Just let it flow out and keep calm.

I will not post this as a new FC because I am waiting for things to play out. I do not want to prematurely say its a wrap when we are not there just yet. That is what you find at guru forums. We don’ do that kind of thing over here.

Please hang on and let this process unfold as intended, and as planned.

Thank you for keeping an eye on things.

Hanlo says:         Maybe it’s time for FC 120 with new info from John at OWoN? Just asking.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Hello,

Will not post as as FC simply because even though things are moving along, we are not there yet. I do not want to come across as saying anything that can be taken as “it’s a wrap” in a premature fashion. When it’s a wrap, you will not need any blog to tell you. It will be in your face from all directions. That is the ultimate notification, and as it should be – for the world to see.  Thank you.

Gazza says:         Anyone who is familiar with pastor Lindsey W (not a dinar guru!!) – where do you reckon he has disappeared to? He always kept cropping up then he started speaking about the GCR and he put a timeframe on it (which failed) and now he has disappeared it seems. Maybe he feels the timeframe fail ruined his reputation? Timeframes can always do that!

Terry601 says:   Gazza,

Pastor Butch Paugh spoke with Lindsey Williams recently and commented on the conversation. Pastor Williams told him that his elite friend said that the GCR will not happen this year.

Here is the link to the livestream show


The comment is made around the 3 minute mark. If the link does not work just google Pastor Butch Paugh and go to his archives for April 16th.

Pastor Williams has not disappeared, he did several radio programs in February about receiving health treatments in Mexico. He has not been allowed to speak about the GCR.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               I have not listened to this entire interview, but it was not said in the initial comments that Williams was told it would not happen “this year”. He said, “Not immediately”.

He may not be able to speak about the GCR, but I do not see why not. The cat is so far out of the bag that one more cat wont make a difference.

Gazza says:         Wow thanks for that link. Yes he doesn’t say it won’t happen this year, like Tony commented. But wow-wee this thing is either heating up or cooling down. It’s a heck of a ride if nothing else!

So it could be very soon according to OWoN but not worth a penny for any of us after all that! Or it could be far off still and still come in at a decent worldwide public rate. Or a combination of these! Yikes! What can anybody say?!

I have to say, if this all comes to nothing on every front then I think there will be riots in the streets after all… from the dinarians!!

Also I need to apologise to everyone in advance in case it does end up worthless: every investment I ever made blew up badly. It’s just the bad luck that follows me around! If I hadn’t joined the dinarians you probably would have cashed out by now for about a $3 rate! But this old fool got involved and now I have probably cursed it for you all so all I can say is sorry guys and girls! :(

Lea says:             Dear WHA,

New comments from OWON today say: The next exchange rate is indicating 3 plus but Im keeping quiet on the actual new rate now forecast until its ratified. Forget the 1 pc now. So now it full public rate for old or new paper only, whichever is to be decided. Reno deserves to be paid but lifes a b**ch. Without Reno paid it wont help America. Or London, we all want the MTN profits for Global needs.

Zims still in play so far. Next 2 weeks are crucial now. Each day is a roller coaster ride now. Iraq may still flush the lot so watch for it.

Is OWON referring to reprinting a new Iraqi currency and our dinar would be obsolete? (Please delete if I sent this twice.)

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Hello,

I cannot speak for OWoN. I do not know the answer to that question. I would suggest you ask them.

Just know that the most important thing is that things are moving along. The fine details are the realms of those who are making this happen. I would suggest you simply await the results and be prepared to act as suggested in FC 115.

We will have a revalue. That is plainly obvious. All we can do is focus on what to do when it does. Let’s view all these present time reports and the many dynamic points and comments within it as simply the chatter before the fact. Accurate chatter, no doubt, but still, we are not quite there at this time.

Plan and prepare. That is all we can do. The rest is with others to work out, and they are. Thank you!

Gazza says:         Oh dear… um… dare I say it, reading between the lines from that message Lea gave us from OWoN, if the rate is in at over $3 I think we can probably prepare ourselves for the bad news. At $0.01 we have a great chance of a public exchange surely, even, say, at $0.10 too… but at $3+ ?? Nah, I can’t see it.

200T dinar overprinted, they wanted 5T only…? <>. A swing and a miss.

I’m not trolling or getting down before the final act, I’m just getting mentally prepared for yet another stab to the heart I’ll likely never get over (like all the others). I had to go tee-total in life because of my past pain, I hope this one doesn’t get me back on the bottle!

Still, there is still hope, like Tony says. But not at $3+ … surely? I really wish OWoN had said “the rate is only 10c” – that would have filled me with confidence.

PS to anyone that believes in this stuff, but where is all that Dragon family wealth being protected by angels ready for the GCR (or whatever the heck all that stuff was about?!)… Time for them to get the mystical cheque book out it seems.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Prepare for any eventuality, but don’t fixate on the rate. Such is not worth it. Just remember that we will have a revalue. That is coming. The rates are out of our hands. We will have to wait and see what comes. There is no firm, fixed rate set for us to hold onto as gospel. Just a range and lots of estimates.

$3? Yes, a possibility.

Don’t get fixated on rates. And please, can the sarcastic comments about the off balance sheet wealth ok? If you think you have a better source to confirm or dispute these things, then reveal it. Thank you.

Trapper says:     That’s it, I’m done with this and I quit. This roller coaster ride is just too much, I’ll figure something else out as far as investments and speculation go. I understand this is a fluid and dynamic situation but having held both the dinar and dong for nearly a decade, I’ve lost my ability to endure these constant ups and downs anymore.

Good luck and peace to you all, remember to love your fellow man.

whitehatauxiliaries says:             

If I may suggest, just put your currency in a safe place and seek a diversion. I don’t know the benefit of quitting since it would be almost effortless to just hold onto your currencies and await news which is sure to be very public.

I don’t know how so many people are seeing that today brought bad news. The news from the front has been very good.

Hang in there. Stop fixating on rates and do what gives you joy.

Finnick Odair says:          I’m putting this here as a reply to Gazza because I believe this will help calm some people and can be better seen than above:

“Jesus Christ! The Dinar was at 3+ in the late 80′s an early 90′s. 3+ is its NATURAL rate ,but the bad guys have artificially driven the rate of the Dinar to where it is right now. I see the 3.44 or 344 number everyday (sometimes 2 or 3 times) and that’s something more than human telling me that will be the rate of the Dinar when this circus is finally over. You are letting your beliefs about money find “logic” to an event that can’t be measured by “logic”.”

I personally believe the old notes will be redeemed and everything will be fine. This is the perfect opportunity to put good money in millions of people’s pocket and those millions will help their fellow human family, so I sense the good guys at the top will not waste that once in thousands of years opportunity. It will happen. I have no doubt, but get some Dongs just in case. It is better to diversify and be prepared.

JD says:   JV

No one has received a dollar yet, but for PPs, if in the right sector of Cash brought into the US, NOT Speculators, there are very serious discussions in play.

Unless you are in such a group, you are nowhere.

I have no idea what the Dong rate will be yet, but the PP status of the groups involved would allow them to clear Dinars for example as a Tier operation, swapping their holdings for a new Dinar transaction enabling Iraq to balance its books and negate other Tiers.

Somewhere mass speculators still seem to blindly think they have a right to the planet to blindly bail then out to escape to a fantasy life saddling the world with hundreds of Ts of debt. Sure, the IMF will go with that? And Pigs will ?

There is a mass belief of an impossible rescue coming. If only Finance and Treasury .Minsters dealing daily with insolvent economies had such hope. But then, who values the opinions of National Professionals compared to the collective opinions of both Guru and wannabe land?

Puff the Magic Dragon is flying in with Gzillions to fund all.

Its all still chaos but lets wait and see daily. It can all turn in a heartbeat.

JD says:       Mass chaos still. Where is the money to settle anything right now?

We seem to have a world of Welfare Beneficiaries dreaming of how they will rescue the world based on Other Peoples Money. Too many on Whakkie Backie it seems. Delusion is spreading. Only dreams are free. There is not the money in the world to fund their fantasies. Don’t try to reason with Delusional head cases. It seems to be catching.

Mygirl56 says:   Yes! When the word “quadrillions” is used to describe the wealth held in trust by the Elders and off-balance-sheet assets, even if 200 trillion dinar have been printed the use of just one of those Q’s would pay all dinar holders at the $3 rate and facilitate massive changes for good in the world.

We saw the tip of that ice berg in FCC 118. A rate of a dollar would use less than a quarter quadrillion. And if some of that 200T is counterfeit it’s a smaller amount yet of the world funding.

To me it just makes so much sense to spread the money around – changes and improvements will come about so much more quickly when many have the $ to spend on their projects. We can be the change we want to see in the world. As the old adage says “many hands make light work”.

When we have not/are not able to do the heavy lifting of breaking the cabal, I trust we will be given the opportunity to show how grateful we are to those that have by making the world a better place. The White Hats have asked us to pay it forward. It makes sense that there will be funds at hand to facilitate that.

Gayla says:         WHA, Is the individual who is a key player in the reset that took up so sick and almost died back up in the saddle again?

whitehatauxiliaries says:               I have no knowledge of this information at this time.

Gayla says:         Dear WHA, I am not a part of a PP so I have never paid much attention to what is or is not going on with them. Why are so many people so concerned about what is going on with them and trying to get information.

Are they so important that one needs to pay attention to even if your are not involved in one? The way I have always looked at it is ” I’m not in one so what will be with them is them and what will be with me is me.”

Are people so interested in them because they are some sort of a precursor as to when things will happen for the rest of us once the PP’s are taken care of? Sorry if any of this is repeat repeat repeat for you. I am just curious that is all as to why they are that important.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Hello,

I am not a party to the private placements in terms of knowing what the purpose of them is in the larger picture. I think it may be for purposes of creating liquidity and a market for the public revaluation and all that is to follow.

Since they are private, I would say that you would not have any way to pay attention to them even if you wanted to, at least on that level.  Stay tuned.

Hunter says:       I don’t like drama any more than the next person, but we need to understand that this process is a negotiated process like pulling teeth without anesthetic. It can be painful and be a rollercoaster of two steps forward and one step back.

 If there are countries such as Iraq that get tired of losing millions of dollars per day waiting on the US to pull their act together and cooperate, so they say they will change currency as a negotiation strategy, it could happen.

Do not shoot the messenger when the negotiations go badly one day and go well the next day. I know there are a lot of people who are depending upon this to change their lives and the lives of others, but try not to criticize the messenger as “Pete” and his endorsers are doing because the message is unpleasant.

Think how the actual negotiators feel if this filtered update series of messages has this much drama and emotional swings. I suggest we support those who are doing the work, rather than saying you do not need the drama.

Unfortunately, drama and emotional swings of success and setbacks sometimes happen in real negotiations. If we can’t handle it, take a step back and change your focus to something else to regain perspective.

TS says:,,             Hello Tony, been a lurker and fan for quite some time.

First of all, let me give you my sincere appreciation and gratitude for what you and the White Hats do for Humanity.Your efforts are indeed above and beyond. For that I am eternally grateful.

I got into this investment over five years ago because it just made sense that Iraq with all of its natural resources including the oil and gold in the ground would eventually have a reality rate once Chapter 7 sanctions were lifted and the new Basel III protocols were firmly put into place.

Its been my understanding that countries under these new protocols would be allowed to monetize there natural resources to give value to there currencies, thus going back to an asset based currency rather than a fiat based currency with NOTHING backing it to eliminate

the 100 plus years of Ponzi schemes.

Having said that, the recent comments from OWON have left me more confused than ever.

I understand that the Dinar has been overprinted. Thats a given. What I fail to understand

is why the WGS is so tied to two or so Patriots getting back there stolen funds which judging by the past WILL NEVER HAPPEN.

The comments from OWON this morning leave me with little Hope, Know when to hold them, know when to fold them, know when to walk away, Hardly congruent with recent fact checks from your other White Hat contact..

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Don’t let a Kenny Rogers quote get you down.

There was nothing in the latest from OWoN that says that all hope is lost and the WGS is doomed. It’s a hard fight, no doubt. But, from where I sit, things are happening and nobody is giving up.

Those patriots are simply there to disburse the funds in a responsible manner. The WGS is not tied to them. They simply are playing a role in it.  Thank you, and stay tuned.

Kellygreen says:               It’s never about shooting the messenger. It’s not buying his own or owon :) distortion that he inserts that is plain to discern !!!

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Stay tuned.

The issues that are brought up for discussion are but a mere fraction of that going on behind the scenes.

WHA is about finding the truth concerning our subject matter and presenting it to you. We dispensed with the guru crowds long ago, and what we give you to consider is not from any mysterious source or from persons who are not related to key events and issues. I know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true.

I could simply turn this blog into a reblogger of Okie and TNT or Blaino or Mountain Goat, fill it full of google ads and maybe that would assuage some hurt feelings? Those warm and fuzzie updates would act like a shot of heroin, only to see that the next week comes and the DT’s set in.

I cannot take another course without dishonoring myself, or selling out. You all wanted the right people for information, and we have it. I know, it’s not fun. The real world outside of the Poof-O-Rama LSD trip is not easy. The after-high is terrifying. The style of OWoN is what it is, but in all reality, truth is the most important commodity, and I can assure you that you will not get it as accurately as you do here.

Stay tuned. We are hooked up with people who are wanting to help, but at the same time, have complete contempt for the actions of those who are taking advantage of many by filling their heads full of unrealistic visions of making $32,000,000 from a 1K dinar purchase.

However, aside from all that, the focus should remain on progress and accurate assessments of same.

More coming. Thank you.

Green Lantern says:        Pardon me for going back to my version of Future Prosperity 101. I am perplexed by everyone’s emotional rollercoaster regarding fiat currencies.

 Instead of guessing which fiat currency will garner how much new currency, why are so many intelligent people missing the obvious outcome?

China, Russia, and India are stockpiling precious metals, hand over fist. The physical precious metals cannot be produced at the whims of the “bad guys” as fiat currencies can.

So once again, I have to state the obvious based on facts we know. Why aren’t people using vehicles of true future wealth to store away, rather than getting ulcers trying to know the right moment to cash in their monopoly money for the new monopoly money?

Is it that common sense has become too obvious that it seems too simple? When Russia and China set the tone for gold and silver, then what?

Paper is what got us into this mess, so I do not understand how new paper will be different from old paper. And let’s not forget, the currencies at the top of the heap will be backed by gold, not dinars or dongs. Again, I am stating my case on the truth we already know and this does not require a cash in immediately mentality.

XCE says:             From OWON “There IS a finite Capital Market, and all ties into any nations multiple of GDP’s. Maliki in Iraq post election is likely to instruct the Central Bank of Iraq to issue and support c$5T of Dinars which is c 3 times GDP and about right.

Assuming that is undertaken using a combination of National Iraqi, surrounding Arab nations and Iranian holdings, plus an agreed and affordable Private Placement amount with the Reno teams, it satisfies all of Iraqs current and future needs. It then allows sustainable recovery to commence.”

As long as the Reno teams get paid. Millions of well meaning Americans and people around the world will be left out to dry. This is not surprising if it goes that route. As long as they get theirs…..

whitehatauxiliaries says:               Allowing sustainable recovery to commence is not leaving people out to dry. Reno is just the beginning. It starts to repair the damage that the US was responsible for creating.

There is more to this than is in the open at this time, and this creates vacuums where incorrect assumptions flourish.

LP says:                   WHA, while I agree that allowing sustainable recovery to proceed is not hanging people out to dry, it sets citizens up to be choiceless yet again over outcomes and robs them of the freedom to plan a collective future of their wun choosing, merely relegating them to the zeitgeist of the new bosses’ “reconstruction” agenda. Corporations will still profit, as will brokers and traders, and the “people” will simply switch bosses, with no possibility of gaining enough startup capital to reclaim their freedom from the toil those “new leaders” think is all we “deserve.”

I wonder if it ever occurs to those who presume to engineer our future that we, like them, might sensibly have the expectation of profits behind the crumbs that keep labor enslaved.

I get it; they want to control the money from PP and they could not care kess about anyone else’s Pathetic little life. They will invest well, invigorate the system, put Humpty Dumpty together again, and harvest the pickins’. It’s Really Nothing New but forgive me if I’m full-up on straw heroes.

Vic says:              Will the dinar and dong be revalued at the same time or is it possible it will be done one at a time?    Thank you.

whitehatauxiliaries says:               We have been told in the past that 5 will go first. The dinar and dong among them. The rest will follow but we do not know the details or timing.  Thank you.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *   Below is the recent info being questioned & discussed ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Terry601 says:     Update from OWoN,   You might want to call your white hat contact again.

April 27, 2014 at 1:47 A Major chaos unfolding with Dinars. Hold back on speculating your money until it clarifies.

Iraq is poised to announce its own conversion Rate which we have, and boot the US Treasury out. That releases the needed Public market BUT!!!! ‘

We are advised this morning that the Central Bank of Iraq may issue just c5T of new notes which more than covers Iraqs needs and would blow out all Americans who devastated their country and caused the killing of a million from cashing in as then all old notes will be worthless.

We never could understand who would fund such vast overprinting as had happened to service Dinarian aspirations. No such funds ever existed.

If Iraq, like Iran , then sells its oil to China and India, it is no longer dominated by the US invaders.

Iraq used to be a Russian supporter and can be again.

Chaos is rife today. If Iraq prints the new notes as now being speculated, it’s the end of the road for US control of the Petro dollar markets. It gets Iraq running with its own currency again, and if they join BRICS, Iran etc, under Chinese and Russian protection, the world will change rapidly.

So now it’s 2 options. Will they announce the new rates with the old paper, or the new paper?

It means everything to Dinarians right now. But nations also hold the old paper so its messy. We need to wait and see. Step with great caution now until it becomes clear. Do not buy trouble if Lay Aways become worthless. Gamble only knowing you may lose it all. Be careful out there until reality can be clarified.

Its all fast tracking in Baghdad. Chaos elsewhere. Some are cashing out to part bail fast in case it sinks. It makes a lot more sense for Iraq to issue its own 5T. They did not cause this war and Saddam tried every diplomatic way possible to stop it. We were There! WE KNOW the Truth!

No WMDs existed and a Texan War Criminal caused this genocide and chaos. Look at Iraq today? Devastated. Genocide by Criminal, mass murdering Texan Bullies from afar. Profit from war crimes.

It will be an interesting month end. We will clarify the facts when we have them but right now chaos rules. Its a mess again. Knife edge games now. It can go either way but it’s coming to a conclusion. Watch daily now because because it can move any moment. Whichever way. A lot of nerves are on edge. ‘

If they go with the old paper its a full public launch, but if they go with the new notes its game over. All is in play now and vast pressures are on. But why should Iraq reward War Criminals for more Hegemony? Its very messy today.

Dongs are OK and Iraq can go either way. We have the new rate but need to see do they launch with new Dinars or take old paper? That is in full play right now.

If its new notes for 5T, the Dinar game goes bust. Either way, the US Treasury has made a balls of it, and its now down to China with Vietnam and the Dongs. If its the old notes they will launch without the greedy 10% US Bank/Military override,and a slightly lower rate also.

It all rides now on new paper or old. Iraq can never cover up to 200T plus of that overprinted crap to fund Wanabees dreams and greed but who knows? You will know soon enough. The new rate is ready. Nail biting cliffhanger time for the test.
We prefer it to be the old notes to help many, but who will fund that? Iraq will move soon it seems now. Another US kick in the Gonads.

Will China move now with the Dongs next?

Iraq is saying No to the controlled RV so far and seems on track to go. But which paper now? PPs are in full flow so far.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Cause of all delays, delays of hope in prosperity being targeted.

Investment Watch Blog

Good afternoon as you will read in the above blog, it's your tax dollars at their best always affecting the common citizen. If you were to ask me IMHO these law makers already have exchanged, diversified in other currencies and maybe they might have acquired another citizenship.

The news of this law is not new but the cowardly way that they stuck it to all is and so is its timing affecting all dinar and done holders.

Things have not transpired as a go by the US of the actual RV simply because of what they in Washington call, "these imposed but necessary loose ends."

With respect on all this RI announcement issues from my end sources none have been seen till this moment. If this was to RI ( 3.22 before the war ) it will only acknowledge to the world that Iraq is back to the international arena.

Usually RI go up to their new original value within the first 72 hours, so please do not worry.

On the issue of the original plan we are good to go and nothing whatsoever has changed ( nor in rate, nor in conspiracy to nda's, nor policy. ).

Just you be ready with your to do list, for you will be in and out of this bank ordeal swiftly and with a lot of spare change.

Now back to this blog issue, if I was you I would be like a wolverine right about now, calling everyone including the President, the press for this is indignant, it is unjust, distasteful, rotten and uncalled for, to all Americans.

Be blessed and Happy Journey's.





Dave Schmidt: The reports coming from various sources and other bloggers are all saying it's done!  From a technical standpoint all the logistics are in place and the RV is done.  It's now a matter of waiting for top level decision makers to finish their negotiations.

DAVE SCHMIDT UPDATE: April 30th Update, 29 APRIL

This week's update is simple and short.  There is little new news to report other than the logistics of the RV is done! We are now waiting for the top decisions makers to release the RV process.

We'll discuss this on the radio program and take callers questions and comments.

Click here for the program, live at 6pm PT, 9pm ET or archived on Blog Talk Radio.


4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat   This is what I am hearing will happen.  We will never see the reinstatement rate. They will wait until after the elections are completed and the new Iraq government is seated (just a few days from now) and then less than a week later push out the full revaluation and complete the global currency reset (GCR). Until then the news media will not tell us anything of Saturday’s event.  It  would be of great benefit to Iraq to come out at the higher rate in the later revaluation. The revaluation could be over $4.00 but at least $3.71 rate. It will be on a controlled float. I know this for a fact...   They seek a $3.71 rate. From my perspective we are in good shape to see the RV soon...   [post 3 of 3]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
The IMF also agreed to and fully supported this action taken by Iraq...the IMF actually advised this action with Iraq GOI...   this reinstatement did happen.  they are simply reinstated the sanctioned currency on-hold value to what it was prior to the second gulf war at a rate equal to the prior international rate.
 Normally they are also allowed to add on a 25% equity according to the 10 years following the war...but they are not being allowed to add any equity to their rate at this time.  This means legally the USA has 72 hours to complete the rollout process of the newly reinstated rate.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Mnt Goat
 During last week the CBI and GOI of Iraq finally put their foot down and wanted the USA to commit to a final real date on when they would complete the international rollout process of their country’s revaluation.  A revaluation not a reinstatement was agreed to at this meeting. The rate was set for $3.71.  In these negotiations they (USA, IMF and Iraq) agreed to a final rollout date of Friday 4/25 date with a backup date of 4/27...on Saturday morning the excuse came. The excuse this time was that the oil credits with another country were under dispute.  So Iraq decided to reinstate their currency, which they had every right to do. They also have control over this process since they are now out of all sanctions and well on their way to ascension to the WTO.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Intel Guru TerryK

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru American Contractor
   The Iraq federal budget of 2014 has not even passed in the Iraq parliament, they will meet in May 2014. It appears that they will try and approve the 2014 and 2015 budgets at the same time. Or possibly just skip the 2014 budget. This is not done by any other country but Iraq.  They do as they wish, they’re not worried about protocol or policies.   I always say watch what they do and forget about their policies.

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday
   they will be taking all of their markets into the 21st century --- and they have been making it clear that their intentions is for the private sector to be able to sell and buy online -- huge...their market will be moving and expanding so fast because of it...  [Is it very important to iraq that budget gets done first before open market?]  not according to CBI -- they have stated they have every intention to move forward with international projects and trade if they have to -- not going to hold the growth of the country back --- great news for us -- not so much for the private sector of Iraq.   i am a firm believer that an EVENT this large was not done without a whole plan by the best of the best... we are right on time  and it is looking very pretty at the station...the budget not being done will not stop the plan.

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

4-29-2014   Intel Guru Okie_Oil_Man

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   The Citizen party according to recent polls should be the party that ends up with the most votes. This party is a non-sectarian Shia party and they are moderate.  Hakim is the guy who runs the party...If it comes to pass that the polls are right and I believe they are, the next government will be formed quickly because of the ground work laid out by Hakim.  We should know the results to the election by next week and if I am right the government will reconvene on June 15th intact and ready for business.  The only difference is this government will be a democracy that follows the constitution and is non sectarian. I am keeping my fingers crossed and Iraq comes out of this dark period caused by a wanna-be dictator and most important, currency reform can come to Iraq.  [post 3 of 3]

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   Maliki is a desperate man trying now to save his own life. He knows loosing is not an option. He tried to negotiate a position with a few of the leading blocks saying he would step down for a position as VP or any job that would keep his immunity intact. Nobody took him up on that offer. He offered to sign off on the Kurds demands if they guaranteed they would support him. The Kurds said no. Maliki finds at every turn that he is being shut out.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

4-29-2014   Newshound Guru Tlar
   the Iraqi elections have gotten off to a good start. Iraqi's living in countries outside of Iraq voted absentia yesterday.  Voting will start the morning of the 29th and will last until mid-night the same day which means as we sleep tonight [Monday] the election is taking place.   So many things including currency reform have been stalled or put on hold by the present government that there is great expectation in Iraq that those projects will now quickly go forward following the elections.


Hi Everyone,

Today in my southern Bavaria village we are making the final preparations for our annual event called Maibaum or Maypole This event for us happens on weekend Mai 3-4 this year (always on weekend of Pentacost Sunday). I wish all of you fine dinarians could attend and meet all peoples of the village. We could sing and dance together then sit and talk long  about the good news  about the Iraq revaluation.

But we are so far away…..so I am making this news letter because I must come to you once again and explain some findings about this IQD and recent events.

Today’s News

As I described in  last week’s news letter   I believe we are in the final round of a fight and there is now a countdown.  Who is knocked out and now laying down on the mat?
These are the people in the USA government who have been stalling this RV with Iraq. They formally agreed to the RV out of pressure and then are bent on holding it up as long as they can. Agreement after agreement they have make and then break. This past weekend we experienced a typical case of these stalling tactics.

So let me now start from the beginning so you can understand just want transpired over last weekend.

During last week the CBI and GOI of Iraq finally put their foot down and wanted the USA to commit to a final real date on when they would complete the international rollout process of their country’s revaluation.

A revaluation not a reinstatement was agreed to at this meeting. The rate was set for $3.71.

In these negotiations they (USA, IMF and Iraq) agreed to a final rollout date of Friday 4/25 date with a backup date of 4/27 in case last minute issues arose or the had technical difficulties.

You see already these crocked people in USA were setting the stage for yet another delay since they already padded the timeframe with a possible excuse. The reality was they had no intentions of even completing the rollout on Friday or Sunday and would just use another excuse when the time came. I know this for a fact. This is what is so disturbing to me.

So my office waited in anticipation to see just what would transpire and sure enough like clockwork, on Saturday morning the excuse came. The excuse this time was that the oil credits with another country were under dispute. The negotiations would take a day or two, passing the window of opportunity for this week’s rollout. So here we go again…. This bad news was then disseminated out to the intel gathers as propaganda once again. Most believed it and swallowed it hook line and sinker.

This information was then passed on to Iraq through channels since they would have to know first hand if the RV rollout was completed.  They would have to approve the posting of their new website (controlled by the UST) with the new rate and finish a few other details.

So what was Iraq’s reaction to all this?

First let me explain that when the GOI negotiated last week for the Friday timeframe they were very much against any buffer date of Sunday. They were so upset with even delaying it until Friday’s timeframe. The final stages of the rollout has been delayed now since December of 2013 over and over again. No more excuses!

I believe Iraq’s reaction once they heard of another stall was simply that they  grew tired of waiting on the USA to get over whatever they were doing holding up the RV, which had been approved and agreed upon since last December.

So Iraq decided to reinstate their currency, which they had every right to do.

They also have control over this process since they are now out of all sanctions and well on their way to ascension to the WTO.

The IMF also agreed to and fully supported this action taken by Iraq. In fact I heard from my IMF contact that the IMF actually advised this action with Iraq GOI.   
  This group of people I call the “elite entity” do not want this RV to happen since they are making billions every time it is delayed. Everything is about dollars and cents with these people and the power money holds. So as I said in my last news letter the changes that are coming   are inevitable. These people in the USA government are only making it difficult for the USA now to save face in the final stages of this process.

Future dealings between the USA government and Iraq are going to be difficult and the trust factor is very low. This conflict will continue until at least 2016 when hopefully the American people will clean house of these crocked politicians once and for all.

Impact of this reinstatement

First let me say this reinstatement did happen.
Just because your intel source(s) did not yet talk about it does not make it go away. Let me now explain what the reinstatement of a currency is. For Iraq they are simply reinstated the sanctioned currency on-hold value to what it was prior to the second gulf war at a rate equal to the prior international rate. Normally they are also allowed to add on a 25% equity according to the 10 years following the war.

Since we all know the plan is to go to an asset backed currency values (which would determine this equity value) one might think the value would be around $3.22 plus 25%  equity = $4.02. However this is not going to be the case since this reinstatement is outside of the Global Reset process. It gets complicated but they are not being allowed to add any equity to their rate at this time.

The Good News in all this Mess

As I stated in many, many of my past news letters this entire revaluation process has been one huge mess once the egos of the USA power structures and the greedy bankers got their hands in the mix.

Those directly involved in creating this mess should be fired and never allowed to hold any position of power or authority again in their careers within the government of the USA and thus also the UST.  It is now your responsibility, in fact a duty, as citizens of the USA to find out who these culprits are and to ensure this process of justice is done. Is it the only way to ensure this madness stops in future dealings.

Remember that our democracy gets eroded bit by bit, a seemingly small event of corruption goes unpunished. This leads to even larger events and soon it gets out of control. A democracy is only as good as its citizens who take action even in such small situations. This does not mean violence since there are always ways to use the democratic process in such situations too.

Don’t let them fool you either by their double talk to try to justify what they have (or in this case have not done). It very clear to all of us. Either you did the job you promised you would to or you neglected your duties. Were these holdups intentional or really necessary? We appoint these people to represent us globally. Is this how we all want to be perceived by the rest of the world?

So now that the Iraq GOI forced their hand and through the reinstatement what does this mean to the us as investors?

This means legally the USA has 72 hours to complete the rollout process of the newly reinstated rate. Believe me some are jumping for joy and others are rolling over playing dead. Overall it is a scrambling effort to figure out the next step and to cover their tracks.  In my heart I say why. Why does it have to be this way? 


This is what I am hearing will happen

We will never see the reinstatement rate.

They will wait until after the elections are completed and the new Iraq government is seated (just a few days from now) and then less than a week later push out the full revaluation and complete the global currency reset (GCR). Until then the news media will not tell us anything of Saturday’s event.

It  would be of great benefit to Iraq to come out at the higher rate in the later revaluation. The revaluation could be over $4.00 but at least $3.71 rate. It will be on a controlled float.

I know this for a fact so let’s not even waste our time arguing over such a moot point. They seek a $3.71 rate. For now Maliki has pushed the issue. I have to say this has been one of the most decent things he has done for Iraq. In fact when I heard the news I could hardly believe it and you all know I do not care for the guy.

From my perspective we are in good shape to see the RV soon, at least we are out of the stalling tactics that could have possibly held this up further. As I said they already had plans to hold this up way beyond last Sunday regardless of what they say or negotiate.

Truly Saturday’s action are a step in the right direction and we are moving forward again.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,
Mnt Goat