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Just wanted to post mnt goat's latest news letter. Just came across today. Very optimistic !!! Good read and very informative.

Hi Everyone,

I can hardly believe on how Spring in Germany is quickly coming to us. Snow is rapidly melting and warmer days are here. Can you tell I luv Spring? It is so long awaited. Today I am going to put on the climbers boots and do another one of my early Spring hikes up the mountain. I am going to do this hike relaxed and very confident cause I know some other long awaited changes too are just on the very near horizon.

Today’s News
Lots of questions coming at me in relation to the recent events in Iraq this week. Are these events related to revaluation of the IQD? I hope to address these questions in this news letter. I warn you it is a long but do you really want to know what is happening in this RV process?

Okay to begin lets look at all the information from what we have seen the past months, and especially the past week and this week. I will try to put them in perspective to the revaluation. I have to add also some of my own conclusions since not everything is obviously being spelled out to us in black and white.

First let me address the budget law and what happened this week and why. There is strong evidence to suggest that Iraq has been playing a hide and seek game with the budget law. Why would they do this?

As I have said in my recent past news letters that they have to save face with the Iraq people. Thus the hold up of the RV by outside sources has caused Iraq to subsequently then have to stall in moving forward with their budget implementation.

This effects the implementation of many other laws too. You see it worked this way – the RV is driving the budget not the other way around like so many intel providers have led you to believe.

That is one of the problems with events and news articles from Iraq. They are often misinterpreted and thus later cause confusion. This RV process is dynamic not for the fate of heart to attempt to figure out.

So let us make this assumption for the sake of any argument (just in case you don’t believe me) that Iraq has in fact already passed its budget months ago and has been stalling for time. What would this now mean in light of this weeks announcements?

Remember also we have been told all along over and over again that all of a sudden the implementation of the laws connected to the revaluation of the IQD would hit us all of sudden and catch us off guard.

 Well I strongly believe this is now happening. Why do I know this? Let’s look at the recent events:

So last week we heard Iraq announced they would have the first reading of the budget on this Tuesday 3/18 (postponed again). I was confused when I heard this. But I remembered that they already did this twice before. So why the need to keep telling the people this?

Then we heard that the first reading was once again going to be postponed until Tuesday 3/18. Why? Cause the RV was not yet ready? Who is driving the RV? Is the implementation of the Iraq budget driving the RV implementation?

Then last weekend we heard they were going into a closed session. Why? What did they talk about in the closed session? Why go on vacation right after it?

I think they talked about sensitive information concerning the current status of the RV going international and the final details necessary to implement along with the implementation of much needed legislation concerning the new rate.

Why go on a parliamentary recess right afterwards?
Then they wanted to disperse the members so they could decrease the likihood of exposure to the news media of what they talked about in the secession. I know it sounds too simple but it is.

Hey wait a second! What about the budget? It was so critical to get it done! Then why are you going on a recess?

Then just the next day we hear that the budget was ratified. I said what! How did that happen...laughing to myself....lol....lol....lol...? My hubby thought I was crazy…lol…

What happened to the first and second reading and all the normal discussion and fighting in parliament that usually takes place?

In reality there was no need for any of it cause the budget had been passed. completed and signed off weeks ago. Then it was just waiting in the wings for the IMF and the USA to give them the go ahead.

This week I believe the go ahead was given to Iraq. Actually it was given to them last weekend.

So the RV has been stalled for many months now and Iraq was just given the word to go ahead this week and so they are now allowed to implement the much needed laws that have been held up regarding their new currency value.

These are the announcement we all have been long waiting for. These directly effect the revaluation of their currency and the exposure to the budget.

Iraq then progressed accordingly as the week continued.

1. Announcement that the people are going to get paid s

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