Tuesday, March 4, 2014



Highlights from Mon. CC 2-3-14

Frank says “in his opinion” we are “dangerously close” to seeing the rate of the IQD go up in value!

Frank stated “in his opinion” if all goes as evidence points, to article 8 complience and approval from the IMF in the article 7 review this month, it looks like this is coming to an end. 

Franks opinion is that Russia and Ukraine is a separate issue and will NOT affect the RV. 

Frank says all we want is to see the bonds and the rate. 

There are lots of meetings and lots of travel between Iraq and the US this week…Would they waste precious time and travel to talk about nothing of significance??  Franks opinion is they are talking about moving IQD to other banks and other countries,  and that requires a new rate.

Meetings to conclude at the end of this week, and we hope Iraq is to be congradulated on their compliance to article 8 , and they are prepared for the IMF article review sometime between Mar.14th-17th! 

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