Thursday, February 13, 2014


Eagle1 commented that this all correlates with his information from his IMF source and a second confirming source that Monday Feb. 17th is a bank holiday (Presidents Day) and according to his sources there should be changes in the Global Currency Market this weekend. 

(From Wed. Night CC) 
Nova: the budget is still being held waiting for something.  This week we have seen a choke bieing put on the currency of Iraq, and at the same time telling the citezens that they will see an increase in the purchasing power of their currency.

Nova was asked how long can Iraq keep this going? Nova’s opinion is “Not long at all” . they are sucking the currency off the street and the economy will flatline if the currency will not revalue! 

With the requirement of banks to deposit their physical currency it is pulling the IQD off the street and sucking the country dry of IQD.  This will also dry up the currency auctions as the banks willnot have any IQD to purchase dollars. 

In Nova’s opinion when the new rate is announced the CBI will flood the market with LD’s (Lower Denominations) 

Nova said , In his opinion, the CBI can only do 2 things….release a rate, or flush the entire monetary reform

In Nova’s Opionion , everythink in Iraq depends on sucking the country dry of IQD, announcing the rate, and then releasing the LD’s…This will also drive them to electronic currency.

Feb. 16th is an very important date because if the CBI does what it says it will…..we will learn about the rate.

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