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TNT Call 31-Jan-2014
This the worst call I’ve ever had to make.  I shouldn’t be on this call, I should be on a beach somewhere.  But here we are:  the rich getting richer while we still wait.
This is going to be a two-part call, longer than usual call because I will expose you to the reality of the UST, IMF and the banking so everyone understands what is happening. Before that, all the call centers are fully manned and the exchange centers are manned.  They are being told that this is happening today.  Now you know!  And I’m going to tell you a whole lot of other things that will make decisions easier for you.
Many Tier 2 and 3 banks have been notified that over 100 currencies will be revalued on Monday.  We’ve called a few and they say that they should be exchanging on Monday. Because the memo has gone out bankwide, there have been bank meetings to let them know that this is REAL.  They briefed them that 80+ currencies have already revalued, and are now waiting for this to go public.
Twice yesterday they were told that the 800 numbers will be out and to wait for the phones to ring. I hope it really does go through, but I wish I could be more confident. They are being told from upper management that this is it, and that it’s going to happen today.  That is what happened yesterday, and they didn’t send people home until 1am.  Then they called them back in today. They gave them a time later today when this should be done, and it’s not midnight.
A lot of people said “This is positive stuff”, but we’ve heard it all before, and we know what’s going on above their heads, and it’s not today.
On the positive side, everything is ready and there is no excuse.  The system is working;  it’s at the bank level, and yesterday over 25,000 people were paid out!  They were paying different groups of people, charging them 26% for some groups.  I’m supposed to get copies of their NDAs this evening.  I’ve read it and they’ve asked to explain certain parts to them.
I’ve got to tell you something:  this is a hard call for me to make, because I so believe in our government and way of life, and in our administration.  I can’t believe the things that I’m hearing.  These cannot be the people I voted for – they cannot be this corrupt.  When you are supposed to support your people and then let this go on for two months.  And it’s not by accident – it was planned for three to four years.
The three people that can change this at any given time, and all of them have the opportunity to do this and none have done it, so they must be in collusion.  The Tier 2 and 3 banks have no idea how they have been abused and marginalized.  They are now figuring it out, from the calls we have got from them.  They are figuring out that they were left out of this game completely, just like us.
The IMF has said that they support the American people, but they haven’t got it done.  Our own government has sat back and watched this happen (or made this happen).  For the last two years, we’ve been getting great inside information, before it becomes public.  Our understanding is that we’ve been getting it because we’re less full of shoot than everyone else.  As the other agencies got involved and supported us, I kept hearing that there are at least 11 agencies that listen in on this call and my private phone calls.  That’s okay;  I don’t mind.  They’ll be listening to my calls for the rest of my life, because I'm not ashamed of anything I’m doing.  They are all agreed that we are doing the right thing, exposing the right things, and supporting the right people – you guys.  So there is a really, really hard for me, to say what I’m about to say, because I have so much respect for the people who I’m going to talk about.  But they are not giving us any choice.
We’ve got all the good info from these guys, and we are getting this next piece from those same guys.  They like that we are supporting the right people;  I’ve had so many calls from agencies saying that “we’ve got your back”.  I know we are being used.  We’ve been used before to keep everyone involved and with good information.  We get no benefit from this.  I didn’t want to do this, but got asked to do this, and feel a sense of responsibility that you get some of the right information.  There are people out there giving you the wrong information because they don’t know anything, or for their own purposes.  I am trying to make sure no one can take advantage of good honest people.
These groups are being charged 26%, and as soon as I get the NDA I will go through it and try and give it to you guys.   I have sympathy that didn’t understand what they are doing by accepting what they did.  Some are going to have second thoughts, but…
The question is:  Why does the IMF keep saying they are going to do something, and they are not doing anything?  They still want that high rate so they can get their worldwide programs paid for.   Well, they said they are being paid for.  The cash outs that have been done – where is that money going?  Through the investigations, we’ll be able to tell who was right and who was wrong.  There is a long explanation, and some will get it right away and some will not.
My understanding is that money is being moved right now into accounts in and out – third party accounts – moved around the world, not always being recorded.  I don’t know that because I don’t have the books, but that is the information we’ve been getting in this process. There is a reason they are doing it.  I am just passing on information about why this is being done the way it is.  As long as those pet projects, then okay, I have to make it look like we are doing the right thing (whether it is right or not).
I’m looking at this – does it make sense?  I don’t really know.  I am just giving you all an overview.  They are passing along documents saying this is what’s going on and we can prove it when it comes time. So the answer to that question is that the IMF is being paid to do it this way so that they can fund their projects.  They will accept the blame (the IMF) because no one can sue or indict them.  They cannot be forced to do investigations or indictments, but they always seem to forget that the public is there.  Once this hits the streets, you can’t put that milk back in the bottle. Once the people know about this, they will know that you are the ones abusing them.
There are certain people in the administration still trying to block this, right now.  They don’t want us to have the contract rate.  Actually, at one point they didn’t want us to be involved at all, because this wasn’t for us, but for the inner circle – the ones who go paid in December.  Everybody knows that.
So what happened in December was all supposed to happen and then it was supposed to go away.  We weren’t supposed to know!   So how do we legally do away with the contract rate after paying the inner circle?  That is still the question in this administration group that is blocking this.  We voted these people into office to have a change and equality, and it sickens me to hear what we are hearing and seeing t—that it’s going on and they are still trying to cover it up.  We heard it was about protecting the world and our economy, and now we find out it’s about supporting your friends and campaign donors, and nobody else.  This is about the Democrats and some Republicans, and I hate to say that.  There is a bunch of Republicans who want us to make this public because they believe that the administration cannot deal with one more scandal.  I’m a Democrat and I support the government and administration, and this is making me sick.
Guys, we will have a turn, and I don’t care if we have to do one state or district at a time. There are five million dinarians who have ten people each they would have given money to.  We can make a change and take the initiative to get this done.  So that’s another part:  the administration.  There are people in the government who are saying “I didn’t know anything about this.”  I need you to call all your senators and congressmen, and send an email TODAY so that no one can say “I didn’t know”.  If each one gets hundreds of calls or emails, there is no way they wouldn’t have shown their bosses.  So we have to protect ourselves here.  We need to tweet and call and email, so there is no way they can say they didn’t  know about it.  Next we’ll start on FB, and we know that will go viral.  They are already defecting and turning on each other, saying, “You said they would never investigate this”, but all that is wrong.  We all hoped the right thing would be done so there wouldn’t have to be an investigation.  But they are still trying to stop this while covering themselves.  I was happy that the exchange centers are powering up, but we have heard that they have been that ready, three minutes away from this happening before it got shut down.  But they are turning on each other now.  A lot of people will lose jobs, resignations, pensions and they will end up in jail if this goes to the streets, and they are all looking for someone to blame.
 AS with the real estate crash, everyone will look at the banks, because they are part of what is going on.  In the last few weeks, they realized that they are being set up to take the blame!  Senators and Reps are lining their pockets with trust accounts so they don’t have to report it to the IRS.  But if there is an investigation, they will be exposed by people will not let them get away with it.  We wanted to avoid this, but I guess they want us to do it.
A third part is from the banking system.  They were being told who to cash out, who not to cash out, and at what rates.  They were just following orders, and they are still doing it today!  People are exchanging right now, and the banks are “just following orders”.  That is not an excuse that works in the military.  Years ago, a group of soldiers came across a village, and someone gave them orders to shoot all the unarmed villagers, like dogs in the street.  Afterwards, their defense was that they were following orders.  You are not just a soldier, you are also a human being that knows what is morally right.  So if the bankers use that as their excuse, the public is not going to go with that.  That doesn’t work.  We are the unarmed old men and women, the children who got gunned down. We are the ones going hungry and being killed.  They know it’s wrong, but their answer is that the administration told them to do this. 
Now they are wanting to protect themselves.  Even the banks are saying ‘enough is enough’.  They didn’t mind shooting down the first few villages, but now they are uncomfortable shooting down the blind, crippled and crazy, which is how they see us.  They know what is about to happen to them – the CEOs and such that took part in all this. They think they are in the grey area.  Banks are doing this for the money, and they say the money is going to these other programs.  Now even the banks are saying it’s not right with the left hand while they pocket millions of fees with the other hands.  If you know it’s wrong, stop doing it!  If you know they are doing something crooked, expose them!  The banks send the memos to the lower level banks, saying Get ready for Monday.  The banks told their own employees that it is as scam because they have already done exchanges and 100 countries have revalued.  Their people are not idiots – they are going out and buying it!  Dinar, dong and Zim are going to go through the roof.  It’s going to spread like wildfire now that the banks are acknowledging it to their own employees.  Now it’s going from five million to ten to however many…  They go from 10% knowing about it to 50% employees walking out because they are mad at the banks for lying to them for the last ten years. 
I don’t think people just for my own benefit but to come on this call and talk about it. That way no on can say they didn’t know.  The tables are turning right now.  I said two weeks ago that they don’t care who they throw in front of the bus, saying “He told them to shred that document;  He didn’t tell me that they did this and that”.  We have the documents, recordings of the calls, and all the rest.  They cannot say they didn’t know!  The banks know that the government is only there for a certain term and they are more protected.  The banks are the easier target.  We the people get to decided which banks get be be Tier 1, 2 or 3 banks;  we get to decide which banks to use for our deposit.  We get to decide what day we take all our money out and put it into banks that actually help and support us.
I was happy yesterday that it looked like we were getting on with this.  I never wanted to do this call.  WE don’t want to release this over the weekend because it’s too easy to hide on the weekend.  The banks are doing what they want to do, and we have to do the same because we are on the losing end here.  They have accomplished what they wanted to accomplish and now it’s just about greed.  We could help the world with this!  We could be helping ourselves and others;   we could be our own stimulus plan. The only explanation that makes sense is people being greedy and wanting more.
We are hearing things are primed to go but we don’t know if it will go.  They are playing this game with their own people so that they will buy it, so that we will buy it.  They think that his is it, all excited, and then they get sent home all depressed.  This is not about all bankers;  they are being lied to just as we are.  It’s at the bank level.  Just do it!  Now the banks are putting it out to the other banks, and say they are exposed it to cover their own butts.  They don’t want this to go public until next week sometimes, and it’s not Monday!  I don’t want to believe this, but every day they keep proving they are right – they are dragging this out. Even though they are telling everyone this is the very last day… Well, that is the fifth time they have said that!  I keep thinking they cannot lie to people at this level, but they lie to them every day.
When we were going through basic training and tech school, even at spring training, they always say:  Look at the man to your left, look at the man to your right;  when it comes to the time, one of them will not be there.  So…
210, good morning!
Caller:  Any idea why they’d push this thing to Wednesday or whenever?
Tony:  Or Thursday or Friday… next sometime.  I don’t want to tell you the reasons because you really be mad and go public ten minutes from now.  I don’t want to go until we have no other choice.  We are hearing this afternoon, and I’ve told you things I’ve been hearing all week.  I hope they do this right because I don’t want to be involved in politics. One side wants us to do one thing, and the other wants us to do something else. I am a democrat, and I would hate to do something like that. I don’t want to be involved with the banking industry either.  Just let me exchange my money and get on with my life.  As I told my intel team, though, I don’t know what else to do.  These people supported us and our intel, and I have to support them and do what’s right. Somebody said, “Can’t you get the people to accept three dollars?” and I asked, “Do you really thing that is right thing to do when they’ve used up the first trillion, didn’t do the right thing, and you want to convince the people to take three dollars?”  I have to live with me.  I know people should have the opportunity to get more than $3. 
If they do put this scenario together, trying to say the IMF forced them limit us to $3, using us as a bargaining chip to get a certain rate, and then they were abused…  Somebody will have something to say.  When the 80% go broke in two years, I know they will come back and say “I should have had more”.  These people making this decision are not thinking this through.  This could be done in thirty minutes, and it could all be over without investigations, people pointing fingers, people going to jail.  They just keep playing with fire here.  Once you strike a match and set the woods ablaze, that’s not easy to put out!
Caller:  This thing was set up and we weren’t supposed to know about it.  Our government lost control of the GCR, and now they are trying to get back in control.  I wish they would just do the right thing.  What if we do just end up with three dollars?
Tony:  We take the $3, and we show what we can do – what changes we can make in the economy, the banking system, and the government.
Is there a plan of action?  Yes, there is a plan of action before and even after, fi that’s what we have to do.  We do it step by step, because there are timing issues.  I just want to live my life like everyone else.   We do NOT want people to expose this in the newspapers and such until I tell you the moment is right.  I do NOT want you sign any petitions at whitehouse.gov.  Tony didn’t put that up or ask you to sign it.  If Tony wants you to do something, it will be on a Tony call or blast or tweet.  If you didn’t hear Tony say that, then Tony didn’t ask you to do this.  When we do it, it’s going to be very public, not a petition that someone can throw in a drawer somewhere.  This process isn’t like that, and we don't need people to get burnt out.  That is not how I would do it, so stop that right now!
Next caller:  I’m a little discouraged.  My question:  Who were you told was going to give you the 800 numbers?   It would answer a lot of questions…
Tony:  Well, they were going to give us the 880 numbers, the got made at us because the calls changed.  Well, they changed because the information and the process changed. I’m still trying to make the process as smooth as possible.  Only one person can give out the 800 numbers.
Caller: You mentioned a small group blocking this;  are they screwing us out of a higher rate, or to screw us out of everything?
Tony:  My understanding is both.  My question is:  Why wouldn’t you want to go into the economy?  Maybe they only want one side to have money, or maybe because they think some people won’t use it wisely.  Money doesn’t make you smart.  But the positive outweighs the negative in that thinking.  Many people have NOT exchanged yet, and possibly that is because they won’t agree to what these other people signed or agreed to.  If they can take it away from them, then can take it away from us.  But there are too many people who are willing to stand up for the people when it becomes time.  Others are willing to accept the clawback because what they will get afterwards will be better.  Let’s just get this done and get on with our lives.  That’s what I want.
Caller:  The bankers and politicians are going this together?
Tony:  The bankers are certainly part of it.  They are now saying “we know this was wrong;  this is just too much greedy.  They told us to do it, but now we are going too far and crossing the line;  now we know we are being set up and will be blamed when it hits the public.”  Yes, the bankers did it;  they were told to do a certain amount and they did it, even though it was wrong.  They don’t mind taking the investigations but not the jail time when their bank goes from Tier 1 to Tier 4, and they see moving out every day.  Their boards will blame the people who allowed them.
Caller:  One name comes to my mind when I think of this situation:  Bernie Madoff.  It’s greed, they just don’t care, and they sould be ashamed of themselves.
Tony:  Google money, google the banking system, and you’ll see that the banks are doing the same thing as Bernie Madoff – every day.  The only difference is that the banks were authorized to do it and Bernie Madoff was not authorized.  If we go to the bank and tried to take out all our money, we’d find that it’s not there.
334?  716, good morning!
Caller:  No so superfantastic now…
Tony:  I want to be, and the news was so good yesterday.  Everyone was so ready to be done and get on with their jobs.  The bank employees were ready for us to come in and exchange.  I know what time they are bringing in like they did before, and yet I’m getting information that they are still trying to block it.  I am so tired of this!
Caller:  If that money is clawed back, where does it go?
Tony:  I don’t know.  I imagine the money will got to the government somewhere and we’ll never see it.
Caller:  Do you remember that movie with people being ‘mad as hell and I’m not going to take it any more’?  This small crowd of people blocking this:  put them in solitary confinement until it’s done.
Tony:  They say they are doing it in our interests, and I could believe that up to the beginning  of December.  That’s not the case now.  But at a certain point, as this gets exposed and how this is affecting their family because bankers and politicians lined their pockets… It doesn’t have to be us exposing it, it could be someone running against them. But once it starts unraveling, they will realize that they could have done the right thing and avoided all this.
Caller:  I hope we don’t forget in November what went on now.
407:  What are your recommendations on spreads and fees when we exchange?
Tony:  Only nine weeks?  You cannot get much newer than that.  I think any fees are too much to pay!  They are going to have your money and make interest on it every day.  You put your deposits in their bank, and based on those deposits, they can loan eight dollars for every dollar in their accounts.  They just created eight more dollars out of your dollar, charging them interest, and they are making 10% or 12% off your money to make money.  That is how it works.  They make money off your money and then charge you fees. You’re going to charge me a fee to deposit 20 million in your bank?  I’m sure I can find a Tier 2 bank that won’t.
973:  Thank you for all you are doing, and pray for your protection, in Jesus’ Name.
Tony:  I was smoking a cigar with a friend yesterday, and we were discussing this.  My friend said “You know they are going to come after you, find some way to retaliate.”  I asked him and I’ll ask you:  What else would you have me do?  What else can I do at this point?  It was the right thing to do when they were feeding me that information and now it’s not the right thing to do?  Okay, I’ll watch out, but I don’t have any choice at this point.  These guys have supported me for three year, they have listened to every word, and now that the officials don’t want them to hear these things, I should turn and walk away?  A lot of their own people say that they’ve got our back and they support us.  I’m not making the decisions about what to do and not do for the American people.  I’m must telling people the real information.
I really didn’t want to have this call today.  There is good information with the rates, the call centers and such, that I thought we would be able to discuss.  But today I got a lot of negative stuff I thought we were already past.  They are already turning on either other and getting their ‘protection package’ in line.  We are not bringing to the public – they are the ones playing with fire. On my side, they are warning me that Tony is  a four-letter word with some people, but some are glad that I am doing the right thing.  I get to listen to both side. 
[missed a bit] You don’t know who is trying to help us get through this.  So please don’t think you know what to do and when.  Get READY, don’t go public.  Send calls, emails and letters to your Congress people and bankers, with time stamps.  If you go off half-****ed, you will look silly and there will be no one to back you up.  We don’t need your threads telling people to sign petitions or talk to reporters, and delete them if you already have.  Those do not help anything!
760:  Wish everything was on track;  we’ve been in this for seven years.  Do you think they are trying to block us getting anything?
Tony:  I can’t answer that until we get to the bank?  I am getting info that there are people in meetings to block us still, but I also get info that they’ll not be able to pull that off.
Caller:   Is it their purpose to get more for themselves?
Tony:  I can’t really answer that.  If they tell us they used up the trillion paying out their friends, neighbors and relatives, then you can draw your own conclusions.  Now the banks are realizing that they are being set up to take the fall, so hopefully they will take action to open this up.  They cannot have it both ways, saying they know it’s wrong but still taking the money.
Caller:  We have to stop listening to what politicians say and watch what they do. We have to fix this, so we cannot quit tweeting.  We have to go forward and do what needs to be done.  I believe it will be effective and we do have a voice if we stay together.
Tony:  We are trying to do this the right way, and there is a WAY to do it, not helter-skelter with everyone sending in their own view to the news, etc.  That is not the right way to do it.  You do have power, and ‘there’s money in the ghetto’.  They can be as poor as they want to be, but if there is something they really want, they find the money.  That’s where trends are set:  music, clothing, all kinds of trends.  WE ARE THE GHETTO in this situation.  If you look at Forbes’ richest 400, it ends at a billion.  There are 350 million of us, and our money all moving out of a bank will have more effect than their billions. We do have power when we act together. 
I like that the banks are now positioning themselves to tell the truth, and politicians who are speaking up for us.  In the end, they have the money but we have the power, because WE are the people!
[Had to stop here as I have an appointment with my banker…]

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