Monday, January 13, 2014


1-12-2014   Newshound Guru Millionday   i saw a report today that obama is pushing for the hcl (oil and gas) law now with the agreements being reached -- very interesting timing.  [hcl going through it would give us rv right?]  it would secure their laws for the regulations set in contracting for all oil etc.   i am very happy to see that they are working so hard to get the credit rating the join the world of finance -- that is what we want to see so that is very exciting to me.

the deposits into BIS will raise their liquidity and also allow for them to be a part as they are of the 60 countries that take part in it -- a little tid bit of info -- kuwait is not one of the 60 countries -- that is interesting as well.  [have those deposits been made yet? i know that Turki has signed the contracts/agreements so if the money has transferred, i am not certain yet on that. 

[is the banking sector ready for this RV? Are there still banking conformaties that have to be met?]  they have a welcome to our banking global meeting and conference in the third week of this month and i think that is a huge clue showing the banking reform is ready or at least very close with all that is coming.  [on a scale of 1- 10 where do fall on RV in the month of January 2014.]    i like to just follow the ink and keep as far off the roller coaster as possible but we have a lot of economic news coming out that is positive -- and also the hurry they seem to be reporting is also showing some initiative and that = progress we want to see.

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