Thursday, January 30, 2014


[duffy2] PRAISE GOD!!!!! HIGH RV ALERT! ALERT! ALERT! THIS IS NOT A TEST!!! It has been reported that the revaluation has been signed off on and we should be seeing it. THERE WILL BE NO TRUMPETING OF HORNS, NO CRIER IN THE STREETS….to tell us it has happened….. "IT'S JUST ALL DONE…. WE AWAIT THE DEAL….OF THE RULES, THE RATES, ETC." IMF Confirms Chinese Yuan Set to Become a Global Reserve Currency Rumor — It is on bank screens everywhere, Banks are flush if not heavy in cash, Codes this weekend, Public on Monday….the end. Watching the weather channel in Baltimore a very serious friend reported this and called me excited. Scrolling along the bottom it read WALL STREET SAYS THESE THREE CURRENCIES ARE ABOUT TO HAVE MAJOR REVALUATIONS. He will call me back when it scrolls again for the third one he forgot, but the two he saw were Dong and Dinar…Imagine that. ..soon it's to be a reality

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