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12-31-14 Frank26: Worry NOT what the CBI WEBSITE is doing right now...Note the date is still the 30th. The server in Texas is being updated for 2015. Does it contain a new rate like an RI? IOO, NO. IOO, Dr S will talk before an RI or RV. At the end of a year...Inventory of many things are established for the following cycle. Nothing more.  

12-31-14 Susan: Hi Everyone. I am hearing very positive things for the F&P and PP finally being released January 1st thru the 15th...May It Finally Be So. HAPPY NEW YEARS....much Love and Many Blessings for the New Year. Love and Kisses, 'THE OFFICE OF POOFNESS'  Susan and Staff


S3A : 

  • Hint...Hint...someone help me...PLEASE...Someone call an Rv/GCR...is there an RV /GCR In the house?

    • Yes......there is an RV/GCR coming.......soon......just can't guarantee it tonight......but I'm hopeful that it's anyday......JMO

    • Spill the beans RV/GCR what is your best quess on a date ?

    • I like living in the NOW
We are still hearing friday to monday others are saying 7th and bond platforms are saying 15th.......i get the naughty chair

As far as amnesty law crap that was sorted out late last night...the admiral is still due just after the announcement of the Iraqi Ri as expected by the AOP... WE FULLY EXPECT TO START EITHER THIS FRIDAY OR BY MONDAY.....Toodles

  •  INTEL SAYS: TNT  IS A LITTLE BEHIND ON THEIR AMNESTY CLAIM as well PT.....moving on and looking after midnight for events that have happened..to surface.....HNY!

  • Thankyou.


    A new year is like a blank book.
    The pen is in your hands.
    It is your chance to write a beautiful story for yourself. 

                                                       Dinaresgurus Team

    [KR699] Keiser Report: 2014 Year of Bubbles, 31 DEC


    12-31-14 Adam Montana: Where to begin... well, first I'll say things are looking extremely good. Abadi continues to push Iraq in the right direction. As we discussed last week, we have an HCA and an HCL looks to be VERY close. Parliament is set to meet January 7, and Baghdad has already stated that the KRG will no longer be withheld funds and the budget will reflect that - this will continue to make the Kurds happy and move things forward. THAT right there is probably THE biggest budget news I've heard in the entire time I've been involved in the Iraqi Dinar! 



    It sucks, but has been verified 


    GT:General Public is projected to Exchange ON or BEFORE the 19th - 27th (with WIDE OPEN WINDOWS Before Then)

    Group Exchanges (which we're Part of) is Projected to Exchange ON OR BEFORE 2015 (SOON)

    Pick your Lucky Number!!!


    12-31-2014  Intel Guru Mnt GOAT From what I just learned this will not go on until at least Jan 7th  2015. All indications are now we are on track to see the CBI announce the RV for Iraq on or around this new timeframe.  Will the USA stop it once Iraq announces it? I do not see them doing this as long as all the needed laws are put into place as agreed would happen prior. [Post 2 of 2]

    12-31-2014 Intel Guru Mnt Goat 
    I thought this entire budget bill process was put in warp drive and I was correct…In reality they moved so quickly with the budget the other pieces now have to catch up before they can implement it…The hold up now is still in the section 38 items dealing with the oil. Other laws too are a concern and the USA is demanding these get implemented prior to any RV of currency. Then when can we expect the RV?  There is only 1 day remaining till Jan 1st 2015 and on this eve of the new year many of us sit here in wonder. You should not be disappointed and be confident instead.  All is still very good and I am happy to finally get the truth… [Post 1 of 2 stay tuned]

    12-31-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3

    12-31-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru Tlar  So what is the rate if they remove the leading zeros?
      By removing the zeros you would come to the natural conclusion that the rate would be .86 to one dollar, right? Deleting the zeros of the exchange rate does not necessarily mean 86 cents.  It only implies the zeros are gone. So the rate can be 86 or a number greater than because removing the zeros is not definitive as to value. The only thing it tells use is the zeros will be gone.  With that I will leave you with this thought. Abadi has turned out to be the Ronald Reagan of the middle East. He has accomplished more for Iraq in the 3 months he has been in office that Maliki did in the last eight years. [Post 2 of 2]

    12-31-2014   Intel/Newshound Guru tman23 
      ...what is interesting is what happened to all the big raises and retroactive back pay? They were broke when they were announcing raises etc.. a few weeks ago. Yes, possibly oil prices falling...and/or possibly lower salaries due to an upcoming monetary change with more value added to the IQD...which I believe to be the case.

    12-31-2014  Newshound Guru sczin11  

    12-31-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru Tlar  
    What is deleting the zeros?  The CBI themselves under Shabibi stated the zeros would be deleted off the nominal value giving purchasing power to the currency. The finance committee stated the "leading zeros" would be deleted.  We only find leading zeros on the exchange rate, not the currency itself.  In 2010 Shabibi presented to parliament laws he wanted passed which would penalize any street vendor who knowingly takes advantage of a customer on the first day.  These laws are only meaningful if the currency value changes quickly...   [Post 1 of 2]

    12-31-2014   Intel Guru Bulldog75
       [will we see an ri followed by an rv...?]


  • We expect it either today or tomorrow.
  • Iraq publishing out articles about the budget and the numbers.  Gazette usually comes out on Wed which just passed and a special edition coming out their next day of Thursday which is our Wed night
  • Ahbadi has been traversing the country advertising this.  Shabibi is prominent again. He is traveling around the country asking populace to rise up against ISIS and encouraging them on how the economy is on the brink of spectacular recovery.

  • RI / RV discussion.   An RI is a reinstatement of the old rate plus inflation.  They are calling this event therefore an RI and the rate $3.58.  Why?  because an RI has already been approved and will not be fought by ANYONE for ANY REASON.   Shabibi wants that first and then RV.  He wants his rate  to be way highest in the region and that has been highly resisted.  That RV could take 2 weeks or 2 years.  So, it makes more sense to RI now and RV later. Or his $6 or $7 rate he really prefers could be forced up by forex (which it could skyrocket even higher within a couple of weeks) and settle back down. 

  • DC doesn't believe the rate will drop below $3.58  anytime soon after the spike and drop back to sanity.
  • DC doesn't expect the rate to be on Forex for 10 days to 2 weeks.
  • GCR will occur with this RI - the currencies in this basket -  $3.58 dinar $1.05 dong $1.02 rupiah and 11 cents Zim

  • Many prominent USA officials very upset that it has been delayed and thought it should have gone by now.  Most have nothing to do and running skeleton crews just waiting. But,  DC says even the most nitpicking ones are on board now and pushed Iraq to build their character and make sure they would succeed. Plus Jan 1 was their goal.  The time spent building the coalition in the country and recovering from Maliki's corruption was well spent and amazing progress has been made and the Iraqi people are to be praised and commended.

  • Tony and DC are still in the dark as to their part in assisting the rollout.  Slow rollout still planned.  Nothing happening till Jan 2nd in any case - either appts or exchanges.   
  • 85K people have been exchanged since Oct 31 and some have received the contract rate. Contract rate is still available, however, for us - just a smaller pool left.  But, it is left.  

  • Take your purchase receipts to the bank the bank may make you hold a portion for your taxes due. 
  • Tony doesn't know for sure if he will be allo

    TNT Call notes 31-Dec-2014
    Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, December 31, 2014, a day I never thought we would share together, yet here we are!  This should be the very last phone call we have this year.  Actually, I expect this to be the last phone call we do like this. 
    DC:  I hope you’re all enjoying your holidays.  We expect this on or before the 1st, which is tomorrow. It’s our expectation from everyone in Iraq and the US.  In Iraq, they have been publishing different articles for the budget and justifications for the RV and the economic increase. It’s coming out in the Gazette, which usually comes out on Wednesdays, and they are having a special edition tonight or tomorrow.  Abadi has been explaininr to the provinces about how this is a good deal, as well as stopping corruption and making this a better country.  Also, the ministers are doing a lot of ‘game day checks’ to make sure everything is ready to go, on or before the first.
    Shabibi has been behind the scenes and is now publically acknowledged as the architect behind this RV. He is using the terms RI and RV as separate deals.  The RI is a ReInstatement at the old rate plus a bit for inflation. That gives them a little wiggle room.  We expect the rate to be about $3.58.  It’s important that they are calling that an RI because it’s an easy thing to sell – Iraq has had 20 years of hell, and now they are re-instating the currency because of all the great work by PM Abadi and Dr. Shabibi.  It makes the political and legal process more straightforward to separate the two concepts. Those wanting to delay this have already given Iraq carte blanche to do an RI, so it prevents people doing stupid stuff. It still gives Shabibi room to do an RV.  So to recap, the RI will be about $3.58, and will go at the same time as the budget, in the next 24 hours.
    Shabibi has always wanted Iraq to have the highest rate in the region.  A large number of policy makers want the Gulf states onto a Gulf Currency Consortium, in which all the governments would get together to create a Euro-type currency.  That has a lot of advantages.  They are already around $4, so Shabibi wants to be in the same ballpark. However, if you look at the Greeks, Spain and Italy, there is less favor for shared currencies like the Euro.  If they DON’T do that, Shabibi wants to be at $5-6, and Iraq can support that within a couple of weeks. We don’t know how much appetite exists for that.  They do want to pull in most of the speculator’s money.  If it is announced tomorrow, then I’m out and so are most of you.  It locks in a lot of treaties and spending plans, and they suck the currency off the market. Then Shabibi can RV with a lot more flexibility. The CBI has a phenomenal balance of reserves, compared to other banks, and that has been due to Dr. Shabibi and the other bankers there.  So he can make another treaty and double it up.  Or if this comes out in Forex, he can buy up all the outstanding currency. Without that downward pressure, it will naturally go up. Most believe the GCC will not happen, and Shabibi wants a $6 rate or more – and I wouldn’t bet against the man.
    Tony:  So Shabibi is going around the country explaining the new currency value and also about the new government and the need to support the miiitary against ISIL. They are 90% removed, but they need the people to rise up and support the government and this is what he will do for them. It is law and effective on the 1st of January, when it is published in the Gazette.  The people are excited about tonight or tomorrow.
    The rate will come out at $3.58, and there is the possibility in the next two years for the rate to double because that is the rate Shabibi really wants. That’s why he wanted an RV, and he is now in charge of the CBI. That could happen in the next 15-30 days or up to two years.  There are no more riots, there is confidence in Iraq, and investors can move in.  The dinar can come out at $3.58, hit forex, sky-rocket for a short time, and then fall back.  This all gives us confidence in Iraq:  all the votes have been taken and so on.  Traditiaonlly they print the Gazette by noon, and it has not been printed yet.
    DC: The PM can adjust that time for a bit.  We have read the budget, and it says that upon completion of the RI/RV, the rate will change.
    Tony:  So it will change rates, and if it comes up on the 11pm news, then people will not rush to the bank.  If they have spent money in the morning, they don’t’ want them to demand that money back.  So announcing it at night makes sense.
    DC:  Don’t hold the Arab culture to the same time sense that we have, because you’ll just get frustrated. So if it hasn’t happened by morning, don’t worry.  In the US, there are many promises to some powerful people who wanted to close this out by the end of the year. They are pretty pissed and frustrated with the US and what they have done to block it going through so far. Everyone is very ready for this to go. They are running skeleton crews, but there isn’t a big lockdown because they have done everything that they need to do. Each bank will be handling this differently.  We still don’t know if we will be doing instruction calls, or each bank will have a separate website. We hope we’ll do it, because otherwise it will be chaotic.  Don’t expect to go in on the first;  the banks are telling people not ot come in. They will take calls, though, and start appointments on the first.  They will let internet people find out slowly and let it trickle out from there.
    Tony:  They could take appointments on the 2-3rd, and have the appointments starting on Monday.  They could use the same people that make appointments to actually exchange people.  Everyone is feeling pretty good apart from those who hoped to close out by the end of the year.  Now they know how we’ve been feeling for a whole year!
    Q:  If I exchange some dong now, and hold some until April when I’ve had it for a year, will it still be at the same rate?  That will save me about 10% in capital gains tax.
    DC:  We’re not financial advisers, but if they have just revalued the currency, they will do whatever they have to  so that it stays at about the same rate.  If you are close to the one-year limit, then it’s smart to think about those tax implications.
    Tony:  Even if it spikes on Forex, and it drops down, it probably won’t go below $3.58.
    Q: What about Puerto Rico? Do they have to bring their money to the mainland?
    DC:  It’s going to be handled like a straight currency exchange, like euros or pesos.
    Q:  What about changes to the CBI website?
    DC:  That will change last. They have to make sure that everything else has changed cleanly and smoothly, then they will change the CBI webisite, and it won’t take long to do that.  I don’t expect to see this on Forex for 15-30 days.
    Q:  Do we still call it an ‘exchange’?  Yes.
    Q:  Why does the administration still delaying this RV, which hurts the Iraqi citizens?
    DC:  Why are they nitpicking Iraq?  There are conspiracy guys who believe the US is out NOT to allow more than those who have already exchanged, Iraqi and US citizens be darned.  I don’t believe that is the case.  Even the most cynical people, the nitpickers who are most belligerent about Iraq completing everything plus having personal or political ambitions – even those who have been holding this off wanted Iraq to prove that they are able to do this.  They didn’t have to do half of what the US demanded over the last five months, but it doesn’t indicate that they have the right economic and political strategies.  They have shown this, and even the most cynical politicos are now ready to push this through.  Only a small handful still want to hold this off;  everyone else is saying “crap, Iraq got it together!”  Most people believe this should have happened in August, but at least they have shown that they have a sound government with good leaders, and that they are successfully fighting corruption. The nitpicking was partially personal desires, and the rest wanting Iraq to prove that they can hold their own.
    There are also timing issues, and they wanted to wait until 1st January in any case.
    Q:  So there are no exchanges or appointments in 2014, so they are not honoring their agreements with you. Will we still get contract rates in 2015?
    Tony:  We made an arrangement last year that we will get the $3.58, and that ordinary citizens will get the contract rates.  About 85,000 have exchanged since October, and some at have been paid above the $3 rate.  We can say we haven’t received what we were promised, but the public exchanges haven’t happened!  But think about this: people have been on the call, by email or text, and they are glad it didn’t happen back then, because there was more time to prepare and learn.  We are happy that we are even getting the opportunity to exchange, because at one point they tried to block us from exchanging at all!  We will exchange when Iraq exchanges, and they haven’t yet.  They didn’t want to release this when Maliki was in power, and they couldn’t’ come out and say in public, “until we can get rid of Maliki and put Shabibi back in place, we’re not going to allow this RV”.  They had to get the right people in, and especially someone who could create a government for the people.  PM Abadi has done that in six months, and it’s amazing what he has done!  There is now a democracy that is closer to our own system, and it has worked out better for the people of Iraq.  They deserve it and we’ll get ours.
    DC: They have exceeded expectations, blessings about, and we are ready, so everyone needs to stop fussing and get to work.
    559 caller:  I do believe we will have a super-fantastic New Year, and I’m happy for the people of Iraq. Regarding zim, is that still in the basket, and what is the code for that?
    DC:  I don’t know.  I like the country and the people, but haven’t followed the Zim.
    Tony:  I think it’s the ZNN, but take it in and they’ll tell you.
    Caller:  I’ve been in this for over ten years, so those who have just been in it a short while, I’ve been homeless for a while but always kept that currency in my pocket.  Tony, will you still have events, and when will the new websites open for registration?  We just missed getting on the forum.  And will there still be contract rates available for us?
    DC:  We don’t’ have the package yet, so we don’t know anything for sure.  It’s changing all the time, and individual banks have their own deals, so we can’t really answer that.
    Tony:  I still plan the events, and want to add Texas if they let us.  As soon as I read the horrendous NDA, we’ll put it up on the sites;  we’ll start from scratch and see how many people we get and then plan accordingly.  The smaller events should be only 1,000 people or so, and I have to find venues for those events and the big one in Vegas.  I want to do that as quickly as possible, before you start spending money, and with banks providing classes and celebrations in the evenings so we can meet each other.
    Caller:  Please give my number to Ray because I’d like to attend his class.  Also, I intend to buy a big motorhome for Pam that she gets to be inside rather than underneath!
    718 caller:  Happy New Year!  I noticed you said they intend to RI the currency.   Didn’t Maliki do that last spring?
    DC:  He tried to do it in October 2013 and then last spfing, but there were a lot of documents that others didn’t sign off on, and it was a mess. Those have now been signed, so once Abadi and the CBI agree – boom – it’s done!
    Tony:  Maliki tried to force it, but it was not recognized.
    Caller:  If they RI it first, does that affect the GCR?   What will be the rates?
    DC:  Our understanding is that the four currencies will still adjust at the same time.
    Tony:  Dinar = $3.58, rupiah = $1.05, dong = $1.02, zim = 0.11 (minus six zeroes)
    719 caller:  DC, when you die, could you leave some part of your brain to science?  Because your grasp of economics is amazing!
    DC:  You know about Westminster Abbey, where the royal family gets married and many people are buried?  Well, they did a deep hole, 2’ x 2’, pop in the body upright and put a memorial stone.  One old lady wanted Darwin to be buried upside down because she didn’t like the way his mind worked!
    Caller:  Thanks for your patience with the same questions over and over.  The lady who wants to know about the code, google it, or do a search on the forum.  Will either of you hold a small amount back to see if the rate goes up?
    DC:  I won’t.  [Tony:  I have a different strategy.]
    Caller:  You mentioned the other day something about taking receipts to the bank. Why?
    DC:  In case some banks will require holding taxes back so it gets done, so they’ll need to know if it’s short term or long term capital gains.
    Caller:  Having worked for the IRS, I’d been concerned;  we need to make sure  we have some really good documentation.
    DC:  Some folks have deductions, losses carried forward, etc., so I have a hard time wrapping my head round that one. 
    Tony:  They will also want a good paper trail, in case people accusing them of stealing currency or saying it’s counterfeit or whatever.
    Caller:  My crazy husband wants to get the bank to sign saying they received each note…
    DC:  If I were a banker, there’s not a chance in hell I’d do that.  He IS crazy.  They will have a very strong reaction to that request. 
    Caller:  We think so, too, and we told him not to do that or we’ll get kicked out.  If they give him a receipt that a million dinar has been deposited, that should suffice.
    DC:  Just calm down, give people a little more room, and it will all work out.
    Caller:  Many WF banks don’t have Delarue machines, but they have black lights and the ‘book’, so will they still send it off?  [DC:  Yes.]  I feel for the gal who’s been in ten years!
    609 caller:  With the RI, are the four currencies still going to go?  {DC:  Yes.] With everything you  know right now, which currency is the best return?
    DC:  The safest is Iraqi dinar, the highest return is the zim.  The dinar is what this is based on;  it is the entire foundation for the GCR.  Several years ago they added in these other currencies because they are key countries in their regions.  But the dinar is still the foundation of the whole thing, and therefore it’s the lead, although the others will go, too.
    DC:  Taxation – some banks are worried that everyone will blow through their money, so they are requiring people to put away their tax money up front.
    443 caller:  I talked about a friend who exchanged on the East Coast. We’ve been friends for a long time, and he is no longer responding to my communications.  He just sends me pictures on the internet of a couple of expensive cars in his driveway.  That’s it!
    [Sorry, I had to stop listening here as I had another appointment.]


    UU9431 – “This Week’s Update”  by Mnt Goat

    Hi Everyone,

    Well its New Year’s Eve 2015 and who the heck would have thought we would still be here having these news letters without a revaluation already.

    Today I wanted to give everyone a very brief news letter but after writing it I see it is not so brief. Sorry!  Now  I will get right to the point once again. I hope everyone also read my last news letters dated 12/26  since this is a continuation of this ongoing saga of getting this 2015 budget bill passed thus showing us the way to the RV event.

    Today’s News
    The news coming from Iraq this week in not what I expected but it is solid and I know I can rely on it as to what is happening concerning the RV. Some say no one knows what is really going on. This is not entirely true.

    Yes – Iraq and the USA do try to hide information from us since no one is supposed to know the date or rate of the revaluation. So hear is what I now know.
    As we know Iraq sets targets for the accomplishment of certain laws and events. We see these targets come and go. Sometimes they are on target but mostly they have a warped sense of timing and usually more than often do not make their targets. Getting the budget for 2015 is another one of these times.

    Let me explain to you what happened to the budget bill for  2015. They missed many of their past target dates, as we witnessed. However on Dec 22nd  the house received the completed/adjusted budget finally from the cabinet of ministers. Then on December 25th they got it fully passed in the house.

    Yes – I said it is completed, passed, done, done, done and I don’t care what any one else is telling you. There is only one small caveat to this remark and I will explain it later in this news letter. This is the key to understanding just what happened and why we have not yet seen the announcement of the RV. First let me explain to you a little more to help you understand that the budget is in fact done.

    Two past articles came out explaining how much President Masoum and House Speaker Jabouri both supported  a speedy passage of the budget bill and vowed to push it through once given to them by the cabinet of ministers, yet once they received it then only had one reading and then delayed it for another 2 weeks? Does not make any sense folks !

    Does it seem funny to you that Jabouri would call an extra emergency session for Dec 25th during this period of time yet only do one reading on the budget and then delay the second reading yet another 2 weeks? Does not make any sense folks!

    Why would Masoum ratify the budget bill last weekend if it was not passed in the house last Dec 25th? Of course this was not supposed to get out in the news media and I will tell you it was a slip up. It quickly got hushed up! Why? Does not make any sense folks!

    I tell you something is smelling fishy to me as it usually does in case with Iraq when it does just not make any sense. So I snooped around to my CBI and USA contacts. Sometime it is hard talking to them since you have to have direct questions to them. You  have to know what path to take and how to lead them in you quest for information. This is just how they think over there. This is what I found out.

    All intentions were in fact for the CBI to announce the RV during the period of Dec 26 – 28th. I know this for a fact. Why did this not happen?

    It did not happen because the USA simply stopped it and wanted more political security and the completion of non-sectarianism efforts in the country of Iraq. Kind of like putting the icing on the cake.

    Iraq did previously agree to FULLY implement the Amnesty law but instead we see they just let out 800+ political prisoners over the last couple weeks. This looked good but not totally what the USA expected. They did not implement the law fully. They did not follow their agreement. So the USA put a hold on the RV until it is done. Why is this so important?

    It is important because going into Christmas week it all looked very good for the RV until the USA learned that in fact they did not pass the Amnesty Law and fully implement it and only released prisoners. There is still also some work to be done on the legislation for Article 140 (talk about this later).

    It is important too since when the Amnesty Law is fully implemented (as written now) there are other provisions within the law besides releasing prisoners. It will allow the international community with organizations like International Police (INTERPOL) and the International Criminal Courts (ICC) to take custody, hold trials, convict and punish ANY politician from Iraq responsible for the crimes against humanity committed over these last 8 years and for future crimes. Amnesty International also has put great pressure on the USA government to force Iraq to put these provisions into their Amnesty Law. These clauses were met with much resistance by Iraq. Why?

    It is easy to see that those guilty parties would resist (Maliki goons) but what about the resistance from the current Abadi administration. Why would the current administration object? Surely they want to punish those involved on screwing up Iraq over the last 8 years. The current administration first of all does not want to air it’s  dirty laundry and any international trials would surely make headline news. Also they want to punish the guilty on their own time and on their own soil. This is a fine line and took delicate political maneuvering.

    So you see this is why it took so long to get the Amnesty Law updated in the first place. I have referred to this law as being necessary all along and talked about it many times in my news letters. Only I, like many, assumed it was all done and implementation was just a matter of timing. But again Iraq tries to do things their way and under mind what the USA really wants. The USA is standing firm on this one.

    Next there is a matter of the oil dispute as seen in the Hydrogen Carbon Law (HCL) and Article 140. After all is this not the majority of the wealth within Iraq in the first place? Is this not why USA is really in Iraq?

    By now everyone should know the importance of both of these laws. Let me first refresh you memory a bit.

    The Iraq Oil Law, also referred to as the Iraq Hydrocarbon Law was legislation first submitted to the Iraqi Council of Representatives in May 2007. The legislation started when the U.S.-backed Iraqi cabinet approved a new oil law that was set to give foreign companies the long-term contracts and the safe legal framework they have been waiting for. The law rattled labor unions and international campaigners, who say oil production should remain in the hands of Iraqis. They remembered history well since they recalled what the US backed oil companies did in Iran in the 1950’s. History was doomed to repeat itself in Iraq, so they thought. You should read up on the past Iranian oil controversy since it is at the root of all negativity between the USA and Iran ever since.

    The new law authorizes production share agreements (PSAs) which guarantees a profit for foreign oil companies. The central government distributes remaining oil revenues throughout the nation on a per capita basis. The draft law allows Iraq's provinces freedom from the central government in giving exploration and production contracts. Iraq's constitution allows governorates to form a semi-independent regions, fully controlling their own natural resources.

    The GOI of the past Maliki administration wanted full control of these resources and the revenue generated. Having this kind of control meant more centralized power to the GOI, something Maliki especially saw important during his second term. He would use this power to control the Kurds since oil is their main source of revenue to support their economy and the Peshmerga army (sole means of defense against the army of the GOI). In short if Kurdistan was going to pump the oil it wanted autonomy  in doing so and its share of the revenue, only as guaranteed by their constitution (17% revenue sharing).

    So prominent Iraqi parliamentarians, politicians, ex-ministers and oil technocrats urged the Baghdad parliament to reject Iraq's controversial hydrocarbon law, fearing that the new legislation would further divide the country already witnessing civil strife.  Discussions turned contentious among the more than 60 Iraqi oil officials reviewing Iraq's draft hydrocarbons bill in the United Arab Emirates. But the dispute highlighted the need for further negotiations on the proposed law that was stalled in talks for nearly a year, then pushed through Iraq's Cabinet without most key provisions. The GW Bush administration was concerned that recent security gains of post 2003 in Iraq may be undermined by continuing political gridlock, and started pushing the Iraqi government to complete long-delayed reform legislation.

    Article 140
    The Disputed territories of Northern Iraq, or Disputed internal Kurdish-Iraqi boundaries, are regions defined by the article 140 of the Constitution of Iraq as being Arabised during the Baath Party rule in Iraq. Most of these regions had previously been inhabited by non-Arab minorities, most notably Kurds, and were later arabised by transferring and settling Arab tribes in those areas.

    The disputed areas have been a core concern for Arabs and Kurds, especially since the US invasion and political restructuring in 2003. Kurds gained territory to the south of Iraqi Kurdistan after the US-led invasion in 2003 to regain what land they considered historically theirs.[1] Currently, in addition to the four governorates of Iraqi Kurdistan, Kurds control parts of Nineveh Province, Kirkuk Governorate, Salah ad Din Governorate and Diyala Governorate, which are also claimed by the Iraqi government; on the other hand, Iraqi government controls parts of those four provinces, some parts of which are also claimed by the Kurds. However in 2014, during the 2014 Iraq Crisis, Iraqi Kurdistan's forces also took over much of the disputed territories.

    For the Kurds and the Arabs these disputed lands are much more than about the oil. It is also about people and their homes and who will rule them. What the population is and which providence will get the demographics on their census. Census is important for voting. Control is important for oil resources. Its all interconnected.

     So why did I go into such an explanation of these two important areas? I did this today because what I found out is that the USA is demanding that Erbil be completed and implemented prior to revaluation release. The budget can not be completed without these issues being addressed and completed. Although HCL has been agreed upon Article 140 has not. There must be an implementation of a law now through the legislation to support the Article 140 of the Iraqi constitution.

    If you read the recent released budget law of 2015 you will see that there is a place holder under section 38 of the law. Did it seem funny to you that section 38 is missing from the law? I am told this is for dealing with these two important concerns that of the HCL and Article 140. What does this tell us?

    It tells us that there is still work to be done in this area of dealing with the oil reserves and revenue sharing as the  budget is concerned and in fact the budget is not entirely complete as many thought. So how can the budget then be passed and done? It can be passed and done since these items do not require budget legislation being voted on in the house. These laws can become legal simply buy the three presidents (prime minister, speaker of the house and president of Iraq) sitting down and signing them into law. Then they will update the budget to coincide.

    So when will this take place? This is in the basket of laws we are waiting for. Amnesty is also included. It is also needed. It is also a hold up. This is why we wait. This is why Iraq has notified the world they will not be ready until on or around Jan 7th to implement their new budget. This is of course just another target. Will it be met?

    They are telling us once implemented the 2015 budget is will be retroactive to Jan 1st. This is their way once again and skirting around their own target dates yet making peace with the citizens. They are noted for this and we all should be use to their tactics by now.

    Remember how they used this same kind of political tactics too in getting Abadi confirmed. They simple allowed the voting in parliament to meet their 30 day deadline knowing darn well that some of the candidates for ministries would be rejected. It got Abadi confirmed as the new prime minister (so he could get to work and eliminate any opposition denouncing his legitimacy) then came back later and told us four of the ministers were not ratified. We then witnessed a month of disputes over these ministers and finally a resolution. Meanwhile they moved forward and the work began. This was to me ingenious and well done Abadi ! It showed real leadership and the ability to manage in the midst of crisis instead of the constant stalemate we witnessed under Maliki.

    So once again now with the 2015 budget we see some of the same tactics. They are constantly moving forward. It may not seem that way to us since we expect them to meet all their announce targets. When we don’t we think they are stalemate but actually they are just stalling for time. But you have to learn to see what is really going on behind the scenes. I am trying to show you from my research and then explain it to you in the simplest terms I can.

    Rule for Iraq - Does Iraq ever do anything on time? ……lol…


    As I have said previously I thought this entire budget bill process was put in warp drive and I was correct. There is really not too much for Parliament to do with the budget bill anymore as it is now on hold until other matters are done. In reality they moved so quickly with the budget the other pieces now have to catch up before they can implement it.

    This story I told you today is how they were able to push it through the house so quickly. The hold up now is still in the section 38 items dealing with the oil. Other laws too are a concern and the USA is demanding these get implemented prior to any RV of currency.

    Then when can we expect the RV?

    There is only 1 day remaining till Jan 1st 2015 and on this eve of the new year many of us sit here in wonder. You should not be disappointed and be confident instead. All is still very good and I am happy to finally get the truth.

    From what I just learned this will not go on until at least Jan 7th  2015. All indications are now we are on track to see the CBI announce the RV for Iraq on or around this new timeframe. I am sorry and I did not want to spoil your new year celebrations but this what I have heard and know to be accurate at this time. I hope I explained it well enough for you to understand.

    Will the USA stop it once Iraq announces it? I do not see them doing this as long as all the needed laws are put into place as agreed would happen prior.

    Peace and Luv To Ya All,

    Mnt Goat