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Cissy: Here's my "ray of hope" ........ if Spguru and others have been paid already (and I believe they have), then we really can't be far behind. Hang on to that thought.

[logos12] GJHHonor since 1985 according to the IMF stats, Iraq had changed the value of their currency on a Friday....come on Friday!!! 

[GJHHonor] up to tomorrow night at 10.00pm would be Friday morning in Iraq

buckwheat] The last few minutes when Tony summarizes the main points of the call - http://kiwi6.com/file/y449gyxl77

[buckwheat] From my contact at WF corporate level, final paperwork & required signatures were being worked on non-stop from Thursday of last week and was completed on Monday 10-28. I believe the NDA was part of that paperwork

[buckwheat] lol 10 year plan for Iraq and they are going to take it down to the last few hours. Why does that not surprise me lol

VictoriousSecret: I was nothing but ENCOURAGED by today's call! It was GREAT! Tony still believes the Nov 1st date to be his "back wall", Maliki is definitely here (<---ask yourself "why?"), there will be some remarks from the president tomorrow morning, discussions and meetings are still being held, issues are being resolved, NDA's are being edited, and the culmination of everything is factually coming to a head! Not to mention the ace-in-the-hole with some select few having already exchanged <----- there's your "proof in the pudding" that such maneuvers wouldn't be allowed (millions of dollars just hand over) if this thing wasn't about to POP! I'M AS EXCITED AS I CAN BE!!!!!!!!!! Get HAPPY with those FACTS, folks! Whooooo hooooo!

Eyewitness81: Today is October the 30 th and this is my story I was on tony's call when I suddenly got a call from a local number. Oh I never answer a call when Tony is talking and i wanted to hear it all. But for some reason I was moved to put Tony's call on hold and to call that number back.

 It just so happened that it was a call from the local Chase Bank that I had a couple of weeks earlier inquired about foriegn currency and the possibility of c/e with them and opening various accounts and being assisted with wealth management they had immdiately told me that they would or could eventually assist me with maybe the vnd but it was only 47 dollars per million..and they went on to say that they would never have any banking assistance with the IQD. 

So I told them i was not interested in the Vnd nor the IQD but rather the VNN and the IQN...They told me they were not familiar with these types of currency  but could they take my name and number in case anything changed in the future....Well TNT Family!  That all changed today they called today sounding very desperate and urgent; 

They wanted to invite me in and asked to set an appt to meet with them on Friday Nov.1 @ 2pm The Bank Manager would personally meet with me along with their private client agent and wealth manager....go figure I never talked with them again and had thought they were finished with me until they called today.  


10/30/13 spguru: Hello friends, well just signed in first time in 24hrs about what a day. I sound sick if you talked to me on the phone. I had to dot I's and cross T's and it was not fun. It seems as you got the message and after pondering how to write this I think that I sould let you know how blessed all of you will be. Please dont ask when, where, how much. Doesnt matter really and dont take it personally if I dont answer any questions, it is your business and yours alone. I told you there was a lot of smoke and mirrors. Some saw this first hand and other still dont understand. This is my last post not by choice, but in away I made the choice not to post anymore, after my goodbye, Please respect my privacy and take what I have shared and pay it forward, you still can as I cant and for sure do it wisely. Not much to say than thank you for kind and blessed people in this room, See you in VEGAS. Peace out. Game is over and goodguys win!!! Hope I get invite to the party when we can talk again!!!


Per conversation with banking contacts the currency catalogs are updated online and are typically in a 3 ringed binder. 

Some use the physical catalog and others use the online version. Technically they do not have to wait for a physical book. 

That is solely at the discretion of the banking institution. The material with the lower denominations is now available to all major U.S.A banks as of TODAY. 

Every branch in the United States will not be an exchange location and it is based on demographics. The UST in conjunction with FINCEN already has reports of regional IQD holdings based on city,state & zip which ties into 1800 that has been implemented for the exchnage



Eagle1 » October 30th, 2013, 4:58 pm  •  

Good Afternoon, Family!

Since I stopped doing the private intel calls and have just focused on our ministry calls, my inbox has been flooded with requests for updates, and my phone has been ringing off the hook again. That said, let’s see if I can bring you all up to date with what I have at the moment.

The past 48 hours have brought some lengthy and detailed information as to the developments going on behind the scenes.

Two calls in particular with folks inside the present administration in DC brought a wealth of information and – unfortunately – a lot that I cannot share, so let me at least give you a brief synopsis of what is taking place.

We had fully expected to see the GCR released for today (Wednesday) and there was a significant amount of information in the days leading up to today that seemed to indicate that.

Yesterday, as most of you already know, Iraqi Prime Minister Maliki arrived in DC. An eyewitness to the event said that he was given quite the limousine treatment for his entourage as they were all escorted into the city.

For a long time it has been my consistent stand that the GCR has ceased to be an Iraqi event and that it was now fully in the hands of the IMF. That position has not changed.

However, it appears that because of some politics and diplomacy between DC and Iraq, the IMF has been persuaded to delay the release for a few days in order to allow the Iraqi PM an opportunity to put on a celebratory event coordinated with DC.

Iraq, after all, is the pivot currency for the entire Global Currency Reset and they play a major role in the events unfolding.

I do not, for a moment, expect to see any kind of public announcement concerning the GCR release; and it would be sheer insanity for anyone to publicly announce this event prior to the rates already being on the screens.

According to information which I have been given, Maliki is due to return to Iraq on Saturday, the 2nd, following the signing of a new SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) with Obama.

The purpose of this new SOFA is to provide U.S. Military assistance in restoring security within the country. It is possible (although I have no specific intel to back this up) that he and Obama may make some kind of statement prior to his boarding a flight back to Baghdad.

The statement would be something of an acknowledgement that Iraq’s currency has returned to international tradeability and value lost to the Dinar (following Saddam Hussein’s “adventures”) restored.

That, of course, would be a remarkable stand-alone event all by itself. I do not expect there to ever be a specific announcement concerning the Global Currency Reset. Any follow-up commentary by the administration or the news media would only serve to quiet any fears and to allay any concerns of a “Cyprus-style haircut.”

At this point it is possible that there will be a GCR release to FOREX screens on Thursday night/Friday morning. The two Nasdaq outages or glitches that occurred on Tuesday were caused (according to information I have) as a result of reloading the new rates to the exchanges in preparation for the release.

If there is success in loading the GCR for a Thursday night/Friday morning event, we should be able to go to the banks on Friday. If, as I suspect, it waits until sometime Friday, we are far more likely to be waiting until Tuesday, the 4th, before we will be able to begin our exchanges.

That, of course, is an opinion based on past experience in international banking protocols. That date is also consistent with information Frank has received and shared on the KTFAlways forum and CC’s.

Banks have reported some significant fluctuations in the IQN rates over the past few days on their administrative screens, and those fluctuations make it very difficult to flat out state that we are going to see the long-projected $3.44 rate for the Dinar.

With statements, however, from IMF sources indicating that there is a real desire to see the IQN closely mirror Kuwait, and the fact that Kuwait’s Dinar is expected to climb by as much as 10% against the USD in the coming days, Frank’s “reciprocal” $3.86 has become a very real possibility – whether we see that rate immediately or in the near-term days or weeks.

I know this is a worn-out cliché, but to repeat Frank’s oft-quoted comment, “No one knows the date or the rate.”

OK, we think we do, and we hope we do, but if we are wrong, we will continue to stand and wait patiently as the Lord brings this blessing to fruition.

That said, Blessings on you!



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Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:


TONY - Good morning TNT Dinar! It's Wednesday, Oct. 30 at 1:12 PM EDT. We're just getting started! This could be a short call. Or it could be a long call depending on the questions. I've got 2 things. Pam sent me some questions. Montana sent me some "intelligent" questions. LOL. And then I saw some on the board. I'll try do some of all of those.
T - Here's something I have to tell you. My request is that anybody who saw the article out of Iraq about the 3-zero notes, please send us the link. As far as that is concerned, I talked with several dealers and some know about that, and others do not. Some of them think that they're confusing the 3-zero notes from Iraq with the Swiss Dinar, which originated in the Kurdistan region.

T - The majority of people with good sources know that Maliki and Barzani are both here. They are still having discussions today. They have had meetings with the state department here in the US for the past 3-4 days. People with resources and DC contacts can go out and verify that is a fact. You don't have to trust me, but I've verified up, down, and sideways. I know that he's been in meetings and who the security force that has been assigned to him. He will be here thru Friday.

T - As for the banks and the 3-zero notes, out of the new book effective 11/01, verified again this morning. I actually went to the bank and looked at the currency catalog - the newest one. I looked at it and there are no lower denoms in it. I asked repeatedly and told them they are in the new book. I already know the person who first told me who works at the bank. And from Canada their bank person said the LDs are in the new catalog. But when I got to the bank and looked at the bank, the date on the back of the book was dated 2012. Well, the bank manager comes over and tells me they're still waiting on the new book. They JUST DON'T KNOW - DON'T HAVE A CLUE what's going in their own banks. Don't call the banks!

T - Every bank DOES NOT have the new catalog yet.

T - Maliki was in meetings yesterday and again today. We found out overseas that some official notification was given to them to expect it. I try to give you both sides of the story: the book comes out 11/01 and there should be some changes in it. So where are we now and why are we here?

T - Everything is set for the RV. Should've gone thru last Friday. At the last minute, more negotiations. They are trying to do what's right on a global scale for everybody. So that the effect is a lasting one. They're trying to get the greatest benefit for everybody, which is why the rates keep going up. They don't care about us or who we are. What they don't want the masses here or around the world how this was put together: who put it together and who authorized it. That's why we have the NDAs. It has to look like a natural occurence by the countries involved.

T - It's the growth of their country, their decision, etc. You can't do that and have the country not supporting it. What happened this past week that everything was ready to go, somebody tried to negotiate some more power and authority out of the deal. And tried to negotiate security in the form of self-preservation, i.e., agreements that were already made concerning other countries.

T - Yesterday everybody was in agreement. There was a set time yesterday for this to happen. But they're still talking this morning. So instead of deciding to do and walking away from the table, they find other things to negotiate. I'm still looking at 11/1 as the back wall. Today, tomorrow, or the next hour.

T - BREAKING NEWS.... just got this text: on Iraqi TV it is scrolling telling them "soon" their IQD will increase in value even greater than recent increases. This is very positive and good for us. You guys are involved "in the minute" as things change. Know that it is out there and some have gone to their banks and seen them out there (LDs).

T - I've been telling you for years they are monitoring our boards and these calls. They told me yesterday that the NDA we talked about is now 19 pages long - from 5 pages to 19 pages - making adjustments based on what they hear us talking about. They're trying to reduce the language down to 11 pages. But just yesterday it went from 11 to 19 pages, based on what they're hearing from other calls and on other boards (not just us). It is going on! They are trying to protect us from us.

T - They don't want the rest of the world mad at us if they find out. You got money and they didn't. They will be mad because of your new house, new car, new clothes, etc. and they're still working. They'll not be mad at you for what you have but for why you didn't tell them. What makes you so special? Once you give your friends/family their own foreign currency, they will sign their own NDA and you will no longer be responsible for them. Added to the NDA yesterday: even if you anonymously talk to any media, if they can in any way, form or fashion they can determine it was you they can take back all your money. That was directly related to what was talked about on the boards.

T - Some are talking about filing lawsuits because it's not happening fast enough for you...how does that make sense? Because they got paid before you and you want to complain? This was NEVER about us - now people are complaining about something that has nothing to do with us.


Q - if the CE happens at 2AM, when will the info be on the home page? A - Tony Blasts you can't comment on. Since we don't have a text system, I'm going to do a Tony Blast RV announcement and one with the 800#s. Both will be copied and pinned to the top of the Forum. You go in and click "notify when someone replies" on those 2 posts via notifications. When it happens I'll do an update and everybody who clicked to receive notification updates will do so immediately. DO NOT RESPOND OR POST A REPLY TO THESE 2 UPDATES or you will be deleted.

Q - If everything was 100% resolved on Friday why are we still waiting? A - Because at the last minute someone wants something else. It goes from one level to another. At some point it has to be cut off. Hopefully that will be on Friday when their new 10-year plan kicks in. They've been having meetings everyday at the WH since they've been here.

Q - If we don't RV this week will we still have 30 days? A - Yes, nothing has changed. It starts the day the RV is effective.

Q - If this doesn't RV by 11/01 and no removal of the 3-zero notes, can we still buy LD notes? A - They can't sell them anymore but I will call and get verification on this.

Q - will we be at the banks by Friday? A - Right now there is nobody at the call centers and they're not planning to be there this evening. They might be there later tonight and they're planning to be there tomorrow. It can change any moment.

Q - We were told that Iraq was out of the picture and had nothing to do with it. A - I'm trying to tell you that it's not the desired way to do it. They would like to keep the plan because it is a better world view that way.

T - Here's a question I don't like answering. And I don't like you putting this pressure on me:

Q - Is 5/3 Bank part of the CE? My dad is dying and won't make it thru tomorrow and I need to set up bank accounts before then. A - I don't like being put in this position. 5/3 is participating and every indication is that this should be over by Friday.

Q - Now that we're inching closer to the 11/1 back wall date, is there anything left to be done? A - Yes, one more thing but I can't answer it. I do know what the issue is - it's bigger than us - it's a gov't issue that they have to work out. Is it important? Yes, I've given you the fringes of it, i.e., self-preservation and timelines. I can't get into specifics on this call.

Q - If this goes past 11/1 what else? A - There are not a lot of delays. The info I got yesterday, last night, and this morning was so minute that there is nothing to talk about. They're still having a little brouhaha (volume-changing discussions). This could be the calm before the storm. But they added to the NDA based on what folks are saying on the boards. It went to 19 pages but they're still trying to shorten the NDA to 11 before you sign your life away. You have 2 options: sign and get paid or not sign and don't get paid.

Q - Will the TNT website be up post-RV? A - I'm not sure how much they want me to give out and how much I will be able to give out after the announcement. The problem, as it was explained to me, there are so many different agencies with their own guidelines, I don't know where it will fall into. The NDA falls under Homeland Security. I'm not sure which agency governs which. We may take the site and callit a "Millionaires Club" to discuss investments. I'm sure we'll get some direction.

Q - Is the holdup the UST's fault? A - No.

Q - Will there be another rate increase? A - It is being discussed.

Q - What about the $500K limit on wire transfers. A - You must deposit your money somewhere so to avoid a freeze on your account what is the other option?

Q - Is there a problem with the dealers wiring $ to our accounts? A - They're expecting the dealers to wire funds into the accounts. But once it's in the account that's where they start watching. The best bet is just don't do it. It's better safe than sorry. Talk to your banker.

Q - What about wiring money into offshore accounts already set up? A - Talk to your banker.

Q - What is the timeframe once it's activated and the 800#s are released? A - 10 minutes once the "go" is given. The plan as of last night and this morning is to have people in the banks within 2 hours of the release if it happens in early morning or during the day. If it's in the middle of the night the Call Center people will be called in at 5AM to be in place by 6-7 AM.

Q - Can a husband and wife go together and put it in the same bank account? A - Each bank has their own limits on the amount they can accept each day.

T -You should separate your IQD from USD. Walk to the teller window, withdraw all from your current account, get a printout to prove the account is zeroed out, then deposit your IQD in it.

Q - What's the process when we get the 800#? A - They are going to ask for your name, email address and how much IQD you have. Use whatever email address you want but I'm getting a separate from any email address anyone ever had for me.


C - I heard that Cheney and Valerie Jarrett were holding this up? A - People were brought into the conversation for the exact opposite of what you were saying.

C - Is the 11/01 deadline Iraq's? A - It is their cut-off, not ours. It should be their November 1st since it's their country and their currency.

Q - Is the bank expecting you to sign the NDA on my first visit or can I take it to my attorney to review? T - You will sign it before you exchange and they will call you in periodically to update it.

C - What is the line we can use that will satisfy everybody and not invalidate the NDA? A - They haven't come out with the line yet.

C - If the rate drops down to $19 can we still negotiate back up to the $27+ rate? T - If you so choose to gamble and ask for the ceiling rate (if you know what it is), or any rate higher, if you don't ask in the right way with the right procedures it will hurt you. The rate on the board now ($27.87) - it's actually higher now - if you ask for the $27.87 rate and the rate has dropped by the time you get to your appointment to, say, $24.64, that's the rate you're going to get.


T - Frank just called me and he verified that it was a rumor about 11/1. But it happens all the time and they're not paying any attention to it. Let's just hope they stick with it.

C - How do you feel about the dealers? DinarTrade said they'd stop on the 25th but I haven't heard anything from others. T - I'd rather not discuss that right now. I have nothing against them but I don't want to get involved in anybody's business. I think DinarTrade was smart to cut off reserves because that means he heard the rumors. He's not getting caught. He could be under a different program than the others. Some exchangers actually buy their currency and have it on hand. Others negotiate with the banks and have it on retainer. But at some point they have to say "pay me for it or send it back."

C - If you were in my position should I go elsewhere to get my reserves, knowing what you know? A - I would not say that at this point because it could have a profound effect on someone's business. At this stage in the game, I don't think so.

C - If we don't have a final draft of the NDA then we don't have an RV yet. Since it's gone from 5 pages to 19 pages, maybe we should ban this NDA thing from the boards just like talking about NESARA, etc. Ban the NDA talk - everybody will sign it. T - They are absolutely going to come after some people and they want to close every loophole possible.

C - Tomorrow with this 11am-11:15am mtg with Maliki and Obama, this would be a great time to show solidarity. T - They are going to say something about it, but it won't be "RV - go to the bank."

C - Have you received an notification that this is going down? T - No, I've never gotten it or any 800#s. I've gotten notice after when it was supposed to happen. Right now I'm calm because they're not even there.

C - Do you know anything about the zero dinar note? T - If anyone can find the new updated book effective Nov. 1, we just need someone to go in and see it. They probably won't let you take a picture of it. Just look at it for verification.

[FLPatriot59] *3-ZERO NOTE

C - If you have a $25K note can you exchange without an appointement? T - If you call the 800# you will be given an appointment. But you can walk in without an appointment with up to $25K. Their goal is to make appointments within the next 4 days.

C - This is getting scary. If they have us sign a 19-page NDA how are they going to handle those who've signed the 5-page NDA? T - They will monitor you for 10 years and afterwards it will be de-classified. You might be iin the shadows locally but nationally you'll be watched.

C - If Iraq has $25K notes lopped, will ours be affected? T - No, they will not be affected.

C - How hard is the IMF leaning towards 11/1? T - They are leaning on it real hard. And if they don't see anything working towards that they will take steps accordingly. What's really funny - and not easy to do - is break the NDA down to a 6th grade level. It used to be 8th grade level for peeps to understand it without an attorney. They've got somebody doing nothing but re-writing the NDA.

C - Will Frank let you know if the rates will be the same? T - All he's said is that he will only do the market rate.

C - I was superfantastic when the call started. Not it's about as clear as mud. Initially we're supposed to have a 20-minute appointment to read and sign the NDA and complete the FINcen? T - I'm not going to read it. I'm just going to sign it and tell them "give me my money.

C - The $31 rate is not the market rate, right? T - It's still on the bank screens. They feel it is the actual live rate and people were paid out at those rates. They are trying to get more but we don't know if it worked or not. It has been part of the discussion.

C - One comment is that people need to understand is that post-RV people need to get healthcare or they'll be taxed at 1% of income or $95/month, per the AHC Act. T - It would be smart to have healthcare. it's a good thing that people should be looking at doing.

C - Will there be something in the NDA to protect us from others who might lie or give a false report about us to cause problems because they didn't know about it? T - Everyone who exchanges will have to sign the NDA. Even if I'm giving somebody cash I'm having them sign an NDA to protect myself. How can they protect you from somebody like that? They can investigate and ask if you did anything to further the false report. You're innocent until proven guilty.

C - You had said that you were not accepting any more members on TNT Dinar. Is there a possibility that I can be included in the future and accepted into a future site about investments? T - I don't know how I'm going to do it. I'll set up something - we'll get it done.

T - Let's do a quick review: new NDA coming out, 19 pages as of yesterday. They are trying to get it down to 11 pages. They are absolutely listening to these boards and updating accordingly. Everything we're hearing about 11/1 is strong. They're saying it's rumor over there but we're seeing it in other places here, i.e., banking systems, financial people, so it appears to be more than rumor here. Meetings in DC have been happening all week. Yesterday they broke off with all in agreement. They have set a date and time for this to happen. I still believe Nov. 1 is the back wall. You should be excited - spend some time helping each other. We have a lot of newbies, so be nice in the forums and on the boards. They're asking questions so let's educate them. Be nice! Once this happens we'll do the same thing helping people - no longer dinarians but rather people helping people. Have a great day...thanks to all the mods and transcribers. I keep getting good news even now but they keep saying not to say this on the call. But I think we'll see it by 11/01. Have a great day!



10-30-2013   Intel Guru TD   The rate (whenever introduced) will reflect the support level of the country as a WHOLE (infrastructure, economy, political stability resources, etc. ) and that many components of the equation still need much work to correlate with any kind of high rate. Astronomical high rates being proposed by some ( 10 27, 30 ) are orbital rates that have no credibility here on earth.  [post 2 of 2]

10-30-2013   Intel Guru TD   As you see by the IMF report, which I reported on a week after the Central Banks meetings, that they have advised a hybrid rate of the current 1166 and to let market forces take the rate to it's sustainable, appropriate level . This is the scenario IF Iraq decides to introduce sooner rather than later. The (IMF) statement also clearly shows that the IMF is in an advisory role and not a 3 letter agency in charge of the event. Iraq is indeed in charge of it's own affairs and those alluding that it is not in their hands are arrogantly false!  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-30-2013   Intel Guru Loechin   I'm excited ...today holds much promise for us. There seems to now be a certain time to let us go into the banks.  [What time would that be? Today or tomorrow? I hope today.  [I understand all banks will partisipate now, could that be the hold up?]  No the final test has been done with them.



10-30-2013   Intel Guru Bluwolf   just so you know, bank rates super high, bank personnel on highest alert, Iraqi dignitaries completed all tasks in US.  All smaller denoms on catalog ( rv imminent ), we now await the international release of all currencies (announcement, 800 # ). This has a specific date and time to appear, all sources indicate it to be close. No cashouts or skr'$ rollovers yet ( its illegal before the fact, there's a 72 hour window left ) all will be simultaneously. And there is pressure on Washington to get on with it.  

10-30-2013   Newshound Guru Kaperoni      Now here is the same paragraph but i put it in laymans terms..."In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy (this is the IMF asking the CBI to leave the currency board exchange regime and enter the new float exchange regime). Such flexibility (this new float regime) could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate (the new regime would allow the dinar to rise based on supply and demand), triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation (if you pump more oil and diversify your economy, the dinar will rise fast) while keeping domestic inflation low.”

10-30-2013   Newshound Guru Kaperoni   I am going to further break down that paragraph from the IMF report.  I think this is important to clearly see what the IMF is saying.  This paragraph is amazing in that is echos exactly what we have said for months...  "In the medium term, staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy. Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

10-30-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony    this I know for a fact, from several sources that are right here in this country, Maliki and Barzani both are here in the U.S.  They both attended a meeting in the White House today. The meeting was attended by several 3 letter agencies and once again, an agreement has been reached and the final (I hope) time to RV has been determined. My 1 Nov date as the back wall has not changed. This is still scheduled to be a great week...any guru with serious sources or intel, will be in agreement with me.


[Leoff] Thought I would share this quote...hopefully it will be perfect for us all today! "Rely on the ordinary virtues that intelligent, balanced human beings have relied on for centuries: common sense, thrift, realistic expectations, patience, and perseverance." -- John C. Bogle (1929-) American Investor

loechin] So today holds much promise for us. Why we are still waiting seems a mystery. The release after all the back and forth fighting has taken place. There seems to now be a certain time to let us go into the banks.

[nonitx] loechin Thank you for the info!    Do you think they will push it to the last min?

[loechin] nonitx I don't think so

[TxIslandGIrl] loechin Thanks...What time would that be?? Today or tomorrow?

[cal] loechin I understand all banks will partisipate now, could that be the hold up?

[loechin] cal No the final test has been done with them

[loechin] TxIslandGIrl I hope today
[loechin] I am sure that Tony will give us a better timeline. But I would really look for anytime after banks close today into the weekend.

[mystery] loechin have you done your CE already?

[loechin] mystery No

[cherylpowell] Loechin weekend would be after the 1st

[loechin] cherylpowell RV then Exchange

 [pootie] Loechin, what date for celebration

 [loechin] pootie I look for tomorrow

[RAJAF] loechin you gave me a laugh.. trick or treat it may be after all

[loechin] RAJAF I will trick all the neg people and treat my wife and I

[1RangerBill] Loechin I Agree, Like Tony Said Last night, The Iraqi Delegation is Here To Make The RV Annoucment Today Or Tomorrow. ( Maliki & Barzani ).

[Buzzwise] Our expectations have been moved from month to month, week to week, day to day. It is obvious that times given have not gone down as expected, yet we all still hang on and expect the next time to work. And that's good. As long as we have the "hope" of this taking place, we can all hang in with the dreams that are to come. This is not a time to get down and depressed. It is just another day to "hope". And that is very good.

[tennessee] Happen tonight's the night all dreams come true

 [wallstreetgirl] loechin So today holds much promise for us. Why we are still waiting seems a mystery. The release after all the back and forth fighting has taken place. There seems to now be a certain time to let us go into the banks.

 [LEMusic] loechin - Thank You for coming in! I saw you said after the banks close into yhe weekend... Would that be after the west coast banks close - or are we waiting for Hawaii to close do you think? Thanks and Blessings!

[ggd] LEMusic I thought Tony said at this point it doesn't matter if the banks are open or closed, did I mis-understand?

[LEMusic] ggd you understand correctly - I was just trying to get loechin to clarify his statement about after the banks close - I suppose it COULD go any time - but perhaps there is a reason "they" want us to start calling in the evening or middle of the night...

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 [JerseyMike] loechin - just want to say thank you for all your words of encouragement thru out this whole long process. It certainly has helped keep me in this game! :) 


Guys trust me........this I know for a fact, from several sources that are right here in this country. Maliki and Barzani both are here in the U.S..  They both attended a meeting in the White House today.  

The meeting was attended by several 3 letter agencies and once again, an agreement has been reached and the final (I hope) time to RV has been determined. 

My 1 Nov date as the back wall has not changed.

This is still scheduled to be a great week.

I will explain this on the call tomorrow and any guru with serious sources or intel, will be in agreement with me.

TNT Dinar


Tidbit to guide by - Early Wednesday Bluwolf posting

10-30-13 1:00 am est......  just so you know, bank rates super high, bank personnel on highest alert, Iraqi dignitaries completed all tasks in US, 

All smaller denoms on catalog ( rv imminent ), we now await the international release of all currencies (announcement, 800 # ). 

This has a specific date and time to appear, all sources indicate it to be close. 

No cashouts or skr'$ rollovers yet ( its illegal before the fact, there's a 72 hour window left ) all will be simultaneously. 

And there is pressure on Washington to get on with it. And about Washington Legacy won the game after all. Be blessed, good day.