Friday, October 25, 2013


Okie got a call from Wells Fargo that they will call him soon to post his
graduation speech TONIGHT!! 
Looks like TIME to break out the good stuff !!!

[OKIEOILMAN] Good friday night america, ships at sea and all our world wide friends. First of all the report of my demise is premature. (jk). It has been a difficult day flying and trying to sign diplomas at the same time. 

But--that's what i have been doing. By all appearance of your homework i feel as you have had all the education you can receive from me and now deserve to graduate and go out in the world on your own. I hope to finalize the signatures on your diplomas tonight.

 That being the case i can now consentrate on a successful landing that i am only awaiting on the control tower for final clearance. I should be getting it anytime now. Make sure the runway is clear and well lighted cause my ole eyes are pretty blood shot tonight. 

Pray for clearance for landing tonight for me. I will post the time of my landing when authorized----keep tuned to this frequency from this moment on as i may have an important announcement that involves us all---i haven given my best--now give your best-----praise Jesus for prayers long 


[cjrentals] I really think the eagle post is about IQD which is what he put -- Tony talks about IQN and says only ask for IQN because there is a major difference

[sockpuppet667] Remember... E1's post didn't say IQN... it said IQD. Keep the faith on the IQN.

[daz] it doesnt matter the rate...we have a plan either way and they are both great...wait it out...release it...its great either way

[highhopes] I'm counting on $3+, Hoping for $5+, Dreaming of $10+ and serious fantasizing about $20+

[Pastorjedi] Be grateful for whatever we receive, let's just hope we receive it tonight!

[brendad] wyzeone57 Tony said the $27.87 was negotiated, I believe Tony, END OF STORY.
spguru: dont be pulled in to the kaos and dont let others take dinar for less it is all the way they will take money from you. be smart keep them off here and listen to tony and okie. i know firsthand it is done and numbers to come relax this is what tony said would happen just before release

[cody661] spguru thanks need to keep troops calm!:} :) :?

[TechDude] spguru EXACTLY what we've been warned would happen in "the end times" of this endeavor!

[cody661] spguru whos rate is closest to the truth tonys or eagle1?

[ spguru] tony's today, tony and okie are right

[keiji] lgtennis you excited tonight??

[flybaby777] spguru boards moving fast...my question should I send up the tanker to okie to refuel?

[spguru] flybaby777 no he is good and all is good for all  to land today just like tony has told you… now that will be today in tony world

[spguru] it is coming relax everyone you will see it

[spguru] he has 3 hrs

[startnow] spguru tonight ?

[ambrosia] WOW!

[spguru] wink wink

[gnosis] Yo we just got a big hint. 11pm PT / 2am ET is prime rv time!!

[curiousdinarian] ok so tony is PST so we will have to stay till 1 am. I think I can handle that.

[spguru] gnosis yes hint i cant say time but i think u get it

 [lgtennis] Thank you spguruuuuuuuuuu

[spguru] i am truley sorry I am bit frustrated at others and what they are trying to do to good people I will be back 11:45 west coast time zone cali time my bad my wife saw post and yelled at me lol. Remember I wear the pants she picks out colors and she has !qn so we will be headed to do a little banking if that helps good night for now

[spguru] listen CE have happen today they r waiting to release # to the masses… it is that simple now. I dont have any !QN and same for brother, sis, uncle and  good friends

spguru: rates r tony # period and to be honest could be more it u consider no fees like me 1

spguru: i have more people to help and all of u and have a flight in morning so getting rest for until 11:45 mnt time when i awake to say hello gonight for a bit

[lgtennis] We are so thankful to spguru for being here for all of us

[wantingfreedom] ♫•*¨*•.¸ I gotta feeling That tonight's gonna be a Good Night ♫•*¨*•. That tonight's gonna be a good night . . Tonight’s gonna be a good, good night ♫•*¨*•. Tonight Ohhh



 [loechin] Hey guys

 [GJHHonor] Loechin did you exchange yet?

 [loechin] OK if you heard Tony today then you don't need any news. You have to wait. No I have decided to wait just like you

[loechin] When Tony said it was over and last night and early today mine did to then I'm good

 [gtcnote ] Loechin u hearing WF will tell u tonight or tomorrow?

 [loechin] gtcnote Any second now

awesomeaaron:  If they are trying to prevent disruption of the banking, releasing the RV on Friday night would make sense....  Lots of us could CE on Sat and Sun when the branches are closed... just an idea..

[goldstandard] eagle 1 just mentioned confirmation that this is wrapping up today will be the last intel call and the imf contact said 100% by Monday

[snickers] okie just posted that he's been signing diplomas all day.

[James-NC] Okie said he has been signing diploma's....is there a hint in that line ?

[Pastorjedi] James-NC It used to be called graduation from Dinar University

[peefox] As a Retired Air Traffic Controller, ....OKIE 1, You Are Cleared for the approach Runway 17R, Wind 160 at 7, Altimeter 29.92, ... Report the Outer Marker Inbound, ... Check Wheels Down,..Cleared To Land at Pilot's Descretion, ...Report On The Ground and Clear of the Runway..... Welcome To DinarVille !

[febgirl] I think the post from OKIE was the precursor of the final Blast from Tony. I think they will be simultaneous given on both sites. IMHO 



10/25/13  [Eagle1]   Per contact no 30 day time frame for exchange .. There will be a Inflated rate for some of the high wealth groups ...

Eagle1  Some have exchanged already today . One group for $5.00 and another for $8.00 per Dinar

[Eagle1] asked contact about these high rates we are hearing about ? such as $ 27.87 for the Dinar and the $3.86 for the Dong ? Contact said that they are multipliers take 27.87 x 11.66 comes out to $3.25 for the IQD .

He said the IQD is increasing in value should come out right around Kuwait Dinar (KWD) $3.50 is also expected to rise in value, So maybe around $3.86 ... They expect the Dong around .50 .

[Eagle1]  They expect the rate change tonight but may not see it until Monday morning when banks open ... Moderator said this will be the last intel call.

[Eagle1]  Confirmation that this is wrapping up today will be the last intel call and the imf contact said 100% by Monday


10-25-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [In your discussions with banks have you ever gotten an explanation for stopping selling/buying dinar? The fact that it happened suddenly...]  There was no "sudden" stoppage of domestic banks dealing in Dinar - it happened over a gradual timeline, and the decision was made individually by each separate bank. I actually expect banks to start changing this policy soon, regardless of an immediate RV, because Iraq is working on becoming more stable and they are showing they can be trusted.  I know some detractors out there will disagree with me, but those of us that bought Dinar back in 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, etc… we've already seen a profit. So I say "Bring it on!"

10-25-2013   Intel Guru TNT Tony   I know that the call didn't come but  I know it is still on the way.   By on the way I do mean TODAY.  I have not received the 800 numbers yet but I can tell you that bank personnel have been told that they will be seeing you today.  All government agencies are saying it DID happen. It does not have to show at CBI first because it's already done. We are waiting for the activation which is scheduled for today.  People got paid yesterday and this morning at the same rate...the rates are still the same.   Everyone is excited and they are bouncing of the walls in DC because they know that this is it.  Right now we are just waiting.

10-25-2013   Intel Guru TD    [Are there significance in these trips relative to our investment?]    Iraq can go with introduction of the IQD ( IQN) at any time BUT that the roll out of the Economic Reform Programs will have greater impact (in due time) to a stronger & sustainable introduction and these programs are JUST BEING UNVEILED, so this is the first inning of the ball game IMHO.  We shall see many more trips like this to and from many nations in the months ahead.   [post  3 of 3]

10-25-2013   Intel Guru TD    EVERY NATION needs China as a trading & investment partner to achieve global success.   It's a fact of reality in a intertwined global economy.  And as far as the delegation to the USA, similar needs and Maliki who has been in Obama's doghouse is desperate to be liked and petted.  He really pissed off Obama when he tried buying Russian Military Goods.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

10-25-2013   Intel Guru TD   [SO what do you make of the trips of Turki in China, GOI officials (& Maliki) in the USA?]  Well, much has to do with the roll out of the Economic Reform Law & it's vital programs & policies.  These meetings mark the blueprint details to get Iraq into the global stage. China wants doors open for it's goods & contractors, Iraq want's to sell them more oil & is trying to achieve much needed foreign capital & investments.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

10-25-2013   Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [What info do you have on Iraqs currency reform plans?  Current/recent plans to increase its value to $1.00 then $3.00 range? Stated time frames? Where on the web can we go to monitor this topic?]  Keepin it real here, bud… I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but there is no public place you can see that information. If they have a Currency Reform plan  that follows that agenda, we are not going to have access to it.

10-25-2013   Intel Guru TerryK   GETTING SOME THINGS THAT THIS IS 99.999999%.  O [OBAMA] IS TO MAKE AN ANNOUNCEMENT.   DONT KNOW IF HE IS TO DO IT TONIGHT OR IN THE MORNING [FRIDAY].  [are you still favoring the 8.16 on the dinar]  YEP.





ARE YOU READY???????????????



REPLAY     805-399-1500    409029#

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Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:

[FLPatriot59] TNT CALL - T = Tony | C = Caller

TONY - Good morning, TNT Dinar! It's Friday morning, October 25, 2013 at 1:01 PM EDT. [SONG: "Let's Get it Started In Here"]

TONY - Good morning, TNT Dinar! It's Friday morning, October 25, 2013 at 1:01 PM EDT. [SONG: "Let's Get it Started In Here"]

T - WE ARE READY TO PARTY! That was a great song and Rayren must know something! I know some of you stayed up last night waiting for that call and it didn't come! But I know it's still on the way - and I mean TODAY on the way. I'm going to cut right to the chase... yes, yes, yes, I've heard it's scheduled for today, it's ready, it's supposed to be RIGHT NOW! This is the timeframe, no later than this afternoon. There's a lot of chaos doing it first thing in the morning, so they're trying to do it organized. It's not live yet, but bank personel have been told they WILL BE SEEING YOU TODAY.

T - All we have to do is wait and wait some more. All of the gov't agencies are saying it did happen but we're waiting for an activation time scheduled for some time today.

T - I'm still excited, the rates haven't changed. People got paid yesterday, got paid this morning. Contractors in Iraq said they got paid at the same rate. The majority of our sources are in lock-down and have been since 1:30 AM PST with the word "go." Now all we need to do is just see it. I'm not holding anything back - I'm on the roller coaster with you. I gave you that blast yesterday and that's the word I got - 100% ready to go. I'm ready to go to the bank and see how our lives change today. For some it will be later in the evening. But still, they're still going to go: smaller banks till 11PM and larger banks 24/7.

T - There's supposed to be a last-minute meeting at the cash-in centers and call centers right before the announcement. All of the dignitaries are in DC and bouncing off the wall. None of them left until it was all done...and some have left, so it's done. Not much else to tell you - it is SCHEDULED FOR TODAY. We were told by this time people would be walking thru the bank's front doors.

T - Right now it's all about getting ready for your appointment. I don't even have to tell you guys what really went on. It's done, it's over. I can you it was interesting: gov'ts like you've never seen them before.


 Q - If this RVs during the call will you be able to keep your poise? A - Yes! I will hang up and say goodbye.

Q - Was there any announcement in the mosques? A - No, but it was authorized and there was going to be a formal announcement but it didn't happen on TV.

Q - What happened that we're not in the bank today? A - We still have both: just a little bit later in the day but today should still be our day. It's all done and ready to come to you later this evening.

T - If you have a $25K note you can do more than one $25K note if that's all you have. You can go to multiple banks if you need to. They want to get the holders of the smaller amounts done quickly. If you go to a smaller bank in rural areas, you might have a harder time based on the limits the banks have.

T - The thing you need to do is tell your people what to do (people you gift to). Sit people down and explain that at $10K you have to sign the form. If they want more than that they'll have to wait (the bank has to order it). They're not going to give one person $10K and another one only $250. Don't go in there acting crazy. Explain all of this to your people. The more info we give out the smoother it will be. We don't want to miss out on our turn because a bunch of crazy people went before us.

Q - Does it have to show on CBI first? A - Evidently not because it's already done.

Q - Are the LDs in the ATMs now? A - Don't know. Can't answer.

Q - Does Tony have the 800#s? A - I don't have the 800#s. They have them and they haven't been released to anyone yet. I know where my cash-out location is, but I don't have the 800#s yet.

Q - If you call the group number and don't like their terms at the bank, can you leave? A - My understanding is if you call the group number you will be connected with that group.

Q - If the rate goes down can you negotiate back? A - If the rate goes down, it's going down. You can't negotiate back up.

Q - Is the bank where you CE your $25K note the same where you'll go for your main appointment? A - Not necessarily the same bank location.

Q - Will the call center (800#) be able to discuss the VNN? A - No, they're only working with the IQN.

Q - Do we risk more taxes if we negotiate on the VNN or other currencies? A - Not sure if it applies to other currencies since they are already internationally traded.

Q - How soon will this site be transitioned to a non-dinar site? A - Maybe tomorrow or Monday. We'll figure it out along the way. There are a lot of things we thought we could do post-RV, staying connected, get started, different investments, etc. I want to leave it up so you folks can communicate with each other. You can talk about things with others who signed the NDA like you did. It's outside people, i.e., TV, newspapers, etc. they don't want it exposed to the rest of the world.

Q - What about dropping off social media, changing email addresses, etc., for safety reasons? A - Yes, it's for safety reasons. Somebody here emailed me that another person PMd her and asked for her email address. There are people who will do nefarious things, trying to build their own database. They may say "hey, I got a great business idea, so send me your info and some money" and you get nothing for your money. They are just gone. Now you have real money - think what could happen.

T - After the RV is announced you'll be more convinced about what I'm saying and you're going to really think about these things.

LIVE CALL-IN STARTING NOW.... C = Caller | T = Tony

T - I'm superfantastic today because yesterday I was supposedly arrested for insider-trader and am in jail - again! How idiotic is this? You can't be arrested for insider-trading until you make a profit. So if that's the case, we'll all get arrested!

T - Yesterday evening the banks were told to start calling their banking clients. So some of you may get calls today to come in later today.

C -Is the first appointment to meet with the Private Banker (PB)? T - That appt is just for your exchange. The PB will be scheduled for another time.

C - In all the times I've heard you, this is the first time I've actually heard you call it. T - With all the info, it's done. This morning they're all saying it's done - you're going to the bank today.

C - Will the WF China group deal pay your taxes? That confuses me. T - I heard the Reno group is paying 11% but it does not get China to pay your taxes. Absolutely not! Everything we're hearing is WF but they're not the only bank that's cashing out, especially not at this rate. The 800#s numbers will be for the big four banks.

C - If it's done why don't the currency dealers know about it? T - I don't know. Maybe they're not notifying them until it goes public.

C - You said it's today but don't we have to wait for the UN publication date on the 30th? T - I know that everybody has been notified that the rate on Nov. 1 isn't the same rate it will be today. That means it could go into effect in the next 30 minutes and they could still be right. I can tell you that I know with 1000% it will happen by Nov. 1. The celebration was scheduled for the 29th and was moved up to today.

C - What is it that opened Pam's eyes that you alluded to? T - I have to be careful because I'm not Snowden or Ollie North. What I know is at a gov't level and you don't even want to know what your gov't does. It's not just us, but some things you don't want to know. But it is fascinating. Some things we don't need to know. Just that it's done.

C - Since the countries have the high values already, will they come down? Will the USD devalue? T - The high ones will come down and the low ones adjust up the 1st and 2nd quarters next year. The GCR has begun so there will be adjustments but not 30% like some people say. Not only is the $27.87 showing but people are getting paid out at that rate, so we know it's real. Some of the banks have made deals with people and at lower rates to get them paid. I know that's not what you want to hear but that's the reality.

C - When we get the 800#s and make appointments at all 4 major banks, can I walk in and CE a $25K note at each of them before the appointment? T - Yes, that's what I heard.

T - Banks are going to offer you certain things based on what you deposit in their bank. Spreading it out over 4 different banks dilutes your power there. You won't get treated the same as the guy with $100M in 1 bank.

C - What determined the time for later today? T - I was told it was to avoid chaos as much as possible and not disrupt regular banking business.

C - Does the IQN need to be in a separate NIB account? T - It doesn't need to be. The banks are going to be flooded with money. Banks arent' going to shut down - they're not going anywhere.

C - Can we call the 800# for elderly parents? T - No, each appointment has to be called in separately.

T - Keep your IQN separate from everything else and the interest is earns will be gold-backed. Be safe or be sorry.

C - You sound very confident about the 1000% by Nov. 1. T - I am. Last night it was 100% done for today and people have left the country. They are asking "What time are we going to let it go today?" I have a time so we just have to wait for it today.

C - Does the NDA cover casual conversation? T - You don't want to sit in Starbucks and talk about how you made all your money. People I know as well as the banks have all said it's a scam. You can just let people know your investment came through. My business is my business.

C - I've heard that whales and big, big dinar holders have a 30-day wait on their CE so they can process the rest of us? T - They want to do the masses first. I can't say there's going to necessarily be a 30-day wait for the others.

 C - Is CBI going to actually report this on their site before we get the 800#s or rates? T - No, it's not going to happen that way. They wanted it to and it was planned to happen that way, but other things I can't discuss prevented that from happening, so we're going to go on.

C - So the traders will or will not get it at the same time? T - I don't think the traders will be able to participate in this until Sunday evening.

C - What makes this conversation TODAY of it happening NOW different that give you that confidence? T - I like Nov. 1 as worst case scenario. Best case scenario is it's over today based on things that have been happening in NY and DC that you won't see on CNN. The fact that all those people were here - it's not on the news. You didn't get anything about the dinners and celebrations going on in the WH. It was designed to come out one way and it's not coming out that way. Decisions were made and they decided not to play that game anymore. Today all people in agencies that people will walk in the bank doors today.

C - Does the POTUS's speech have anything to do with the RV today? T - It's supposed to be about immigration and the economy. He said by reforming immigration he could remove $1T off the debt. So we'll see - no advance copies of the speech have been released.

C - Do you know anyone personally who has cashed out? T - No, I do not. The people who COULD have cashed out didn't because they've talked to me. But one level removed they know people who have CE'd.

C - When we go to the Cashout center can I take my mother-in-law? T - No, each person has to call for their own appointment.

C - When you say tonight, is it after lunch or dinner? T - It should be between now and bedtime (MTN time).

C - So you say the green light was given and no more needs to be done? No more "one more thing"? T - Let me answer your other question first. This was supposed to happen on Tuesday. VIPs have been here since then. They absolutely wanted it done then. And it didn't happen. So the leaders said enough of this - it's done and it's activated. Everybody knows it and there's no turning back. It will go "live" to the public TODAY. That's what the bank people have been told and I'm just going with that info I've been given.

C - We're listed with a bank manager at a small WF and she hasn't called us yet. T - She won't hear anything until it goes live. She'll have a 30-45 minute notice before it goes live. They were only supposed to have a 20-minute advance notice, so they stretched it out a little.

C - We're listed with a bank manager at a small WF and she hasn't called us yet. T - She won't hear anything until it goes live. She'll have a 30-45 minute notice before it goes live. They were only supposed to have a 20-minute advance notice, so they stretched it out a little.

T - Let me clarify something for you. For me, the weekend is filled with "hey Tony do a blast." I wish it was quiet for me but I still have to get info and go thru ups and downs. Even tho I'm not doing a call my phone is still ringing and ringing. Even my friends tell me now that I'm not fun anymore. But I have to do what I have to do. Don't think it stops because I hang up the phone here on Friday. But that's okay.

T - I know a whole lot of people have gone thru a lot, they've lost family members, etc., but I tell them whatever they go thru they need to keep that dinar. That's the only thing that will give you a chance to get back to a normal live, with the way our economy is.We have to go thru things that makes it better on the other side. You'll appreciate people more. While I regret that anybody had to go thru this, hopefully by this evening we will have gone thru it.

C - Will the govt' drop the rate after the 1st four days? T - They have said they want the majority of folks to CE within the 1st four days. If they get half the people in the 1st four days it'll be those people who you've given those $25K notes, not the appointments. That will immediately change their lives. At $27 that's a half million dollars. They did think about the "little people" - at that level we should have 5M new folks to make up a new middle class.

C - Is Okie still going to have the priviledge of announcing this? T - I talked to the people I usually talk to and they asked me to call them as soon as I get the 800#s. But I told them I should call Okie first and they kinda went ballistic They want us ALL to call Okie together so he can do a blast as fast as he can. There might be a problem since he went to the ER the other day and, because of the storm, his computer is still down. I'll still give it to him and see how he wants to work it. He deserves it. He went thru a lot of ridicule but he was always doing what he thought was right. Years ago when we got a call from a Senator we were being given smoke for a reason. But we're both ex-military guys.

C - While I am satisfied 1000% with the rates now, if there is a ceiling higher than the $27.87, will the tax be applied to the difference between the 2 rates? T - I don't know. The tax rate is not the only trap, but I can't tell you what they are. If you don't know what you're doing it's not worth it.

C - If the dealers can't participate until Sunday, will they stop selling, sell at current rate, or sell at a higher rate? T - I'm not sure they won't be in the game until then. The previous caller asked about Forex, which closes today at 5PM. We won't see them participating until Sunday with updated rates, but they could get in a couple of hours this evening.

C - Is it true you're buying the Oakland Raiders? T - No, I'm not buying the Raiders, but my goal is to become a minority partner.

C - You said we don't want to know what the gov't is doing. If we start our own small group can we get that info? T - This is what I want to say: with every statement there is conjecture and a hint of truth. That's what makes the whole thing believeable. If I start having calls, forum postings, etc. about all of this, that's a problem.

C - You keep saying something about group numbers, are there also numbers for individuals? T - No, there is ONE group number and the others are for individual appointments.

T - What I did get is this: a text that says on   www.whitehouse.gov    there is a note about the POTUS speech that he's going to talk about the next generation of entrepreuners. If I was you I'd listen to it. I'd be very interested when it ends. Everything I'm hearing is that it's done and they're waiting. Every agency is saying it's done. Bank people have gotten their notifications, so all that's left is us. Let's see what the day hold - we will do a short call - we are on our way! Watch the site and on the board we'll put when to expect the next call. Enjoy your day! END OF CALL.

FLPatriot59] CORRECTION: The POTUS speech is at 3:45 PM EST: President Obama Speaks on the Next Generation of Middle Class American Workers and Entrepreneurs


10/25/13 TONY: We are ready to party...Let's get it started!!! I know some of u stayed up last nite waiting for that call...But this is what i know too...it is on the way! I do mean today on the way...we didnt see it this morning - cut right to the chase - Heard it is scheduled for 2day - and i will even go as far as to say - its suppose to be right now...time frame no later than this afternoon...didnt want to create chaos - first thing in the a.m.


dustibigelow wrote on October 24th, 2013, 7:17 pm:  Ok....I have a bank story. This happened today.

A few of us dinarians were sitting around and decided to call a few banks. I told them I usually trip over my tongue when I talk on the phone. (No offending comments about that statement,,,KC!!)

Sooooo, my friend said...I'll do it! I told her .... this is what you say:

"I know that the Iraqi dinar is getting ready to revalue. Could you tell me if you will be able to exchange them for me?"

She call 3 Wells Fargos in the city about 30 minutes from here...population about 80,000.

"No, we will not. It is illegal."  (Well, duh, it is now.)   Same with the other 2.

She called a Wells Fargo in Portland, Oregon. "No, not at this time." A little more encouraging.

Now, we live in a small town of about 35,000 people.  I told her to call our BOA here in town.

The conversation went like this:

I know the Iraqi dinar will be revaluing soon. Could you tell me if you will be able to exchange it for me?"

Answer: "Not right now, but that could change next week."  (At this point, my friend's jaw dropped!!!!!)

So my friend said, "So not right now?"  Answer:"No, but that could even change tomorrow."

 She got off the phone. We just started laughing hysterically. Tomorrow, I do believe I will go down and open an account at BoA.  It's been a fun day!  Dustib

Toyvp ? October 25th, 2013, 12:22 am    [Post 136]  Dusti I read your bank story and those stupid tellers don't know anything below is the OFAC summation and I have highlighted the best part please copy and paste then print this off and take it with you to the bank so that the next time someone tells you that it is on OFAC and illegal you can plop it down in front of them and say "REALLY"? ILLEGAL? and on OFAC?