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30MD - 7 confirmations, suppppper high alert, I was just told to "hang in there an hour or so."

[August] 30MDinar - high high alert!!!! 


RED HATS ARE NOW ON!!Posted by EXOGEN on October 9, 2013 
STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!

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EXOGEN October 9, 2013 at 7:49pm
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10-9-13 30M: I have gotten multiple confirmations in the last hour, hour and a half, 7 different confirmations have come in today. Unless something changes, we MAY see this in the next hour.

A high ranking government official sent a communication saying... ?It is happening NOW?

Another high ranking official (you would know these people if I told you who they were) said... ?Look for it tonight?

In order for this to go down, a key thing has to be done.

One more thing has to be done - here?s the thing at this point in time, we don?t know how long it will take to put this last final thing into place, could be an hour, 4, 6 hours, later tonight sometime, within the next 1 - 12 hours we should see it.

But what we are hearing, unless something changes, ?this is our night?.

Trust me when I tell you, I never say anything unless I have multiple confirmation.

I have 7 confirmations all saying we should be on High Alert, All Night

We will be here all night. I?m going to know when this thing pops, and I?ll let you all know when it pops!

One guarantee in this is, when you?re walking out of the bank or exchange facility with your receipt, that is your guarantee - that?s the only one that counts.

Guys, I am grounded, but dancing up and down on the inside and believe me, you guys should be too.

I?ve Never been as confident as I am right now, unless something changes -You know how it goes, things can happen. - Love you Guys!


Eagle1 » October 9th, 2013, 4:28 pm  •  [Post 266]   Good Afternoon, Family:

Well, here we go again! Despite all of our best efforts to communicate accurately, something just seems to fall through the cracks, and we see what appears to be interference on the part of others whose interests are self-serving.

Some folks have questioned whether or not I'm being deliberately lied to and deceived because of the number of people who either listen to me or read my posts in order to effect the spread of disinformation.

Let me say up front that I trust implicitly the individuals who supply me with intel.

 They have no reason to lie. They pass on as much as they are allowed to without breaching their own non-disclosure agreements.
  My contacts come from within the banking system, within the IMF and within various Federal agencies. In some cases they make it clear that there is certain information they convey which is not for public consumption for security reasons.

If I am to keep the level of confidence and integrity with my sources I have no choice but to honor those requests.

That said, we fully expected to see the GCR live today on bank screens. We know without question that the GCR has been implemented globally and that new rates for the currencies are already available within the various exchanges and banking systems.

We also have indisputable proof in the form of certain behind-the-scenes transactions which have been completed which could not have been implemented without the GCR and the revaluing of the pivot gold-backed currencies.

So what's the delay in seeing everything on the bank screens so we can begin our exchange? I asked that question of one of my sources this morning and the way I put the question was, "Who or what is gumming up the works?"

The answer was pretty quick and to the point. "No one is gumming up the works! Everything is following a methodical and systematic procedure. 
When there have been unresolved issues at certain stages, everything has paused momentarily while those issues are resolved, and the process resumes."

We saw the finish of the final project yesterday (and have documented proof)necessary before the GCR could go live, and the expectation was that we would see things today.

One senior bank official stated unequivocally yesterday that we would see the new rates on bank screens today. Well, today isn't over yet! So what's happening?

One of the "pauses" in this process occurred yesterday when certain individuals privy to the completion leaked sensitive information in violation of their non-disclosure agreements.

Because of who and where those individuals were, they were arrested this morning and a new set of protocols issued for the final release.

A very confidential and secretive meeting has been underway during the past 24-48 hours between some of the principals of the GCR as a precursor to the G-20 Summit which begins tomorrow.

My sources report a high level of confidence that we could see the release immediately following that meeting. 

There is a remote chance we could still see things pop late today on bank screens, but it seems far more likely that we wait and watch for tomorrow.

We have known for some time of a tacit gentleman's agreement between the Iraqi Central Bank and Kuwait that Iraq would not release the IQD/IQN at a rate to exceed that of Kuwait (currently at $3.53), but that will not prevent Iraq's currency from exceeding the value of the KWD in the days, weeks and months ahead.

Administrative screens currently show the VND/VNN at $.45 and the IDR/IDN at $1.07. At the same time, those same screens show the level of the IQN at several cents below that of the KWD.

Will we see this thing tonight? Will we see it tomorrow? Will we see it this week?Honestly, I have a high level of confidence that this is our week and that this ride is finally coming to an end! That's my opinion and I'm sticking to it!:heeheehee:

We continue to decree and declare, "Thy Kingdom come, Lord -- here, now, in our nation and with the GCR -- even as it already exists in Heaven!"  Blessings on you. Eagle1


10/09/13 rjw2415 : "I just got off the phone with my daughter. She got a call from a friend of hers in Australia that knows she is invested in Iraq Dinar. Her friend said that the Prime Minister of Australia just stated on TV that there is to be a global reset of currencies worldwide and that their currency would increase in value. He had also stated that the Iraq currency had revalued in country and that their currency was a big factor in the reset..."


MORE INTERESTING......................



10-9-2013   Intel Guru Frank26   The problem is the Iraqi Dinar should be stronger than Kuwait's because of how much more oil Iraq has but as you know politics is holding it at bay. The Kuwaiti's do not want the Iraq Dinar to be more than Kuwaiti Dinar but at least they have an agreement made It is unclear though when this message will be out to the US since the government shut down is going on.'  The IQD was de-valued at the blink of an eye.  It will return by the same download speed.  Don't ... Blink.   [post 2 of 2]

10-9-2013   Intel Guru Frank26   I normally do not share communications with You. But The Spirit moves me to do so.  Please enjoy.  “Morning Frank, I received another email from him in Kuwait:  'According to the Kuwaiti Ministry and the Iraq Ministry they have reached an agreement about where the Iraqi Dinar should be in the Kuwiati Times Newspaper 3 days ago. Everybody knows that the Iraq Dinar is one of the most secure currencies in the world right now and that it's value is deeply under
[post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-9-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana
   Once we have a firm decision on the political issues, they will likely go IMMEDIATELY into the HCL, and whoever pushes that through will be a CHAMPION. I'm sure I don't have to over-explain how much that will do to get votes in the next election.  With that said, it's my opinion that the RV has a VERY good chance of being pushed through before those elections... which means we won't be waiting years, but we may have to wait months.   [post 2 of 2]
10-9-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   Very quiet news week, not much to 
report there. No official movement on the HCL, but I am hearing rumors that this 
will.  I'm hearing that they are still working on it, the problem right now is the elections.  This happens a couple times a year... when the elections start coming into play, the big dogs stop everything to play their political power games. It is unfortunate for us, and for the Iraqi people, but as always... I'm not here to mince words or sugarcoat things, I'm telling you like it is.   
[post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

10-9-2013  Newshound Guru Millionday   this week is very important with the economic conference we just had sunday and the wto hosted conference on friday and...the some that will go on  with trade partners on thursday and then we have the visit to washington on the 28th of this month and we have the g20 and central bankers meeting on friday as well  - we have the 10th of next month, i believe it is the 10th -- the imf and world bank having a huge conference with iraq.  [They have gone to huge financial conferences without RV.]   they may have gone to many i agree but not about the economic reform and the transition to the market economy -- that is the encouraging difference.
10-9-2013   Newshound Guru Lojak   i dont want to get everyone all over hyped, but I personally cant see Maliki going to dc without the RV done...not with all of this other stuff either done, or in the final process, including the WTO conference, the econ reform law in Parliament now...etc.

10-9-2013  Newshound Guru Stryker    Now that we know that the remaining Kuwait war debt is paid and they in fact are out of Chapter VII fully and are fully sovereign, then we also should know that this was the last thing keeping Iraq from regaining their Frozen Funds, DFI Funds, Reserves, and all confiscated Assets over all, and all interest that these funds/assets have been accumulating over the last 10 years Can Iraq use these funds to add to their reserves to back the Iraqi dinar going forward? The answer is yes, but I must emphasize that no one knows exactly what they will do until the powers in charge discloses their overall plan but my point is they can!  [post 2 of 2]

10-9-2013  Newshound Guru Stryker   Iraq’s Full Sovereignty. Quote: “UN Security Council in adopting UN Security Council resolution No. 2107 of 27.09.2013 which terminated Iraq's obligations under chapter”   Now it is official and Iraq is completely out of Chapter VII according to the statement made in front of the General Security Council by The Republic of Iraq’s own Vice President Khudheir 
AI-Khuzaie on September 27, 2013. The only way this was accomplished was
that Iraq paid off Kuwait fully according to Kuwaiti Information Minister Salman
.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]


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Notes from FlPatriot59 at I4U:

TONY - Good morning, TNT! It's Wednesday, October 9, 2013. And we're going to start off by telling you that I am 99.99999% sure this is happening today! I've got some info to tell you guys.

T - I was on the board to see what's going on, which I usually don't. Somebody was saying they're tired of hearing me say "99.9% everyday." If I'm 99.9% sure what must I be hearing that that you are not to make me that sure? Some things are very specific about certain people in DC that I won't say on this call - not going to happen. I won't jeopardize me and my family. But I do have that confidence that it's that close. It could at any moment any day. One thing is holding it back. That is how close they are and how much info is being given out.
T - You guys have no idea how close we are! Okay, here it goes. I just got a text and let's see if we can get one confirmation out of DC before I say this.

T - I have people I believe in and I believe in their info. They don't talk to each other, different states, different banking systems, so when they have corresponding info that gives me the confidence to know and believe what I'm hearing. I know that is hard for you to believe about contacts in DC. I know who I am and it's hard for even me to believe. I'm nobody special. A guy on a radio show.

T - The info is still coming out and we're still getting windows. I will ease your mind right now: we have not gotten a time for today but the text I just got should tell you something. So let's see what happened yesterday.

 T - Yesterday we heard about the NDA and I received a copy of - 5-page NDA vs. a 20-page agreement with one of the groups. It's not that hard to read and understand why they are and the qualifications. I was told they have different ones for different states to cover everything legally. All that came out yesterday and we talked about it. Should we sign, not sign. If you want to get paid you'll sign.

T - [READING PORTION OF NDA] - basically it says Homeland Security will heavily monitored and track transactions of funds received from transaction, etc. It does say who can talk to and who you cannot talk to, 10-year agreement, etc. It covers a lot. My thinking right now is that it's like a standard NDA. You can talk to people who did sign. You cannot talk to people who DID NOT sign an NDA. But I would get a legal interpretation about that.

T - We can talk about other things on this site - we can convert over to "what to do with your money" post-RV. They said in DC we might have to shut down, so we'll see. You may notice that we have cut off membership to our site and chat room. No new members - it's over, done with. I'm going to try and stay up and we're going to do that. Under normal conditions of an NDA we can talk to each other anyway. Their concern is the general public - exposing other people who were involved in this process, turning the world upside-down for 50,000 because we were LUCKY ENOUGH to be part of this. We didn't have to be.

T - I can say they didn't plan for that, when it was suggested that this was the plan all along. Hopefully this is the last piece. This has been in the works for months and just came out at the last minute.

T - My wife told me yesterday that I said over 2 years ago that they are making and changing laws based on our conversations here. They are protecting themselves - not us - and I don't blame them. Would you really run around telling peeps how much money you just made, how super rich you are. There will be no books, movies, for at least 10 years.

T - Monday night the banks were briefed on this and they just got their documents in just now. They couldn't have done this before now because they didn't have this document. I think they now have our side completed. We thought it should've gone 2-3 weeks ago, but they didn't have this document, even though it's months old. The doc itself isn't new - it's just when did they make the decision of when to give it to us and have each one of us sign it?

T - I say these docs have been delivered to the top 4 banks right now, just not sure about the mom & pop banks. We still don't know if you have to sign one at each cash-out instance, but it will cover all currencies, so I've been told.

T - I think and hopefully I am answering some of your questions. I'm being honest with you - no agendas, nothing for the future - if you ask the right questions you get the right answers. I'm not sure why people keep asking me "is this real" or "is this really happening" otherwise why would I be here? I honestly think it can happen today, which is looking a whole lot better.

PAM - I texted you a question about how the NDA works with gifting? T - I don't know. Let me read and find that part [Tony is reading NDA]. It says what you can't do. I'm trying to get to the part of what it covers. It's pretty basic, except that Homeland Security will monitor you the rest of your life and your accounts. [Tony reading part dealing with other persons] This says who's covered. You just need to be aware of it so you won't be shocked when you go in there. But it will make you more confident going in knowing about it.

Pam - Can they give their gifts before they sign the NDA? T - I'm not an attorney, but common sense says you can do whatever you want before you sign. If you give out a gift letter the recipient needs to do their own exchange and sign their own NDA. This is serious. Don't play with the US Gov't, Homeland Security in particular, who can take everything from you for the next 10 years if you violate the NDA.

T - They're mainly looking for people who will make a name for themselves, make a big splash, interviews, etc. and expose this to the whole world.


Q - What is the truthful RV window? A - this week, with a good opportunity for today. Waiting for more confirmations.

Q - Is it true the west coast RV'd and the rest didn't? A - I don't understand that. Yesterday evening after east coast banks closed the rates went live for 20 minutes. It was live for 3 hours on the east coast in the middle of the night and they expected it to be live this morning.

T - yesterday rates went live before banks opened and last night same. Rate went live between 12 -3 am and then down again. My understanding if you had of been there you could have been processed. This morning it went down again. My understanding right now, rec'd paper work and meeting to know how to fill out.

T - out of Iraq they were told not to discuss this anymore, when found out that they were getting different rates and it caused problems.

Q - Does every different currency exchanged have to be put in separate accounts? A - Just the IQN, for tax purposes, have to be in a separate account.

Q - Do we still give the amount in reserves when we make our appointment? A - Yes.

Q - When this hits and the tellers start cashing out what keeps them from quitting? A - They're still going to need jobs & there is a task force set up to monitor their employees because they know they're going to get upset. You also must monitor your account.

Q - does tony feel a confirmation is the truth? A - I don't understand these questions. If I think someone is lying to me why pay attention or bring it to you? I'm not getting paid for this, not telling you to go to anyone, not selling dinar. The UST or gov't are not paying me. Why do you think I'm doing this if I don't believe what i'm telling you. I have dinar I want to cash in just like everybody else.

T - explaining the various payments on the cards in Iraq, old budgets for backpay being loaded. I know about the $25.87 rate because the people that own the companies tell me this is what their guys are being paid, then it was shut off. They are still waiting for it just like us they cannot start it back up until they get a timeframe.

Q - where will our info be sold to? Recaps? A - We have nothing to do with Dinar Recaps. Don't know who owns it, etc. we are not partners or in cahoots with them. We will never, ever, ever give out your email address to anyone else.

Q - Are the bankers still in control of the world's economy? A - They're never going to go away. This has been a 10-year project, so don't for one minute think there isn't a 15-year, 20-year project behind the scenes. The majority of the 5M people will go on with their lives, spend their money, etc. They won't see the changes in the 5 zones, changes in the currency, etc. There will stil be some great opportunities with this money to create a legacy for your family.

Q- Can you explain the red flag associated with wires outside your bank or country? A - We've been told if you wire over $500K in the first 30 days, you account will be put on hold while they verify it. Anything outside the country will cause Homeland Security to approve it before it goes through.


C - Can you post the NDA so we can read it? T - I was instructed not to pass it on, but if they tell me I can I will definitely post it.

C - On Bloomberg this morning news about Janet Yellen and Obama making announcement - are these related to the RV? T - It may already be done but nobody has sent me a text.

C - Currency exchange or Cash-in? A - It is a currency exchange.

C - Now with the NDA will you be able to share with us the rates you get at the banks? T - As far as I know if we're all signing NDAs we should be okay. But I'll ask for legal advice. I may be able to be close but not exact. I'll do the best I can.

C - I have gifted to friends but I haven't signed an NDA yet. Can I still give them info post-RV? T - after you sign the NDA it will be clear what you can and can't say.

C - Why wait until the 11th hour to reset at the final moment? T - The NDA isn't from the bank. It's from the USG. A delegation from China arrived last night and they are meeting today. Everything I'm seeing and hearing is that it's being done right now. The last thing to be done is to tell the people to come to the banks. I don't know how the meeting is going today. But today I didn't have a time until now. I liked it better when I didn't have a time.

T - First, let me clear up your statement that I have an inside advantage. You're on a kiddy roller coaster and I'm on the world's biggest roller coaster. What kind of advantage is that? I go through many more ups and downs everyday and I don't share them all with you.

C - I heard on OMC that someone said the Aussy PM said the GCR did happen and the IQN is leading. Has it been verified? T - I wasn't going to talk about it until confirmed. If it is then today should be our day.

C - If i'm going to fire up a cigar & drink, am I going to drink an afternoon delite, after dinner drink, or tequila sunrise? T - I'm looking at an after-dinner drink or nightcap.

C - Can they go and charge us a higher rate and it be retroactive? T - I don't know not do I have all the IRS laws. But it's the USG and they can do what they want to. They are trying to get it done by Nov/Dec on the books for 1/1/14.

C - I have a friend in EU saying there is news that China will refuse payment in USD? T - I have not heard that, but it's smart for them to do that, especially before the RV.

(TNT Housecleaning)


C - Do you think whoever is at the top has a date in mind? T - Everybody listen to this: all the pieces of the puzzle could be there, and this could be the last piece. But at some point it has absolutely nothing to do with the puzzle. It is about egos, i.e., "I'm going to show you who's in charge and I will decide when it happens." Do I know who that is? I think so. I can tell you who it is not. At some point you just have to move on. If we don't do it, it's not going to be nice. But they've got everything to the point where I don't know what's going to happen in today's meeting. They may get tired of procrastinating, standing around and looking at all the idiots. There is a meeting today in DC - not the meeting on CNN. I won't find out how pertinent it is until afterwards. There are a very few individuals holding this up.

T - Is there a certain point where someone can step in that can make the decision? T - Yes, President Obama.

C - I don't see how they can enforce the NDA since the currency is already on the open market? T - I said the same thing yesterday. I don't know everything but I was told it would be included. It's not a regular transaction, but a global reset. Right now they're telling me everybody has to sign. Maybe just over a certain amount. But now they're saying for even just 1 note.

T - This is real simple. I tell somebody something 3 times, then there's no sense arguing with an idiot. There's no sense explaining to an idiot they missed out on the chance of a lifetime. I know right now there are people laughing at me all the time. I tell them to just keep laughing, but when it happens they're going to be sick forever.


C - If you sign the NDA will there be a requirement to keep your money in the bank for a specified length of time? T - That was originally part of the group deal. This NDA doesn't say anything about brokerage accounts or time deposits.

C - I told some family members and they still didn't buy. How do I handle that? T - We're waiting to see if DC will put out an official line. I can't really tell you what to say.

C - My concern is with the debt ceiling debate and the 17th deadline. It looks like we may need to crash for the resettlement across the world to happen. T - It's taking a hit today. It won't happen on that day. It will affect our economy and the global economy. I don't know that it won't do that. But what we have in place is that it could go at any time.

T - With the GCR they're trying to level the playing field and bring the 3rd world countries up, why would they crash the system worldwide? I don't see the benefit of crashing the global economy for a GCR.

C - Regarding the NDA, can we talk to an attorney? T - Yes, it covers them too. I'm hearing that multiple currencies will be placed in the new NDA and hopefully we can see it tonight.

C - When you go the bank with or without an appointment and they tell you they have to send your currency out for verification, what would you do? T - Some banks will absolutely do that. I wouldn't do that. If I'm told that I will leave and move on to the next bank. I'm going to a bank with a DeLarue machine that can verify my currency, exchange it, give me a deposit receipt and I walk out with a balance in my account. Even if I have to make a short trip that's what I'd do.

T - When you make your appointment they will ask you for your name/amount/zip code. They will send you to a certain location based on the amount of IQD you have to exchange. They have 1M folks calling them and each call is timed. You can try and ask questions but the have a list to follow on the call.

C - Have you ever heard of an Agency Trust Account? T - No, I have not. I would be calling the bank and asking about that now. If there's a way to set it up do it now and don't wait until you get to your appointment. Make some phone calls or go to some bank sites and search for it. Don't wait until the last minute to find out about it.

C - There was the recommendation to not work with neighborhood banks for privacy reasons. T - you're going to be working with wealth managers and they're not in those branches anyway.

TONY - I think we're in a good position. 99.999% say it's going to happen today or this evening. I've heard that authorizations have been given to the banks. As far as we're concerned it has been released from certain people. I've heard that they're not going to give them (800#s) to the banks until 20 minutes before the calls start. Yesterday banks notified us they had received their pamphlets. The numbers are on the screens for those times. Even though I've been given a window I don't know if it's going to be before or after that window. If it gets past 7-8PM EDT I don't think we'll see it until the morning, based on my personal opinion. After that time I would just relax. They won't keept the cash-out folks there all night. The system, people, are ready. Enjoy your day - I'm looking for it. One of the egos has to let it go. If this is it you'll get a text.



Jack Warren10/08/2013 8:11pm I use to work for one of the big three and still have friends that are managers in local branches and are regional managers. I was just told that all staff is required to be at work at 6 am on Thursday. They were also told the bank is bringing in extra security that will be around for the next week. All they were told was to expect a major currency to updated.