Wednesday, October 2, 2013


He said to get ready for tomorrow. 

He spoke to two separate contacts today, they gave him an earful of what's happening. They told E1 the GCR is going live tonight and that we will see it tomorrow.  He also confirmed this with his IMF contact. Suffice it to say, things have been moving and there's a whole lot happening behind the scenes


10-2-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    In about a half hour Parliament should be voting on election laws. They have agreed to push the HCL topic back temporarily in order to focus on other matters.  
This is bad news for everyone who needs an RV immediately, but if you have your calm cool and collected hat on, you'll see that this is a GOOD thing - it's showing that Iraq is maturing and rather than keep spinning their wheels, they are knocking down important benchmark goals. 

Once the table is cleared of these other matters, they can and WILL tackle the HCL - and that is coming soon.  The 
projected date is November 14, but like Chapter 7 - it's very possible that they will just surprise us. I still believe that the HCL is the biggest issue right now, so I'll continue to watch for that.   [post 3 of 3]

10-2-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    The fact that they were working towards the goal of getting out of Chapter 7 and ACCOMPLISHED it is another good reason.  And the fact that Iraq's dinar has done nothing but CLIMB over the last decade is another good reason! The list goes on and on… if you want a realistic expectation, then stick to the news and the facts. Iraq is still moving forward, and that's enough for me at this time.   [post 2 of 3….stay tuned]

10-2-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   The IQD is IQD, not IQN. The rate is set by the CBI, not Wells Fargo or anyone else. When the CBI decides to raise the value, we are going to get whatever the CBI will pay for the dinar. And the CBI is going to raise the rate when THEY feel they can sustain the higher rate. That is IT. Now let's step back and think logically - why are we in this investment? Well, the fact that Iraq's inflation is stable at 2.5% is one good reason! [post 1 of 3….stay tuned]

10-2-2013  Intel Guru TNT Tony  The rate is $25.87 for the IQN at 3 of the top 4 banks.  They are just waiting for activation/authorization.  $3.44 was the rate we were hearing for years, then it went to $3.68/$3.86.  It was to go within $.50 of Kuwait.  Once the global reset got involved, those numbers got adjusted.  The $25.87 is just for the 30 days. It will come back down. It’s is not a long term thing.  I am told this will be the base rate and there is no minimum amount of dinar needed.   Bankers are saying there are different rates [IQD/IQN] so you have to go in and ask for the IQN and ask for the higher rate.  Everybody says it is signed off.  Everybody in DC and around the world thinks it's today.  We are waiting to see what will happen.  [post 2 of 2]

10-2-2013  Intel Guru TNT Tony   I called some people today and they said it was going to be a great day  today.  Everyone is on lockdown, there is extra security in place and no less than 3 banks had the same rate at the teller screens.  Thought we would have seen it this morning.  It is scheduled for later today, no holds.  The 24 hours is up.  They asked for another 24 hours and were refused.  There is no reason for it not to go.  I got a call at 8:00 last night that is would happen today.  A whole lot of money changed hands, agreements were put in place.  [post 1 of 2….stay tuned]

10-2-2013  Intel Guru MarkZ   ALL the news has been good today.  I am pretty excited. I have settled into a calm assurance of the event and it happening soon.  We are close to breaking the door down.
10-2-2013  Intel Guru TD   Don't Fret, the process is underway. I have changed my stance (due to reliable info) from cautiously optimistic to expectant of fruition. It might be just days to a few more weeksWATCH SOON for a false announcement ( I'm told) ALA KUWAIT for a postponement of the currency reform program ( as like till sometime 2014) and you'll know we are then there.Purchasing power increase for their citizens (and our ROI ) will be gradual and the longer the window of allowing the old notes to remain the better we can increase our ROI. AS I reported before they are following neighbor's Turkey's currency reform program in many respects. Turkey allowed a full year to exchange their old notes. Iraq may not be as long BUT the IQD is much more devalued than what the Lira was and the return could be much, much better BUT again don't expect unrealistic returns. Most importantly there are no pesky obstacles or bickering going on !!

10-2-2013  Newshound Guru Millionday    the reason i am so very excited about the news is that -- the changes in investment laws and electronic dealings with iraq are to grow the economy -- and in a huge way – investors.  they are in a huge rush and are working everyday --- this is huge how much is getting done.  i say it could be any day because of the condition of the country economically -- they are in a position to redenominate and revalue their currency and could do it any day.
10-2-2013  Newshound Guru Enorrste   Article quote:  "raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement"  This just says it so 
clearly…There is a process here, starting at 1166 to 1 and then "gradually" the value will rise to about a dollar.  THEN the project to remove the three zeros will begin, and not before.  Clearly this is the only way it can happen.  You can't remove the zeros and replace them with small denom notes UNTIL the value gets to about a dollar


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Notes from FlPAtriot59 at I4U Chat:

Tony - Today is Wednesday, Oct. 2 at 1:00 PM EDT. Good morning, TNT! A day we never thought we'd be here talking to you!

But here we are. Let me tell you something - I called some people at 3-letter agencies and they told me it's going to be a GREAT DAY.

He told me every person he knows in DC that today will be our day. From DC, to NC, to FL, to TX, to MI, AZ, NV - every single one of them have said that today is it.

You know why? Because everybody is on lock-down, phones turned off, extra security in placce. While all of that is good news, it's the calm before the storm
T - I did a blast yesterday and shared the rates. Those are the rates at the teller screens. Last night when all banks were closed the rates were at the teller screens and they sent people bank-by-bank to verifiy those rates. I'm even hearing right this minute that it's scheduled for the same time as yesterday - later today. The 24-hour hold is over, the markets look great. Let's hope this actually goes thru - there's no reason it shouldn't.


Q - when did the 24 hr start and end? A - Between 11PM and 2AM. Not sure when the 24 hour started. We should see it between 11AM-5PM. We should see it between 11 and 5 today.

Q - Do you know if there are any holdups? This is taking too long. A - Those are mystic questions and my crystal ball is not giving me the answers. If the entire world is waiting and people flew to DC yesterday, signed new documents, allocated new money to extend contracts, paid some people to agree to agree, why should we see it?

T - The UN asked for a 24 hour delay to see how the market responded. They asked for another one last night but I was told it was delayed. The IQN rate is showing at $25.87 at 3 of the top 4 and they're all saying it's live at their teller screens awaiting authorization. Nobody is going to jeopardize their jobs for you if you walk in and ask for rates - DON'T GO TO THE BANKS!

T - I actually heard yesterday that the RV was being held hostage in a certain situation and had to be paid for to get out of that situation. As with most hostage situations, you never know when the deal is over. A lot of you assume that I agree with everything the POTUS does, but I think a lot of things could've been done differently on both sides. The meetings today with the bank meetings have nothing to do with the RV, based on what I'm told by DC. But I ask "how could it not?" I respect the office of the POTUS regardless of who's in there.

Q - How should we expect to get the 800#s? A - I've heard about the 800#s for 2 days. I don't know how they're going to be given out. I'm being told there will be a direct connect from the US Gov't to a particular site to get it out to the masses. Not just one bank, but all of them. When I put the 800#s out there, I plan on putting them on our board and doing a very short call telling what the rates we're getting, then I'll give you my opinion and the opinions of gov peeps and bank peeps as to what you should do. Will get clarification on the 30 days, what the different banks are offering, etc.

Q - Many of the intel providers are coming together except on the rates. A - 3.44 was the rate we were hearing for years, then it went to 3.68 then 3.86, because it's supposed to be .25-.50+/- of the KWD. Once the GCR got involved those numbers got adjusted. You're going to be surprised at other currencies that will be outrageous. The $25 rate is just for that 30 days and will come back down to normal. The IQD rate of 3.44 is in-country and the IQN is out of country, then they'll all settle down after 30 days. It's not a long-term thing. I think some people are getting some really bad info.

T - I am getting different rates from bankers and they will be going by what you ask for. There are millions of people who don't know about these rates. People with IQD will go into the banks and ask for IQD and will get the low rates. Only a handful of us going to the bank will ask for IQN and get the high rate.

Q - I live in Bermuda. Will our banks do the exchange here? A - I have no idea. I cannot tell you how to take money out of your country. There has to be a legitimate way to get it done without having to sneak it out.

Q - Heard anymore about the zero income tax after the first of the year? A - No. I have not.

Q -Please ask Okie onto the call today to announce the RV if it happens during the call. A - I'll have to ask the mods for permission to do that. Okie is probably listening right now and will call me afterwards.


C - Regarding the post by Mnt Goat, her narrative is that this is tied to the shut-down now completely. You don't subscribe to that. Someone else I spoke with today said the GCR is directly tied to this at the highest levels. T - The whole thing with Mnt Goat is that I don't mind people having different opinions and come to their own conclusions. I like to let people have theirs and not comment on them, unless they ask me directly. If you can contradict it and give a reason for it, I don't have a problem with that. The Mods don't want Mnt Goat posting on our site because it's too controversial, too many subjects off the dinar, etc., that a lot of people don't want to talk about it. I don't mind anyone posting as long as their honest.

T - I don't like people coming on any site and trying to deceive people, claiming to be one person when they are someone else, claiming background checks have been done when they haven't, etc. We know who everybody is. When you come into the chat room we know who you are. We check IP addresses, even though you have different names and different accounts. If you're asking for the spotlight you'd better be able to handle. When this RV happens, those who claim they were background checked better be able to stand up behind it because it's going to come out.

T - I've been hearing it doesn't have anything to do with the Gov't shutdown. They've isolated it so it doesn't. In the big scheme it's a ripple effect. There were trillions of dollars that were signed off and changed hands and bought the RV out of this situation. Now it's out. Regardless of if it's bought out now and not part of the hostage situation, what is the ripple effect? Do I wait to see what the makets will do, how they will be affected, give the markets 2-3 days run before doing it, etc.? The meetings today aren't RV-related but they are economically-related and those go hand-in-hand. The effects are still involved. It could be any minute now. Somebody is doing something. The banks are on lock-down. Everybody's phones are going to voicemail. A lot of people expect it today.

T - the more I hear and the better explanations I get it does start to make sense. Today is the first day they're getting together at 5:30PM to see if they can work things out. That influx of cash could change all the reasons for the RV and negotiations. I don't think this will take another month, another week, etc., that it could happen right after or before this meeting. But I'm smart enough to know it will have an effect.

C - Why would we be on lock-down if this could go down any second? People will be feeling the heat, especially elected officials. You mentioned previously 3 signatures were required and certainly the further we get it plays into that narrative. T - the markets are normal and the longer it is normal the better it is. I like all the info from last night to today that it's more likely to happen than not, but I am concerned about today's meetings with O even though assured they have nothing to do with the RV but with money.

C - How could the USA hold up the entire world waiting on this RV? T - the entire world operates on the USD. It's all tied in together. That why in the next 2 years it's going to be divided into 5 regions so this doesn't happen again (the whole world held up by 1 country). There are going to be 3 new currencies in those 5 regions so the whole world isn't held up by 1. But a lot of money exchanged hands to make sure this happens so it' free to go. But do we dare go without finding out what is going to happen over here?

T - Someone from another site asked me today if we could get together to discuss post RV? Even when I was at PTR I talked to other peeps. More info we get helps everybody and come to rational conclusions. I don't know everything or pretend to. I know what I know and my sources and respect them. You can decide for yourself.

C-Hello? I have a legit question. I'm asking for a few people. When we get our rates, is there going to be a minimum amount of dinar you have to have? T - no, as long as you ask for IQN it won't matter.

C - I told you not to give up your day job with the singing and got my hand slapped. I apologize. You know we love you. Can't wait to shake your hand and give you a hug in Las Vegas

C - nobody's talking about the tax issue and my thought is that it's a non-tax issue. We know that people in gov't (Congressmen, Senators etc.) have to disclose how they are overnight billionaires. T - New laws prevent insider-trading and a lot of this won't put it in their names, but it will be placed in trusts, company names, etc.

C - Do you really think they are going to tax us? T - Yes I do. That's why I'd put 50% away until February. That wil still leave you with plenty to spend.

C - Is the ceiling above $34? T - I think I'm supposed to say "I refuse to answer any questions above $25." When the announcement is made I will give you something above $25 to work with. I can't give you the ceiling because they would change and shorten the length of time. I can't blast that out.

C - After the RV has been released, will you share how far up the negotation ladder we can go without being thrust into the higher tax bracket? T - If I had it I would. They don't have all those particulars in place yet. There are 4 rates talked about. I'm just going for it and deal with the tax liability later.

C - I have a comment about $3.44. This is the starting rate and we need to think about the IQN as an oil credit and peeps want to buy and that increases the rate. T - If I look at the Middle East now, the world has changed, the economy has changed, it's a little different scenario.

C - when I was in China I was told that the most powerful person is from the US. One person has a lot of say so in the banking system, so somebody stands to lose a lot of money. The banking system is basically owned by the same people. T - I always tell people to Google to find out who owns the Federal Reserve. See how many countries that the Fed is in and how many CBIs and you will see they own over 152 CBIs. If there are only 160 currencies and they own 153 of them, who has more say so? If I have the power why should I hold it back? The only way to bring it back is to restart it.

C - Once the RV hits, can we form a CEO club? T - I think it's a great idea to come on here and help each other. That's more down Ray's alley - he's been doing something like that for 20 years (financial planning, etc.). I like the idea that you're wanting to help each other.

C - There was a story that the tellers at WF had multiple drawers for a different currency. Is this true? T - I haven't heard this from any of the banking people I've talked to. I can't tell you if it's true or not.

C - I've read that even at the $25.87 rate they will tax at the 55% rate. If that's so, I should go for the highest rate, right? T - We don't know what the law is, just what they're trying to push through. I'd go with worse-case scenario and be prepared.

C - I did the numbers and the $25.87 rate would be good if it's the lesser tax. T - If pays to go for the $25.87 if the 11% is the tax rate. Personally, I wouldn't go for the top dollar if I didn't know how to make money with my money. You can risk money, lose it and still be taxed on it. I'm trying to get you to think ahead. When I got involved in a company, I'd look at the top position, how many people were between me and that position, and how I could work to that top position. I would have monthly targets to get me there. Same thing with my money. If I want to make $100K by the end of the year, I know i have to make $8-9K per month. Same thing with this: you know where you want to go and back yourself down from there. If you don't need the 50% for taxes in February, at least you'll have it. If so, then you're covered.

C - I the lower rate is going to be taxed the same as the higher rate, why go for the lower rate? T - You're absolutely right. But if it's at the 11% tax rate the lower rate makes sense. The law could change that.

C - Committe members have indicated it would be financial suicide to go in with high numbers and not know where the oil and gas laws are? T - those numbers are set, even at $75 credit. The question is how much is pushed to the economy to stimulate it. So there's no stimulus package because this will stimulate the economy. Let's create more millionaires so they can have and do something with it. This will help the middle class. We will still be the middle class.

C - You mentioned in earlier calls who we should call if we have problems with TSA/airport staff. T - somebody put that in a Forum, but I can't remember who that is right now.

C - Any advise on how to eliminate spread fees? T - Yes, tell them you don't want to pay it. Tell them you know there are making 1% every night on your money, then start to walk out. It will go away real quick.

C -Airport security may stop and count our dinar. T - it's your money and you don't have to worry about traveling anywhere in the country with cash in your pocket. I had a guy PM me about traveling with a 5K note in his wallet. They shouldn't be checking that anyway. The only real concern is with large amounts going out of the country.

C - what about spending limits outside the country using a debit card? T - Call your bank first so they won't freeze your card. Let them know in advance and prepare ahead of time.

C - Do you think the US is holding this up for the change-over from the FRN ($100 bill to be released on 10/8)? T - no, as far as I know that new bill still has FRN on it.

C - will all the banks have the DeLarue machines? T - I know all the banks won't have them and some of the cash-in centers won't. You can always say you want to go to one that has it.

C - I want to cast a vote for leaving Mnt Goat on the site. You're pretty open-minded and I don't think we should be restricted. One of the things I like about TNT is that it is open-minded. That being said, I'm concerned with those holding on with glue. Why would the UN care about the market reaction? T - First it was at 11, then 2:30, then the 24-hour period because the USA market affects the global economies. If there was a problem it would've thrown the numbers off and possibly crashed. But now it appears nothing is happening, no currencies are crashing, so now is the time to go. A lot of things could've happened and our gov't was prepared, but none of them happened.

T - A lot of us have different opinions. Regardless of what they do in DC, we have to live with it and come elections we can tell them what we did not like. During every administration, they can go in and try to change every law. At this point we know we fought the good fight. We tried to undo it, so go feel some pain. I tried to warn you but in the end you'll know better next time. I think both parties should be adult enough to not crash the whole country over 1 thing. People are hurting today. I try to look at both sides and we did our best to tell you to look out. Anyway, let's get off politics - LOL!

C - Since the deadline was missed, do we have to redo the agreements? T - I heard the RV did go a week ago. 3.44 is on their cards again today. As far as the official RV, that's why the UN voted last week and they entered the WTO. And last night the contracts were extended that were supposed to end on Oct. 1. My question is "how do you unravel a whole year's worth of funding, contracts, trades onm banking level, SKRs, etc." People have been paid based on SKRs and the banks took on that liability.

C - So we dodged that bullet? At some point thay have to let it go. T - we don't know long those contracts were extended. We do know there is a plan for it to go today. We do know they asked for a 24 hours extensions. We'll see what happens today.

C - I've heard it will be a taxable event and that Congress has to pass the law and they did say to make it retroactive at Dec. 31. That's why it's best to put it in an interest-account and hold it. T - It's not law at the moment.

T - Supposedly the extension of the contracts was for a very short period of time. I can't see them paying that kind of money again for such a short time.

T - It's a great day. Everybody in DC and around the world thinks it's today. Yet again we wait. Everybody is on lockdown and saying it's today. I think we may be celebrating. Enjoy your day! END OF CALL.











lgtennis] Looking great like 30 m says 

 [iqnguy] lgtennis are we there?

[iqnguy] is today our day when banks all,open?

[lgtennis] Quite possibly

[lgtennis] U guys have to realize things change on a dime in this 

 [lgtennis] Should have happend a million times over already 

[lgtennis] But circumstances prevented that

[lgtennis] And i cant go into what that is 

[rosheen1] lgtennis godbless for ALL you provide....so much appreciated!

[iqnguy] watch it gonna rv then shutdown lifted and bam debt ceiling taken care of

[lgtennis] Thank you so hard on all of us and esp those of us in need 

 [iqnguy] i think the gov shutdown is a cover

[lgtennis] Lots of things had to happen before this took place 

 [lgtennis] I am with you on that iqnguy 

 [iqnguy] we rv then by weekend or sooner shutdown lifted

[iqnguy] then debt ceiling issue gone too

[iqnguy] obama will look like champ lol

 [lgtennis] ALL GAMES

[iqnguy] i just wanted this rv before china gets real mad and pulls out

 [lgtennis] China knows what they are doing 

[rosheen1] lgtennis will there ever be a point of where he can't take this from us again?

[lgtennis] Yes that is now rosheen1 

[rosheen1] lgtennis Praise God! Thank you for that info... does my heart good!

 [lgtennis] Mine too finally 

[lgtennis] In all this mess 

 [iqnguy] never thought we get to oct 2 and that bank memo coming

[lgtennis] Same here never 

[lgtennis] Never though we would still be here but now i know why 

[rosheen1] iqnguy lgtennis I hope our journey is coming to an end soon

[iqnguy] lgtennis u know eagle 1 said last night that was his last intel call cause it over.

[lovely2] lgtennis why?

 [rosheen1] lgtennis maybe sometime when this is all over you can fill us in on what happened along the way? It sure would be interesting to know the whole story!

[john316] secret lives of the super rich on tonight at 9pm cnbc

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[lovely2] lgtennis oh thanks don't understand but will trust it will soon be over

[lovely2] lgtennis how much longer will we be sitting here and waiting?

[lgtennis] As 3m says we are here 

[lovely2] lgtennis lgtennis are the ptb giving us wrong intel or just why is it not happening the way they give it to us?

[Dorya40] lovely2 It has happened . . . they just make sure the Dinarians are the last to know. They conceal and hide everything from us Dinarians until the game is over. Oh . . . by the way . . the game board has been kicked over so we sit back and wait on the announcement today.

[lgtennis] Dorya40 ur right darlin

chattels] Another Wednesday. Our journey continues. How long can needs go unmet and dreams deferred ? How long can the promise of tomorrow overcome the disappointment of today ? I encourage you as I encourage myself, I pray for each of you as I pray for myself, fight the good fight, holding onto faith and good conscience. Lord, you are in the midst of us, and we are called by your Name: Do not forsake us, O Lord our God. Jeremiah 14:9,22