Saturday, May 11, 2013


Midnight Blue] I heard from my contacts that Talabani did say that the IQD is internationnal and not from PTR

[morethanready] Midnight Blue that is great news

[kpope16] Midnight Blue thats nice to hear

[morethanready] you are not going to see it public yet

[morethanready] i am hearing too it happened from another source

[morethanready] but u wont find it yet or have that proof yet

[morethanready] for a reason

 [toni] morethanready ok not until rv right

[morethanready] this wil be well kept hidden

[morethanready] exactly toni

[toni] just what i thought

[morethanready] but we are there
[kpope16] morethanready maybe that means its getting ready to rv...?

 [morethanready] yes it is

[morethanready] not surrpised this is not on the news anywhere

[kpope16] morethanready cant wait

[morethanready] it wouldnt be at all

[morethanready] not before it all goes public together

 [toni] morethanready right

[kpope16] morethanready i would agree with that

 [morethanready] this needs to happen for security reasons

[morethanready] so midnightblue and his news imo is true

dkg] I sure hope that we don't end up going all through another whole week but that come this Monday which is going to be the 13th we will have our final RV post and can head to the bank

morethanready] jadenter i heard talabini made annoucment from a source

[jadenter] morethanready did he announce how to come back from the dead?

 [angelbabies28] jadenter he is not nor was he dead.....it was untrue

[toni] morethanready this is why everyone is quiet

 [morethanready] toni bingo

[morethanready] its all goes together so this is a great day

morethanready] just wanted to come in and say that

[siskhyder] Maybe we will hear something tomorrow

[morethanready] siskhyder imo tomorrow or monday we shall see

[terri] http://www.almadapaper.net/ar/   The exchange figures were always 0. Not anymore! Look at this: ÓÚÑ ÕÑÝ ÇáÏíäÇÑ ÇáÚÑÇÞí áåÐÇ Çáíæã ÏæáÇÑ: 0.9 íæÑæ: 0.7 Ìäíå ÇÓÊÑáíäí: 0.6 áíÑÉ áÈäÇäí: 1294.3 ÏíäÇÑ ßæíÊí: 0.2 ÑíÇá ÓÚæÏí: 3.2 ÏÑåã ÇãÇÑÇÊí: 3.2 ÏíäÇÑ ÇÑÏäí: 0.6 which translates into: Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day USD: 0.9 Euro: 0.7 Pounds: 0.6 LBP: 1294.3 KD: 0.2 SR: 3.2 AED: 3.2 JD: 0.6 This would appear to mean that right now INSIDE Iraq, 1 IQD = 9/10's of a dollar. So the rate would be 90 cents. Remember this is inside Iraq. But if true, this is HUGE news.

[toni] terri thank you

[bigdogmom] absolutely would be great

 [terri] hope its true

[Midnight Blue] +++

 [terri] Just report what I get. Nuff said.


5-11-2013  Newshound Guru Tlar    The dinars have been in circulation for 10 years plus.  There is no replacement procedure in place and there is no plan to reprint the 3 zero notes.  Iraq is dollarizing for two reasons.  The first is that the present currency is almost totally unusable in day to day transactions.  The second is obvious to me.  Iraq is getting ready to make a major change.  We may be very close to the end At the point that there is only a trillion or less in circulation in Iraq dinars left in Iraq, Iran and Syria, there will be no question that they could remove the zeros and support the currency at a dollar.  [post 2 of 2....stay tuned]

5-11-2013  Newshound Guru Tlar   If you are an Iraqi, you almost have no choice but to use USD, a foreign currency,  to be able to participate in the day to day economy.  Again, its like us having to use the yen or the peso.  Iraqi's don't like it but have little choice but to dollarize.  Throw in fear that the dinar may not hold its value and you have created the perfect storm to dollarize.  Under normal circumstances countries replace their currency as it circulates.  The average US dollar circulates one to two years before it is collected and destroyed.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

5-11-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   everyone is turning against maliki...they are laying plans to remove him without killing him and making a marter of him. His days are very limited. Once he is removed things should move through all the process of implementation swiftly. This doesnt mean it will happen in a couple days in fact i think it will take several weeks for completion.What point in the process the rv will be completed is unknown but it will be completed somewhere in the early part of the process.  We are in a good place and we will win as maliki regime is removed.

5-11-2013  Intel Guru Redwolf    [via Jester]  got a tidbit...unconfirmed...that Talibani made his speech and said something like... "the iqd is now an internationally currency..."

5-11-2013  Newshound Guru American Contractor   Recently Sansar Capital Management LLC published a report on the Iraq banking sector.  I’ve written some notes on some of the details in the report. Such as there is no de-dollarization of the Iraqi economy. Al-Warka Bank is still in receivership and bankrupt. Over 80% of Iraqi’s do not have a bank account.  ATM machines are not connected to the national switch and as such customers of one bank cannot access their funds from ATM Machines from another bank. One of the contributing factors of the low usage of banks by Iraqi’s is the lack of trust in the Iraq banking system. The two state banks Rasheed Bank and Rafidain bank are still trying to restructure with the help of the World Bank. The Iraq banking still has more improvements to make in order to compete in the 21st century Middle East. It will get there just take a little more time.

5-11-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [since Iraq is #2  O.P.E.C. now---how do they still get by with no world-wide tradeable currency ? what is really going on over there?]  It appears that they will never introduce the currency to the world markets at it's current value, nor should  they. However, that changes when they advance the rate


Studmuffin] [IslandDancer] Hi GET Family! A friend with some contacts just sent me this: Subject: BREAKING NEWS !!! OK , just got off phone with my contact who spoke to PTB Kurdish contact. Tomorrow (Saturday) will be a huge announcement from Iraq in particular President Talabani , who in spirit of Mother's day weekend will announce the " REBIRTH of the MOTHERLAND". Namely, political stability, removing of Iraq from Chapter VII, upcoming visit from brother Kuwait, etc. etc. Along with this he cites "An international tradeable currency starting next week ". Well there it is !!! We are there !! I know U want to pass this on to ALL MOMS & YES, DADS TOO !! Tamer, the shoe man.

[Lady Sarah] Hope so, I look forward to Monday as a day of celebration

[turkeyhtr] LS, I do too, however, proof is in the emails ! None yet! We'll see!

[Lady Sarah] yep, my wish is to see that email by monday of course


[hopeinwyo] Jester Did that phone call make you even happier?

[Jester] hopeinwyo a little...

[kimberly] Jester Can you share "a little" of what made you happier?

[Jester] kimberly hmmm... okay... you guys want to hear some totally unconfirmed skuttlebutt? because that is what it is right now... have not confirmed it with anyone so far because they are all asleep from last night except Redwolf... THIS IS TOTALLY UNCONFIRMED... READ THOSE WORD CAREFULLY... lol

[highhopes] Jester everyone is holding their breath...lol

[okrocks] Ok have my "careful glasses" on

[Jester] you have to promise not to hold me up on this one later... and if you choose to repost it you have to say so... unconfirmed..
[Jester] okay... Redwolf got a tidbit... that is what we call the unconfirmed stuff... that Talibani made his speech and said something like... "the iqd is now an internationally currency..."

[Jester] i think that is pretty exciting if we can go on to confirm it...

 [spiritfilled] Jester Amen brother....praying for confirmation!!!

[ready4riches] Jester wow sure hope it's true ty :

[o [BocaLinda] Readyforiches if unconfirmed it falls into rumor imo

[GJHHonor] amen it adds up to Tony and Okie amen

[hopeinwyo] Jester Yes, and we will take it with a grain of sand until it is confirmed!! LOLk

okrocks] Jester aha! Thank you.... think I will go do some digging....

[Jester] okrocks cool... that is what we need...

[blackjon] Jester I'm so glad that it's not confirned b/c Talibani can't even talk so I would not pass that one along if you want proof I will give you all you want

 [Jester] blackjon bring us a like oh iraqi watcher... lol

[andisgram1] blackjon why cant Talabani talk?

[blackjon] just like Iraq is putting out that M is gravly sick and can t attend meeting

 [blackjon] andisgram1 massave stroke last oct.

[drl] Jester Terrible, terrible news! I am so disheartened! Talabani is reported dead! I am so devastated!! Just when I I've gotten over his last death and now I have to start the morning process all over again! I can't take another funeral! Has the man no compassion for us?

 [andisgram1] blackjon ty maybe rehab worked?

[Jester] drl well that has not been confirmed either... lol

[Jester] it is just what i told you... unconfirmed information...

[spiritfilled] I hope the proof from anyone is not an Iraqi news release of any type because they have sent out so many false reports over the years that it is not believable to me..IMO

[spiritfilled] Jester thanks and no problem brother...we all know after these years that the stuff from Iraq is questionable at best..but if it is true great

[blackjon] Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, unable to speak after months on his strokehttp://www.theiqdteamconnection.com/3/post/2013/03/iraqi-president-jalal-talabani-unable-to-speak-after-three-months-on-his-stroke.html

[blackjon] http://translate.googleu ··· 2nW_HIkA

[oucrazy] blackjon This says he DOES speak. . . 'He speaks and reads and eats and follow physically qualified', explaining that Talabani is able to recognize those around him.

 [spiritfilled] Robertprofessor yes blackjon is trying to find info that it is not true..but only coming with Iraq articles and I personally do not believe Iraq press...IMO

[Diogenes] Jester GM sir. Thank you for the unconfirmed tidbit. Do you have tidbits from other spiders that may indicate that tidbit is possibly true? :)

 [Jester] spiritfilled interestingly enough i just got another confirm from a different place to watch for the speech.. lol

[blackjon] spiritfilled not out of I raq out of germany but if you chose to disbelieve and keep your head in the sand go right ahead I'm not saying what Jester heard is not what someone told him Im saying he got bad info

[hopeinwyo] Jester Thanks for entrusting that with us...we won't hold you to it..know it has to be confirmed...a hard thing to do behind the "sand curtain"! LOL

Jester] hopeinwyo it is what it is... we will be following it up as soon as we can...

[spiritfilled] blackjon...I also do not trust the US press either...all press in the world is run by the biggest check book at the time..

[msguccissima] Jester. Good Morning. Tony at PTR told us to watch CNN, BBC and FOX news today for info regarding the announcement from Talibani.

 [Jester] msguccissima well there ya go... more information coming in...

 [misskitty05] Jester ty sounds like fabulous info. Sure hope it pans out

NuffSaid] msguccissima good morning. Unfortunately, there is nothing in the news and on the Iraq parliament website about a Talabani speech

msguccissima] NuffSaid True. Tony said that those networks had representatives there. Of course we don't know what, if anything they will broadcast....

[sananddan24] Jetpack reported that according to his sources CEO s from WF we should get emails this weeked and rates change tue/wed banking midweek... So this tues to the rumor Jester just reported

[Robertprofessor] sananddan24 Dare we get excited yet?

[socalcutie] Ok everybody we all know news of the past, Jester said this is not confirmed so leave it be and move on. wait for more info and let the confirms flow in


Jester] just got a fourth from somewhere different that he is alive... the skype rooms are waking up... lol

[sananddan24] Jester wonderful!

[Robertprofessor] Diogenes Man, am I out of the loop. Did Talabani die and rise from the dead again?

[childofgod] Robertprofessor Yes he did lol

[*jackrabbit*] Robertprofessor i just heard talabanis death is getting worse:

[okrocks] latest word is they are sending the mic down to his casket rofl

[Robertprofessor] So, Redwolf has an unconfirmed report that the IQD is trading now internationally? No wonder he doesn't want to come in here! We'd be so excited, he'd been torn apart from affectionate hugs.

Diogenes] Robertprofessor Sorry, you mean unconfirmed report that "Talabani said they have international currency"? Correct

[spiritfilled] Robertprofessor just so you are clear...RD got an unconfirmed report that T made his speech and said that the IQD was now a int'l tradeable currency...unconfirmed

 [Robertprofessor] spiritfilled Got it.

[Robertprofessor] spiritfilled I'm glad Talabani felt well enough to not be dead for a few minutes so he could make an unconfirmed announcement. Maybe the word there for death is our word for lurk.


[smilestuff] Thank you Jester for that rare unconfirmed tidbit :) I know you hate to put out stuff that isn't triple checked and confirmed....was a nice treat!!! :bighug:

 [stillwacko] Robertprofessor I'm not a lurker anymore, just dead lol

[Jester] smilestuff sheesh... i didn't mean for that to cause a riot... was just trying to give you a peek of what we are doing... lol

[smilestuff] Jester I know! lol

[burk50] Jester thx sounds so great lets all Pray its true

[spiritfilled] Robertprofessor who knows and you cannot trust any media and especially Iraq media ...but what ever shakes out on this ..I still think we are there

[Jester] spiritfilled and that is very true... remember that it would just be an indication of other things anyway... we are also tracking the platforms and the swipers and all the other things going on... that was just one tidbit...

[Jester] also keep in mind that we don't do iraq as well because we are watching the process... i thought maybe one of the iraqi watchers could find something better on it... ha

(Jester] that is how it works sometimes... you throw something unconfirmed out and someone brings something back to help with the sifting of the info...


[CarrolBeams] Lots of good news this week.

[arizona49] CarrolBeams Good morning

[mikivi] CarrolBeams CarrolBeams hello Love,,,looooog time no see wish you well and wish you a great Rv / Ce...soon...let say monday/ tuesday

[CarrolBeams] I'm also encouraged about Monday

[CarrolBeams] I took a break from information gathering...and kinda went quiet...then I realized I am an information junkie

[CarrolBeams] hahaha..and had to get back

[hwpittman] CarrolBeams welcome back

[toni] CarrolBeams nice to see you back

[CarrolBeams] thanks...I thought about you all..

[byecar] any news on rv?/

[CarrolBeams] this puzzle on the rv has been confusing..but pieces are coming together..one issue was the new computer system..they just worked the bugs out
[Diogenes] CarrolBeams Bugs or rats? :)

[CarrolBeams] the system was tested...and I heard it passed with flying colors.. Diogenes took some rats with the bugs

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams When you say new computer system, are you referring to the new system outside of the Federal Reserve system, for UST/bank use only?

[xyz] CarrolBeams bugs lol would have called bugbuster

[turkeyhtr] Carrolbeams, do u know if Talibani gave his speech today?

[CarrolBeams] I don't know anyone but Mr. Okie who will have a heads up..Heard WF..will only get a 10 minute notice before it goes live

[byecar] and when will that be

 [CarrolBeams] Diogenes it's for the new electronic banking system..called PromusII..I believe..so all transactions will be transactions will be transparent

[CarrolBeams] byecar when..?..when?...maybe Mon.

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams OK, thanks. I take that to mean as opposed to the non-transparent Fed system. :)

 [CarrolBeams] Diogenes yep

 [Blessednready] CarrolBeams hello2 hi1

 [smeagol] i wonder if it the same computer system from last year; two years ago; or three years ago

 [CarrolBeams] smeagol it's a better version from what I was told

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams Can you comment at all on any progress being made toward a constitutional republic? TY

[CarrolBeams] Diogenes nope..but I see lots of Indicators..even on CSPAN

[moneydr] carrolbeams what kind of indicators?

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams OK, a work in progress then. :)

 [CarrolBeams] Diogenes it's moving in the right direction

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams we are hearing Talabine is dead, he is alive, he made an announcement, he didn't make a annoucement. What is the truth?

 [mssaigon] CarrolBeams Yes did he die or was he raised from the dead again lol

[CarrolBeams] moneydr should have Heard One of the Senators from Iowa ..he was on last night..talking about how we HAD TO RETURN TO BEING A TRUE REPUBLIC..AND RESORING OUR CONSTITUTION..very inspiring

[toni] Midnight Blue yes he is alive

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue idk

[moneydr] CarrolBeams thank you. I LOVE that!

[toni] there are so much smoke out there

[CarrolBeams] toni yep

[toni] CarrolBeams thank you

[jonjobe7] dead or alive the world financial system is changing

[CarrolBeams] I never pay attention to the Negatives...waste of time

[toni] CarrolBeams i agree

[arizona49] Talabani’s Office denies the news of his death Friday, 10 May, 2013 | alliraqnews.com 5-10-13 Alliraqnews.com: Najmuddin said Karim, Member of the political Bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) and authorized to declare the validity of President Jalal Talabani, the PUK leader Jalal Talabani’s health is good and improving, strongly denied reports circulating in some media about the death of President Talabani.

[mssaigon] arizona49 thanks

[CarrolBeams] If you take all things into consideration...and look at the big picture...How can it NOT happen..is the real question...ANSWER....IT WILL!

[shellbellz] CarrolBeams - have the good guys won? or are there battles still taking place that may be problem down the road?

 [CarrolBeams] arizona49 no major roadblocks left

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams Do you feel that WF or any US banks are still holding this up by engaging in fraudulent activities?

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams The reptilians on the good guys side or the bad guys side?

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue I don't get into that

[arizona49] CarrolBeams Totally agree with you, thank you

[CarrolBeams] Diogenes if they hold it up..won't be for long

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams lol

[drl] CarrolBeams Saneity prevales!

[Diogenes] CarrolBeams I appreciate your candor. Thanks.

[CarrolBeams] Diogenes yw

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams Do you think it will show this weekend with exchange on Monday or Tuesday?

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams Are the bad guys causing delays or China/WF holding it up?

 [CarrolBeams] too much money is at stake for WF to be excluded...Midnight Blue mon/tues..

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue not China...they gave a deadline..there was lots of activity last week

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams R we past the deadlines?

[CarrolBeams] Midnight Blue in the window

[Midnight Blue] CarrolBeams ty

 [monkeyman] repitillians aliens whats next in this rv

[CarrolBeams] monkeyman hahahahah..I know

[drl] monkeyman Monkeys! lol

[Readynow] CarrolBeams do you think the window goes past the 15-16 of this month?

[CarrolBeams] Readynow no

[Readynow] CarrolBeams ty

 [turkeyhtr] Carrolbeams, do u know if Talibani gave his speech today as rumored ?

[cjswest] CarrolBeams do you think the dfi fund got extended?

[CarrolBeams] turkeyhtr idk

[cjswest] monkeyman carefull about the reptillian shape shifters

CarrolBeams] I live in Florida..we like Lizards..they eat bugs


[CarrolBeams] I look at the bigger picture...and the 13th is a big date..we have the New financial system coming out on that date...then I look at the Chinese.and the way they like to do business based on their Ancient Chinese traditions....the 13th is HUGE

[skinny13] CarrolBeams I was born on Friday and 13th and I have more than my share of good luck!! haha

[CarrolBeams] skinny13 It's actually a lucky number...we've been fed so much trash

 [terrymc35] Carol Beams Do you think we'll have a period of bad economic times during the changeover or do you think the changeover from the fiat currency to the Teasury Bills will be smooth will little disruption?

 [CarrolBeams] terrymc35 the Plan was to make the transition with as little disruption as possible

[Readynow] terrymc35 good question

 [terrymc35] Carol Beams I am no expert here, but it seems to me that there are so many bubbles in our economic system which must be taken out before we can get back to "normal".....that bodes some bad times....thoughts?

[CarrolBeams] terrymc35 there will be adjustments

[CarrolBeams] count your blessings..at least you are aware and prepared

 [CarrolBeams] be back later..nice to see you all...stay happy and positive...it's all gonna be alright

[cjswest] CarrolBeams glad to have you here

 [arizona49] CarrolBeams Thank you so much for visiting with us this morning......have a wonderful day

 [Blessednready] bye1 CarrolBeams


Fwiw, my "inside scoop" guy from UK high-finance says:

"We may see it on forex next week. NOT the RV, just trading of IQD Internationally.
But, some of the GS must be released first, prior to that. Scrub, Jr, & his brother stopped that last one, doing bidding for ailing Shrub, Sr."

Makes sense. No rates, no dates, just general time frame of "...starting May 14th watch for it".

He confirms, "Jack Lew & others went to (outside) Cleveland to meet the primary signatory for release.Bejiing dynasties are pushing and in support of the releases & heavily involved."

Run with that. Rumor until confirmed, and much has been confirmed by others already.

Not too insane, is it? 
 (Want always to see if his stuff lines up with UK-man info....)