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[CarrolBeams] Hi everyone

[CarrolBeams] Well..I couldn't say much all week..but I can now..because it's out there anyway

[CarrolBeams] Just wanted to let you all know that on Monday..there were ''things" that needed to be taken care..and they said it 

[CarrolBeams] wouldn't go past Friday..so we are all feeling excited for tonight

[CarrolBeams] this..was posted..and from what 'little' i know..it's true: ongoing meetings of finance ministers worldwide since monday. Rv to follow end of meetings.


4-17-13 Tony (PTR Call): Tony has got 3 guys on from Iraq, 2 from Kurdistan, 1 from Baghdad. First of all they have confirmed Frank/Delta's info about the scrolling screen on the TV telling people to take in and exchange their 3 zero notes for the ld's. The ld's are 1, 5, 10 and coins. The Iraqi army has started to be paid as of Monday April 15th.

One of the guys sounded like he had been in touch with Eagle1 and agrees that between now and close of business today we should see what we have all been waiting for. Also the first guy said his contacts have gone to the bank every day since last Thursday and have been turned away...they were unable to get any dinar at all. Apparently the head of the CBI has requested a meeting tomorrow with US officials to formally ask permission to increase the value of the currency.





Good afternoon, the word WHEN in the rv world is like the weather unpredictable. Yesterday the news stated that it would rain all day where I live and it so happens that not even a drop has fallen. Man states predictions on things to happen and nature always will do what it wants. What I am trying to say is be tolerante folks,respect yourselves and others,be faithful,give thanks for what you have and for what you are about to have in Gods name.

Let things just work itself in for do not get me wrong since the 15th the financial shift is on and it is full steam ahead and no one is stopping it or making the intent to,please stay away from misinformation for there a few out there with evil intentions probably paid to feed you this. 
This can just appear at any second and the correct day,the correct time is not known by anybody. All we know is to the fact to inform all to just be vigilant and ready for all banks and forex are waiting for the green light. Some of you have seen necesities, some never will see this blessing for they have died, some have seen how the banks have force you to take to the streets.

Some do not even have for food, some pray everyday for a miracle for a shot of sunshine and some are forever nagging and curseing this event. In the past I have made notions to that God is testing all and that not all of you will profit from this blessing, well that is so true. Do good by your brother, give God His 10%, stop curseing this blessing and you will have prosperty,health and a beautiful life, keep on curseing and building excuses for a rotten life and you will never be happy for it will go as fast as it has arrived.

Change your attitude towards man and God today for I can guarantee you that the God that we serve shall surprise you with the rain of prosperity that He already has set forth for all. Faith opens all doors,not haveing it closes all of them. There has been some correct information being posted by some keen intel providers today  follow there leads for they are correct, hail Hawaii and Oklahoma sirs my hats goes off to you's...Be blessed bluwolf


justmichelle :  You really think they are only going to give the citizens a day or two to turn in their '000?? I would think they would give them longer then that. If not, wouldn't there still be quite a few '000 still out there, which they are trying to avoid?
Eagle1: Good Morning, Michelle!   What's happening in country as far as gathering in the 3-zero notes is a process that will take some time. That has nothing to do with what takes place outside of Iraq. What it does do is to signal the imminent release of the rate internationally -- and that is something we can expect to see within hours or days at most. 

Let's put it this way: they will continue to pull in the 25K, the 10K, the 5K and the 1K notes as rapidly as people bring them to the banks for exchanging to the LD's, (and that can go on for weeks) but as far as the outside world is concerned, they could easily announce the rate in the early AM Thursday.

 Because they've declared Thursday a holiday, it would give them the 72 hours they want for the rest of the world, and we could actually see the rate appear on FOREX at the beginning of the business day on Monday.

Watch and see!

Blessings on you.   Eagle1

Investment Committee Member: CBI establish procedures to prevent fraud at the changeover after deleting three zeros from currency, 17 APRIL

Investment Committee Member: CBI establish procedures to prevent fraud at the changeover after deleting three zeros from currency'

Detection of economy and Investment Committee member MP//-abbasn sheyaa, the date of implementation of the project to delete the three zeros from the currency early this year (2014), stressing that the Central Bank measures to limit fraud and manipulation that may accompany the Exchange process.
Said sheyaa (News Agency): the project is to delete three zeros of the Iraqi currency, but return to the currency structure of shorthand notes, stating that the paper will be the highest category (200) and is shorthand for theamount of 200 thousand dinars, the equivalent of 170 dollars. ($0.00085).
He added that the Central Bank would begin with proactive project implementation procedures during the current year as printed currency and hiring companies to be the replacement currency early next year, pointing out that the Central Bank put strict procedures to prevent fraud that may accompany the replacement process.
He noted that the country needed to draft restructuring currency after deleting three zeros from being kissed on the expected increase in financial revenues in the coming years this would numbers and banknotes.
The project will include: coins & stamps, consisting of classes (half a dinar, dinar, JD, JD 10, 25, 50, 100, 200), so that the employee if his million it received a five classes of the paper (200), stressing that this process will facilitate a lot of financial matters and cash.


[monster] ALSO EAGLE ONE POSTED THIS............ I'd be absolutely astonished if we haven't been able to exchange our IQD within the next few days. This news is extremely important to us. One important little tidbit to add to the news is that the same sources that provided the information from Iraq concerning the retrieval of the three zeros and exchange for the LD's called us a couple hours later to let us know that the soldiers are actually getting paid now. That's HUGE! When you consider how long we've heard them complain and gripe over the fact that they weren't getting paid, and now -- all of a sudden -- they are! Praise God! Blessings Eagle1

skysthelimit] read it on a post Also Remember that Iraq has scheduled a Holiday for Thursday without a curfew.

Precious] WILDDUCK from tues 4.16 - [WILDDUCK] Robertprofessor IT RVed 11 DAYS AGO WE HAVE BEEN IN THE POST RV WORLD BANKING RESET AND GETTING ON THE GOLD BACKED CURRENCY ETC [Robertprofessor] WILDDUCK Yep, just waiting our turn in this long process. No doubt about it, we're going to have our moment. [sailman] WILDDUCK people don't seem too understand you need to be in a POST RV world for the reset to take place --- wait for our turn :)) [WILDDUCK] sailman 4 GOLD STARS

[Precious] gold to 130 market down 190

Editorial: What does it mean to delete Iraq 3 zeros from the Iraqi dinar?, 17 APRIL

Editorial: What does it mean to delete Iraq 3 zeros from the Iraqi dinar?

17/04/2013 |
A. D. Mohamed Ibrahim El Saka
announced the Finance Committee in the Iraqi Parliament that the central bank will begin in the current year by deleting three zeros from the local currency, in other words, that the unit of currency category thousand dinars from the old currency will be replaced dinar and only one of the new currency, and so on.
step oldest by Iraq intended to reform the system of local currency which is based on the use of currency denominations are too high, which leads to difficulties in dealing in special accounts transactions, as well as higher prices resulting from the use of monetary units of categories of high, which leads to decline in the exchange rate of the currency and declining purchasing power of the dinar significantly.
during periods of turmoil cash and declining public revenues of the state at a time when increasing the expenditures, resort states often to print more of its currency, leading to higher prices and the occurrence of high inflation, arise the need to currencies classes as high as a thousand and one hundred thousand and one million … Etc.. With each increase in the categories currency enters the economy in the midst of inflation.
one of the means to control the high inflation is a monetary reform, combined with a change in monetary policy by replacing the old currency Pfiadtha high with new categories of currency even lower prices tend to decline. But does he have on inflation? The answer is no, because the elimination of inflation required to follow the state moderate monetary policy.


12thman said: Received a message that it is coming....Don't give up or loose your faith on God. Now is the time to hit your knees and pray....Be ready and willing to give back to God what is His anyways. I'm out of pocket but will return the calls I have received from my Aggie buddy. Let us rejoice in the Lord for He is Great and Almighty....Jesus is my Lord and Savior!


Frank26 » April 17th, 2013, 1:36 am  •


Now the next qt is .......... As the West sleeps ........ Will they also release the rate? For now ..... This intel is being studied. Why I posted it ....... FOR ME FAMILY.  Give me until tomorrow.  Hmmm....... That would be now.

BTW ......... When our source called it in .......... They were very excited ! It was an Iraqi.Aloha Dreams my Friend ....... May You sleep with a smile on Your face tonight......... Right after Your Prayers.

KTFA,  Frank   (RED)  (Note: When Frank says Red...he is expecting RV within 3 days... per a previous post)


Eagle1 wrote on April 17th, 2013, 3:17 am: Good Morning! Unless I've missed it, we're either going to see it tonight or tomorrow.

abundantlyblessed :  Tomorrow, as in today tomorrow? Or tomorrow as in Thursday tomorrow? LOL

Eagle1:  Wednesday night going into Thursday.

The next basket of currencies has been released and I'm waiting to see what's in it. Hope to have that info tomorrow. I can't prove it at this point, but my instinct says that -- based on past history -- we will see the VND as the next major RV sometime within the next three weeks or so. That might even kick out to mid-May simply because the IQD has been delayed so much longer than anticipated. Toronto Dominion has provided me with some good info on the Indonesian Rupiah, and that looks to be the next best currency investment. I'm also getting recommendations on the Korean Won, although I still haven't seen any hard data yet. We shall see how this unfolds.

Blessings.   Eagle1


Abrahamschosen:  Do you still think the dong after IQD and also are you still thinking USD to devalue still in June? I hope so we have a lot to get done and food to store up before then. Got a good start on freeze dried food but still have a lot more to get done but need funds to do it with.

Eagle1:  We should have a short window of opportunity to purchase the Dong. Because I've heard conflicting reports about whether we will see an RI or an RV (and the numbers are really eyebrow raisers) an RV would somewhat reduce the impact of the USD devaluing, but I'm still hearing June for the USD.  Blessings..Eagle1


Good Morning!

Eagle1:  I'd be absolutely astonished if we haven't been able to exchange our IQD within the next few days. This news is extremely important to us. 

One important little tidbit to add to the news is that the same sources that provided the information from Iraq concerning the retrieval of the three zeros and exchange for the LD's called us a couple hours later to let us know that the soldiers are actually getting paid now.

That's HUGE! When you consider how long we've heard them complain and gripe over the fact that they weren't getting paid, and now -- all of a sudden -- they are!

Praise God!  Blessings.   Eagle1

Secretary Hadi says discussing the timing of dropping zeros is premature, but says committee has discussed the project; Project needs concerted effort and cooperation from entire GOI, 17 APRIL

Secretary Hadi says discussing the timing of dropping zeros is premature, but says committee has discussed the project; Project needs concerted effort and cooperation from entire GOI

APRIL 16, 2013
Parliament for financial (time): draft structure of the currency is premature
The parliamentary Finance Committee confirmed not to discuss the draft restructuring of the currency and reduce the incidence of fraud in house sessions usually topic is premature.
The Committee said the Attorney Secretary Hadi (time) on (the draft restructuring of the currency issue is premature and has not been discussed in the meetings of the Council but there is a process or project to delete the zeros and it is discussed during the Committee meeting, the Governor of the Central Bank to limit discussion of the sales dollar at auction).
Its member of Parliament is considered a smart Attorney Najeeb, the restructuring of the Iraqi currency and removing three zeros became necessary as the project is economically viable and positive effects. Najib said in a statementtoday that (draft restructuring currency despite the challenges and difficulties facing economic, security and political feasibility but is great for the country, noting (project Pat necessities which must be implemented on the ground in the current term).
She said (in need of concerted efforts and cooperation of all governmental institutions of the Central Bank, the Executive and Parliament to enact some laws, including the law guaranteed the indebtedness to the creditor the right amount to condemnation after deleting zeroes).
She noted that (former Central Bank led by Sinan Shabibi and appearance of Mohamed Saleh brought this project to the ends of the crucial and negotiated with solid global companies have a strong reputation in the world in terms of accuracy, reduce fraud and counterfeiting).
She said (the great harmony between the Executive and legislative institutions of State will increase the success of practical procedures especially that will remove the zeros will take more than two years).
The parliamentary Finance Committee, asserted that the Central Bank according to official correspondence begins this year with three zeros from the delete actions in the local currency, saying it will lead to the development of international economic and monetary transactions.
The Economic Committee member criticized Deputy Qusay Juma Abadi, the State’s five-year plan, scheduled to expire in early 2014 as ô ink on paper Al-Abbadi said in a statement that the State’s five-year plan to support the investment process and reduce dependence on oil imports and diversify budget resources did not show clearly one so far, noting the adoption of the Iraq ô oil sector and no diversity in the resources of the State budget and the five-year plan was a dead letter without Any visible results on the country’s economy, calling for the formation of an Economic Council to research and study of the five-year plan for the years to come.
He must be a real five-year plan and develop strategic policy for the country under the supervision of economists and experts in the systematic programmes precisely to enable agricultural and industrial economic sectors and provide jobs for the workforce and increase budget resources.


Three zeros to be cancelled from Iraqi currency, says MP   16 Apr 2013

Parliamentary Finance Commission MP stated that the Central Bank of Iraq will soon cancel the zeros from the Iraqi currency.

MP Abdul Hussein al-Yassiri revealed that it will happen by this as the Central Bank of Iraq is taking all necessary steps to convert this plan into reality. He adds that the commission is in favor of Central Bank of Iraq with this decision as this will bring significant changes in the Iraqi economy.

It is to be noted that earlier Central Bank reported that cancelling out zeros from Iraqi currency is under planning of the Bank. The prime difficulty will be - is withdrawing 30 trillion dinars from the Iraqi market at the present time which will be replaced by new currency.

Previously the decision of eliminating zeros from Iraqi currency was not ratified by ministry of finance as the budget was done with the present currency.

Updated 16 Apr 2013 | Soruce: Aswat Al Iraq | By S.Seal   http://www.iraqdirectory.com

KAPERONI :   Though I do not like this news source, they got it right..."withdrawing
JOEG:  Nice article.  Nice words.  Encouraging.  But when?  Could just be political lies and pandering to get people to vote for Maliki's goons---just speculation on my part cuz I don't know when the elections are---have they already occurred or is the Parliamentary election supposed to be soon---thought it was sometime in April?

Remember, "soon" means " in the coming days," and we all know what that means.  I'm encouraged by the words, even if they are political lies right before the Parliamentary election.  The words keep what little hopium I have still alive.

 But, unless it happens "soon" right before the election so Maliki can benefit from it by getting his goons elected back to Parliament, then I think if it doesn't happen by the election, then it won't be until close to the next election.  Just an opinion. 

My fingers remain crossed as I press the ENTER key on another "equity reserve" order.  Yeeeehaaaaw, accumulate, accumulate, accumulate!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        HANDOVERFIST:  Kape, They talk about withdrawing 30 trillion dinars and replacing it with new currency.  You have said that many articles say that the 25,000 dinar notes we have will still be worth 25,000 dinars after the ones in Iraq are replaced.

Can you point me to some articles that say this?   I don't think I've read that anywhere.....about our dinars keeping their value.   Thank you so much

Uflawman:  Joeg this has nothing to do with the elections.  Your "opinion" sounds just like the gurus who were saying it would rv before the last US election so Pres. Obama can benefit.   By the way, the provincial elections begin this weekend. 

The police and military/security personnel had elections this past weekend.  The 3  zeros project has nothing to do with the elections.  Also, you need to understand how the prime minister is elected.  If Mailiki's party does not come out of the provincial elections in the majority, M is done and the majority party will make the necessary changes. 

I know you want to stay grounded, but no one here is calling a concrete date for the increase in the value of the dinar. So, just follow the information and accept that there is some positive movement.  And as for a date, it will happen when it happens.  Lol

MR. G: Is it possible that these are recycled articles that have been edited to reflect current thinking? I find it strange with the elections coming up such positive news takes place making Maliki look good. It's Iraq, anything is possible and expected.

HANDOVERFIST:  Well, Kape, the articles you posted to get me started on understanding that although the Iraqi's will turn in their dinars for the lower denoms.......while our dinars keep their 25,000 value..........the articles you posted are from 2011.  You said I should go to Kap and Friends and start reading.

This is what you said in July of 2012:

 2. The dinar will not be on Forex or any other public exchange. It must free float for that to happen. And from my own chats, the CBI has stated they will control the pricing of the dinar. That is a managed float. That is a fact!

Therefore, Forex is out. And shoots holes in all the rumor gurus who constantly talk about Forex as well.

 This is fact people. So the Forex crap you heard was just that, crap.

 IMO, the dinar will not be seen on Forex for a long time. Several years at best. This is proven by the CBI's own statements (see chat - Where your dinar will go...) that they will price the dinar. Meaning it will be a managed float.

The rate will be controlled based on volumn, etc., by the CBI once it is internationally recognized. The benefits are two fold. 1. Stability 2. To perpetuate the value up to the desired goal. Higher than the “staging rate”.

I am now thoroughly confused.  Shall I go by what you said in 2011 or 2012.  I pray that Bob does not delete this post before I get an answer.

TLAR:  Handover fist, this is a fluid investment.  It has changed many times in the four years I've been in it.  Shabibi wanted to RV the currency but made a fatal mistake.  He thought he could convince the government that it was the right thing to do for Iraq.

 His plan was based on the study done for the CBI in 2008.  He had intended to drop 3 zeros from the nominal rate then hold it as a controled rate for a period of 1 to 2 years as recommended by the study.  What he did not take into consideration was the secret agenda by Maliki.  Shabibi hit a brick wall.

 The government fought him tooth and nail stopping the RV from happening at every turn as Shabibi waited patiently for government approval.  Shabibi went through 2 years of waiting, trying to convince Maliki to go along to no avail. 

Maliki has his own interests and IMHO they do not coincide with the best interests of Iraq.   Finally last year Shabibi made the decision to do this whether the government wanted it or agreed to it.

 Maliki and his goons immediately turned the heat up making many unfounded accusations all at once.  Because of government threats Shabibi then decided to just float the currency because he felt he had to do something to get this going.  He was in a box.

 Iraq needs a currency and he as governor of the CBI was responsible for getting a currency.  He had determined that the government, Maliki would never go along but something had to be done.   Before he could do that Maliki, through phoney charges, had arrest warrants issued while Shabibi was out of the country.. 

Shabibi would not come back to Iraq which created a vacancy at the CBI, so Maliki appointed Turki to replace him.  That brings us to today.  Is the new defiant CBI going to float the currency or go back to the original plan based on the study from 2008? 

So when Kap says it will be a free float he is saying that they have not put the original plan back in force.  Arguments can be made to support both views.  Handoverfist, I would not want to debate Kap on this.  It is a judgment call made on the facts at the time.  The facts have changed.

PALLADIUM:  I don't post much anymore, though I do read the articles still. Trying to keep myself in reality. Joeg I feel your frustration and all I can say is just read the articles and walk away. It is becoming very clear as the years drag on (8 for me now) that any significant change is years into the future.

An article today indicates that Iraq will probably borrow up to an additional $5 billion from the World Bank to help with rebuilding their economy and infrustructure. That alone should tell us this is going to drag out more years; not to mention that the Parliamentary Finance Committee is indicating that the budget was written with the current rate with no thought to value change.

I won't even discuss that the Kurds are still not actively participating in Bagdad, and the government is still in disarray. The revaluation of a currency(s) was never meant to reset the global economy as the gurus stated; i.e. look to the nation of Cyprus with all of the scalping of account balances to find out how the world's economy will be reset for a period of time.

Joeg, hang on to the dinar, as they will be worth something in the future.

This is a good article though, as it confirms that the plan is to make the change and movement of the value at some point in the future. I do believe it is recycled news, but at least we know the deletion project is still top of mind in Iraq.

Handoverfist, Kap gives his opinion; and I truly enjoy listening/reading his thoughts/opinion. Kap has kept me grounded over the years. Kap has and continues to encourage everyone to do their own research from the vast articles that are provided here to read.

Also, circumstances, policies, and situations change constantly. Kap has given his opinion (it's just an opinion) over the years based on the facts that were available and provided in news articles at the time.

I encourage you to go by what you think based on your own research based on valid news articles elsewhere and articles that are shared here, thanks to Bob, Kap, etc. Just try to stay grounded though, because it can be oh, so confusing at times.

HandOverFist:   Thank you Tlar and Palladium.  I really appreciate your responses.  Now that I understand better I'm wondering if I can have one more question answered. 

Articles have come out saying they want to make 30 trillion dinar into 30 billion dinar (redenomination) and issue the new currency.  They say it will take 2 years to change the currency completely. 

Are we feeling that since our 25,000 dinar notes will be good for 2 years, that during that time the dinar will appreciate and that is how we will make money on this investment?............and therefore, the redenomination in Iraq will not affect our dinar notes?  Is this correct?  I have never seen it explained this way, but if this is the way it is, then I get it (at last).

Palladium:  Handoverfist, please go to the Kap and friends and Iraq Dinar forum section. Start looking through and reading the articles. It will take a some time probably. Sorry, there are no quick answers to a lot of things in dinar land.

I do not believe in the redenomination theory; as it is based on mistranslated articles and lack of understanding on how Iraq's currency got to where it is at currently.

There have been to many articles referencing all of the complaints about the lack of large notes in circulation and available for everyday trading for goods/services; which would indicate the CBI has already removed the larger notes from circulation.

Finally, you would need to understand how central banks account for currency in circulation. There are M numbers. The CBI stopped reporting the M0 number in either 2005 or 2006; and that would be the true exact amount of paper currency in actual circulation.

That 30 trillion number is the M1 number and has other factors added into it, including bank account balances thrown in with it (I believe that is correct), and it's not an accurate number.

My opinion is there will be a small opening staging rate and the dinar will be placed on a free float to be driven up according by demand based on market forces. I'm not sure what will happen after that, and I probably won't stay around to find out after it reaches .30 to .40 cents in value.

 It will probably not be at a 1 to 1 with the dollar quickly, and God forbid if war breaks out in the region. No I don't believe it will change to $3.50 over night (though I do daydream)

HandOverFist:  Thanks Palladium.  So you're thinking, like Ali has always said, it will RV around 10 cents (staging rate) and then free float from there.  I've had that thought too.  I kinda feel like that's what's gonna happen.......much as I'm not crazy about that idea.  :(

I, also, don't believe it will change to $3.50 over night.  Why should they give us $3.50 when they don't have to?  People will be cashing out all along the way until it reaches $3.50.

Punisher:  At .10 that would make Iraq look weak coming out of the gate. I see nothing less that .90 out of the gate.