Friday, February 15, 2013


Blaino: this bronco is in the CHUTE.... Clock is tickin, this baby will be kickin!!!! Never knew things could be this hot in february.... 

Blaino: we have an unusual situation with regard to foreign currencies at at least one and mebby several BANKS... As it pertains to their ability to 'see' ANYTHING.....  more later on THAT... Been same same since late yesterday, we were watching for changes... None so FAR.... Which is great news! 

Blaino: the gousa 'moneybox' is still full and locked DOWN..... gousa - govt of U.S.A.

junebug: Blaino would we know today if something does happen 

Blaino: junebug mebby we will all have a pleasant and thoughtful DINNER..... Mebby a kind of review and plan kind of MEAL...

Blaino: ding your dong and hold ON.... I think we're going to hit this thing ... Really frickin hard! 

Blaino: HisBlessed soon, circumstances pushed a change, need to see something.... I'll send the warning out AGAIN... Forward it to any that do not get it, there is a link to manage your subscription.... We'll update all the newbies and send it in an hour or SO.... back soon with MORE... Mehopes!


OCrush Update Posted at PeoplesDinar Forum Friday Night 02/15/2013

Posted Today, 08:00 PM 

Hello All!!!,    Okay, here we go.  President Barzani has taken the bull by the horns.  When he came back from his visit in Europe (Davos, Ireland and a couple of others) he decided to represent all of the Kurdistan blocs to end this crisis.  Most significate, he now represents Talabanis Patriotic Union, with there blessing.  He had meetings with all of the Kurdish blocs, the Sadrist Bloc, representatives from the US Embassy (Beecroft and UN Dels) and the National Coalition (Malikis Bloc).  

One significant member of Malikis bloc works in London and is trusted by the Brits and U.S.  He spoke for Malikis coalition.  This lasted for a few days and it was VERY successful.  In turn...Barzani and the Kurd leaders were so happy they adjusted there Budget and past it today in the Kurdish parliament.  Formal agreements were signed so there will be no backing out when this was done.  It also included all disputes with Kirkuk under Article 140:)  It also included an agreement with the HCL:)) 

  We should hear something on this shortly.  Now,  Barzani has called for a formal announcement with all of the Kurdish leaders participating to tell the Kurdish people what took place during these closed door meetings.  They will tell the people there future and announce something major.  In turn Maliki, Nujaifi and the other bloc leaders will make there own formal announcement to the Shiites, Sunnis, Turks and Christians what they have accomplished and what there future holds.  

This is History in the making.  Life changer for all the Iraqi's and it is very well coordinated.  Sunday is a new beginning for Iraq and should be veeery revealing to our timeline:))

 Hope this helps and Cheers to All!!!!!!


2-15-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru Bluedog   Article 140 compensation starts next week. The Head of the Kirkuk branch of the Article 140 Implementation Committee says the compensation cheques will be distributed next week. Kakarash Sidiq said, “The compensation cheques were to be distributed when the budget was approved, but due to some problems it was postponed until next week.”  [As you said on Wednesday night,  everything has been done for a while now and I think just a timing issue where when RV is announced, the entire Iraq thing is announced. Just Timing?]  yes.

2-15-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Kurdish-US talks to give Allawi the Presidency"   This would surely balance the power in Iraq, be an enactment of the Erbil agreement and accomplish a lot. However, it would also signal a fairly short life span for Maliki’s career. He won’t survive this (politically).


2-15-2014  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  The State Department is saying that Maliki will be done and over with by next week.   I think they wanted some kind of balance of power in place.  The demonstrations were the thing that got us going in the right direction.  Najafi called for Maliki to resign.  The U. S. State Department is talking about Allawi, that he might be a legitimate candidate for the President of the Republic.  The budget is not the lynch pin for us, the balance of power is the lynch pin.  As soon as the balance of power is changed in Iraq you will see some kind of caretaker or interim government put in place & we will see some kind of change in the currency fairly quickly.  They don't have to be out of Chapter 7 yet.  The news is beyond spectacular.  The only thing better would be an actual RV itself. 

2-15-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3     It's not an easy task to remove a President or a Prime Minister, it's almost impossible without everyone working together.  But, IMO, it looks like Parliament has their mind set now to try to give the people of Iraq what they have been promised, things Maliki has blocked over and over to better the people of Iraq I have said for 3 years now that if the people of Iraq get what they are supposed to get, good things for them,  then you and I will get the great things that we have been waiting on.  This is great news.  If it works out, we are going to be some happy campers.  [post 2 of 2]

2-15-2013  Intel/Newshound Guru Poppy3   We got news that they removed Turki from the CBI and also the judge has been removed.  We know that these were Maliki's key people, running interference for him.  We know that Talabani was running interference for him & now he is out of the picture for the most part.  This thing is boiling down, getting Maliki under control.  Got a call saying he will be out of his position on Wednesday or Thursday of next week.  It's just a projection.  They are trying to get him to resign or they more than likely will take a vote and remove him. [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-15-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  Article:  "Nijaifi launches fierce attack against Maliki, calls him to resign." Personally, I think this is Najafi’s way of giving the body of MP’s (all under his leadership) a bit of a dig. As in, get in here and do your jobs or you won’t have one soon. Like I said...– it’s about time for them all to be thinking about the “post-Maliki” era and what their future looks like in it. I doubt the dissolving of Parliament is a real issue. The rest – is profoundly dangerous for Maliki.

2-15-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana  [I was wondering about the elections that are to happen in Iraq in April. If these term limits do go in effect, doesn't that mean that Maliki will not be able to run?]    I did some quick research... to try to verify my thoughts, but most of the information is obscure... I'll put it this way:   
I have as much faith in Maliki to honor a "term limit" as I do Obama to uphold the Constitution. If there is one thing we know about politicians, it's that they will manipulate the system in any way they can to acheive their goals.

Member of the Economic Committee: the mysterious CBI policy and need clarity, 15 feb

Member of the Economic Committee: the mysterious CBI policy and need clarity

Date: 13/02/15 11: 22: 39 pm Friday
Baghdad (newsletter). Called the economy and Investment Committee member of iraqiya MP//nahida Al-daini, Central Bank monetary policy clarification and presented to the House of representatives to reduce corruption and money laundering.
She said Al-daini (News Agency): Although the results of the current monetary policy, the Central Bank of Iraq has good pace and routine and was able to prove through maintaining the stability of the dinar exchange rate, but it is a bit vague.
She added that the Central Bank is required to clarify the monetary policy and the role of Parliament in monitoring and see what’s going on inside the Bank, not to be told by some lawmakers of corruption and money laundering in the work of the Central Bank.
She went on, as well as to overcome the problems of the Bank recently

Economist demands that the deletion of zeros from the currency to the lack of security and economic stability, 15 feb

Economist demands that the deletion of zeros from the currency to the lack of security and economic stability

Friday 15 February 2013
Asked an economist, on behalf of Jamil Antoine, not to delete the zeros from the currency is currently, and that the lack of security and economic stability in the country.
Said Antoine “The deletion of zeros from the currency is restructuring the currency, and to reduce accounts large digital burden treasurers, and mitigate the burden of accountants in the count transfer numbers,” adding that “the moment is appropriate to replace the currency, because of the lack of security stability and economic in the country. “
The expert pointed out that the “political differences that get in the country have a clear impact on the deterioration of the country’s economy because of politics, economy are يتخلفان twins for some.”
Antoine felt that “upgrading the country’s economy, requires the presence of political decisions and political will, in addition to building economic strategy and clear the country involving professionals and economic efficiencies of Iraq.”
The Cabinet had asked last April 2012 to wait in the application process of deletion of zeros from the national currency until further notice.
The Central Bank of Iraq, and on the lips of bank adviser appearance of Mohammed Saleh, has confirmed to [where] the need for Iraq to process administrative reform of the currency cash, and that the project to delete the zeros is a step comes as part of the country’s need to process administrative reform of the currency, in order to reduce the cost of cash transactions in the economic process, in addition to the need to provide small denominations coins used in daily trading transactions.

Breitling Report: Friday 2/15/2013