Sunday, February 10, 2013


2-10-13 TERRYK: Am HEARING SUNDAY NIGHT with CASH IN MONDAY MORNING COMING FROM 3 SOURCES. STRONG PEOPLE (sources). 5 currencies RV Sunday when the Forex opens…Canada, China, India, Iraq and VND.


2-10-2013 Newshound Guru Med:    NOW THEY DONT WANT TO DO THE CURRENCY EXCHANGE BUT SEEM TO BE WANTING TO SHAVE THE PIPS OFF… HOW MUCH WHO KNOWS THERE HAS BEEN ALOT OF SCUTTLE THAT WE ARE HEARING FROM TRADERS THAT THEY ARE HEARING AS MUCH AS 700 PIPS IN 2013 [If my math is right (and there is no guarantee it is! :) , This would be about a 300% increase in value this year--Blanche, Dinar Guru]


[viper1] TK said five currencies on the forex today and CE tomorrow.

keiji] viper1 did he sound confident?

 [happydave1] i will say tk sure has guts to say that 

[viper1] Yes - I was surprised. He did not say treat this as a rumor.

[Jester] who is finding the deal to get the oil credits... which is what the ce is about... has eveyone read about what happenes when you trade in your dinar because if you have not you are missing a key piece of info about what is going on....funding... 

[msgwen] Jester Yes, Wildduck and Cruiser seemed to be talking about the US delaying the RV by not wanting to give us the Fiat system.

[Jester] msgwen no not what i was talking about... the gold and RESOURCES backed Basil III is a done deal... i am talking about where your dinar go after you are happily whistling dixie on the way home...

msgwen] Jester alot of it is going to China? for oil credits

[Jester] msgwen well ther is the rub and the part that is unsure... once it gets to that point who owns the credits? the US and China both want them... that is the issue...

[msgwen] Jester going to pay off our debt to China?

 [Jester] so china buys up some 60% of WF and they are getting the dinar... soooo... go figure...

[obxlady1] Jester was told if ce at bank...USA.

 [Jester] msgwen good deal... you are on it...

[Jester] obxlady1 true... but WF is special case to try and figure out right now exactly where it is going...

[wheezer2] Jester sooooooooo with that scenario, no wonder PTB have been putting out misinformation.....the ultimate pumpers?? lol

 [msgwen] Jester So who is holding it up? 

Jester] wheezer2 ya think there might even be some scenario where they actually want more dinar out in circulation? just thinking...

 [happydave1] Jester why

 [Jester] and then you have to wonder why they dont just go buy it up at the dealer level... kinda weird to start thinking about that ne believe me....

[happydave1] Jester if it isnt a international currency can the banks acually buy it n hold it 

[Jester] happydave1 i was talking about the gov't what would stop china and the us?

happydave1] Jester a clause in the contract maybe

[wheezer2] Jester you think maybe there is a rule somewhere that says govt cannot buy from the dealers or can not own more than a certain %????

[Jester] wheezer2 i dunno.. makes ya wonder though 

[Jester] so let me finish by saying if you have NOT read what happens when you change in your dinar you should read this article is it will give you a lot of insite to what is going on in the background...

[wheezer2] Jester yep...cuz you KNOW we are not privy to the rules of the govt games

[msgwen] Jester We have been told for so long that "we" were not supposed to be involved. 

 [Jester] Maryrose that news is so old noone is talking about it anymore.. it is still there.. no report... 6 weeks later when they usually do it in 48 hours... really? hmmmm... 

 [happydave1] Jester i read it but the question i have is us small guys with little dinar or all of us put together is small beans compared to a gov that can buy trillions

[Jester] msgwen well... we are and now they cant do anything about it...

[msgwen] Jester that's right....so they might as well go ahead and DO IT!!!

[Jester] msgwen they will as soon as they get all the pieces in place... a lot of people thought last thursday would be good... then a small hiccup... well huge really but that is another story... so... now timing...


2-10-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni We all know that the new plan now is a free float.   But what is exciting is the actions taken by the CBI to confirm this.   Just as...ending the currency auctions supported a "staging rate" of 1 to $1 or about, selling hard currency all over Iraq supports the float.  These are clearly two different monetary policies.   We are seeing the CBI aggressively sell dollars raising capital at banks and exchange centers in Iraq as the statement said...Iraq is going on the dollar now for a period of time.  That period will more than likely be while the dinar free floats to a rate 1 to $1 or higher in the world marketplace.   Then, once this is complete, Iraq will switch to a managed float, or pegged basket which is more stable and they can introduce the new smaller dinar notes, etc.  And begin to dedollarize.   The actions of the CBI are what we need to watch...and these actions are telling us what is about to happen. [Post 3 of 3]

2-10-2013  Newshound Guru Kaperoni Studying this whole process a bit further…back in April 2012 [See Dinar Guru Archives] when the CBI said they were ending currency auctions...We all thought...well they need to make the dinar tradable then with an exchange regime so the CBI can generate revenue.   But that didn’t happen.  So what when wrong?   Well for the CBI to say such the dinar would have to be worth 1 to $1 or greater (otherwise there would be demand for the dollar in Iraq for import transactions and the auctions would have to continue to supply that demand).   And the SIGIR report mentions..the CBI was about to make the dinar worth just less than the dollar.  So we can assume that Shabibi's plan was clearly to come out with the .90 cents or about "staging rate." Once Maliki (CoM) pulled the plug we saw Saleh come out and say..."the plan had changed." in late April or May.  Not knowing what that plan was, it took a few months to decipher. [Post 2 of 3....Where we stand now coming soon...stay tuned]

2-10-2013 Newshound Guru Kaperoni  [Deciphering recent articles] as they [Iraq] are heavy dollarizing to act as cover while the dinar floats up.  That statement implies that at least.  So in other words, the Iraqis will dollarize for period of time such as Feb-Dec while the dinar rises to equal or exceed the dollar.  Timeframe is just an example though. This article is very interesting considering the IMF deadline of Feb 23rd to improve the "exchange rate regime."    The free float may very well start very soon.  It appears this article is about distribution of hard currency (dollars) throughout Iraq in preparation of that event. [Post 1 of 3…the plan history/unfolds coming shortly…stay tuned]

2-10-2013 Intel Guru SteveI [Question: forextrader2003: ...how long can the RV be held up after the budget approval.,, ]  The budget has to be opened and the new rate made official and everything moves forward. Now with all of the budget vote delays, my guess is fairly quickly...I will say not long and can safely say not weeks but most likely days. They are going to move very fast now. If the parliament does not, the people will pressure them into moving even faster. 


Economic Committee Member says PM’s Cabinet policy to raise IQD to 1,000 bad timing, 10 feb

Economic Committee Member says PM’s Cabinet policy to raise IQD to 1,000 bad timing

Date: Sunday 02/10/2013 05:57 pm
Member of the Committee on economy of the excluded access equal a dollar Iraqi dinar during the next period
Date: 13/02/10 12: 25: 55 Sunday
Baghdad (newsletter). Excluded Member of the Committee on economy and investment Deputy of Iraqi/coalition/nahida Al-daini, the exchange rate of the US dollar per thousand Iraqi dinars during the same period coming in under the current economic policy.
She said Al-daini (News Agency): the Cabinet Council expectations of US dollar equals 1,000 Iraqi dinar is not misplaced, given the absence of stable economic development, and financial and economic policies in the country.
Followed: in addition to the adoption of the national economy on a single income and rentier oil productive economic sectors which in turn introduces to the market and keep hard currency at home and not cashed abroad, as well as the presence of overlapping powers, these are all factors that help to reduce the value of the US dollar.
She added: we must develop a plan strategy for the promotion of various economic sectors and identify clear fiscal and monetary policy in the country in order to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar increase in value against hard currencies.
He was the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Presidency announced the Government’s relationship to one US dollar equal to 1,000 Iraqi dinar
Alternate translation:
The economic and investment commission ruled arrival of the US dollar exchange rate equal thousand Iraqi dinars during the coming period
Excluded member of the Committee on the economy and investment MP Nahida Daini “up the exchange rate of one U.S. dollar equals thousand Iraqi dinars during the coming period in the light of the current economic policy.
Daini said: The expectations of the prime minister for equal to the U.S. dollar thousand Iraqi dinars not Bmahlha, due to the lack of a stable economic situation, and the lack of clarity fiscal and economic policies in the country.
It continued: In addition to the adoption of the national economy on revenue omnidirectional yield is oil and the absence of economic sectors productivity which in turn raises products to the market and maintain hard currency at home and not disbursed out of the country, as well as the existence of interference in the powers These are all factors that is helping to reduce the value of the U.S. dollar.
She added: You must develop a strategic plan for the advancement of the different economic sectors and identify fiscal and monetary policy and clear in the country in order to maintain the stability of the Iraqi dinar and increase its value against hard Currencies.
The Secretary General of the Council of the prime minister on the Keywords announced the government’s efforts to make one U.S. dollar is equal to a thousand Iraqi dinars.

Breitling Report: Friday 2/8/2013