Wednesday, February 6, 2013


[tman42] My friend here at work has told me over the last year that he would get a call from his family who is in the know when it's time! He told me this am he got the call last night and they said payday would be here within the next couple of days. I sure hope he's right lol

 [tman42] hello I'm excited again

 [Dsatmhk7] Tman42 - thank you for sharing!!

 [gdsgrl21] tman42 woohooo! Everything seems to be lining up - thanx for sharing


Lovemylife :Ok Ladies and Gentlemen. I just heard from my friend at the State Department again, and because of some very High level meetings that are taking place right now, they say that they are hearing there will be an announcement late today or tomorrow. They are hearing that the IQD will be announced first, and the VND will be 24 hours after. They are pretty excited for somebody that is not invested. I pray they are correct. God Bless.


2-6-2013  Newshound Guru Kaperoni   Article:  "Abdul-Mahdi undertakes to ensure the staff of the Central Bank and demanded their release"   Nobody is cleared...warrant for Shabibi still exists and Saleh and others just out of jail on bail.  Pending some charge (that was never filed. lol)

2-6-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana     [On fox news they were talking about iraqi oil soon entering the market. Which is suppose to lower oil. But better yet i'm thinking the price of dinar increasing. Could you spread a little light on this.]  This is yet another reason why I shake my head and laugh at the nay-sayers... not only is Iraqi oil good for us, it's also good for them, and in turn it is good for Dinar investors! This is truly a situation where we get BOTH pieces of the pie.   [post 3 of 3]

2-6-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   FACT 3: taking into account those last two sets of numbers, we can say that the Iraqi Dinar is performing just about as good as most 401ks out there... but we also know that most 401ks do NOT have any kind of massive potential. So for all you nay sayers out there - keep on hating, keep on yapping, keep on living in your negative world... I'm holding onto my dinar. [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

2-6-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    FACT ONE: the rate on the Dinar in 2003 was roughly .00027. In 2006 the rate was roughly .00068 ($680 per million). Today the rate is roughly .00086 ($860 per million). That's about a 25% increase in the last few years, right? So if you bought in that period, you are ALREADY WINNING.  FACT TWO: The DJIA (Dow Jones Industrial Average) in 2006 was at 10806, today it is around 13880. Those numbers look pretty similar to the Iraqi Dinar's progress around the same time frame, don't they? But guess what else happened in that same period... February 2009 the DJIA DROPPED to 7063, which was absolutely devastating to many. Guess what has NOT experienced a huge swing like that, despite the "turbulent and chaotic" situation it's in? That's right - the Iraqi Dinar.  [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

2-6-2013  Intel Guru SteveI   [Awesome Steve...48 hrs before a change of life weekend]  Remember, 48 hours for the completion of the budget not seeing an RV, then whatever time it takes from the individuals to the CBI to post is not for sure. I have feeling they will not drag it out.  [When the budget is completed on Thursday, should we be able to see the rate or at least be able to tell that there will be a rate change? There will be a few steps within the government (departments and individuals) that will move this forward with the finishing authority being the CBI posting it officially. I really do not know the number of hours or days to accomplish this. My guess is that only a few people in Iraq know that answer.

2-6-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   Article:  "Government recognizes its inability to cancel three zeroes of the dinar"  This is an interesting trend – they are implying this decision is “out of their hands”. I think this is just a PR smear by Maliki...to “over-control” the CBI and represent that it is things other than his take-over of the CBI that is causing the economic delays to Iraq’s development.

2-6-2013  Newshound Guru Tlar   sounds like it is back to Shabibi's two step plan he proposed a while ago...I think they are much better following the two step program of going to the 1000 to 1 and then removing the zeros followed immediately by a managed or free float.   It would create many fewer problems.  I think they will come to this same conclusion if that is not already their plan.  It would definitely reduce the confusion when they drop the zeros.


[WILDDUCK] OK you want know something

[mbillions] WILDDUCK What?

[WILDDUCK] All pinged out no more pinging


[treasure4e] WILDDUCK is that good or bad

[mbillions] treasure4e That is very good...

[goldman] WILDDUCK does that mean the testing has stopped and ready to go live or just stopped testing and will do more testing later?

[goose67] WILDDUCK thats a good thing then ...right??

[BLESSME] Wildduck doneium

[WILDDUCK] No more battles being fought

 [#2sister] wildduck it is good!!!

 [raven] WILDDUCK no more battles between good and evil?

 [sandytob] You need to get ready...things have shifted....a wave of increase, a wave of favor....

[WILDDUCK] it is live relax just cannot see it
[spiritfilled] WILDDUCK ...doneium...bankium....currency exchangeium

[calibeach] WILDDUCK when will we see it?

[#2sister] WILDDUCK now we wait for it to show!

[mkay] it's LIVE?

[pastored] As soon as bluwolf gets the word or footforward they both will call or text me then we will know ty Jesus

[sananddan24] Pastored please let us know

[Jester] wildduck is talking to me on the phone... slow down a little and he will give me the answers to your questions... he is having trouble typing but wants to talk to you guys....

[keiji] wildduck said pinging has stopped. It's live but we can't see it yet.

[misskitty05] Jester are things still moving forward ...i.e no pauses???

[Jester] misskitty05 no more games being played...

[Jester] you guys ask wilduck the questions i will answer....

[goose67] Jester when might we see it

[shaverstein] Wildduck you said rate was live, just waiting to see it, can u elaborate.

[calibeach] WILDDUCK when will we see it?

 [Jester] calibeach 24-48 hours

 [misskitty05] Jester from now?

 [ready4riches] Jester this is serious an not rumoroids?

[Jester] ready4riches ummm... no... lol

[redhead1] Jester - what is the rate on IQD and VND?

 [keiji] Jester ask him if we are past the point of no return please.

[Jester] well past the point of no return... no going back.... no stalling....

[weimar] Jester 24-48 starting recently or hours ago?

[Jester] talk to WILDDUCK not me...

[cashinqueen] i truley and honestly believe from the bottom of my heart and GOD we will see this within the next 48 hours ...

[jack1977] wildduck Did Asia close the Book 100 percent ?

[mkay] do we know the rate?

 [Jester] we know the rate... it is consistent with what has been reported for years... where iraq was back in the day....

[bryan1972] Jester 3 something?

[mkay] this is really it isnt it?

[skt2] mkay my thought exactly

 [cashinqueen] 2mater i am not always ms. positive but right now looks like a no brainer for this tooo happen :bananadancers:

[calibeach] WILDDUCK are the emails still a mystery?

 [weimar] Jester 24-48 starting recently or hours ago?

 [Jester] calibeach he cannot answer that i will in a bit....

 [mystery] What did Wildduck say? I missed it all[

[ [Jester] the duck is electronically challenged i am the beak of the duck right now.... lol

 [bryan1972] mystery he said it will show in 24 to 48 hrs

 [goldman] Please keep in mind that we have heard this type of information before! I know that some day someone will get it right but please keep this in prospective! We have been here before!

[Rocky49] Jester So you are saying for the duck the rate is around $3.42 and the RV will happen Thursday?

 [RevalGal] Jester You do realize technically you are speaking duck right now.

 [Waiting] Wildduck - why so long to show?

[skt2] buybyeby buybyeby that was my question, too ...

 [cashinqueen] it may be tomorrow

 [Jester] goldman you aer correct to keep perspective but it has never been this far in before...

[Jeanne] WILDDUCK do we know if it is a float or not?

 [Rocky49] Wildduck could you please repeat your infor for those of us who came in late?

 [cashinqueen] This is sooooooooooooo out of Iraqs hands but the mask is the budget which has been pushed several times. but thursday is the last time and this baby is going to POP :fiesta8: :fiesta15:

[prissynell] Has something happened tonight?

Waiting] Jester can u say why 24-48 hours to show?

 [Jester] the way i see it... i think the ce is going to go down and the groups will get to go in first... the group leaders will go in and get the instructions and codes/numbers/whatever and then you will get your email very soon after that....

 [Jester] Waiting i am repeating what was told to me...

[cashinqueen] Waiting cuz the budget is expected in the next 48 hours

 [spiritfilled] prissynell well that fits...thanks for another confirm...Wildduck has been at the hospital with his wife in emergency but she is ok and he is relayign info through Jester all is good and God is faithful

[misskitty05] Jester you mean go in first before the rate is public

 [Jester] faith that is the best way for us.... that way we know the street rate and when you get to the bank you know their rate... you can make an informed decision of what you want to do...

 [faith] Jester; that is so awesome, I was actually wondering how we would know if we were getting a good rate or not. TY

 [prissynell] group rate, street rate and bank rate

 [misskitty05] so the street rate will be public and then the groups will CE

[prissynell] I think I will sleep good tonight and wake up early and maybe the chat will be open earlier

 [geoworld] cashinqueen They may be waiting for Cristines annoncement.

[goldman] Jester Please make sure everyone knows that this is your opinion only!

 [pastored] Wilfduck is it fixing to go morrow or tonight

[nolaspice] so he thinks a live rate will be available to us within 24- 48 hours - email will go out around then - the posted non group rate should be about the mid 3's

[Jester] brief summary... misskitty05 .. if it was any closer it would be biting your tail

 [nolaspice] now when did the clock start

 [sailman] ce - tomorrow or thursday (our time)

[Jester] nolaspice ticking now

[misskitty05] Wildduck -- will it float?

 [Jester] misskitty05 did kuwait float? yes...

 [misskitty05] Wildduck -- managed float?

 [pebbles1] Any news on VND?

 [Jester] pebbles1 all going at the same time

[ivy10] Jester is ours a float?

[Jester] misskitty05 asked and answered

 [kids] Hi Jester ...what makes WILDDUCK think this is it this time? Intel from banking source?

 [Jester] kids yes and higher

 [sananddan24] After your intel call is the time still 24 to 48 hrs

 [care888] Jester if pinging stopped, do we have a live rate that will show at bank soon

 [sandytob] Jester will it come out low and then go up like Kuwait did?

 [goldman] Please keep in mind that the 24 to 48 hours is our normal Wednesday to Friday stuff...every week

[deniseanderson] wildduck 24-48 hrs from what time today if answered I understand I walked away from computer when you took your call, and did you get any new news on your call that you can share thanks

[pebbles1] WildDuck- is it showing live at all banks?

 [Jester] goldman not a normal week... anytime within that time...

 [sandytob] Jester will it come out low and then go up like Kuwait did?

 [Jester] sandytob in my opinion yes...

 [misskitty05] Wildduck -- thank you for your time. Our thoughts and prayers go out to your wife.

[Jester] dont want to lead anyone astray and anything is possible but the information i have brought tonight is the best i have ever had and is not coming from dinarians or website... real people in the real world with connections to the issues.

[Jester] based on what i have been told tonight i am pretty excited... goldman is right to keep you balanced...

 [Jester] go to sleep and have a good night... dont fret... it is in God's hands... pray tonight is the last night you are broke... and thnk you for the prayers for my wife... they were answered...