Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Justwaiting said:  For what it's worth, I received two phone calls, from separate friends in two different states, telling me they received direct phone calls indicating it would happen for sure this Thursday. 

One of the sources is from the State Department who specifically said, "it's going down, get ready"! I am so EXCITED!!! It sounds like we are truly in the home stretch.


FROM A PERSONAL CONTACT FORMER WASHINGTON BANKER, but treat as rumor until you see it for yourself Intel from 3 personal contacts - not NET Reports coming in that confirm what you are saying [03/02/2013 17:33:30] J: I have long tried to convince my wealthy banker uncle to invest in the Dinar but he would not. I tried on several different occasions to convince him but no doing.

 OUT OF THE BLUE . . .He calls me just after 5 tonight and says "remember you telling me about the Dinar" . . yes I said. He said he received a call from a friend in the Secret Service in DC. They have know each other for 40+ years. The Agent told my uncle in as "few words as possible" to buy Dinar! He went on to say that the Fed/Trea was making preparations to put it on the screens starting Sunday?? @ $3.24. Said after a big meeting Tuesday in IRQ. that Wednesday at latest was the Global public announcement would be made and RV goes forth .

 I've now heard from $3.24 + ??? Either way the time is here! AND APPARENTLY IN THE U.S. THERE WAS A NEWS REPORT STATING THAT A NUMBER OF CURRENCIES WERE GOING TO RE-VALUE, SPECIFICALLY STATING DINAR AND DONG An email I received today: I have gotten some calls tonight 2/4. All saying about the same thing.. There was a reason for the hold up.. RV should have went today I was told, O stepped in and slow, But did not get it stopped. ( That is what I was told by more then 2 or 3 contacts) Said we would have your RV on Thu. the 7th that is this week. I hope they are right this time


I build toys. My friends also build toys. Soldiers and contractors coming back from Iraq buy our toys :). A friend of mine owns a shop in Cali. An Iraqi contractor came in wanting one of our toys. He would get paid in Iraqi Dinar and have to cash out at an Iraqi bank before coming back here. He has been cashed out over there at $2.75/dinar. This is an Iraqi BANK rate, but I do not know which one. It is not necessarily an "In-country RV" or "Ch.7 Flaming Hoop". He came back around the holidays, which leads me to believe that this has been going on for some time and is not an isolated case. Us bottom-feeders over here are just going to have to wait a little longer. I was happy to hear this.


Steve & Ray - Quick Update

Greetings everyone.

I just got off the phone with Ray. After reaching out to our contacts we can confirm that they will vote on the 2013 budget this coming Thursday. Without going into details, we are extremely pleased of the progress and the direction things are going.

Here is another point that many have missed. If you recall, Ray and I have stated that the Chapter VII restrictions placed against Iraq was lifted but no one really believes this.

I guess unless many of the negative people hear it from the United Nations directly, I would like to share an article that is proof that it has been done.
Dated January 31, 2013

EU amends sanctions regulation on Iraq

BRUSSELS, Jan 31 (KUNA) -- The EU Foreign Ministers Council meeting here Thursday announced that it has amended regulation 210/2003 concerning certain specific restrictions on economic and financial relations with Iraq.

"This will permit the transfer of frozen funds to the successor arrangements to the Development Fund for Iraq put in place by the  government of Iraq under the conditions set out in UN Security Council resolutions 1483 (2003) and 1956 (2010)," said the short statement without giving any details.

The Council also extended the sanctions against persons responsible for the misappropriation of Tunisian state funds, including former Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, by 12 months, i.e. until 31 January 2014.

Ok, so would someone please explain to me in details with proof that if the restrictions of Chapter VII has not been lifted then how in the world could this be allowed. If you all recall, Ray and I were bashed to hell for making this statement because no one believed it. (most probably still do not). Many have speculated that this has nothing to do with Chapter VII, but have had this confirmed by several very qualified people they know the sanctions inside out, and it does have to do with VII. I wanted to make darn sure before I made that bold statement.

Everything appears to have been completed and moving forward. Ray and I and every contact in the US and in Iraq stand firm on our rate that we have provided in our past posts.

We provide you with another update as we can obtain solid information.




Steve Added in post 57:

Here is another thing to think about. If in fact Chapter VII has not been lifted, Iraq would not be able to revalue their currency and pursue entry into the WTO in which by the way they are currently doing. There are many things you absolutely will not hear about until after the fact and when the timing is appropriate. There is no doubt in my mind that the United Nations is monitoring Iraq very closely and would never let them take the next step if it was not appropriate.

Another thing, Iraq is a nation with massive wealth and you can rest assured that things will be done under the laws and constitution of the country. There are no "do overs" in this process. You either get it right the first time, or it will not get done at all.

Everyone keeps asking about the timing after the budget gets approved. This I am not certain of. I know the process just not the timing between the parties involved. With it being now into February with not working budget to move the country forward, I can safely assume the parties to be will not drag their feet, but rather just the opposite.




2-5-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG   I think if all the political pieces fall in place for us correctly that we are 30 - 45 days away from the politics to be in place for this to happen.  Do we have to wait this long?  No, not even close.  If things go well for us in the next few days & the pieces fit together properly, they could be positioned politically for us for this thing to happen.  On the Maliki situation, I think Maliki has to be dealt with in some way, shape or form.  The CBI, UN and the IMF just will not put up with that kind of dictator.  Anything is possible on the RV/float perspective.  Deep down, I think it's going to be an RV.  Poppy3 thinks it will come out between $3.22 and $3.86.    [post 2 of 2]

2-5-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG  There is an extraordinary amount of attention being placed on the budget, the Federal Courts Law and the Amnesty Law.  We have a lot to be thankful for right now.  The demonstrations and the clerics are behind this movement forward on the budget, the Federal courts law & getting these politicians ready to rock and roll.  I don't think we would be here without the demonstrations.  They said they would demonstrate until Maliki resigns. I doubt that Maliki resigns on his own.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

2-5-2013  Newshound Guru Doc    So which scenario is correct? Actually we could at this point believe either.  We would prefer the first for obvious reasons and it makes sense as we've discussed in length to RV at a lower initial rate and let the market take it upward as Iraq actually produces more wealth.  At $0.69 it would definitely start the ball rolling.  We continue with our opinion the goal is to get the dinar to its pre gulf war levels of $3+ but it appears this is out several years as has been documented over and over again.  Let just hope the 138 billion number was not a misprint.  We report, you decide.  [post 3 of 3]

2-5-2013  Newshound Guru Doc    Another possibility here is the 138 billion dinar number was a misprint and it should have read 138 trillion.  This happens quite often in Iraqi news reports.  Doing the same math as previously this suggests the assumed exchange rate was 1448 dinar per USD which we know isn't right since the current program rate is 1166.  However, if 1166 is assumed the budget should be 111 trillion dinar and not 138 trillion dinar. This is possible if the 138 trillion number include budget shortfall of 27 trillion dinar ($23 billion) of which was not reported in the article.  We have to remember the 2012 budget included about 15 trillion dinar in shortfall.  Unfortunately we will not know until more information is made public.  The article also stated the vote would not be until Thursday while several articles said Tuesday.  So as usual we have conflicting information.  [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

2-5-2013  Newshound Guru Doc   We just came across an article quoting some preliminary 2013 budget numbers.  The reports is quoted as the 2013 budget will be 138 billion dinar based on 2.9 million barrels per day export at $90 per barrel.  Lets assume the 138 billion dinar number is not a misprint and do the math.  First remember oil is sold in USD and not dinar so Iraq is assuming its revenue will be $95.3 billion USD (2.9 billion barrels times 365 days times $90).  To convert this to dinar we have to apply the exchange rate they assumed. To convert from $95.3 billion USD to 138 billion dinar they would have had to assume an exchange rate of 1.45 dinar per USD (138/95.3).  Another way of saying this is $0.69 USD per dinar which is around the 1 to 1 ratio.  It also supports the lower initial rate and float upward strategy which we believe is their goal.   [post 1 of 3....stay tuned]

2-5-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG    The lower denoms are already printed.  They are just not released to the public.  This is confirmed.  They are only using about half of the denominations, not the full family of currencies just yet.  The IQD will be a reserve currency.  If you get a couple of countries like the U.S. and China holding it in their treasuries and trading it for oil, it's a reserve currency not matter what label you put on it.  There is not much paper currency within the borders of Iraq, what is there is torn and used up.  They are in a squeeze play right now and have to do something about it.  They need to get fresh money into the market place.  What we are seeing right now is the final struggles in this thing.  I don't see anything horribly bad for us. 


2-5-2013  Newshound Guru Shredd   Here's another big point: Without an international currency, you cannot manage your risks in the efficient ways that have become the standard in countries with internationally tradable currencies. The lack of international stability is also a problem in trade.  Lastly, companies in the developing countries would have to enter the global competition with a crucial disadvantage.  While their competitors would be able to hedge, swap, and obtain financing wherever it is cheaper and most convenient, they would be forced to rely on the credits and services provided in their weak, shallow financial systems.  So, hopefully this brings a little more light to WHY it is important for Iraq to move to an internationally tradable currency.   [post 2 of 2]

2-5-2013  Newshound Guru Shredd   [new guru]   It’s been coming up for quite some time whether or not Iraq really NEEDS to revalue their currency and get it to a place where it is internationally tradable. The question goes something like this; "Can't Iraq just keep on going like they have been and do all business in US Dollars?"  
First of all, without an internationally tradable currency, Iraq is walled off from the globalized financial system, thus raising the cost of business and increasing risk and uncertainty in the economy.  This problem is that the CBI will not be able to provide a currency that people can use throughout the world.


2-5-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru BGG: The lower denoms are already printed.  They are just not released to the public.  This is confirmed.  They are only using about half of the denominations, not the full family of currencies just yet.  The IQD will be a reserve currency.  If you get a couple of countries like the U.S. and China holding it in their treasuries and trading it for oil, it's a reserve currency not matter what label you put on it.  There is not much paper currency within the borders of Iraq, what is there is torn and used up.  They are in a squeeze play right now and have to do something about it.  They need to get fresh money into the market place.  What we are seeing right now is the final struggles in this thing.  I don't see anything horribly bad for us. 


GOI recognizes its inability to cancel three zeroes of the dinar however seeks to increase value; Any improvement in political situation will make process happen faster, 5 feb

GOI recognizes its inability to cancel three zeroes of the dinar however seeks to increase value; Any improvement in political situation will make process happen faster

February 4, 2013
GOI ruled out today to replace the local currency dinar or cancellation of three zeroes [however] are currently pointing out that he was seeking to increase its peak from 1166 to 1000 dinars to the dollar, adding that high value opportunities available with the growing backlog in the central bank, which exceeded $ 65 billion.
The Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Ali Mohsen Keywords that this project is not a priority for the government at the moment there is no real problem in this area. He added that the replacement of the currency in itself requires a significant adjustment process, as there are still issues with this side after “the fall of the previous dictatorial regime where the mass of currency in circulation is limited, but it’s now doubled from what it was at that time and therefore the process of withdrawing this block is large and difficult task. “
Keywords pointed out that there is a false impression among many involves the deletion of zeros will reduce the volume of cash in circulation in terms of quantity but the fact that he does not reduce even by 1% .. He said the government believes that the change of currency is a good thing if there are appropriate conditions to be applied, but is not only to give him a priority when providing stable conditions.
The Iraqi official said in a press statement today Athens that “the Iraqi dinar because it is up by one candidate against Atarōhnak economic and financial viability enables dinar to be stronger than it is now .. He noted that the high value opportunities available, especially with the growing backlog in the bank Central, which exceeded $ 65 billion and rising steadily along with high economic growth in Iraq, which is currently one of the most developed countries in the world thanks to the expansion of oil production.
The secretary general of the Iraqi cabinet that ingredient objectivity and economic available in the direction of the high exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar and said the government is seeking to have that exchange rate 1000 dinars to the dollar in the sense that the price of the currency class hundred dollars a hundred thousand Iraqi dinars adding that any improvement in the political situation in the country will contribute to make this happen faster. The value of the dollar victims of 1166 Iraqi dinars.
For its part, official sources confirmed within the Central Bank of Iraq that the draft deleted three zeros from the Iraqi dinar would cost the state budget $ 172 billion dinars ($ 150 million). She noted that the replacement of the Iraqi dinar Btabath new which will be issued in three languages ​​Arabic, Kurdish and English and printed to be forwarded to one of four international companies specialized cost $150 million spread over printing, transportation, insurance and work outside working hours to destroy the old currency that will be inside Central Bank.
The CBI said in August last he plans to delete the zeros from the Iraqi dinar to facilitate financial transactions made through cash in most cases. Among the difficulties faced by Iraq if they are to foot the deletion of zeros from the dinar is the withdrawal of about 30 trillion dinars in circulation in the Iraqi market (about 27 billion dollars) and then disposed of and replaced with a new currency.
For his part, warned economic analyst Ibrahim al-Mashhadani of the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the currency, pointing out that this project is important and needs to be political and economic stability over the country when applied. He pointed out that such a project can not be passed through a little period of time, he needs more time to study it in detail and see pros and cons to avoid economic problems may occur because of it.
He Mashhadani that the project needs to stabilize economic and political more before implementation and these two factors are not available at the moment as a result of the exceptional circumstances experienced by the country although it is important in terms of ease money supply that are exposed to fraud and many difficult traded pointing out that countries This experience, which fought were enjoying economic and political stability in countries such as Turkey, which deleted 6 zeros from its currency.
The economic advisor to Iraqi Prime Minister Abdul Hussein Al-Anbuge, said that the process of deletion of zeros from the local currency will increase the phenomenon of money laundering. He noted that the government informed the Central Bank of the existence of threats to economic security in the event of bank insisted on the deletion of zeros from the local currency. He added that this process costs time and effort of the government and the Central Bank and raises the level of fraud some terrorist groups to carry out smuggling money out of the country.


02/05/13 [TERRYK]: "GM to you Terry ! J I am waiting on news I only have one reply this morning from my intel. Seems there will not be any rumors you will just look up at the TV and find the announcements. Hearing LaGarde will make an announcement on Thursday?" Lockdown at the UST until Thursday just fyi.. my friend will go in this morning and stay until Thursday. THOUGHT YOU ALL WOULD LIKE THAT THAT THIS AM THATS ALL I GOT OFF TO THE COFFEE MACHINE (4 TIME ) BEEN HERE AT WORK FOR 2 HOURS ALREADY GRRRRRR 


[hub] talked to my lady this afternoon and she said her contact was extremely adamant  that it happened Thursday and is coming thru the system,,,,my take is it happened Thursday because this person has no reason what so ever to even mention it unless something happened and no reason what so ever to 8:11 PM [hub] "play" with anyone.;l

8:47 PM [hopeful2&2] woo hoo

8:47 PM [.BJ] jacque47 yes thanks

8:47 PM [dice3344] jacque47 ....Great News

8:50 PM [Plowboy] Capt Ron hello Capt Ron. I've had a full day. Haven't had a chance to read anything and just got showered and jumped in here. Slow news day huh>?

8:53 PM [Capt Ron] on the surface it seems like a slow news day (a good first day for a cellphone IPO is actually pretty good reincforcing news), but it might be busier in the background. reminds me of a profound high school yearbook comment for the shy folk: "still waters run deep".
8:54 PM [Capt Ron] arr

8:55 PM [Plowboy] what does "arr" mean? I've seen it alot in the chat room but I don't know the meaning of it

8:58 PM [watercolor] Plowboy that's what a captain says

8:58 PM [watercolor] or a pirate

8:58 PM [Capt Ron] I always have said 'arr' because I could never spontaneously laugh out loud (LOL), and so the next best thing I could do spontaneously was chortle. So that's why I always say 'arr'.

8:58 PM [Capt Ron] arr

8:59 PM [Capt Ron] I'm envious of those who can btw.

8:59 PM [perky2] watercolor what good news did Jacque bring in? I just got on and missed it

9:00 PM [Capt Ron] perky2 a successful cellphone IPO in Iraq.

9:01 PM [perky2] Capt Ron Capt Ron thank you, sounds good. what happened to all the excitment going on over the week end. It was happening NOW

9:01 PM [collie] watercolor perky2 http://www.baghdadinvest ··· ipo.html

9:02 PM [perky2] are they waiting until we all die before it rv

  9:04 PM [MsDiva] perky2 seems that way

9:04 PM [Capt Ron] perky2 i see the present delay as a function of the iraqis having pushed back the vote on their budget by a day or two.

9:05 PM [Capt Ron] so that (IMO) the Iraqis continue to act in accordance with external banking needs and scheduling.

9:06 PM [Capt Ron] so i maintain my excitment and anticipation that I/we had this last weekend.

9:06 PM [watercolor] Capt Ron very good!

9:10 PM [MsDiva] So no chance in heck of an RV this week

9:11 PM [Capt Ron] there is a good chance in heck.

9:11 PM [hub] talked to my lady this afternoon and she said her contact was extremely adamant that it happened Thursday and is coming thru the system,,,,my take is it happened Thursday because this person has no reason what so ever to even mention it unless something happened and no reason what so ever to

9:11 PM [rustyc] sorry it wont let me copy it due to language  

9:11 PM [Capt Ron] salute

9:11 PM [hopeful2&2] Capt Ron i agree , always a chance

9:12 PM [hub] unless something happeded,,,mn mi tipn sks and mi spling is wrs

9:14 PM [collie] hub it has been really slow on here so I think most everyone is asleep. thank you for posting that

9:15 PM [hub] collie looked like all needed something to chew on

9:15 PM [hopeful2&2] hub so you know your new hollands  

9:16 PM [cherryberry] gosh no one taught me how to speak pig latin  

9:16 PM [hub] hopeful2&2 yeah, but im a kubota man my self////////////////

9:16 PM [MsDiva] What's goin on with the HCL

9:16 PM [hopeful2&2] hub they r nice

9:18 PM [Capt Ron] MsDiva my understanding is that the HydroCarbon Law would be a part of the general budget which should get passed this next 24-48 hours.

9:19 PM [Capt Ron] but then Iraq has been known to delay a delay after delaying the delay.

9:19 PM [Capt Ron] wait a minute. if they delay the delay it really happens, so scratch that.

9:19 PM [Capt Ron] i must be drunk again.  getting my tang all toungled up.

9:20 PM [hub] Capt Ron some talk is the rv needs to be in place before the budget can be opened and implentmented, so i ????????????????

9:20 PM [Capt Ron] hub to me the two events have to happen so close to simultaneously that it doesn't really matter.\

9:21 PM [Capt Ron] others have also said that the time between the rv and subsequent release from UNSC ch7 could be very short.

9:21 PM [Capt Ron] (even if it is a release to ch6)

9:21 PM [hub] Capt Ron yeah could be....just hoping that the apparent action on iraq to where they,,,,,,,,,hold on refee hit in side of head with puck,,,brb

9:21 PM [Capt Ron] others have also said that the time between the rv and subsequent release from UNSC ch7 could be very short.

9:22 PM [Capt Ron] ouch

9:27 PM [hub] Capt Ron what i was saying is i hope the news is like it always is and about 2 days late................just wondering

9:28 PM [Capt Ron] well, a common idea in here and other places in dinarland has been that...

9:28 PM [hub] 911GTS yes it will

9:29 PM [fournelsons] So if this meeting is Thursday, how long till we know anything about the outcome.....any guesses?

9:29 PM [hub] Capt Ron i hope so again

9:29 PM [Capt Ron] ...news from Iraq is both A) controlled by Maliki's financial interest. B) late/delayed in time so that we peeps are never exactly caught up with that news.

9:30 PM [hub] Capt Ron yes sir, i believe that is correct

9:30 PM [Capt Ron] fournelsons it sounds repetitive because it is, but I expect that this thing could hit any time. it really really could. ] i remember years ago, that the mantra in chat rooms was...

9:31 PM [Capt Ron] ...as soon as we get a GOI in place, Shabs will execute the RV. now look how far down the road past THAT point we have come.

9:32 PM [MsDiva] Capt Ron hope its soon real soon

9:33 PM [fournelsons] Thanks for the honest answer Capt Ron

9:33 PM [kansaschick] I believe that one of these days in the not so distant future that the PTB will give Iraq the green light to go ahead and drop the smoke screens. then we will have the RV and it will be swift and sudden.

9:35 PM [kansaschick] Of course I could be all wet and totally wrong.

9:36 PM [Capt Ron] i think you're right.

9:36 PM [kansaschick] I just feel after several years of being in this deal and surviving the ups and downs that this feels different and I think we really are close.

9:36 PM [Capt Ron] it is just tough to kinda wait that out though, right?

9:37 PM [kansaschick] Tough waiting but feel very privileged to even be included in this event at all. Truly blessed.

9:37 PM [Capt Ron] I mean, here we sit, waiting on some detail unbeknownst to us, and after that detail is taken care of, our financial lives take a huge turn upward. How crazy is that to be in a posture like that?

9:38 PM [Capt Ron] huge not hug

9:38 PM [Capt Ron] although a huge hug upward might be ok i suppose.

9:39 PM [Capt Ron] as you might know by now, i think of a lot of this stuff in the context of the military... ...it has been said that 'warfare is merely politics by other means'....

9:40 PM [Capt Ron] ...and so, when you look at history and see how RAPIDLY warfare changes reality in the lives of the combatants' countries...

9:40 PM [Capt Ron] ...then you can see that this huge change for us could also happen in such a quick fashion.

9:41 PM [Capt Ron] So there's my Masters Thesis for next semester.

9:42 PM [Capt Ron] bbl. I'm gonna go downstairs and see if I can manage a hug change upwards.

9:42 PM [Capt Ron] arr

9:43 PM [Tejas] So did anybody noticed the LLC commercials on tv lately.

9:49 PM [Lauren305] Good evening fellow MIGians. How is everyone. Ok, Super Bowl is done, guess that wasnt the hold-up for the RV?

9:49 PM [Tejas] guess not

9:50 PM [Lauren305] Tejas i dont have tv, sorry. missed the LLC ads.

10:12 PM [hub] anyone bring in the post from fresh???????

10:13 PM [perky2] not yet

10:13 PM [hub] it said and give me a second to make sure i get it right......

10:14 PM [hub] the previous budget was 138 trillion dinar ( 118 billion dollars ) and the new 2013 budget is 118 billion dinars

10:14 PM [hub] does this arouse any comment from anyone

10:15 PM [rustyc] hub they are reducing the deficit  

10:16 PM [sandman3126] hub Sounds like 1:1 in country to me

10:16 PM [peganded] hub i mentioned that 3 hours ago  

10:16 PM [jcal] 1to1

10:16 PM [rustyc] peganded you said it the wrong way  

10:20 PM [perky2] peganded Not much news today when you think about all the hype for the rv happening today

11:03 PM [Dolly119] hub just read up...the 138 trillion to 118 billion...hmmmmlooks like it rv'd at 1:1

11:13 PM [hub] cashinqueen1 sorry watchin the dallas denver hockey game,,,,yes my lady called to day and said the contact told her he was very addament about the info he gave her...it poped thursday and was waiting for release,,,this contact is a pro in this field and not an investor

11:14 PM [hub] Dolly119 well, it looks as if they value the dinar in country at 1-1 dinar to dollar ratio .......looks like an rv for the budget

11:14 PM [Lauren305] hub adamant is good, especially for a non-investor. Though knowing of this, why would they NOT invest, huh? wow, hard to believe there are non-believers out there.

11:15 PM [Lauren305] hub warka still shows old rate.

11:15 PM [hub] Lauren305 cant they work currency on a BIG basis,,,,,,

11:16 PM [Lauren305] hub oh, so it's a form of insider trading for them.... like not being able to participate in lotteries or contests if you work or are associated with the sponsoring companies/corporations.

11:16 PM [hub] Lauren305 cant answer question,,,dont know,,,just what i am told and the contact does not do chat, blog, only a pro at this stuff

11:16 PM [cashinqueen1] hub    thanks who won

11:16 PM [hub] Lauren305 this is what i understand

11:20 PM [hub] big day tomorrow,,, mayber the last day of werk, so hittin the rack....later gaters

11:20 PM [stoneguy] Hey hub. Thanks for bringing what you do..I know its putting yourself out there.

11:21 PM [hub] stoneguy anytime,,,,,just what i hear,,,,,but need to protect my lady as much as can.......so GIT R DUN.......

11:38 PM [snowharley] so when re we supposed to be seeing an RV and what rate?

11:39 PM [cashinqueen1] snowharley anytime from today until 2014 but i think sooner

11:40 PM [jodilf] snowharley nobody wants to a answer a jaded _itch like you  

11:40 PM [snowharley]    we all thought before 2012 back in 2010

11:40 PM [jodilf] snowharley long time no see

11:41 PM [jodilf] oh my gosh - seems like we've been waiting forever


2-5-13 Wife in the Know: Here again we are presented with false info, Articles concerning Iraq's currency situation is the very last place to put stock in. 

Mr. Kaperoni you seem of intelligent mind, yet your analogy is completely misguided. 

The New exchange rate is factored in the 2013 budget and will rise over time. There are many people on all these sites who have become self appointed experts on Iraq and their monetary future. All of which base their OPINION'S from articles and own conjured up theories. 

Well I'm here to tell you friends, I have a direct line to the truth, which is far from most of all these individual's thoughts.

I have researched these people's post over the course of the last year, and it is comical reading their info, 

My advice to those who read the daily banter from the "article analyzers"- "theory pumpers"- "daily claimers of hundreds of calls a day that it will RV today" type is to see who the post is by and not even waste your time reading it. 

There is FACT within all this fiction, myself and only a few others that I have previously supported are telling the truth. Rate 3.42 and with this weeks approved budget, history is made.

Stay positive friends.