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OCRUSH JAN 30th #2   Lt. General Calsen is in charge of our units.  For the past 2 weeks they have been coordinating the closer of ALL borders.  This coordonation involves iraqi, kurdish, jordanian, hired military hands, UN and our boys and girls.  C130's have been flying in from Germany to supply the needed armaments for this coordination.  This could only mean one thing,  to protect iraqi's interests as my brother said.  Holy cows we are there.  It feels like a dream but its really happening.

Will update if I hear anything else!

Cheers HopesAway


OCRUSH :  Cousin just answered another one of my questions.  I asked him where we
 are at with the hcl law?  His response....it is done, there are new
 contracts put out by the ministery of oil.  One contract that is still
being negotiated is exxon mobil.  We have the contract for there irrigation
 system.  Be aware there had to be tranparency between the foreign oil
 companies and the government intake on oil sales,  this way they could
 distribute the wealth to the iraqis with no filthy hands in the funds.

It seems we are almost there HopesAway  :)))))


1-30-2013  Intel Guru OCrush  Something urgent is happening in iraq.  My cousin spoke to the new deputy of the oil ministry. (I didn't know the old was replaced) There are changes that were made within the contracts that reflect a favor to its iraqi employees.  There will be a notice on this changes at the appropriate time (within days) he told him.  My cousin senses the revaluation will happen first before the budget is released.  It seems companies are taking steps for the change.  Also BIG military movements within Iraq.  Don’t have details,  my brother will try to call me later.  Anything can happen at any time...expect surprises without any notice.

1-30-2013  Intel Guru SteveI    The list goes on but the fact that it is not done is very clear, no budget means no money, period! Until this happens we can just all sit back and let the powers to be complete their mission.  Why the budget has not been passed is fairly simple, a few blocs just could not agree. Now that they finally all agree...things will move forward quickly.  I am extremely excited and confident in what we are sharing and what is about to happen. Ray and I ...try very hard and spend many hours verifying what is being told to us from our contacts.  Things will change very quickly after the budget gets final approval [post 2 of 2]
1-30-2013  Intel Guru SteveI   As we near the end of January 2013, many things were in the works to have made this happen. Many things did, but not enough of them to release the new currency and the new rate.  So here are a few facts that is known:  1.  The Iraqi Budget of 2013 will be voted on Tuesday, February 5, 2013.  2.  The United Stated Treasury is still in Iraq working with the Ministry of Finance.  3.  The Iraqi Budget of 2012 and official accounts were closed December 31, 2012, so in order to draw funds from the 2013 budget it needs to be approved.  4.  Iraq needs money now, not months from now.  5.  Banking laws are in place and ready to go [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-30-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana   [When Parliament passes the budget for 2013, do you think that there may be a way to tell from the budget if they are planning to r/v soon , such as the size of the budget or places where they have allocated more funds?]   No, not a chance. The budget will absolutely not tell us anything about the RV - that will be a completely separate budget based on a completely different rate. 

1-30-2013  Intel Guru BWM   IMO and again, this is an opinion...based on information that it would not happen during January...after that, we take it as the information comes...I'm still hopeful for february or I'd tell you otherwise.  also, the "big" celebration in Iraq according to my sources had nothing to do with currency...it was several things of which the dinar was not involved.

1-30-2013  Newshound/Intel Guru Flashing   check this, it is huge -  Article:  "Iraq Signs Maritime Navigation Deal with Kuwait:  Iraq on Tuesday approved a deal with Kuwait regulating the use of a shared waterway through which most of Baghdad’s oil exports flow, which Iraq had accused its neighbor of attempting to cut off. Control of the Khor Abdullah waterway is one of several outstanding issues between Iraq and Kuwait...The agreement opened the door to discuss other unresolved issues between Iraq and Kuwait"  Baghdad pays five percent of its oil and gas revenue into a special United Nations fund that pays compensation to Kuwait for its invasion and seven-month occupation of the emirate...be prepared because this rv is going to pop up very soon.  

1-30-2013  Intel Guru Footforward  There is a lot going on in Iraq, but ignore it, it really is irrelevant.  There are different opinions on both sides as to whether Maliki will be staying or going and Talabani is still alive and well and in Germany and is getting treatment for his back as for as I know.  Turki is the acting figure head for the CBI.  Basically, Shabibi is still calling the shots, he is still very much a part of things.  The banks are on alert, as we are.  The Iraqi government expects this to happen.  The CBI expects this to happen.  I am still expecting the rate to be really good and I am still expecting it to go at anytime.   [post 2 of 2]

1-30-2013  Intel Guru Footforward   There are a lot of good indicators out there that things are moving.  The budget is not a drop dead indicator for the RV.  They can't open their budget until they have an RV and this is beyond Iraq's control.  Is the budget a good thing, yes, but not an RV indicator. The people of Iraq believe that the RV will happen in a short period of time.  How close are we?  What is holding it back?  There is a battle for control over the world banking system, it's that simple.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-30-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    rumors and "intel" should always be taken with a grain of salt...but this one is becoming more than a rumor, and it is happening NOW.  Shabibi, in my opinion...was in the way of progress, and now he has been removed. If you do some research on al-Mutlaq, you will see that he was also holding up things and rubbing people the wrong way - I highly doubt he stepped down on his own, more likely he was forced to "resign".  The bottom line here my friends, is that once the first piece falls... the rest come soon after, and that is what we are seeing.  [post 2 of 2]

1-30-2013  Newshound Guru Adam Montana    recently we have been watching for a complete seating of the GOI, a resolution (official) on the HCL and Chapter 7, and a very telling note is the removal or resignation of certain officials.  several weeks back, Shabibi was forced out of his role.  I received news about two weeks ago that more heads would be rolling soon, either voluntarily or by force.  I received a stronger confirmation of that news just last Friday and now on Monday we received official word that Saleh al-Mutlaq (Deputy Prime Minister) has voluntarily resigned  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-30-2013  Intel Guru Winalot   latest update at 6:00 am this mornin...should show publicly sometime today or tonight at the latest.

1-30-2013  Intel Guru Frank26    based on what “we” know; the budget may come out next Tuesday without a rate showing whatsoever.  they will likely mask us all the way out to Feb. 23rd.  Why? The reason being is due to the need of laws and Ch. 7 not being released. It has to do with Laws and Article 8.  We are in Ch. 7 of the UNSC; we are in Article 14 of the IMF and we wish to walk into Article 8.  The rate can be released anytime…but the conditions must be right; the timing must be right for it to come out. The laws need to be passed. Borders, HCL, tariffs…etc.   this is a POWERFUL thing that is happening; not just for Iraq; but for the WORLD! 

1-30-2013  Intel Guru Delta   [will Iraq have trouble revaluing their currency?]   No.   Iraq has no problems with their currency...not one penny will be consumed from their reserves when the RV occurs...no matter the rate.  Reserves increase with the release of the new currency and economic growth; jobs will fuel and cover the reserves and the RV. Their resources are off the charts. When this thing comes out it’s going to be powerful. They are ready to go. They are waiting…to go. The whole world wants to pour into Iraq. 


[weneedit] TexasMom Did you get good news at the bar last night from your friend?

 [TexasMom] weneedit lol I did see my friend last night who is just as frustrated all news is confirmed asn

[childofgod] TexasMom So it really is just a matter of time ... very short time hopefully!

[TexasMom] childofgod this is what my little group is being told and what we are hearing from flashing all falls into place. so IMO I say yes!

[Waiting]  MarkZ said teller screens were lighting up last night - did you hear that??

[Jester] Waiting they been doing that here and there for a little while now according to what i have heard...

[Jester] i am a little skeptical but optimistic at the same time...

[okrocks] Informed sources said and reliable that more than 200 American contractor representing Vanguards U.S. troops have arrived in Baghdad and took the Muthanna airport near the headquarters of the Dawa Party, the center of the capital, temporarily based its pending completion of many U.S. troops scheduled to arrive strength to over 1000 thousand troops respectively. http://www.chakooch.com/news.php?action=view&id=1901

[spiritfilled] okrocks hhmmmmmm 
[burk50] Ok rocks what is this about or mean?

[okrocks] burk50 could be nothing but crowd control but could be sumptin else....

[pastored] well we still will have the international prayer call tonight knocking down mountains for breakthru and healing n Jesus name 7pm est 530 881 1400 406878#

 [WCW] well i think we should see this very soon cant put a time on it yet

[texascamper] Has anyone seen Bigfoot today?

 [WCW] if this thing is following the kuwatti pattern today is the day

[Waiting] texascamper rofl

[FRV] WCW :whoohoo: :whoohoo:

citizenbob] Just heard from my gal at WF rate is 10.03 usd take as rumer til i get more info

[FRV] citizenbob holy smokes!!!

[bambam] citizenbob sounds good but I would take a $1 right now.

 [care888] citizenbob ...if that is valid and if that is the dummy rate....

[texascamper] Thats a "change your drawers" ammount

[spiritfilled] citizenbob WOw Wow praying it is released

 [ram1] citizenbob That is encouraging that they are recognizing it and have a rate

[misskitty05] Bank teller screen were reportedly going crazy last night

[WCW] i see the light at the end of the tunnel and it is real bright now

[WCW] un up dates on the 1st and should see it before then

 [WCW] wake up read what i just said

[shaverstein] WCW so after the 1st comes and goes what do you see as the next date to focus on? Are you with the feb 23 crowd too? Ty

 [goofy] shaverstein don't look past the 1st

 [WCW] shaverstein no tthis should be done right know im not lookingg to any other dates now is the time

 [shaverstein] Goofy trust me, I'd rather not, but we've passed so many dates, I look at options a-z lol thud

 [WCW] iraq is done they are not the hold up we are waiting on the USA

[goofy] shaverstein take one date at a time...too much stress to look at other dates too!

 [WCW] if we see the feb 5 th date get moved back we are in trouble

WCW] if that date gets moved it is because the usa  has not got their crap together

[sailman] WCW are you hearing 10+ as well ---- I am hearing something like that from friends with ME contacts

 [WCW] sailman more than 110. less than 60.

 [WCW] more than 10.

[TexasMom] WCW that's making my head spin...truly!

 [sailman] WCW OK --- I heard from ME last summer 12+ but who knows now

 [WCW] sailman now u talking

[WCW] feb 2012 it was 11.70

[sailman] ram1 WCW I have been using $4.41 as my bottom measure for the last two years (even that would be great for my family)

 [Rocky49] WCW imagine dinar 11.2 then the VND 10% of that

[pick3king] WCW i heard that 11.70 from kdw

 [sailman] pick3king WCW = kdw

[WCW] pick3king i am kdw

 [midtex56] pick3king lol

 [TexasMom] okrocks I just felt it realistic to come in close to Kuwait's. Never really took anything double digits for real.

 [okrocks] TexasMom they will also revalue though


WCW] this is what my banker said the rates come from 1 bank which is the central bank in new york when it gets the rate it will go to all the banks in the usa at the same time it cant show on 1 bank and not another

[BLESSME] WCW does your banker expect suddenly

[WCW] BLESSME BLESSME they are watching for it

[pick3king] the euro is going crzy high, no imf rates for two days now

[midtex56] pick3king did you see the dinar or VND aren't on the imf now

[WCW] pick3king yes a tradeable currency you will see things happen and that is a good sign


duffy2] On PTR call, some lady came in and said her relative who was born in Iraq has been in touch with them over there and was told it Rv'd in Iraq and they are letting folks cash in at the banks at $ 1.10 or something like that. When she said this, Tony verified he has heard the same thing. So, it seems to go along with everything else we are hearing...

[duffy2] In other words, that would be an In-country rate and Rv. Our rate will be much higher and I guess that $ 1.10 will creep upwards as well. Something to that effect.

[JstBringIt] duffy2 Time for a hotdog!!! lol

[sammyb] duffy2 the correct statement is they can deposit their money, it will be given the right rate, but it is not availble to them for several days. They can only withdraw the orginal amount deposited.

 [goin4broke] duffy2 That is the rate Winalot found in the paper last week and it stayed there. Come on RV.

[sammyb] Her daughter works with this man who was born in Iraq and his relatives called him to let him know and he checked his account in Iraq and found it to be true

[healthscans] duffy2 Thank you for sharing. Sounds good to me.

[hopeful2&2] duffy2 thank you for sharing

 [sisterbreen] sammyb what?

showmethemoney] in reference to Duffy2 post. said that you can deposit only

[duffy2] Showmethemoney: That is correct. Can only deposit and in a few days will be able to take money out. That would seem logical if it is an in country Rv and not announced to the world yet.

RindsGuy] duffy2 is this recently like today or yesterday?

[cherryberry] RindsGuy Now

[RindsGuy] cherryberry ok

[duffy2] Rindsguy: They didn't say if it was today or yesterday that he went into the bank in Iraq to cash out. 

[RindsGuy] duffy2 Ok, because I thought I'd heard about $1.11 thing a week or two ago but I could be confused with something else.

[sammyb] duffy2 he can't cash out only deposit, but his account reflects the amount

[duffy2] Rindsguy: Well, a rate has been in the papers for the last 10 days and yes it was about that rate. So, I guess if they have an in country rate or Rv, they do not have to tell it to the world until they are ready. that is all we can assume.

[Achmed] duffy2 there will be only one rate, in country or out!

duffy2] Achmed: Well, I am not sure about that. We have been informed many times over the last few months that the rate we will get will be much higher than the Rv'd rate in Iraq. Negotiated rates for various countires I believe is what they said. So, who knows. We will only find out in time as this unfolds.

winalot] $3.42.... give or take a few for spread... that's my guess

campdav] winalot Had to take a deep breath , real real close to us goin to the Banks I hope and pray

[winalot] campdav stick a fork in it

[cherryberry] winalot do you think the group rate will be higher or is bunk?

[winalot] yes

Economists Opinion: decision to delete the zeros from the currency .. Necessity, 30 JAN

Economists Opinion: decision to delete the zeros from the currency .. Necessity

Will return to the country major interest
Iraqi currency in need of a political decision to save them
Before the period was announced near the implementation of the decision of the deletion of three zeros from the Iraqi currency, and that the project will be launched early next year and will continue for two to three years. He then appeared other comments announces lingered government to the implementation of this resolution and postponed to another date. So is the project will remain a dead letter, as described by the Deputy Director of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh?
And received the decision to delete the zeros from the Iraqi currency a lot of opinions pro and con, there Economists believe that the decision will lead to the collapse of the national currency and see some last he would return to the country benefit the country It is unfortunate patient in its implementation because it is a joint venture between the government and the central bank.
As long as the government seeks to postponed due to security concerns, it can not be implemented in this year or the following year, according to deputy director of the Central Bank of timing is very important in this case is also implemented, they must coincide with the beginning of the fiscal year, so you will not find space for implementation inevitably during this year ..
And regrets for the postponement of the project because it is economic benefit to the country as long as improve the efficiency of the currency and reduce the impact of large numbers, then dealing with cash needs into categories cash large and small, as will be dealt again categories such as (50 dinars) and (100 dinars) and (200 dinars) in addition to classes less than dinar (such as half a dinar) and (quarter of a dinar) and (50 fils) and (25 fils).
which is confirmed by financial and economic expert at the Central Bank Majid picture that does not see the difficulty in implementing the decision because it will help in the process of reducing trading volume large currency transactions and would draw more accurate pricing policy in the future as long as the will handle the thousands and millions, rather than billions, as well as its role in the detection of fraud earlier because the central bank will impose on banks use very modern techniques to detect fraud.
He adds «also techniques that will be used in the printing of the new currency will be difficult to penetrate, but if behind that organized gangs or backed by the state because the specifications minutes and styles to be established by the central bank will be very strict».
contrast warns economist Tawfiq inhibitor of the collapse of the national currency in the case of apply the decision to delete the zeros three of them, pointing to the need to prolong the period of the currency exchange and not withdrawn the old currency and launch new direct, but do it together so it would not cause harm to the economy or any direct impact on the living conditions of the citizens.
Meanwhile, sees inhibitor that process counterfeiting of currency is another reason to collapse and therefore warns that happens, especially if there are great bands and mafias currency capable of forging greater currency in Iraq.
seen most citizens to decision deleting three zeros from the national currency look apprehension after accustomed pockets to carry the bank notes and large accustomed owners interests them to deal with hundreds of millions.
businessman believes weighted in favor of deletion of zeros would hurt the level of share trading in the Iraqi market for securities, because there shares will be lost in case of deletion of zeros. And works weighted in stock since 2005 and increased his passion for them when evolved using screens electronic, but does not hide his fear of failure dealing with them, especially as the stock’s foreign exchange reduced the lead to block the signing of agreements with companies of foreign investment, which believes that the change of currency will reduce profits.
of For his part, sees an assistant professor in the College of Business and Economics Adel Abdul Jalil said Iraq is ready now for the deletion of zeros from the dinar, because it needs to stabilize security, political and economic, and that Iraq opinion does not need to replace the currency as it is needed to control the oscillation happening in price dinar against the dollar.
And confirms Abdul Jalil said lifting of the zeroes will cost the state budget large sums may open a door for financial corruption and waste of public money as well as failure to address the problem of inflation because the Iraqi market are imported for all goods and services from abroad means draining large hard currency.
response to these concerns, confirms Deputy Director Central Bank «the power of the Iraqi dinar, which became like a hard currency thanks to the policy of the central bank in control of the cash raised in the domestic market.  He pointed to the existence of a large cash reserve of hard currency is kept to face the difficult circumstances that may occur in the country gives the strength of the dinar against foreign currencies.
The central bank’s policy is aimed, according to the benefit to the stability of the exchange rate of the dinar against the U.S. dollar, likely equal to the price of the Iraqi dinar against the U.S. dollar during the next two years after the implementation of the project to delete three zeros from the Iraqi currency.
According to Saleh, said that the Iraqi citizens need to educate in the villages and towns and school students also and be the media role in helping citizens to receive the project. emphasizes economic expert Majid picture this view, explaining that the circulation of the new currency would be gradual so as not exposed citizen to any defect or blackmail from stakeholders until the withdrawal of the old currency in full, on condition also do a big media campaign supervised by the Central Bank and its related entities to educate citizens.


[gankans] TK is spot on about this happening very very soon.
[gankans] Just that we should be, I say should be cashing out in 2 days. 
[Gullwing] more confirmations, different from TK 
[gankans] There is something significant going on right as we speak
[Gullwing] ??
[gankans] This has nothing to do with TK
[gankans] Or any of his sources
[Grandmaster] Thanks you Lord
[Gullwing] that's great
[ericasmom] gankans I love your enthusiasm
[Grandmaster] Thank you too gankans 
[gankans] If all goes well over the next 8 hours, we should be in the clear.
[gankans] Please understand that this can change at any second
[gankans] I hate to say that, but it's true
[gankans] There are 9-12 powerful heads (people) in charge of all of this, AND...
[NavyVet] gankans - I really want to get on the excitement train, but that's just not what I'm hearing out of Bagdad.......I'm so confused with all this intel.......
[gankans] NavyVet no worries, I'm just reporting
[Houston Girl] gankans thank you for the nice update.
[garygre] gankans sounds like you're talking about pp deliveries final drops may be starting over the next 8 hours? Sure hope so.
[NavyVet] gankans and we appreciate it...........
[gankans] these individuals are the ones who can stop this on a dime.
[gankans] garygre you might be correct sir
[gankans] I was told tat this will not go past Feb. 2013
[berry] gankans as in Feb 1 or Feb 30
[gankans] There is some significant events happening by Jan. 31st!
[gankans] One of them is the US Treasury
[garygre] awesome. All that TK has said is true I believe from other trustee sources I can't detail
[gankans] Apparently, the FED is out and UST has the power- completely! 
[gankans] TK knows my source, but I have not talk to TK, nor has TK talk to my source. 
[gankans] Don't get too excited, but this is Big.
[powerprofits] gankans Can we get a little excited?
[gankans] powerprofits sure
[Midnight Blue] gankans Have you heard anything about Israels currency just going way up - the new shekel
[gankans] I just don't want to get your hopes up to much. Great news though! 
[gankans] Midnight Blue no sir
[Midnight Blue] Gankans No to the Bit Coin or Israel's currency
[gankans] Midnight Blue Brit coin, but I know this...
[gankans] Once the Central banks around the world lose their power, and the fiat currencies are worthless, each country will have to have a new currency based off of their gold and other precious metals or oil. 
[Lady Sarah] gankans there sure has been a lot of gold moving around the world the past month or so, countries pulling their treasure back home to their own soil
[gankans] Lady Sarah yes there has.... good observation!

[gankans] Breaking news!
[Midnight Blue] gankans I was told this new digital currency is on world market now and will be used to exchange all currencies into it. Almost sounds like it will replace the US dollar as the trade currency
[Grandmaster] gankans I sure hope that all the peeps appreciate every thing that You ,TK, Al and probably other do for us with nothing in return except our gratitude.
[gankans] My Ohio State Buckeyes beat Wisconsin in basketball tonight! Woohoo!!!
[gankans] Midnight Blue UST will be our currency
[gankans] Grandmaster Much thanks to you and thousands of others who appreciate what we do. We have armor plated skin! That sure helps! Lol
[Midnight Blue] gankans of course the UST currency will be ours, but this will become the international currency to be use for international trade, if what I hear is correct 
[gankans] Midnight Blue you might be correct, I will have to look into that
Grandmaster] gankans Please pass on to TK how much we love him and wish him well.
[gankans] Grandmaster I sure will! Make sure you tell him on our conference call
[noah] gankans I;m glad you are here
[gankans] noah TY! Very kind of you. 


[Texas Mama] winalot hi sweet friend! Yoos still cited?

 [winalot] me ears were burnin~!

 [GuttNDuck] Texas Mama, now ask where the RV is?

 [winalot] GuttNDuck should show up today or overnight at the latest

[GuttNDuck] I pray u r right!!

[RindsGuy] winalot I hope it shows up before the weekend. If so, I'll be busy! :)

GuttNDuck] My only concern about it showing up, is what will all of us do with our time, we won't have anything to fuss about then!!!! 😃

 [winalot] GuttNDuck u can figure something out, i am sure!

[RindsGuy] From Dinar Guru: 1-29-2013 Intel Guru Winalot I have heard from a couple of bankers that the rates are in the banks and from 1 exchange group. did you guys notice that the IMF did not update today? most of the rates are blank?

[winalot] RindsGuy got an update this mornin... should show up sometime today or tonight at the latest
[Plowboy] winalot did you just say it should show up today or tomorrow at the latest?

[RindsGuy] winalot Are there any specific banks we should consider?

[winalot] RindsGuy that's up to you

[winalot] well, gonna run.. bbl if i get more info!