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Sloan14: My Bank story :  I was making a deposit today and just for fun I decided to ask my teller to look up the IQD for me. I bank at a regional bank. She laughed and obliged. The screen said no value. LOL She asked me if I was looking to exchange it and I replied yes I have some in the truck. So Mandy called their international currency exchange to see if the bank could buy it. Well, this is the answer she got. No banks can buy or sell it at this time, it is on a Government hold.   That is my story. **


childofgod] MarkZ How are you tonight?

[MarkZ] childofgod stoked and excited for this week. Long day but a good one.

[Maryrose] MarkZ sounds good to me!!

[bigbear] MarkZ hi What has got you excited for this week

[MarkZ] bigbear News from around the world. Rates in Lebanon and Jordon. Davos meetings with the word "RESET" being used alot in articles coming out of there. FOX and MSNBC talking about the Iraqi currency changing soon. Tough not to be excited.

[FreeManna] Markz wow our news talking about that. Awesome. Did u hear that 2night

[MarkZ] Last few days. Have you all not been reading recaps?

[childofgod] MarkZ Rates are active in Lebanon and Jordan?

 [bigbear] MarkZ Thanks I had not heard any of those news items

 [MarkZ] It took the kuwait RV awhile to pop through but it started this way. Cracks in the dam. The world can't keep putting fingers in the dyke. Not enough fingers. :)
[childofgod] MarkZ Good point

[MarkZ] Oh and who is in charge now at UST?

[MarkZ] And who was in charge of the kuwait RV here?

[childofgod] MarkZ Same guy

[MarkZ] childofgod EXACTLY

[Retchie08] MarkZ .. WoW .. i Bet the "DeaLer" SaLes went through the ROOF 2Day .. & Mama aLways ToLd Me i Shud Have Made My profession as a 'Currency DeaLer' .. Guess i Shud Hav Listened Better .. :thud:

 [dutchess1947] How can anyone be trusted anymore when NOTHING that any of the guru's say comes true in all the time I have been listening. I feel the powers that be that have stolen all our money are sitting back laughing at all of us waiting to have enough money to just survive.

[MarkZ] Retchie08 Dealers I know were told yesterday that they can no longer buy dinar. All they have is what they have in stock. Does that excite you?

bigbear] MarkZ I thought Lew don't start till feb 1

MarkZ] I am not claiming a rate or a date but I am ready for Okie to land that poor tired jet soon. bigbear Told he assumed responsibilities today, ahead of schedule. Not verified though yet.

[bigbear] MarkZ then maybe we won't have to wait till the 1st

[19rue] MarkZ Do you post on any other site?

MarkZ] 19rue I rarely post. Not good for intel people to post. It ends up on recaps. ;)

 [Maryrose] MarkZ got a news flash for ya............. this may end up on recaps hon!!

 [keiji] MarkZ do you have strong sources?

 [MarkZ] Maryrose LOL that is why I kept it PG with just stuff from articles or recaps stuff.

WWP] Just got back,did Markz have update?

 [MarkZ] WWP recaps will have it later I bet.

FreeManna] Remember iraq starts three day weekend tomorrow, banks closed and shabbibi said needed 3 day weekend for rv. That made me feel good to hear this morning

Dakotaman] MarkZ Thanks for sharing


Drake Update from Jan 20th 
On Sunday’s Vital Update, Drake confirmed that The People are sick of waiting and having promised deadlines dangled like carrots in front of our noses and then snatched away, time and time again. 

He said that when information is shared, it is accurate at the time of posting, however the plan is fluid, as we’ve been told many times. 

The time for delays is over now, however, and Drake told his sources that they have until Wednesday to show that those in charge of rolling out The Plan to free us are indeed making their moves, or he will start outing people and the intel he’s been given (like what D at Removing the Shackles, did last week) and he’s going to hold them to it. 

He shared that he was greatly encouraged after speaking with his sources, and feels there is a very good chance action will be taken to move The Plan forward this week, BUT…

Drake says to get ready to act, in case those initiatives do NOT take place, at which time The People will have to begin taking their own action. 

This would entail the militias approaching local authorities and asking for their support in rounding up the bad guys. The militias would express to the authorities that we would prefer to have their support, but if they decline to give it, we are prepared to do it alone if necessary. 
So there you have it.

It sounds like there WAS a plan that was to be implemented prior to and/or in conjunction with the inauguration, but for whatever reason it was called off and delayed AGAIN. That involved an Interim government that we can either keep or replace within 120 days with a paper ballot election. 

Drake says the reason the whole Plan has taken so long to implement is because the sub-structure the good guys have put in place has had to address all aspects of running a country that will prevent the collapse of key services so the transition is seamless and peaceful; that means food, water, power, banking, etc. so there will be no crises. 

Thursday could wind up being a very interesting day… Drake will post an update as soon as he confirms it.

Drake told us that if The Plan goes forward, the story will be on every major news channel and un missable.

Breitling Report: Wednesday 1/23/2013


1-23-2013 Intel Guru Footforward The RV can happen at any time. The intel is there, everything is there for an RV to happen. There is no fact about an RV happening during the beginning of a quarter. There is no truth to that. Talabani was in Germany to get treatment for his back. He is now back in Iraq and will be going back and forth for treatment. Maliki will be there until the RV happens and then he will be gone. Iraq is already in possession of enough natural resources to justify having the highest currency in the world. They could have a currency valued at $14 if they chose, based on information from several year ago. If they knew the RV was going to be long term they would have renewed the Standby Agreement like they have several other times and they haven’t. It really can go at any time.


Adam Montana] ok this one will be short and sweet because I don't know how my internet will hold out (traveling) but if I get cut off early I will definitely be back tomorrow or Friday so here we go!

[Adam Montana] It looks like things are starting to pick up pace again... FINALLY! In my opinion, we had a couple of super slow and stagnant weeks... actually now that I think about it, it's been a good 6 or 7 weeks since anything significant was looming

[Adam Montana] Now that we're seeing significant dates roll around (budgetary-governmental-etc), the US is done making big decisions (presidential)... well, buzz is building again and I really expect to see some bigger news in the near future

[Adam Montana] ok before I talk too long and miss the chance to take questions, kcw - if you please!
  [kcw] brbrlocke I have been waiting 2 years now and I know soooo many have been waiting much longer. Could this "speculation" just keep going on and on and on and on .. or do you believe, at some point , they just have to do something and jump up and shout "Bingo ' ?

[Adam Montana] I think I get that question in some form or another at least once a month... I understand the frustration and the urge to just "give up", but I don't think that's the way to go. Ignore for a second the political figureheads that come and go, huff and puff, and get upset about petty stuff.... and look at the big picture.

Iraq has came a LONG way since this whole thing started  those that got in back then have doubled their investment  if you got in more recently than that, there's still a chance that you've seen an increase in your investment.

[Adam Montana] The bottom line is this - if you can't afford to sit on them any longer, sell the dinar. Take your small gain or small loss and move on, because yes - there is ALWAYS a chance this could flop.  ANY investment or speculation could always flop. Otherwise it would be called a "sure thing", not "speculation".

  [kcw] jerry125 Is Warka alive and well or dead and gone?

[Adam Montana] Like the weather man says.... "no change"

[kcw] M.Duke Hi Adam Again thank you for all the hard work you have given to us on this site! Have you read the last topic that KAPERONI'S posted " EP report on Iraq: Al-Maliki may either give in to protestors demand or resign NCRI – . Do you think that this will slow up or stop the RV seeing that we are so near to the RV.

[Adam Montana] If I had to read and give an opinion on every opinion out there I would never have time to form my own opinions! I can spell Dinar :tiphat:   I have nothing against Kaperoni, but I don't make a habit of reading every opinion out there... I prefer to study the news, talk to my business contacts, and make my own opinion.

 [kcw] chess ADAM: What might be your rationale for the (as possibly most likely) $.10 RV?.....thanks much

[Adam Montana] Thanks for the question chess I actually wrote a "thesis" on it - if anyone can link to it when the chat is posted that would be awesome

[kcw] SnowGlobe7 Some thought it was good that Maliki was in charge...now he might be MIA....who do we want to take his place if he is deserting his position?

[Adam Montana] SnowGlobe7, good question. I am by no means a "Conspiracy Nut", but I am a realist - Maliki is important to us, but at the end of the day he is not the only one pulling strings there and he can be replaced. I do not worry about him being replaced, because the "powers that be" will be sure to replace him with someone who will also pursue the same agenda.

[Adam Montana] We all saw how fast and far Shabibi was taken from the scene when they felt it was time to do so, and I am confident that Maliki would be replaced just as quickly by someone with the same agenda if that were to be necessary

  [kcw] NWGUY Hi Adam....With all the chaos, supposedly happening, like Talibani is dead or alive, depending on who you believe. With Shabbi, out of the country. Barzani wanting to either get the Erbil done, or succeed from Iraq. Issawi being blown up. Do you think that there really is any chance, that this could RV before the end of the year? There is really a lot of things to fix, prior to an RV IMO. Thank you for all you do!!

[Adam Montana] NWGUY thanks for the question. I don't think things are as bad as the "Sky is Falling" crowd would have you believe. I explained why in my previous answers, so YES - I definitely see a strong chance that the value will increase in 2013. How much? I don't know. I sure hope it's not another 4-pip move, but again... I'm prepared to wait and see.

[kcw] whatsthis I have seen articles about the EU agreements that was ratified on Wednesday (last Wednesday) I wanted to know you opinion on these articles. Today I saw one that look as if they where making a deal for Maliki to resign could be from the EU as well the head of the EU parliament said to give the people what they want or resign. So your take on all that would be nice to hear.

[Adam Montana] I've seen some articles that say those things, but I've also seen (and heard) news that conflicts it. Without seeing the exact article you are talking about, I'd rather not comment on it just to avoid any confusion.

[Adam Montana] Once I have a stronger handle on the exact happenings I will make an official report - thank you for understanding. I'd hate to make an offhanded statement that doesn't appropriately address the contents of your article

  [kcw] eburt Hello Adam - Again just want to say thank you for all of your and the Mods hard work on this site. Please correct me if I am wrong but it seems like this investment keep going around and around in circles with no ending. Every time we get close there seems to be another conflict or problem that keeps prolonging this RV. My question is are they (IRAQ Leaders) doing this on purpose to drag out the RV as long as possible?

[Adam Montana] I wouldn't say they are doing it on purpose to "drag the RV out", but you are correct that they are doing it on purpose  If they jump the gun and pop something like this before EVERYTHING is ready... before ALL of the ducks are lined up... before EACH and EVERY T and I are crossed and dotted.... it will be a disaster.

[Adam Montana] What would you prefer? A disaster where you "almost" made money but the value crashed again, or a prolonged wait until you can REALLY cash in on a stable(ish) currency? I know which one I prefer. Smart money is patient.

  [kcw] Redhorse Hi Adam, first, thank you for all you and the mods do. My question is this .... Does The CBI have to be Basel III Compliant in order to RV and if so, how will this affect us as far As the time frame. Will we be looking at the next quarter for an RV ? Thanks again.

[Adam Montana] GREAT question. The answer is NO. Being "Basel iii" compliant isn't like being pregnant, where you either are or you aren't. (You can't be "sort of" pregnant!)  Even the US is not 100% "compliant"  however, the MORE "compliant" they are, the better their chance for a HIGH rate.  Hope that helps - for more information, check out basel iii on wikipedia, there is some good information there.

[kcw] Sitkadoc Good Morning Adam! I have read recent statements suggestingsome critical movementon the ch 7 issue, with Kuwait reportedly approving an Iraqi plan set forth in that Chapter. Presumably this is a necessary and important step forward. In the same posting (Kaperoni), it was stated that there is additional evidence of a "float RV" (at least initially). Would you please comment on this information from your informed, grounded, and trusted perspective? Or (not inconceivably) did I get this all wrong?

[Adam Montana] This is a prime example of why I can't comment on other people's opinion. I agree that there is evidence suggesting that a float will be instated, but since I have not read the entire thing I can't say that I agree with the person making the comments.

There is also reason to believe it could be pegged - I think I addressed that in my "Rate Thesis", which I hope someone can link to once the chat is posted.

 [kcw] uncirculd R V there yet? Have some humor Adam, we all need it now and then.

[Adam Montana] V R not there yet, but stay tuned

[Adam Montana] On that pleasant note, I am happy to announce that I made it through the questions without losing connection! I'm keeping an eye on a couple of key things that should be happening soon, so I will make surprise appearances if that happens.  Fingers crossed 2013 is our year my fellow Dinarians!   have a great day


[Angelquest] GM....................... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQqwG_rQx7A

[[Angelquest] hillary on cnn live now

 [Angelquest] much coming up guys watch and learn

[Angelquest] #2sister i think she looks wiped out truly

[febgirl] Angelquest Good to see you, have you come to give us an update on the state of the dinar? I am at work and sneaking in a peek.

 [Mitzi] Angelquest Good Morning, thrilled to see you come to visit

[Angelquest] [8:02:26 AM] AQ: UPON MY HAND Long before the world began.....I wrote your name upon My hand Long before Noah built the ark, I held you deep within My heart, Long before I walked the earth, I thought of you and planned your birth. Long before you thought of Me, My bitter Passion set you free. Long before you gave Me love, I bid you enter My kingdom above, because long before the world began.....................I WROTE YOUR NAME UPON MY HAND!

[cashinqueen] Angelquest so how excited are you ........

 [Angelquest] cashinqueen   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rQqwG_rQx7A

[mailboxmoney] AQ do you think we are finally there?

[Angelquest] mailboxmoney A LOT CLOSER THAN WE WERE

 [sananddan24] AngelQuest bring us up to date!
[Angelquest] sananddan24 WELL IT IS THE 23RD OF JANUARY 2013

[cashinqueen] Angelquest todays is the last day to file an extension with IMF

[Angelquest] cashinqueen I would not worry of that

 [Dakotaman] Angelquest Hello. Dear Good to see you back on chat again.. Do you plan on checking in with us and being on chat more often now..

 [Angelquest] Dakotaman I can only when time permits at this time but will try

 [WWP] AngelQuest it should be a Great day for the us of a am I correct in my thinking?


[WWP] AngelQuest thanks,I'm hearing things are looking very good


[sananddan24] Angelquest should we be looking for an email?

[Angelquest] sananddan24 I ALWAYS LOOK FOR AN EMAIL................ ROFL


 [okrocks] WWP i'm with you, things look good

[diverdown] Angelquest What do you think of all Budget talk in the news?

[treasure4e] HOPE is a confident expectation of good

[Papa Bear] Angelquest As you have a right to my friend GM

[buybyeby] Angelquest we may have been here before but things in Iraq, IMF, China have not :whoohoo:

[Angelquest] buybyeby for sure

 [Papa Bear] Peeps if u dont expect this to happen it wont

childofgod] Papa Bear I am expecting it – SUDDENLY

 [FreeManna] Angelquest are your contacts saying anything other than soon?

 [Angelquest] you know the good LORD says no one will know the hour or the day...............same with all his blessings......no?

[FRV] Angelquest I'm on the page that says "the end" . :bighug:

[sananddan24] AngelQuest need to in the spirit of expectation!

[KNIGHT] AQ your previous login was all caps is this the real AQ

Angelquest] FreeManna they say "its a beautiful day

[Angelquest] now and then

[FRV] Angelquest AMEN

 [Angelquest] KNIGHT the one and ONLY yes

[FreeManna] Every morning I say to myself something unexpectant can happen today, like news from Iraq or good intel. I have yet to be disappointed - we must keep the faith. God Is Good!

[Angelquest] KNIGHT I am ANGELQUEST, Angelquest, angelquest........AQ, A.Q

 [diverdown] "Thursday will see the start of a demonstration of millions http://www.uragency.net/index.php/2012-03-11-16-31-52/2012-03-11-16-34-38/15869-2013-01-23-10-00-43

[Angelquest] diverdown right

 [diverdown] Angelquest do you think the might be dancing in the streets instead? LOL

[Angelquest] diverdown what do you think with the mountains of misinformation you have heard?

diverdown] Angelquest I think chapter 7 and budget is done and we wait for them to show us



[kido] Angelquest Amen to that!! You are wonderful and look forward to meeting you one day

 [Angelquest] kido YOU WILL I AM GETTING A CAR LIKE YOURS................SEE YOU IN THE WIND..............EAST TO WEST

[Papa Bear] It is always GREAT to get a visit in with AQ. I also hope All will reread SQ message from yesterday because this site is the tops and run by a GREAT Lady who deserves to be listened to very hard when she speaks. She wants all the best for this site

[Angelquest] Isaiah 55:11 So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; it shall not return to Me void but it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it. 


vanillabean, on 22 Jan 2013 – 13:44, said: wonder what the IMF guidelines are for the rate – remember seeing information in the past on this….since the IMF is owed monies they probably have criteria to be met – and not just a beginning floatof 1166 and then from there to repay the loans, right? Hope Steve can help with this question.
Hopesaway; The rate is already in the budget so it is already decided where it will start – and that is about $3.42


[Shredd] i'm really hoping that once isx is opened and trading starts rolling for Asiacell, it will be a big beacon of investment for iraq
[tlm724] Shredd let that light shine 
[Shredd] tlm724 yes and great point from last week regarding japan 
[Shredd] we've seen such a huge support for iraq

[tlm724] so many major players have a hand in this thing, look at europe !! 
[Shredd] guru's say banks failing and isx crumbling.....b.s........warka still around and isx continues to grow over 40%
[Shredd] and wait till Asiacell trades, ipo's, competitive trading, quick turns
[Shredd] it will be fun to watch

[anthonlcs1] Shredd I think it starts trading in early feb?
[Shredd] anthonlcs1 yes
[Shredd] the 3rd i think

[dezertheat] Shredd internationally or locally?
[Shredd] dez, local in regards to accounts held in iraq but international since any entity can open one soooo,
[Shredd] this will boost their banking both cash and custody
[Shredd] how that works is like this..... say your investment portfolio is diversified to foreign funds
[Shredd] let's say my personal portfolio has 4% in sovereign debt 
[Shredd] i don't invest in ISX, but my fund does, make sense?
[Shredd] that's how the entire international investment community will participate 

[dezertheat] so in that light, they don't need dinar to become internationally tradable, as it will already be doing that , so to speak 
[dezertheat] but it will help it when they do
[Shredd] dezertheat correct 
[Shredd] here is where internationally traded comes into play and this is big
[Shredd] all funds have rules in their governing documents
[Shredd] as far as what limitations exist for investments
[Shredd] and these limitations are based largely by investor appetite so,
[Shredd] once the dinar becomes internationally tradeable
[Shredd] it will open the door totally open to investment for all existing funds
[Shredd] that allow for emerging market investment
[Shredd] so imo, the market will watch what the response will be starting after Feb 3 for Asiacell 

[dezertheat] Shredd while I have you here, what do you think about the IQD having to rv at the begining of a quarter vs anytime?
[Shredd] the push for the dinar to be a strong representation of the value it should have
[Shredd] will push hard to get the dinar out of a dirty float

[dezertheat] you think they will do it when ever or at the begining or end of a quarter.. yes they are starting to push
[Shredd] dezertheat well, in regards to the budget, we saw the confirming response from shabbs about changing mid year
[Shredd] but budgets can be amended

[dezertheat] so anytime, is the right time.. 
[Shredd] well, remember this
[Shredd] we've been seeing how the prices for the auctions are different than the cbi rate, right
[Shredd] so pricing tells us market perspective of value
[Shredd] same goes for products and services we buy
[Shredd] is the price fair for what you buy....
[Shredd] thing is, for currency exchange, banks stick with the stated rates but traders, ie brokers dont have to
[Shredd] so imho
[Shredd] we may see a high demand for dinar outside of what is the stated rate
[Shredd] so when peeps freak out about a slow creep in rates i get excited, why?
[Shredd] because demand will rock and roll
[Shredd] i know im the banker and look at the numbers but what im telling you i've seen already
[Shredd] the precedent that is like back in the early 2000s the idea of an undiversified fund 
[Shredd] and in real estate on top of that was a bonkers idea but a fund stepped out and did it
[Shredd] saw over 10% gains in the first quarter so guess what happened

[dezertheat] more jumped in?
[Shredd] clients started running towards this idea
[Shredd] yes 
[Shredd] and we were closing these deals faster than (insert BL redneck line) 
[Shredd] same will go for Iraq,when you say iraq to most peeps
[Shredd] they think of bombs, the lost soldiers, sand, camels and really big spiders 
[Shredd] but we see the growing returns in the ISX, we see p&ls from businesses in iraq
[Shredd] and it will rock and roll
[Shredd] dubai part 2 , it's not an IF its a HOW SOON

[oldbarbie] Shredd how soon do you think ? 
[Shredd] oldbarbie well, let me answer you this way
[Shredd] in my real estate example it only took a few months
[Shredd] only because it takes a little time to structure investment deals, do the legal and underwriting, etc.
[Shredd] but it could be sooner, depends on the market and the market is hungry by the way
[Shredd] a lot
[Shredd] A LOT of investor money
[Shredd] has been sitting stale for too long
[Shredd] Shredd - out

Monetary policy and its consequences on the Iraqi dinar , 23 JAN

D. Accustomed Naji al-Hamdani 

Seen monetary and fiscal policy since 2003 a major shift in the banking sector has taken the Iraqi government some necessary measures derecognition foreign exchange controls and the lifting of restrictions on the movement of trade, capital and support and encourage private companies in the banking sector to move from a system exchange controls system to the open market as one requirements of a market economy. And the Central Bank of Iraq as Iraqi state bank, which formulates monetary policy, he dealt with this policy. Under this approach open to the capitalist West, monetary policy assumes Iraqi currency float and be subject to the law of demand and supply and non-interference in determining the exchange value of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies, including the dollar. Currencies cash exposure in the markets as exposure to any items of other commodities which practically leads to monetary instability. Demand and supply that determines the value of the currency. Accordingly, it is expected that the Iraqi currency is exposed to more pressure because of the inflamed political crisis and instability that leads to security stagger markets and rising prices of goods and services and go about asking for more than the dollar.
Despite the huge accumulation of cash balances of the Central Bank of Iraq, which constitutes a solid cover of the Iraqi currency, the dinar is under severe pressure. Dropped its monetary value in recent from 1170 to 1320 dinars to the dollar did not quite live up to the level of competitiveness currencies. The relative stability of record of the dinar exchange rate in some years it has been at the expense of draining small amounts of foreign reserves and no thanks to the efficiency of monetary policy and right that turned the central bank into a mere ATM.
As confirmed by the Iraqi Central Bank, the monetary reserves had reached in 2012 about 70 billion dollars and 31.5 tons of gold, according to these huge funds are supposed to enjoy the Iraqi dinar a significant competitive capabilities in the foreign exchange market and cash worth more than the value of the dollar. The question here is why descend the value of the dinar to a further deterioration with this huge amount of reserves?
The shift towards a market economy and opening up to the capitalist West imposed on the central bank keep up with this transformation and independent monetary policy for governmental guidance and shift towards monetary instruments indirect order to achieve monetary stability and tackle inflation and stimulate economic growth and other targets that aim to achieve.
It is clear Allko in the work of the central bank in achieving these goals being implemented monetary policies governed directives and policies of international financial institutions, which hamstrung the ability to take measures to stop the leakage cash abroad, estimated at more than $ 260 million per day according to the bulletins daily announced by the central bank. And must realize that hundreds of millions of dollars that leaks out is part of the oil imports, which should invest in the development of the national economy and enhance the value of our national currency and conservation of deterioration and collapse.
The central bank is required to intervene to maintain cash reserves and stop the deterioration suffered by the Iraqi dinar and determine the value of reciprocity versus Nzirath of foreign currency, commensurate with the huge assets that you have to believe the Iraqi currency stability and confidence as the key currency in the financial trades.
Despite assurances by senior officials of the Central Bank of Iraq for the durability of the Iraqi dinar because protect a discreet cover of hard currencies is that the market indices refute these allegations and confirms that the value of the dollar rises and the value of the dinar in the deterioration.
That monetary policy followed the central bank aims to achieve economic stability through access to a fixed exchange rate and stable dinars through the accumulation of cash reserves of hard currency and thereby turn the dinar to offset the dollar and that this trend did not achieve economic stability desired in a country like Iraq, which suffers from structural imbalances in the productive sectors and unemployment rife. The stability of the exchange rate of the national currency is linked to many factors, including the strength of productive activity in the commodity sectors agricultural, industrial and service sectors of electricity, water, housing and sanitation, education and health that generate cash incomes commensurate with their output, leading to a balance. 
Fluctuations in the exchange rate of the dinar, which represents the external value of money and the lack of firmness in the local market in recent led to negative consequences was the rising prices of goods and services and weaken confidence in the Iraqi currency and erosion entering the poor as a result of rising prices and the dollarization of the economy. Also led to increased demand for foreign currencies it boosted the status of the dollar in the Iraqi market. Has led commodity shortages in supply-related import external and its inability to meet the total demand of the Iraqi market to increase inflation. And thus became imported inflation and inflation related to high cost and the deterioration of gross domestic product. 
That the central bank demands to strengthen the value of the Iraqi currency and not to provide justifications for the deterioration that has plagued the value of the currency. Monetary policy Vartbat and Iraq's financial institutions international capital funding raises the question about the feasibility of this policy and its ability to enhance the value of the national currency and achieve monetary stability. It is the consequences of opening up to the capitalist system to move all diseases of the capitalist system and the financial and monetary crises to the Iraqi economy and the plight of Iraqi parents are exempt from the consequences of the monetary and financial crisis plaguing the international capitalist system.
That the central bank can resort to the use of his tools available cash as a price discount, reserves and other tools available to stop cracking in the national currency and its repercussions on the living conditions of the poor and downtrodden and those with limited income by controlling the money supply and take quick steps to enhance the value of our national currency and the tightening measures pumping foreign currency and sold in accordance with the legal requirements necessitate coupling to obtain foreign currency for the importation of goods and basic products contribute to support economic activity as a means of production and raw materials are not available in the Iraqi market and within the activity of industrial and agricultural production.
Hundreds of millions of dollars flowing formally abroad not only imports offset poor and depressed commodity markets in neighboring countries as a means to cover up the smuggling of large amounts of hard currency that goes into the pockets of mafias and thieves market profiteers people. An activity and mastermind of the scheme by some regional and international powers to weaken the Iraqi currency and the destruction of the national economy and sustain existing crises.
However the sharp rise in the current political crisis is expected to witness the Iraqi dinar more volatility in the exchange rate against the dollar and will be reflected in the rise of consumer prices and core rents, shops and business service daily and will lead to the deterioration of the purchasing power of entering poor that suffer mainly of the many pressures of life.
That the government is required to pursue sound financial policy able to create internal and external balance to support monetary policy. The economy of Iraq is still economical ريعيا constitute its oil imports 98% of its national income, and the economy strong is not measured by the extent of state ownership of billions of cash balances, but that the strength of the economy and ensure its stability and the stability of market prices determined by the strength and vitality of its sectors productivity industrial, agricultural and ability to self-sufficiency .
That the management of foreign reserves efficiently requires a sophisticated banking system and is capable of mobilizing and allocating financial resources efficiently to serve the purposes of productivity and development and to respond to financial crises and potential cash. Monetary policy in Iraq is facing major challenges as inflation and fluctuating prices and the lack of coordination between monetary and fiscal policy and the phenomenon of dollarization in the economy. 
The rehabilitation of factories and plants Iraqi and re-operation and the establishment of industrial parks and huge agricultural and provide the investment climate welcome attraction for the local private sector and foreign and monetary policy and financial independent of outside interference will lead to the creation of economic cycle contribute to increased demand for the Iraqi currency and the rise of the Iraqi dinar against foreign currencies. The stability of the value of the currency and competitiveness one of the key indicators on the effectiveness of monetary policy and right.