Friday, January 18, 2013


1-18-13: Phoenix3333: Completion of the draft pension law Baghdad,said the legal committee parliamentary complete study Unified Retirement Law and send it to the Council of Ministers. The committee is waiting to restore law for the observations received it by the Council of Ministers before reading and voting on it soon.

The committee addressed the government to install allocations disbursed for 2013 for retirees from abundance financial will be subject to a vote in the event of voting upon will be assignments ready.


For the last couple of days my phone has gone crazy and people have been asking me about some rates that some are seeing in some forex sites. First of all they are what we call place holders and not real rates, the real rates are just behind those holders and when given the get go poof they shall appear so ease up people. Second the real rates shall be seen in all banks and forex sites not in a hands full like you are seeing today so relax. 

Third all valuable sources are just silent plain and simple. 

Fourth after some minor cosmetic ajustments in the change of command in the US which are occuring as we speak in the course and in the same timing in protocol the world shall be starting to recieve these Godly blessings in all fields that is expected. Remain in peace and God bless... Blu


TexasMom] I did get a little intel.  I was told look for announcement by Monday- Muesday cuz I think banks are closed Monday Friday night or Monday goes to Tuesday huh?

 [deniseanderson] TexasMom mybe we will get our emails before monday and can make appt's on monday hope banks will be open for that reason you know they would be busy JKO

 [musiccitylady] Sunday and Monday?

 [TexasMom] deniseanderson could be. It won't inhibit announcement for sure

 [spiritfilled] deniseanderson yes and hence the reason for the extra personnel we hear they have been hiring and the after hours training..etc

 [care888] Anthing is possible

 [TexasMom] musiccitylady we just have to hang in there. Several peeps getting same info. Very close

 [musiccitylady] TexasMom hanging in!

 [jbrentd] musiccitylady its make perfect sense

spiritfilled] since we are to recieve a 800 number, my guess is it could still possibly RV Fri or Sat and send out the phone number and we could call for appts. even thought they might not be set till Tuesday and forward

[TexasMom] maybe they need the 3 day weekend to prepare????

[deniseanderson] TexasMom I hope they are prepared if not knowing this was coming we're in trouble

spiritfilled] deniseanderson There was even a report last Dec that someones wife was training at WF and they were told that the work would begin right after the first of the year
[misskitty05] Who was it who told us to pay attention to Judge Dale. Was it Studley or Jonnywg? I can't recall

(highhopes) misskitty05, both mentioned Judge Dale at one time or another

findmoney] Go to recaps and read judge dales post. Then look in your wallet at your worn out paper us fed res notes you will figure this out. You will not find a bill you have with a date beyond 2009

[turkeyhtr] I wonder if we can deposit our funds in treasury note post rv

[misskitty05] I thought our money in non interest bearing accounts was supposed to be asset backed treasury notes

~healthy3] misskitty05 that is what I understand. He is explaining why the delay but shining stated the new banking system would be better for us all I think....

[Believer55] this post was posted last year to some extent. a bank wont be a problem under the new system

[redhorse] rvers it sounds too good to be true, but strange things are happening

[tornado] I don't think governments will fall but they will have to re-structure their affairs to comply with basil 3,time will be given if require but moving forward transperentsy is a must.....again no collapse of any kind...

deb2blessed] tornado I agree with that

[tornado] This is not an overnight transistion,it will take many years to get it running right but its a good start.........

Coffeeone] He has written other articles; not the first one - Google.

 [tornado] You cannot have a collapse,if so,then there will be mass riots worldwide, no jobs no food etc etc.....

[sandytob] misskitty05 weimar Judga Dale is talking about what some of the consequences of moving from a fiat based currency system to an asset based system - which is the only way that budgets can be balanced. What concerns me a little is what he is telling us about where to set up our accounts

[~healthy3] Now, aren't we all happy that we got into this investment? We are really part of history in the making and the extra is that we will all become rich too. :)

[Coffeeone] Who will riot Americans sleep walk through life

 [FreeManna] Coffeeone well put

[sandytob] Since the world wide RV is certain to collapse all FIAT based governments, why would any of these Internet Guru's ever recommend setting up any kind of bank account or trust at any of the Federal Reserve Banks? If they had any real intellect, these Guru's, should be recommending off-shore accounts

[sandytob] recommending off-shore accounts in safe foreign venues. I believe one of these Guru's, actually used the term FDIC insured. For those of you who don't know, the FDIC went Bankrupt around 2006 and not one deposit entered into any Federal Reserve Bank has been insured after that date

 [rustyc] sandytob that may be why the dealers are going to trade for gold.....

[Coffeeone] I knew about FDIC

[littledip1921] Folks the new banking system will be implemented for us before it RV's

 [sandytob] weimar his "supposed views" are based on fact and research. This is fact. You can research it. Our taxes just go to pay the interest on loans to the Fed....they don't pay to operate our government.

 [DRAKEFORTRUTH] sandytob Are you saying the the current monies in the bank is not insured

[weimar] sandytob no, they are not

[tornado] offshore accounts keeps the US hands from seizing bank accounts at will for whatever reasons......this is a legal way of keeping an arms length from the IRS..

[Coffeeone] Cannot collect when bank failure

[sandytob]  We have known about these things for a long time...it's not a mystery.....he is just putting it out there

 [WWP] Judge Dale pulled the curtain back and gave a glimpse of reality,it's true just research peeps

[Coffeeone] Not worthless if backed by asset based us treasury note.

findmoney] No its not and i am so happy judge put it out. It is the real deal

[~healthy3] I just hope there is someone, non gov't and honest out there that will help all of us. I know I have been and will continue to ask God for his help because I think I am over my head lol

WWP] Findmoney you are exactly right

 [bear1] We are all part of history in the making and it's a very exciting time for us all.

[tornado] sandytob -This is not about hiding form taxation,the monies bring in to the usa ,the llc will pay taxes on that.Never do business in your name......

[bear1] I hope that we all are wise with our new found wealth from this investment

[~healthy3] bigbear pastored They said God chose us, so I have to believe that He will also guide us to how and where He wants us to put it

[bear1] And let us all be wise with our new found wealth so that our children's children well tell a story with pride how they were left a legacy. God Bless us all. Let Freedom ring

 [Coffeeone] Truth being revealed enough with deception.


[terryk] its not going to happen that way.
[terryk] the imf and ust have to be in lock down for it to rv. 
[terryk] morning all.  
[terryk] heck I have been on two calls already.
[terryk] it don't stop.
[terryk] back in office at 6. 
[terryk] living for the moment  
[tooldog48]soon you can sit back and relax.
[terryk] no then comes tcb caring hands. 
[kellee] Dood morning missed my Dr.appt. and am glad to see you in the chat room. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf 
[terryk] this is our week  
[terryk] God bless  
[terryk] later  


1-18-2013  Intel Guru Blaino   No change at the CBI...The final arbiter of the value of the currency and the exchange rate.  Could it be REAL...WELL... Lets look that over. There are many newspapers that are not showing the values today, when they usually do. There are even more that have some issue with their internet sites even opening...One has to ask "why?" some speculate that there is a rule that "it has to be printed somewhere...And this is the one place that was CHOSEN...This TIME"...Hummmm.....???? Nothing on fox news or fox bussines...Nothing in the MARKETS....So, could it be true anyway? There is only the one answer to that question..."mebby!" 

1-18-2013  Newshound Guru Tlar    Yesterday I said Maliki has left the country.  I stand by what I said.  The NA having an emergency meeting and reporting Maliki was at this meeting doesn't surprise me assuming they are trying to hold onto power.  Their boss is toast and they realize it but until he has been reported to flee they are still in charge and can negotiate who will be the next PM.  If he is reported gone, the NA does not have enough loyal members to control the outcome.  It is to their benefit to make people think Maliki is still in charge for the next few days and the way to remove him is to negotiate and install a new PM from the NA...unless I read that Maliki has actually been seen in the last few days by someone other than the NA, I stand by what I said. 

1-18-2013  Newshound Guru Doc    Many other reports talk about UST, IMF and other dignitaries meeting with Iraq.  My sites have linked this to a definite RV by month's end.  While we do not totally dismiss this as a remote possibility, we also suggest these dignitaries represent those that have invested heavily in Iraq. Given the fact that the PM may be on his way out and the CBI head has changed we would think if we were those investors we would want to personally see whats going on.  We would also want to make sure the new players are on board to get Iraq back in the international community as a financial power.  Does this mean RV in next few days? Probably not but it does mean the international community is ensuring things are moving toward that end.  We view this as extremely positive.  We report, you decide.  [post 4 of 4]

1-18-2013  Newshound Guru Doc    We need to be careful in separating comments between raising the value of the dinar and the RV.  In almost all cases the quotes about raising the value in coming days are in reference to short term efforts to get the dinar back to the program rate of 1170.  The street value has been recently reported at over 1400.  These efforts are in response to the citizens uproar over their declining purchasing power.  We really don't see this changing in that the USD is still the true currency in Iraq.  We do not believe this will change until the dinar is close to par with the USD.  [post 3 of 4....stay tuned]

1-18-2013  Intel Guru BWM   according to contact in Iraq...the in country rate for the dinar had been trading within a 100 points of the 1166 rate...as late it had been running about 1218... according to daily number it looks like the printing was setup for a 1/1000 scale which means that was .0009 or 1111 to 1 which is moving the right direction and hopes are that things may be moving but are not to the point that we would like to see just yet.

1-18-2013  Intel Guru Winalot   OMG!!!!! i think i just found something!!!!   Iraqi dinar exchange rate for the day Dollar: 0.9 Euro: 0.6 Pounds: 0.5 LBP: 1292.3 KD: 0.2 SR: 3.2 AED: 3.2 JD: 0.6 .  yesterday, same paper - 1166.    that looks like an RV to me!!!!!!  that would be the in country rate. They will get their bump from purchase POWER.  They will not see $3 on country.  [This is very exciting, remember we're looking for a consensus from our other Intel & Newshound Gurus, and reports from our nearly 40,000 Dinar Guru members from around the world...so far this is only one report.]

1-18-2013  Newshound Guru Doc   Other news is focused on chapter 7 and is positive also.  One report put it as simply as all Iraq needs to do is finish the commitments to Kuwait which are not many left.  This shows progress but also tells us it has not been lifted and Iraq still has a little left to do.  The news that concerns us the most is that the HCL does not appear any closer to resolution.  Bazarini is talking about and new form of government for the Kurds and oil is being processed through Turkey.  We see this as the most critical issue left on the table before any RV.  Iraq needs to secure a steady flow of oil from the Kurds to support the value of the dinar [post 2 of 4....stay tuned]

1-18-2013  Newshound Guru Doc   We continue to watch as the news out of Iraq continues very positive.  It now appears based on several reports the opposition against Maliki is strong and includes many from the NA which could easily spell his undoing.  We see him doing one of two things which are cutting a deal to remain but giving up much power or being forced out.  In either case we view this as positive as it should move the GOI to better stability and a true democracy.  
However, we are confident Maliki has a trick or two left up his sleeve.

Economic Committee Member on WTO: Iraq’s economy making strides good qualify to join the World Trade Organization, 18 JAN

Economic Committee Member on WTO: Iraq’s economy making strides good qualify to join the World Trade Organization
A member of the Economic Commission MP Abdul Hussein Abtan, that Iraq’s economy is making good steps and large able to join the World Trade Organization, pointing out that: Iraq has a high percentage of oil and the consequent large sums belonging to the state budget makes its economy significantly.
Abtan said in a press statement that “Iraq’s possession of vast oil wealth, high turnover and distinguished geographical location of Iraq and its beautiful tourist areas make him a country economically distinct from the rest of the countries, stressing: that Iraq’s economy qualified to join the World Trade Organization.”
“The Iraq of countries that will have a very big impact in the global economy and this is what sets it apart from the rest of the country, pointing out that: the countries of the world can not dispense entertained for Iraq and its economy actor.”
Pointing out that the interest of the world that Iraq is within the World Trade Organization and the interest of the Iraqis to get into the organization because the link is a world that does the national economy and earned international expertise


Floridian: Steve,  If your theory that the zeros have already been removed proves true, will they honor our "three zero" notes at face value or will the zeros have been removed for us too?
I ask because I was under the impression that the value of the dinar would be raised first AND THEN they would remove the zeros.  I thought it would be two separate events.  (It makes a big difference in the amount of money we will receive.) Thank you.


dinarmite,:  Floridian.....I believe Steve said that the deleting of the three zeroes is an IN country event and won't apply to us.
I'm sure someone will back this up.


JeffB: I think I remember Steve saying that we will have @ 45 days to exchange our larger notes before they are not worth anything.


SteveI: Yes removing the three zeros has absolutely nothing to do with anyone outside the country. The official rate posted on the CBI site is what it will be worth world wide not here and there. All of the major banks and money exchange companies like Dinar Inc. will use that rate. Each institution will have some sort of fees. This is where we come in and try to negotiate the best and then let you all choose. All we get is the satisfaction that we can help our members. They will choose ultimately who, when and where.

 I will verify the number of days in the timeframe. As for Chapter VII, yes it is done. Iraq will announce it probably next week or shortly thereafter. I will give you a hint on what to watch for. Look for things in the news about diplomats from around the world going to Iraq for "an upcoming" event. This will be the clue for you all to watch.
Hopes this helps, and as always, feel free to post any questions you may have.
Blessings, Steve