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michigander0131] US Support for Dictatorship in Iraq Sowing Future Chaos John Glaser, December 31, 2012 And now, with Maliki having secured essentially dictatorial power in Iraq since the US withdrawal, not only is the continuing US support and training for Maliki’s private army of sectarian thugs an essential tool in terrorizing innocent Iraqis, but it is bolstering al-Qaeda-linked groups and stoking sectarian tensions that could lead to civil war. The Obama administration has kept largely quiet about Maliki’s behavior, aside from about $2 billion in annual aid and tens of billions in military assistance. While this keeps the halls of power in Washington and the oil corporations happy, even the best case scenarios are damning, for Iraqi citizens as well as the geopolitics of the region. http://antiwar.com/blog/ ··· e-chaos/ 
[michigander0131] Lately, America really seems to have a knack for indirectly strengthening the terrorist groups they claim to fight against. And in their effort to continue propping up dictatorships throughout the Middle East, Washington is sowing deep resentment among the local populations, which ultimately feeds instability. And in the age of Arab uprisings against US-backed totalitarianism, Washington is plain old stupid to keep it up. 
[michigander0131] Iraq Is Officially Fighting In A 'Low-Level War' A Year After US Withdrawal 1/1/2013 Violence in Iraq dropped in 2012, data released Tuesday showed, but insurgents proved they were still capable of mounting waves of attacks and a watchdog warned the country was still in a "low-level war". The warnings, which come after the first full year since American forces completed their withdrawal in December 2011, were punctuated by a series of nationwide shootings and bombings on New Year's Eve in which 28 people were killed and nearly 100 wounded. http://www.businessinsid ··· GkONelmA 
[michigander0131] Martin Kobler: 2012 did not bring positive developments on both the political and security situation in Iraq 01/01/2013 Description of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General of the United Nations in Iraq, Martin Kobler the year two thousand and twelve that he was an eventful did not witness positive developments on the political and security levels Kuebler said in a statement تهئنة New Year last year achieved the encouraging achievements but they were not at the required level, calling on all political parties to engage in a comprehensive dialogue and solving problems through peaceful means He added that Iraq has regained its rightful place in the surrounding regional and international community after hosting several official conferences .. Kubler stressed that the United Nations will continue to support all efforts towards national reconciliation and the promotion of democracy for the future where all Iraqis enjoy peace and prosperity.http://translate.google. ··· dia.com/ 
[dkg] michigander0131 will this slow the RV from going down?
[michigander0131] dkg its definantly not helping it//im hoping they come to a no-confidence 
[michigander0131] no country in there right mind would let malliki get ahold of all the riches
michigander0131] JMO
[michigander0131] all he would do is but weapons to use against anyone who defied him
[michigander0131] buy
[michigander0131] he has already tried with russia
[RicDavis] joseph11 I think you might be right on!
[michigander0131] even thou it goes against UN sanctions
[RicDavis] Especially if the House passes Obama's tax bill
[michigander0131] RicDavis well we will see tomorrow
[michigander0131] im sure O would love to be able to tax us
[EnoughAlready] So Bush/Chenney propt up Maliki for there gain but it's Obama that gets the heat. Honestly I couldn't give a crap about the politics of Uraq or there issues, nothing will change!
[michigander0131] EnoughAlready thats why we will have to wait unfortunantly
[michigander0131] they should of left allawi in there they put him in there first from 2001 to 2003 and then malliki ever since
[michigander0131] CBI: we are going to open the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks 01 January, 2013 05:47:00 CBI stressed that the process of opening the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks. The governor of the central bank and agency Abdel Basset Turki said the bank decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year, adding that this decision will reduce the effort on the citizen to go to outlets currency and reduce the momentum it would also bring the principle of justice for all private banks wishing deal to sell the currency Citizens. http://www.faceiraq.com/ ··· =1268330 
[michigander0131] The process appears to be the last step in the gathering of 000 bills
[shabibisbrother] Would that be considered the final or 3rd part of the process
[michigander0131] shabibisbrother its definantly part of the implimentation part //or phase 2
[shabibisbrother] Fellow Michigander have the phases ever been defined to your knowledge?
[michigander0131] i put article in here yesterday that was definantly talking about implimentation
[michigander0131] shabibisbrother just that they said there would be 3 back in dec 2011 and in jan 2012 they would start
[michigander0131] they have not actually said end of one and start of another /but if you follow it like i do you can get a real good idea
[shabibisbrother] I remember the first phase completing according to S and little S
[michigander0131] shabibisbrother yes like june 2012
[michigander0131] because they said 6 month increments give or take
[michigander0131] thats all they said about them
[shabibisbrother] Would the 000 being removed be phase 2?
[shabibisbrother] phase 3 implementation
[michigander0131] thats an on going process they want as many removed as possible but they all do not have to be removed
[michigander0131] yes phase 3 rate change
[shabibisbrother] I doubt that will take 6 months    
[michigander0131] im really hping it doesnt    
[michigander0131] hoping
[michigander0131] just get it done    
[michigander0131] if an arab spring starts up who knows
[EnoughAlready] Why are we discussing anything about GOI, CBI etc if you really believe we're waiting on conditions in Iraq to get better, agreements to be signed get signed for the GCR to take place, then it will never happen! If the GCR took place tomorrow are you going to say Well I guess everything in Iraq has been resolved
[michigander0131] EnoughAlready what you would rather talk rumors that neaver come true
[shabibisbrother] so phase one done in june...six months later 000 of street as best as possible that ends phase 2... Next step implementation phase 3 done
[michigander0131] shabibisbrother if everything goes as planned but it is iraq//and if you think IMF WB UN or anybody for that fact will let malliki have total control of all that money //well..........
Midnight Blue] michigander0131 do you think it is O or is it his handlers?
[michigander0131] Midnight Blue i think its in iraqs hand always have and will untill i see something that tells me different
[Midnight Blue] michigander0131 So you think the fiscal cliff and the bills have nothing to do with it?
[michigander0131] dkg that is fact


Jan.1,2013~ Well within a few hours a deal will be reach ( taxes on the rich etc. ) from this point on once signed the U.S. will prosper and your blessings shall not have any restrictions on this international releases to be coming forth. 

May you be prosperous and may you be bless. Let it known that God has been and is in total control over all and that now is our time. Blu

They will have to add value to their currency if they plan to issue lower denoms, 1 january

They will have to add value to their currency if they plan to issue lower denoms

12-31-12 Ddinfla: They will have to add value to their currency if they plan to issue lower denoms. The lop part is where the speculation comes in. Past history shows us that countries usually lop when they have destroyed their currency by hyper inflating it’s issuance. This is not the case for IQ.They have been artificially been devalued so that is why all of the speculation of this.


Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar

Great article, I like all the changes starting tomorrow;

*** "The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year."

1) "window"; is a banking term for international window transactions in most cases.....

.... a) Forward Contracts; forward window contract....the transaction is settled during a "window" of time between two dates ....... see below

.... b) Swaps; are another form of windows, ...... see below

.... c) Forex; Forex traders use forwards and swaps..... see below

2) "sell the currency"; is selling the USD international, getting it out of the country even faster IMO

3) " the beginning of next year " ; A GREAT TIME TO MAKE A BIG CHANGE .......TO ME THESE LOOKS LIKE A PART OF A NEW MONETARY CHANGE.......
  Types of Foreign Exchange Transactions  By W D Adkins, eHow Contributor

Foreign currencies

At its simplest, currency exchange is just the buying of the currency of one country with the currency of another country. Individuals, businesses and traders all engage in various types of foreign currency exchange transactions.

Some participants in currency exchange do so as part of business dealings while others speculate on the foreign exchange (Forex) market in hopes of profiting off of exchange rate fluctuations. The main types of foreign currency exchange transactions they employ are described below.

Basic Currency Exchange

If you've ever traveled to a foreign country, chances are you've used some of your cash to buy euros, yen or whatever the local currency was. The price you paid was determined by the exchange rate between the two currencies.

Your purchase is an example of the most basic type of foreign currency exchange transaction.

Currency exchange rates change continuously, mainly in response to demand for one currency relative to others. Demand for a currency in turn is affected by many factors, including differences in interest rates, inflation and monetary policy.

Forward Contracts

Financial institutions and businesses frequently want to protect themselves against possible losses due to changes in exchange rates.

The forward contract is a way of doing this. A forward contract is like a futures contract except it is a private agreement, rather than an exchange-traded security.

 In forwards, one party agrees to buy (or sell) a foreign currency from (or to) another party. The currency is delivered at a future date at a predetermined price. A variation of this is the forward window contract. Instead of delivery on a specific date, the transaction is settled during a "window" of time between two dates.


Suppose you are a businessperson who needs euros to do some business in Europe, but all you have are U.S. dollars. You don't want to convert to euros and run the risk of losing money if exchange rates go the wrong way. A currency swap is your solution.

You simultaneously borrow euros from someone else (usually a currency dealer) and lend your dollars to the other party. You can use the euros as you see fit until a specific date. Then you return the euros and get your dollars back at a predetermined exchange rate.


Most of the volume of trading on the Forex market actually is generated by speculators, not as part of other business activity. Forex traders use forwards and swaps.

The basic Forex trade, however, is a simple currency exchange but with one crucial difference. When a Forex trader buys one currency for another, it is a margin transaction.

This means the trader puts up only a little money (often less than $1,000 for a $100,000 lot of currency). With extreme leverage like this, even small changes in currency exchange rates mean big profits or big losses. This makes Forex trading very attractive to many people but also very risky.

Forex Options

Forex options work like any other options contract. A trader pays a premium to a Forex dealer for an option to buy or sell a currency at a specific strike price. If the exchange rate moves in the trader's favor before the option expires, she can exercise the option for a profit.

If the exchange rate doesn't move the right way enough to cover the premium paid, the option will expire and the trader loses her money. Unlike stock options, the buyer of a Forex option contract may choose the strike price and expiration date

FULL ARTICLE & LINK: Central Bank calls for banks to get the right to sell the U.S. dollar

BAGHDAD / obelisk: stressed the Central Bank of Iraq, Monday, he was in the process of opening the door to get the right to sell the dollar for all Iraqi banks.

The governor of the Central Bank and Abdul Basit Turki Agency for "obelisk", "The bank has decided to open the door to all banks for window sell the currency from the beginning of next year."

Turki added, "This decision will reduce the effort on the citizen to go to currency outlets will reduce the momentum would also bring the principle of justice for all private banks wishing to deal selling the currency to citizens."

". Turki pointed out that "the bank will receive applications from private banks as of next Wednesday."

And regulates the Iraqi Central Bank auction of five meetings weekly from Sunday to Thursday for the sale and purchase of foreign currency, and receive a cash commission on the sale and transfers of about 13 dinars per dollar


Hopesway: Posted  Today, 11:32 AM

We are almost there! The 2012 accounts have been closed. The banks are positioning themselves for the new budget. The ratification of the 2013 budget is on its way with the finance ministry. This is great because they will allocate the 2013 budget to the provinces with transparency. The cbi gave orders to the private banking sector to sell hard currency at the current rate for one week even though the 2012 budget has been closed.

They needed to still have the auctions because its not a good idea to stop them;)) The new policies will start after January 8 (give or take). You see the house needs to approve these changes and all they are doing now is positioning themselves to get it started with no hiccups! This is a new era and it has started. There will be new procedures and policies taking place....we are witnessing history in the making. There is no doubt the new budget has the new rate and they are preparing to wow us!!

Cheers Diane, Steve, Ray, Mods and Pders:)))))

Ps: hopefully we will see articles in the next day or so! Peace All 
Thank you for sharing, and yes this is spot on.
OCRUSH, thank you for taking the time to share with us what is going on behind the scenes.
Outstanding job and awesome facts.




All I can say is a big WOW. I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this post and sharing what they know.

Yes, the newest information posted is very much accurate. I was hoping that the GOI would have had the budget in place by now, but a few more days is OK with us if that is what it takes to do it right.

Ray and I have been in very close contact with our sources to try and stay abreast of what is happening behind the scenes. We are being told that so much is being done and it is now "crunch time" to finalize things before the country and its citizens get out of control.

We are being told that Maliki is starting to get the hint and is working hard to keep civil unrest to a minimum and resolve the outstanding issues.

We all just need to wait it out a bit longer and let it show up on our door step.
We will try very hard to give you all a detailed update very soon. In the meantime, Ray and I will have another talk with OCRUSH and we will compare notes and report back.

Happy New Years, and what a way to start if off.



1-1-2013  Intel Guru Bluwolf   Well the world did not end as some thought it would. We are still here and our blessing still has not come into play. But we are just a step away from receiving for we and the rest of the world only await for the U.S. to get there economic issues taken care of. My guess in a couple more dias [days] they should sign a deal and all releases will occur. But for now a Happy New Year to all.




1-1-2013   Newshound Guru Doc   Doesn't the budget have the RV rate built into it?  Again this is another false story being circulated around the internet.  You have to remember Iraq gets its revenue from oil and oil is traded in USD not dinar.  Iraq has a steady flow of USD from its oil.  The budget simply takes the USD from oil sales and converts to dinar at the current program rate.  Iraq is not going to reveal rate changes in its budget prior to a RV.  [post 2 of 2]  [the remainder of Doc's questions & answers will be sent out to Dinar Guru members...sign up above in the blue box if you're not already a member...you won't want to miss out]

1-1-2013   Newshound Guru Doc   We will end/start the year by answering several recent questions:  Speaking of Cash-in stories what about Reno?  Again these have proven time and time again as unfounded.  When the CBI sets the rate it will go live in milliseconds around the globe.  There are no special bank screens that show it to a select few.  None of this is true and has been verified by banking officials.  [post 1 of 2....stay tuned]

1-1-2013  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy    The "Returning to former glory" statement from Shabibi (while a very positive one), is frequently misquoted.  "4-7-2008 Shabibi - We aspire in the near future to the return of Iraqi dinar to what it was in the seventies and the beginning eighties against the dollar and other foreign currencies and we are endeavoring and serious in this regard, but added that this process is not easy and simple and depends on the supply and demand of Iraqi dinars."    [post 3 of 3]

1-1-2013  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy    At the Arab banking conference in 2008 (held in Cairo), Shabibi did say that he wanted to return to their currency to levels that closer resembled what they were in the 70s and 80s. He never used the word revalue for obvious reasons, nor did he even hint at by which mechanisms the NID could regain the previously held levels of their former currencyWhether that be by revalue, floating orbit of exchange, straight redenomination, change in peg, letting the market drive it up etc., is of course 100% classified.   [post 2 of 3....stay tuned]

1-1-2013  Newshound Guru SWFloridaGuy    Shabibi has repeatedly stated over the years there will be no LOP, for whatever his word is worth.  Shabibi has never once said that the IQD would revalue to become the strongest currency in the Middle East and remain at levels above Kuwait's. 
In fact he's never said they would "Revalue" at all.


1-1-13 Doc: We will end/start the year by answering several recent questions: Speaking of Cash-in stories what about Reno? Again these have proven time and time again as unfounded. When the CBI sets the rate it will go live in milliseconds around the globe. There are no special bank screens that show it to a select few. None of this is true and has been verified by banking officials.

Doesn't the budget have the RV rate built into it? Again this is another false story being circulated around the internet. You have to remember Iraq gets its revenue from oil and oil is traded in USD not dinar. Iraq has a steady flow of USD from its oil. The budget simply takes the USD from oil sales and converts to dinar at the current program rate. Iraq is not going to reveal rate changes in its budget prior to a RV.


RULESFORREBELS:  Just wanted to share something interesting I learned in the past few days. My personal opinion has always been Iraqi Dinar with no pen marks, bent corners, folds, etc basically dinar that looks like it just came off the presses was considred to be uncirculated.

Recently I have been price shopping some dealers seeing what they are buying in at and was surprised to learn that pretty much every dealer I checked with said if the notes are not in sequential order they consider them to be circulated when buying them in.

So if you bought 3 million at different times in say 500,000 increments and/or from various dealers those notes will not be considered uncirculated as they are not all in sequential order. This basically means your going to get $100 to $150 less per million from a dealer.

Just wanted to share this info as you guys so you know it's important to keep your notes in order if you have sequential notes and if you plan on buying more buy it all at once from one dealer and make sure they sell sequential notes.
MAMMAW:  Uncirculated. I ordered 1m from Bank of Texas and they ordered it through a currency company in Florida. I was shocked to see how wore they were. And there is writing and marking on them. I have often wondered how this is going to affect my being able to cash in. Would be interested in getting all in puts in the matter.

SENTINEL17:  A Dollar is a Dollar   A Dinar is a Dinar

You are selling your dinar back to bankers not collectors  When you go to the Seven Eleven and the total is two dollars if you give the clerk 1 new and 1 used dollar  do you not get the same thing as when you give him two new dollars  does the value of a gold coin change because one is new and shiny and one is dull   Common sense will not fail you if you use it.

VIZIOIRAQI:  Circulated only means distributed to banks for public use. I have some in original plastic wraps from printing press I consider uncirculated and all that is loose to me is circulated new or not. Bottom line if it's not damaged A Dollar is A Dollar !

RULESFORREBELS:  VIZIOIRAQI, you bring up an interesting point. i suppose technicall.y none of the stuff we have is uncirculated if you look at uncirculated like proof sets of coins people buy those coins are never touched by human hands or countin machines they mint them and then they are put into those plastic cases by machines. that is technically uncirculated.

with dinar i dont believe there's anything available like proof sets nor would it be worth the cost so all the dinar we are hold ing has been touched by people, run through de la rue machines and other counting machines all which places wear and tear on them, gets oil from your fingers on them, etc.

in the dinar community uncirculated seems to mean no pen marks no creases, no bent corners, etc. apparently to dealers they also want them to be sequential.

I was just curious what others on here think...what does uncirculated mean to you?

DONTLOP:  so if i only have 4 25,000 notes , they have to be in order to be uncirculated ?

.. and if i only bought one at a time then its circulated ? or can anyone explain .. how many in a row is neceaasry to qualify as uncirculated ..

i have 5........ 20 dollar gold pieces .. none are even the same year .......... but they are uncirculated ..anyone trys that crappy rip off scheme on me .. id have to hunt them down face to face.. this mail in my dinar exchange scheme is not good .. i guess if everyone wanted to cash in their dinars tommarro .. the dealers couldnt do it ..

when i got my dinars ....c.o.d.....i had to give a money order before i could even open the package .. then they dont like their own policy .. when its reversed ...trust is an issue ..

i could mail in perfectly good dinars ,, that they sold me .. and i could get a letter back saying those are not real ... and then recieve counterfiet dinars back.. they could make a switch ..

everyone says take a picture .. well they could say thats a picture of some other dinars ,, not the ones i mailed in.. and i could be stuck with a pile of counterfit dinars .... then what ..

this is why we need these dinars to be accepted by a bank .. where we can walk in with dinars in hand .. not mailing to some p.o. box

ive called and asked if i could drive my dinars to their location ,, they said no ..they wouldnt cash them in if i did ..they dont want to show their face

so i personally dont trust any of them ..until i can personally walk my dinars up to a counter .. and deal face to face with a person .. that would legitimize this whole deal

SENTTINEL17:  Dontlop The day after the Dinar RVs walk into your bank you go to a customer service desk. Lay your Dinar on the desk and tell them you want their help cashing these in and deposited into your account  they will tap,tap on the computer for about 30 seconds then they will look at you and say yes sir we can help you out with that.

If by chance you laid 1 million Dinar on the desk and it has RVed at (1 to 1 ) not only will you receive a yes sir we can help you with that. But they will reach under their desk and come up with a brand new four slice toaster just for you. then they just might reach back under the desk and bring out the George Foreman Grill.

Now I am not saying this is the best way to cash out but it will be that easy.

The best way to cash out is to follow Mr.XXXX advice he has spent a lot of sweat and time doing the research for us. He has people and institutions ready to help and they are already knowledgeable in this area. and you will get to keep more of your money. No matter which way you decide to cash in it will be time consuming and costly

I am involved with a group people who like me have invested in Dinar but we do not have knowledge in this area So we have all came to the agreement there is power in numbers and we must follow XXXXX advice so we will come out of this in better condition.

RAYZUR: Bottom line, Sentinel has it correct. I think early dealers used the "uncirculated" thing as a way to distinguish themselves from others.... e.g., mine is crisp and uncirculated" therefor it must be better.

Or it must be real. Psychologically people bought into the idea that if it were crisp, (and later, sequential) it must be real. Apparently the assumption was that counterfeiters would not produce sequential or crisp notes... (really?? why not).

I think early dealers also wanted to corner the market away from places like Ebay, where returning troops were selling what they brought home. I think there is one guy in Arizona who must have brought it back in a C-130, he had so much.... It was a great selling gimmick... "my crispy sequential ones are better than the other guys dirty wrinkled up notes. If both notes are genuine, like Sentinel says, they will cash the same...

As an avid numismatist dealing with mints around the world, I would not consider anything I received that was not sealed in the packaging of the official mint of that respective country, to be anything other than circulated in the formal sense. Uncirculated from the US mint comes in official US mint packaging directly from the mint.

I think what the dealers mean by using that term, is that the currency they sell comes directly from a CBI bank, and has not been previously introduced into circulation.

That said, it does not mean that these notes are any more valid or real than those one pulled out of circulation, provided they are both authentic notes.

The caveat might be that the CBI does say something about the notes not being all torn up, messed up or marked so as to challenge recognition.

Essentially, it would appear that notes have to be in good enough form to withstand being subjected and checked by a DeLarue machine.

Kuwaiti leaders concerned over Iraq politics; Iraq close to finalizing border maintenance issue, 1 JANUARY

Kuwaiti leaders concerned over Iraq politics; Iraq close to finalizing border maintenance issue

Kuwaiti concern of “sectarian shipping” in Iraq and directives of the Emir of Kuwait to resolve all outstanding issues between the two countries
Posted on Tuesday, December 01, 2 / January 2013 16:06
Sources in the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Kuwaiti parliament that Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid, said during a committee meeting last, the Emir of Kuwait, gave his directives to resolve all outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq, noting that the meeting revealed concern branches in Kuwait of the political crisis in Iraq and “sectarian shipping”, and fear that lead to tension in the relationship between the two countries during the coming period.
Quoted Qabas newspaper for what she described as sources of the Foreign Affairs Committee parliamentary “that Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Sheikh Sabah Al-Khalid, said during a committee meeting, the Amir gave his directives Commissioner to resolve all outstanding issues between Kuwait and Iraq, particularly the Iraqi political system Pat elected by his people, and the next stage requires the improvement of relations between the two countries. “
The sources added, according to the newspaper that “there is an official visit will take place during the next phase will include the signing of 9 agreements between Kuwait and Iraq, including the Convention on Kuwait Airways Corporation and Iraqi Airways to waive the suits, in addition to the Convention on the navigation in the Khor Abdullah,” pointing out that immortal stressed that “Iraq actually began during the last stage to the maintenance of border markers, which are the most important outstanding issues.”
The sources pointed out that “the meeting revealed concern branches of popular movements in Iraq, where it is feared to lead to tension in the relationship between the two countries during the coming period.”
The sources pointed out that the “continuing sectarian shipping between factions of the Iraqi people will have a profound effect on its direct relations with its neighbors.”
Sources said the members of the Committee stressed the need to exploit Kuwait relationship good with Iraq and Iran to improve its regional, especially it the key to relations between the two countries and the Gulf states, and get rid of all the outstanding issues with Iran as well as Iraq.

Shalah: 2013 year of finding solutions for political crises in Iraq, 1 JANUARY

Shalah: 2013 year of finding solutions for political crises in Iraq

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Ali al-Shalah of the State of Law Coalition expected that 2013 will witness reaching solutions to address the current political crisis.
Shalah stated to All Iraq News Agency (AIN) "The Iraqi people started to realize the size of the crisis and the sides standing behind it, therefore I think by the launch of the upcoming local elections things will change for better, also I think the sectarian politicians will not succeed in those elections."
It is worth mentioning that 2012 ended with many crises in Iraq where the most prominent one was the attempt to withdraw confidence from the Premier, besides the issuance of death sentence against the Vice President, Tariq al-Hashimi, in addition to the crisis between Baghdad and Erbil about the oil fields and running the security file in the disputed areas.
The last crises were that of arresting the guards of the Finance Minister and the reactions against the offensive statements of the MP Khalid al-Alwani against the Shiites.

Eurozone braces for yet another tough year

'Turkey, Saudis ignite sectarianism in Iraq'

Breitling Report: Friday 12/28/2012