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Unedited Notes by FlPatriot59 at I4U:


TONY - Good morning, TNT! How is everybody? Every single person listening, member or not a member - you should all be superfantastic! It's going to be one of those days, based on what I'm hearing from everybody. I have to honestly tell you I was hoping we wouldn't have to do this call. So, I'm going to do this early & quick - tell you what's going on. I hope today is your last day on that job - give it to somebody else!

T - I'm going to tell you what you need to know at this point on how to protect yourself. Then we'll go through some history. You can hang up if you don't want to hear that part. But I'll give you the good news first.
T - Over this process we've learning a lot about gov'ts, people, etc. You're going to learn some things today and the entire puzzle will come together for you today and you can ask some questions about it.

T - Here's the info. Last nigth we were hoping to do an RV announcement. Bank people were on high alert. It wasn't a 100% call-in, just upper management going over their instructions. They hung around until 2AM this morning thinking it would happen last night. The actual date for the RV - which will be reported in history - is December 1 at 9PM EST. That's the "official date". When do we cash out? Hopefully sometime today. What I can tell you is this: the rates this morning are "live" and ready to go, still just not released yet. They are supposed to release them today. The first time was 30 minutes ago. There is a new time, but I can't tell you. It is scheduled to go. Everybody at every level is saying that today is your day.

T - We're all set. Everybody doesn't need to go today. The rate will maintain for a while so don't panic. The 800#s were expanded to more banks. In the briefing yesterday they were reminded to be as accommodating as they can. Their number 1 goal is to get that money in their bank. They will be as competitive as possible to make that happen when you walk in. That's what the currency exchange personnel are being told. They're actually having a briefing right now. The rates are still high. But they asked me not to talk about the rate - still high double-digits. You'll be flabbergasted.

T - We will see different things. The rate in Iraq is 3.44. It will be the international rate. Our rate is being referred to as a CONTRACT RATE. This is what it will be referred to on Forex. I don't know which rate the exchangers will deal with. But you should have a plan of attack based on which one offers you the best deal. The rates will do one of 2 things: come out and maintain, or come out and go up or down. You should have a safety net based on either way. I have to believe they'll be competitive.

T - We're waiting just like you're waiting. But everybody is saying today is the day. It didn't happen at noon, so whatever is the next time we usually say is the next time. You can talk about it on the boards. It's the same time they always say. Last night they just didn't call in the people. The called in US Marshalls, Homeland Security, local police offers, 3-letter agencies - they were all there and they are all there today. They've never callled them all in like that at the call centers. They're also going to be there at the banks - both obvious and plain clothes. They do not want people coming in acting like idiots, buses, etc. Otherwise, you'll be turned away and be put on the bottom of the list.

 T - They're still wanting everybody processed in the first 5-7 days. The rates will hold for that time and then they will start doing what they're supposed to do. There will be Marshalls in place at the banks, regardless of what somebody else says. We need those people there in place because of the masses.


Q - Since it's now back to the IMF, do we need to be concerned about the steps? BIS in the picture anymore? A - We are past all of that. It's between the IMF, UST and the banks. Everybody else has signed off on it. The rates are at the banks. The 800#s are at the banks. The IMF will determine what time is the release. The first time was at 9AM EST this morning. Then moved to 12:30 PM EST to make it fair to those on the west coast. Now we're moved to the next time. Hopefully this is our last call.

 Q - Has everyone gotten their cookies so we can go in and get our crumbs? A - I don't think you can call what you're getting "crumbs." Especially based on what we thought it would be.

Q - If the CBI says all 3-zero notes will be worthless on 1/1/14, what happens to those notes we hold? A - The UST is taking all the notes in and using as oil credits.

Q - Is it true that BoA is being bought out? A - BoA was taken over in a a couple of states but I don't have anymore info on that.

Q - What is the corrrect syntax for the currencies? A - ZWN is the Zimbabwe currency and it's at .22, with the six zeros taken off. That's all I can tell you at this time.

T - Just got a text that Washington Mutual is taking over BoA. Their concern is that accounts were frozen. I don't want to take them out of the equation yet. I'm splitting mine up among several banks.


C - Is Maliki gone and what about the 1/1/14 deadline for the 3-zero notes? T - Maliki is not gone and won't be gone. Anybody putting out that we won't see the RV until Maliki is gone is wrong. He is not gone and it looks like it will happen today. The 3-zero notes apply in-country only. Our 30 days are still in place. Today is the 2nd and if it goes today that gives us 30 days.

T - The banks will have affliliate banks. You call the 800#, give them your zip code and they'll find you a local bank. They may not be up to date today or in the first hour. But within the first 4-5 days they should be up to date, definitely within the 30 days.

C - How can we find out if the smaller banks will handle the CE? CAn we call them? T - The only way I know is to call the local bank, call the 800# and let them tell you where. I don't see them having a list of banks in the US.

C - What is the difference between the contract rate and the international rate? Is that the IQN vs. IQD? Will the banks have 2 rates on the screens? T - I know right now the banks are all seeing different rates, even within the same banks. When the activation occurs every branch of a particular bank will have the same bank. I would go in with the IQN. Not sur what will happen when it goes live. I'd ask for the IQN rate (which is the contract rate). The IQD is being called the market rate or international rate.

C - What is the difference between the contract rate and the international rate? Is that the IQN vs. IQD? Will the banks have 2 rates on the screens? T - I know right now the banks are all seeing different rates, even within the same banks. When the activation occurs every branch of a particular bank will have the same RATE. I would go in with the IQN. Not sure what will happen when it goes live. I'd ask for the IQN rate (which is the contract rate). The IQD is being called the market rate or international rate.

T - Their intention is to hold the IQN rate for a certain amount of days while the IQD will come out at market rate. You should only be concerned with the IQN. The other rate (IQD) is for a whole other game you don't want to play.

T - CORRECTION: Washington Federal is taking over Bank of America, not Washington Mutual.

 [patientlytrek] FLPatriot59 Washington Federal to acquire the 51 Bank of America branches in Washington, Idaho, Oregon and New Mexico. Deal set to close 12/6. They are not taking over the entire company.

[FLPatriot59] patientlytrek Good clarification. Thanks!

C - If it's the market rate will you still have to complete the NDA? T - My understanding is that if you exchange any currecny you will sign an NDA. If you wait until after January to avoid the NDA, you won't be doing a currency exchange anymore this way.

C - When will the 30 days start? T - It should start today. Dec. 2 gives us 30 days. Iraq is pulling their 3-zero notes on Jan. 1, so they need this to happen beginning today for the 30 days.

T - This may be our last call. Our next call you'll want the 800#s and rates. I will give you the best I can give before cashout. My understanding is that as soon as it goes live we should get the 800#s immediately because they will be waiting for you to call.

T - It is my hope that you learned things about world economy our govt etc, it is not all good but they try. Some people are greedy but the big picture is that we can prosper and be the country that people want to come to. It will be 10 years before we can write about this, or see the movie. But in 10 years no one will care. I hope that we changed people's character for the better. You will be the ones people in your family and neighborhoods will look up to. Remember what you went through to get here. You'll be funding things and they will ask for your input, leadership and guidance. "With much power comes much responsibility."

T - I got in this knowing that I had already been making my own decisions and sacrificing for a lot of people. That is what leaders do. Being involved in network marketing, owning my own business, sacrificing, etc. I know what that's like. I hope this has been a learning experience. When I got in it was supposed to be for a short period of time. There was a website out there telling people to send $300 and sign up for as a VIP, and they'd send your dinar to Belize. That was my first experience with absolutely big crooks. People were actually sending them $300 over to another country, fly there and hope somebody is standing there waiting for you with your millions. Who does that make sense to?

T - I tried to make that right and tell people and tell them "REALLLY does that make sense?" People are going to come at you like you have no idea. Scammers are getting ready for you. Now that you have the money these people will come at you. I'm telling you what to look for in the future because I've already seen and am aware of what people are planning to do with your email. Knowledge is power! You should NEVER pay money for knowledge. As long as they are doing it the right way if they offer you a legitimate service you should be able to pay that.



T - I'm just showing you things that have gone on over time...and probably is the last time I have to open your eyes and decide if you will be involved again.


T - If you think it was bad on other sites and you did not know it, you cannot imagine what's going to happen as you become a multi-millioniare. Months from now things will happen and you'll know you need to be aware of those things. I know that was a whole lot of info and I feel better knowing I did the right thing to open some eyes. You need to be thinking about this afternoon when you got the call with 800#s and what you're going to do.


C - I talked to several banks and asked how they will keep our money info away from the tellers up front? T - Ask your personal banker or wealth manager. You can have a separate account (a local account) that is separate from your other funds. You will be dealing directly with your PB or WM.

C - Will we still be allowed to CE a $25K note prior to our appointment? T - That is still in place. Depending on how much you have, 2-3 notes, they may be able to cash you out at one time.

C - Should we be concerned about anything happening in Iraq, i.e., budget, seating of ministers, etc.? T - No, it will not. They are scheduling this for TODAY. People are in the bank TODAY. The call I got before this call indicated that is still the goal. Right now that's where we're headed.

C - Do we have to CE with a major bank? T - It can be a M&P bank. Call the 800# and they will give you the affiliate bank to go to in your area.

C - Are the rates stabilized or are they tricking up/down? T - The rates among banks is differing by $10 but those aren't the actual rates.

C - Will you get Okie on the call when you make "the" call? T - Pam and Ray thought that would be cool. But when I get the numbers I can do a call on the CC and get 6,000 people on the call. If we add BlogTalk that will cover another 15,000. What I want to do is give Okie the okay and he will make the announcement. Then we'll post the 800#s ourselves on our forum and on www.tntsuperfantastic.com, .net and in the chat room. I'll be waiting 1-2 hours to cashout to do all of this but I will for you guys first!

C - Can you tell us more accurately when the 30-day window closes? T - No, because I don't know what time. It could go to midnight.

C - Any comments on a post in the Forum from "Judge" (the purpose of the NDA is to control our mouths AND our money, disclosures for anything over $5K, being labeled by HS as a terrorist threat, etcs.). T - So let me get this right: our gov't has gone for 10 years writing banking laws so we could get this money on Monday/Tuesday, deposit millions in our bank account, so we could spend $5K and they could arrest and lock us up? Really?

T - They did all this for the last 10 years, kept renewing 13303, get the rates that high, so they could arrest us when we spend more than $5K on money and investments we made? And this is all in an NDA so they can control us? They already write all the laws. This doesn't make any sense. If you believe any of this nonsense you do not deserve to have any dinar.

C - The DC guys said they wanted to get this done before Black Friday so people could quit their jobs. How has this delay affected this plan? T - People didn't get to quit before Black Friday. Anytime you give 5M people this kind of money it will affect the economy. Did they want this for Black Friday? Yes. Do they still want, by the end of the month, for Christmas, this kind of stimulus? Yes. It still will stimulate the economy this month, even though they missed the flash of Black Friday. They still want this done and that is the driving force.

C - Is there a date since they missed BF? T - I don't know there is a cutoff date next year. Everybody in DC is saying today is the day. The difference is that we (banks) have the 800#s. Major security is in place now at the banks.

C - You were on the phone with 3 letter agencies ...that they weren't going to have the rates go down during the 30 days ...so all would be comfortable about getting the high rate..please comment. T - They want to alleviate some of your stress if you don't get in there the very first day. The rate WILL go down in the 1st 30 days. I just don't know when in that 30 days it will go down. They think they can get 5M people through in the first 5-7 days. The rates will stay high. They don't want people panicking. You don't have to get in the first day. If it takes a couple of day, that's fine. The rates will be steady before the market takes over.

C - Is the rate close to what you said last time? T - On some screens it is. How's that. That's the best I can do. They asked me not to say anymore. Some idiot in NY walked into a bank and said "Tony said..." regarding the rates. Don't do that!

C - There's talk about private placements where you can get offers at the bank through those instead of through retail side? T - I do know there were some private deals being made through some countries. DC is aware of it because they authorized it. It's one of those deals where you have to know somebody.

C - Is the VND holding steady? T - I heard the rate 1.98 for the IQD that is being paid now and I heard other rumors that did not make sense to me. The VNN will probably go down faster that the other rates.

PAM - We got some great info and hopefully Tony will be doing another call today. He'll do a call later by himself because I'll be at the bank.


C - Does Pam get all the info before you (Tony)? T - Absolutely, yes she does! LOL.

C - Is the email address we give when we call the 800# for our ID at the CE or is that so they can respond to us that way? T - I was told it would be for ID and that at your appointment they would ask for the email address you gave. You can always delete your email address after your appointment. When you call you're dealing with bank people. No worries.

T - This morning I got an email from PTR and it wants my email address and password to "view this document." I wondered if they were sending me a virus and found out others got it too. I sent it forward to another email address and my computer issued warning about it. My banking email will be strictly for banking. My new laptop will be strictly for banking. Nothing else.
C - Back in June we were told there was an in-country RV. Can you explain that? T - That was for contractors and we were supposed to see it in July. Then it became all political and power moves. The did have an in-country RV and they're waiting for it go international, which should be today. There is nothing they need to do for us to see this.

T - I'm down to my last 3 minutes. There's a "Pastor Elroy Miller" who is sending out an emails about me and my background, saying I'm giving high rates so I can steal your dinar. I don't care if he's a pastor or not. That is ignorance and he's an idiot. I have not asked you to partner with me on anything nor have I asked you for anything. What kind of a church leader does that? Some take kindness for weakness and I've tried to be kind. Sometimes you have to call an ignorant ass an ignorant ass. It is what it is.

T - Last night they got hyped up for this like you wouldn't believe. This morning they brought them ALL in. At 5 minutes to 9AM EST the rates were live at the banks. At 12:30 PM EST they were live with an administrative hold. Right now they are bringing to people into the banks to go to work. Security is like we've never seen it at the call centers. Undercover and uniformed police are there now. There are enough days and time before the rates go down for you to be taken care of. That's the message I'm asked to give you. They want this organized and calm. Hopefully it won't be long and we'll be posting the 800#s. That's it for the day. All the news is positive. Everybody is saying today is our day and hopefully it won't go to midnight. Enjoy your day.


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