Thursday, December 5, 2013


12-4-2013   Intel Guru ScottiG   [via kktwahoo]   I have addressed the release of the 3 Billion bonds which Mr. Turki of the CBI received in Switzerland. I understand a banker there commented that you have to have a currency of value to sell these bonds.  These bonds are a critical element to the country of Iraq and financing their currency adjustment. A couple of weeks ago I picked up from one of my financial sources that the Bonds must be released before the change in value of the Dinar. I can't reveal any specifics of the source of what I am about to share, but leaders in the US financial world just met and addressed the Dinar issue and advised that the bonds must be released prior to the RV and that it is most likely that the change in value of the currency should be seen almost immediately.

In a recent meeting in DC with Maliki and Obama the subject was not as much about terrorism as it was about the war reparations which were laid out from the beginning of the US and allies involved in 2003. What the news did not reveal was that George Bush # 43 was also a part of those discussions. I understand that the pressure is on for the finalization of the change in value of the Dinar. It was only a couple of weeks later that Mr. Turki picked up the 300 Billion bonds. 

I have one last bit of information that I believe points to a very positive position for those of us who are waiting for the change in Iraq. In a very recent meeting, the director of the WTO met with the Iraqi parliament and advised them that according to their assessment, Iraq was now 99% compliant with WTO expectations!!! I wonder what the 1% could be. This was relayed first hand so it's authenticity is without question to me.  I have numerous contacts with confirmations of some of the cards internally are valued at a rate of $3.44?  I believe there is only one way that the value could be at $3.44 without an international RV and that is they are still using the USD as their form of pay. 

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