Sunday, December 29, 2013


The trillion in bonds (not the same bonds referred to in the article that came out a few days ago.) were indeed sold and placed with those who will be placing them on the public market.

I was advised that they were sold to these entities for $3.71 p/dinar value.   I do not know at which rate they will hit the market.

They could go at any time but again I am advised that due to the incredible interest in the market for them, they are waiting until the Markets will open up (probably in the east) so we could see it Sunday evening.
Re-affirmed with this information, was the statement that the Qui cards will be accepted internationally on the 1st of January. I was also informed that on 1 January the tariffs will be valued at $3.44 p/dinar. 
I would not be surprised if Maliki who is suppose to have received his severance will step down on the 1st as well.

Now mind you I have received similar information in the past but the timing and dynamics are all different. The gun ships (choppers) have or are being delivered

Please keep in mind that we continue to be in a position of not seeing the whole picture of activities and events. Though many of us have at times had very accurate information, we have had zero control over the events in real time in Iraq.

The dynamics at play there have a life of their own. I do hope this message finds you keeping your eyes on what is important and let this change in value come at its own timing.

Even though I do believe we remain ever close, it will happen when it happens.


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