Wednesday, October 2, 2013



lgtennis] Looking great like 30 m says 

 [iqnguy] lgtennis are we there?

[iqnguy] is today our day when banks all,open?

[lgtennis] Quite possibly

[lgtennis] U guys have to realize things change on a dime in this 

 [lgtennis] Should have happend a million times over already 

[lgtennis] But circumstances prevented that

[lgtennis] And i cant go into what that is 

[rosheen1] lgtennis godbless for ALL you provide....so much appreciated!

[iqnguy] watch it gonna rv then shutdown lifted and bam debt ceiling taken care of

[lgtennis] Thank you so hard on all of us and esp those of us in need 

 [iqnguy] i think the gov shutdown is a cover

[lgtennis] Lots of things had to happen before this took place 

 [lgtennis] I am with you on that iqnguy 

 [iqnguy] we rv then by weekend or sooner shutdown lifted

[iqnguy] then debt ceiling issue gone too

[iqnguy] obama will look like champ lol

 [lgtennis] ALL GAMES

[iqnguy] i just wanted this rv before china gets real mad and pulls out

 [lgtennis] China knows what they are doing 

[rosheen1] lgtennis will there ever be a point of where he can't take this from us again?

[lgtennis] Yes that is now rosheen1 

[rosheen1] lgtennis Praise God! Thank you for that info... does my heart good!

 [lgtennis] Mine too finally 

[lgtennis] In all this mess 

 [iqnguy] never thought we get to oct 2 and that bank memo coming

[lgtennis] Same here never 

[lgtennis] Never though we would still be here but now i know why 

[rosheen1] iqnguy lgtennis I hope our journey is coming to an end soon

[iqnguy] lgtennis u know eagle 1 said last night that was his last intel call cause it over.

[lovely2] lgtennis why?

 [rosheen1] lgtennis maybe sometime when this is all over you can fill us in on what happened along the way? It sure would be interesting to know the whole story!

[john316] secret lives of the super rich on tonight at 9pm cnbc

[lgtennis] lovely2 cant talk about that but its been the us 

[lovely2] lgtennis oh thanks don't understand but will trust it will soon be over

[lovely2] lgtennis how much longer will we be sitting here and waiting?

[lgtennis] As 3m says we are here 

[lovely2] lgtennis lgtennis are the ptb giving us wrong intel or just why is it not happening the way they give it to us?

[Dorya40] lovely2 It has happened . . . they just make sure the Dinarians are the last to know. They conceal and hide everything from us Dinarians until the game is over. Oh . . . by the way . . the game board has been kicked over so we sit back and wait on the announcement today.

[lgtennis] Dorya40 ur right darlin

chattels] Another Wednesday. Our journey continues. How long can needs go unmet and dreams deferred ? How long can the promise of tomorrow overcome the disappointment of today ? I encourage you as I encourage myself, I pray for each of you as I pray for myself, fight the good fight, holding onto faith and good conscience. Lord, you are in the midst of us, and we are called by your Name: Do not forsake us, O Lord our God. Jeremiah 14:9,22

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