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Sager wrote on October 12th, 2013, 6:58 pm:

Looking forward to tomorrow's CC :) Based on what Frank posted, he and his team seem to have collected enough vital information to have a CC.... which is very encouraging in my opinion.

My speculation is that the next week or two may reveal to us what we are looking for. It's just my speculation, but with everything happening right now with G20 meetings, IMF, WB, next week's 10 year anniversary of the IQD being devalued (Oct 17), and possibly even the October 17 US debt ceiling deadline coming up, 

Sager Continues:  we are looking extremely good :) It seems very fitting for me to speculate that Turki may have formally let the central bankers of Iraq's imminent intentions to raise the rate of the IQD during the IMF WB meetings.  Sager

Frank26 » October 12th, 2013, 7:24 pm  ••  [Post 23] Hmmm......... I think You think well.  God Bless Sir.  Hmmm.... I read Your post 3 times..... But I still feel the same.

XenaWP » Sat Oct 12, 2013 3:29 pm • [Post 239]  [quote="the secret";p=356830]Dear Frank,

A quick question if you knew 100% the RV wouldn't happen until after January 2014, would you tell us or protect us by not telling?

Frank26......10-11-2013  Where is the logic in asking me such a question? Besides ...... It was asked of me this week already and I answered it. \

XenaWP » Im just sayin'...."If" he knew such info and did not tell us I would not see that as protection. I see that as irresponsible, as many people live day to day looking for the RV. And if he could relieve some of the day to day anticipation, he should. Just saying'.

Frank26   Irresponsible? XENA......... "IF" I knew and told You....... That act would be irresponsible and TINK would be visiting me in jail. Yet .......... You know this don't You........ Friend?

XenaWP (from yesterday)...If I may add. First of all I look forward to any and all info you and E1 share, it is greatly appreciated.

Frank26:  You are welcome yet not enough..........

It sounds to me that along with E1's sources of information a lot of people are hoping, praying, assuming, and/or counting on your emergency CC this Sunday to be the. last pre RV CC.

Hey ..... We DO agree on something.......... Assuming is a weak posture to ...... Assume. I simply bring intel NO ONE ELSE CAN NOR WILL GIVE YOU.      The EMERGENCY is that NO ONE else knows nor can help You with what we know since we found it Tuesday night.

XenaWP :  Frank if your intel tells you that we will not see the RD/RI/RV this coming week would you kindly, frankly let us know. Three days is alot of time to build up the imagination and/or anticipation of just what you are going to share. Leaving a long way to fall if the truth is not what was anticipated.

Frank26:  "If" ..........The truth is not what was anticipated? You mean like Heinz's Ketchup? I have taken notice of You Xena ........ You will be done with me soon enough. Hang in there cause it can be a long way to ............ Fall and Winter.

XenaWP :  Thank you

Frank26:  You're welcome. May we pray for Your CC 2morrow that God leads us first.

AGGIEDAD............ Leadership is born. So are Leaders .......... Like You Sir TY for all that You do at KTFA !!! :handshake2: KTFA, Frank

XenaWP: It's unfortunate words on a page lack the inflection and tone that could remove all Confusion from misunderstood statements.

Frank26 » October 13th, 2013, 9:42 am  •  [Post 134] Agreed Dear Friend! I know Your frustration ........ But I will always be frank with You.  Allow me to avoid any confusion from my words to You:

Xena ............ In the name of Jesus Christ our savior .......... I Truly Love You .......... And that is all You and I need to remember.

Sister .......... The day is coming when You and I will be looking deep into each other's eyes ........ Laughing about the past as we leave a wake of footprints upon OUR Golden Crystal Beach on an Island in the east Pacific warm waters. I have taught You much but will dance martial arts with You on this sandy surface.

our skin will grow darker ......... To protect You from the future. You are learning to read my Dots because one day when I am long gone ....... In White You will use them ............. Saint. Xena ............ I will hold Your hand and point in a jungle of a Garden ............ What to eat as food because God said ........... This is Good.

Sorry to be so different if not difficult .......... :hibye:  But grateful You are so Kind.  May I give YOU a PERSONAL gift?

Go see the last part of "Contact" where Jodie Foster meets her dad. She does not know it nor have I ever heard anyone suggest it but IMO ........... She is taking with Heavenly Father. (As best as Hollywood can describe)   On .................. My Beach.

This morning I go to prepare for this evening ............. With You KTFA Family. Your CC will be 30 to 45 mins with NO QUESTIONS taken. I will answer them on M's CC instead. Listen ............. Then talk to God about it. A Hui ho Aloha Ohana .................. Go to Church today. KTFA,  Frank......... GO TIGERS GO LIONS ............. You Go Xena !!!

108 » October 13th, 2013, 12:32 am  •  [Post 72] The 99 club

Once upon a time, there lived a King who, despite his luxurious lifestyle, was neither happy nor content.

One day, the King came upon a servant who was singing happily while he worked. This fascinated the King; why was he, the Supreme Ruler of the Land, unhappy and gloomy, while a lowly servant had so much joy.

The King asked the servant, ‘Why are you so happy?’

The man replied, ‘Your Majesty, I am nothing but a servant, but my family and I don’t need too much – just a roof over our heads and warm food to fill our tummies.’

The king was not satisfied with that reply. Later in the day, he sought the advice of his most trusted advisor. After hearing the King’s woes and the servant’s story, the advisor said, ‘Your Majesty, I believe that the servant Has not been made part of The 99 Club.’

 ‘The 99 Club? And what exactly is that?’ the King inquired.

The advisor replied, ‘Your Majesty, to truly know what The 99 Club is, place 99 Gold coins in a bag and leave it at this servant’s doorstep.’

club 99When the servant saw the bag, he took it into his house. When he opened the bag, he let out a great shout of joy… So many gold coins!

He began to count them. After several counts, he was at last convinced that there were 99 coins. He wondered, ‘What could’ve happened to that last gold coin? Surely, no one would leave 99 coins!’

He looked everywhere he could, but that final coin was elusive. Finally, exhausted he decided that he was going to have to work harder than ever to earn that gold coin and complete his collection.

From that day, the servant’s life was changed. He was overworked, horribly grumpy, and castigated his family for not helping him make that 100th gold coin. He stopped singing while he worked.

Witnessing this drastic transformation, the King was puzzled. When he sought his advisor’s help, the advisor said, ‘Your Majesty, the servant has now officially joined The 99 Club.’

He continued, ‘The 99 Club is a name given to those people who have enough to be happy but are never contented, because they’re always yearning and Striving for that extra 1, saying to themselves: ‘Let me get that one final thing and then I will be happy for life.’

We can be happy, even with very little in our lives, but the minute we’re given something bigger and better, we want even more! We lose our sleep, our happiness, we hurt the people around us; all these as a price for our growing needs and desires.

That’s the “Club 99″

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