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Eagle1 » October 19th, 2013, 4:36 pm  • Good Afternoon, Family:

My apologies for not having posted any updates here in the last week or so. Between an increasingly heavy ministry schedule and taking care of our local investor group, I have been absolutely swamped.

You'll appreciate that my kids debated calling me "Uncle Daddy" when I was in international banking because of the enormous time requirements. Seems like my schedule has just about returned to the days of banking.

Although I have shared the following events with Frank, and he and I have had some discussions concerning these developments, I think it would benefit you all to know that we have seen marked progress with the Global Currency Reset. 
I have had almost daily contact with some folks within some of our Federal agencies who, though they are not directly involved, have regular discussions with people who are.

One comment before I continue. I know there are some folks that think I'm making predictions at times -- and some of my private conferences get picked up and spread all over the Internet in distorted fashion -- but all I can do is to report what my sources have shared.

I'm not one of the "button pushers" so I can't tell you that things are going to happen at 9:00 AM Eastern on Monday, October 21, or Tuesday, November 5th at 3:00 PM Pacific, or any other time.

What I have strived for is to get the most accurate and up-to-date intel available from people who are as closely connected to the process as possible.

Until this past week I have not been able to speak with anyone directly involved in the process, and even that notwithstanding, to quote an old cliché, "there's many a slip twixt the cup and lip!"

Despite our best intel, there are events taking place that we are sometimes unaware of that impede the process and throw our information askew.

The news that I had on Thursday indicated that the process was going to wrap up that night and should have appeared on both FOREX and bank exchange screens the following day.

Apparently there was a request (they were not in a position to make a demand) from within the administration that the process be delayed 24 hours. The 24 hour delay was honored and that put it to Friday night at midnight instead.

Saturdays are not days when new information like this Global Reset get released so that puts things off to Sunday night at the earliest.

I say Sunday night at the earliest because we might still see a delay in order to comply with international banking protocols (meaning Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday). Does that mean we wait until Tuesday? I don't know.

I'd like to hope we see things pop before then, and there are other indicators that we might, but as Frank likes to say, "No one knows the date or the rate!"

We have talked about expected rates on several occasions, and everything I see and hear continues to confirm the same ballpark numbers.

One thing is for certain: I have experienced a level of favor from the Lord in having access to, and being introduced to, sources who are directly involved in the process during the past few days.

A mutual brother in the Lord who is a banker called me and introduced me to a gentleman who had been a part of Bush 41's administration, the Clinton Administration, Bush 43's administration, and even Obama's first term.

He provided me with a level of information and insight into the whole process that has been nothing short of amazing.

This gentleman knows some of the "button-pushers" involved in the GCR. He advised me that "the process is complete," and stated that we should see things "imminently."

I was able to independently confirm his information and one of my other sources indicated that he knew this gentleman and had worked with him in a past administration.

So where does that leave us? At the bank, I hope, ready for exchange. Today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday? I expect YET to receive one final piece of confirming news that the trigger has indeed been pulled and that we will see the rates on bank screens.

When I get that news, I will share it with Frank and he can share it with you at his discretion.

Meanwhile, Keep the Faith, Family! As I've continued to share with our private group, those who stand fast in this blessing will reap their reward. Those who quit and give up and treat it as a scam will suffer the consequences of their unbelief.

Blessings on you.   Eagle1

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